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Chapter 7: My husband  - Comeback of the Abandoned Wife

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Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong were startled when they saw Hei Xuanyi but soon calmed down. Instead, they were happy that Hei Xuanyi willingly helped Wu Ruo walk. They felt guilty marrying their son to a man. If their son had a miserable life in his new family, they would blame themselves for a lifetime.

Wu Ruo introduced to them, “father, mother, this is Hei Xuanyi.”

“My husband.” He added as he thought that he needed Hei Xuanyi’s help.

Wu Qianqing and Guan Tong first was surprised but then nodded.

They didn’t anticipate that Wu Ruo would introduce Hei Xuanyi as his husband. After all, Wu Ruo hated the engagement of marrying a man, let alone mentioning the name of Hei Xuanyi or wedding planning before the big day. Wu Ruo got more depressed as his wedding day got closer. They had once been worried that he might commit suicide one day. But three days after their wedding, he had changed a lot.

Hei Xuanyi took the tea that the housekeeper poured and served Wu Qing and Guan Tong, and said nothing after he called them parents-in-law.

Wu Qianqing could tell he was not a talkative man. Therefore, he tried to break the ice but was intimidated by his condescending sensation, even more stressful than Wu Chenzi. He sat there awkwardly. The vibe in the room got ice cold.

Wu Ruo gave Wu Xu a sign.

Wu Xu got the hint and took other servants to leave the room and closed the door, leaving Hei Xuanyi’s bodyguards guarding the door.

“Father, Hei…Ahem…Xuanyi is good at medical skills. Can he feel your pulse? Maybe he could help you recover.” Said Wu Ruo.

Although his father tried to pretend he didn’t care that his power had been ruined, he knew that his father always regretted privately. He must feel terrible that he couldn’t protect his family.

“Please do, Xuanyi.” Wu Qianqing’s eyes sparkled.

The Wu family once got the best doctors in Tian Country for him but all of them told him that there was no way to recover his power since his spiritual land was completely ruined. But he didn’t want to give up.

Guan Tong was thrilled and stood up to make a room for them.

Although Hei Xuanyi didn’t know anything about medical skills, he did what Wu Ruo told him, injecting his spiritual power into Wu Qianqing to let it run through Wu’s body and then stop at his spiritual land. After quite a while, he repeated what Wu Ruo told him, “your spiritual land is ruined. So you lost all your power and you are unable to generate spiritual power again.”

Wu Ruo sat there quietly and listened to him. Other doctors used to tell the same thing and they diagnosed that his father was impossible to cultivate again. But after he felt his father’s pulse, there was a possibility to recover. As long as he took a lot of great spiritual medicine for treatment, there was a big chance to recover his spiritual land. But why did those famous doctors the Wu family got for him said he was hopeless?

He narrowed his eyes and soon figured out the answer.

The doctors the Wu family got for them either didn’t tell the truth because they had been bribed, or were fake ones. His father and he only heard the doctors’ names but they had never met them in person. Even though the Wu family got a fake one, they had had no idea at all.

He was personally prone to the latter possibility. Because doctors always cared about their reputations and fames. The higher respect they received, the more they cared. They could make a fortune out of one case if their patients were rich. Besides they were proud men. There was no way for them to lie something that would ruin their reputation just because of money.

Thinking of the possibility, Wu Ruo was disappointed at the Wu family.

“Every doctor told me so.” Wu Qianqing sighed.

Hei Xuanyi glanced at Wu Ruo calmly and proceeded, “your spiritual land is seriously ruined but there is a possibility to recover.”

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