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Author: Yan Bi Xiao Sheng

Introduce:Description Author’s synopsis: One million years ago, Li Qiye planted a simple water bamboo into the

Author: Jjjjjjb

Introduce:Dragon Empire, the empire where the strong rule and the weak follow.The story is about Zhe Long a normal member

Author: I'm Ink

Introduce:Master said, the woman I held in my hands, I must protect for the rest of my life.Master said, it’s

Author: Chainslock

Introduce:Ephraim, or as called by his colleagues, Raim, is an archeologist. Upon his commencement, he was stationed with a task

Author: tinyheadXD

Introduce:Story starts with a evil scientist who is not so evil but believe he is. He may be most feared

Author: Hesreth

Introduce:Kyvas, The dagger of the immortal, The spellbreaker, The magekiller, one of the six mythic items and Lyk Silfter's current

Author: Mel_Aniv

Introduce:An entry on Spirity awards spring 2020.\n\nA contract awardee on WSA Weekly#3\n\nHope you will support my novels until the contest

Author: Wang Yu

Introduce:Description Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t

Author: DuskArcanist

Introduce:https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089DJS52J\n\nVice was never loved. Not by the gods, not by his family, and most of all, not by the world.