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Author: Sorahana


Author: Zhuang Bifan

Introduce:Lin Li accidentally enters another world while playing with his smurf mage account just after he maxes out all kinds

Author: Angry Squirrel

Introduce:This is the story of a crazy lich who possesses an internal game system and brings catastrophe to the entire

Author: Oli


Author: Bright Moonlight Frost On The Ground

Introduce:On modern-day Earth, An Lin seems to have been abandoned by God. When his father suddenly disappears, An Lin is

Author: Whispering Jianghu

Introduce:In Chaos City on the Norland Continent, there is a strange restaurant.Here, elves and dwarves share tables. Beastmen are prohibited

Author: Chaos

Introduce:Description He woke up in a familiar world that had vastly changed. His familiar school had

Author: Moloxiv

Introduce:In a modern world where cultivators need a place to cultivate or vent their boredom, there are private businesses that