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Early in the morning.

On Seryu's underground room.

Sheele is looking at Gilga emotionlessly. Seryu and Spear are also looking at Gilga with confusion.

" I'm sorry!!!! " Gilga apologized.

" Never mind... It's not like I mind the smell of the rotting corpse or anything... " Sheele answered monotonely and emotionlessly.

Hearing this, Gilga forced a smile as he set Sheele free.

" Are we leaving now? " Sheele asked while rubbing her wrist.

" Not yet... Let's have a breakfast first of all. " Gilga said with a smile, and all of them head to the dining hall for their breakfast.

" It's unthinkable that you actually leaves Sheele-san in a confined room with a corpse. " Spear said while munching the steak Gilga cooked.

Hearing what Spear said, Gilga coughed and then forced a smile before he continues stuffing his mouth with food.

" Gilga's truly heartless... Even I, feel bad about what you did to her Gilga. " Seryu added.

Gilga coughed, again, and smiled awkwardly before, again, stuffing his mouth with food.

" Never mind that... Besides, you two are causing Gilga to feel uncomfortable... " Sheele said with a smile while pouring coffee for Gilga.
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" Ah!!! Hot!! Hot!! " Gilga exclaimed, as indeed, Sheele keeps pouring the coffee even after Gilga's cup is full.

" Awawawa!!! I'm sorry!! " Sheele bowed while using a cloth to clean Gilga's pant.

After cleaning Gilga's pants, like usual, Sheele's glasses falls off. But Gilga swiftly catches it.

" Here you go... " Gilga said.

" T... Thank you... " Sheele said as she takes the glasses and wears it before enjoying her dango.

" Well, shouldn't you hurry up Seryu-chan? Don't you have a meeting today? " Gilga asked.

" Ah! I forgot!! " Seryu exclaimed as she eats some of her food and toss the rest to Koro.

" I'm off! " Seryu said as she leaves the house with Koro.

" ... It's not like you're coming back here anyways... " Gilga said and then he finished his food and heads outside.

" Sheele. I'm sorry, but I want you to train Spear-chan when I'm out. Is that okay? " Gilga asked before leaving.

Sheele nodded, and then she and Spear head to the underground room to train.


In the street if the capital, a blue coated young man with backpack full of seafood on his back and a unique blue sword dangling on his waist can be seen walking towards the castle.

Seeing the weird youngster, the people on the street starts whispering about the boy. Be it like he's some country bumpkin, he smells like fish, he is good looking despite being a country bumpkin etc.

The youngster at first felt disturbed by the  gazes and jeers from the citizen, however after a few moment, he doesn't mind what the citizens said about him and walked straight to the castle while keeping his smile.

Not long after that, someone accidentally bumped on the youngster. But he and the one who bumped him still stand after bumping against each other.

" Ouch! " the youngster groaned because when bumping against each other, the one who bumped him used his head to bump his nose.

" I'm sorry. I didn't pay attention to the road just now. I'm in a hurry. I need to buy some fishes. " Gilga said. " Wait... Are those fishes?! Can you please sell some of it to me?! " The golden haired boy exclaimed.

" I'm sorry. But this is not for sale. " The youngster said.

" Eh? Such a shame... It's not everyday you can find such fresh seafood in the capital. " Gilga sighed in defeat. " If you're not going to sell it, then what's those for? " Gilga asked again.

" Well, this is gift for the one I'm going to work with. " The youngster said.

" Oh... I see... " Gilga sighed. " By the way, that's a pretty sword. Where did you buy that? " Gilga asked.

" Ah. This is a one of a kind weapon. It's not your everyday's weapon. " The youngster said.

" ??? What's so different about it with those weapons? " Gilga asked while pointing at a nearby armory.

" Well, unlike those weapons, this is a unique weapon. " The youngster said proudly.

" Woah! How can I obtain this kind of weapon? " Gilga asked with sparkling eyes.

" Now... Now... It's not like this weapon can be easily obtained. I even got this from someone I admire. " The youngster said while smiling wryly.

" I see... " Gilga said while looking down.

" Crap! I'm going to be late! " The youngster exclaimed.

" What? I'm sorry. I don't mean to delay you. " Gilga said apologetically.

" Nevermind. The name's Wave. I'm sorry, but I have to leave now. I'll ask your name the next two we meet! See you! " Wave said as he rushed towards the castle.

" Well, see you too, as we'll meet again... Real soon... " Gilga smirked as he heads to buy seafood.

On the way there, Gilga bumped someone again.

" Ouch! I'm sorry. " Gilga said.

" That voice... Gilga? " A feminine voice can be heard.

" Eh? Navia?! What're you doing here? " Gilga exclaimed, as indeed, the one he bumped into this time is Navia.

" It's not what I'm doing here... What're you doing here?! " Navia retorted. " Don't you know how worried Sayo, Nee-san and me? " Navia added while tearing up.

" ... " Gilga stays silent.

" Please... Come back to us... " Navia said.

After saying those words, Navia felt something warm on her head.

" Silly girl. Why are you saying those things? " Gilga asked while caressing Navia's hair.

" It's good to see that you're healthy as ever Navia... " Gilga smiled as he grabs Navia's waist and kisses her forehead.

" I know you have a lot of question, but follow me first. I have a surprise for you... " Gilga said as he takes Navia to Seryu's house after buying seafoods.

" I'm back... " Gilga called out. " It's time to set out! " Gilga continues.

Before long, Spear and Sheele rushes towards the entrance.

" Eh? Sheele-san???? " Navia exclaimed.

Navia then rubs her eyes in disbelief. Sheele should've been killed by a mysterious person right? Is this Sheele a spy? An imposter?

Those thought is appearing on Navia's head as she can't process what she's seeing.

Sheele looks at Navia and notices her doubt. So, Sheele steps forward and pulls Navia's head and sandwich it between her bosoms.

" Do you still have doubts? " Sheele asked with a smile.

" B... But how? " Navia inquired.

" Well, let's discuss it at the base later. " Sheele smiled.

" You.. look familiar. " Navia said after noticing Spear.

" Spear... Meet my girl, Navia... Navia... Meet my new girl and your new companion, Spear. " Gilga introduces.

Seeing Navia, Spear can't help but frown. ' Wait! She's also Gilga's girl? That means he has 3 girls? '

" Nice to meet you... Hope we get along. " Navia said with a smile while stretching her hand.

" Same to you. " Spear said as she shakes Navia's hand.

And so, they set out to the hideout.


In the meeting room of the special police force.

Wave is currently sitting uncomfortably beside a table.

' What the hell is wrong with this? Isn't this a damn special police force? ' Wave thought.

Why Wave thought like this is because sitting beside the same desk is a man with white cloth mask covering his face.

He's sitting there while keep staring at Wave, which caused his discomfort.

' First, the citizen... And now is someone who looks like torturer is also staring at me... Mom!! I want to go home! ' Wave cried inwardly.

But then, the door to the meeting room is opened, revealing a girl with short black hair in a twintail style and black eyes. She wears a black sailor uniform and a wears a red belt that has a red side skirt cover like Akame. She also wears red gauntlets like Akame. On her waist, a purple sheathed katana can be seen. She also wears long black socks complemented with a pair of black shoes.

Seeing the girl, Wave cheered up, ' A normal girl!! '.

The girl, not minding the people sitting there, heads towards an empty seat in front of Wave.

She directly takes out a cookie bag, which is unknown where she takes it from. And then sits down and starts munching the cookies with hers and Akame's signature blank expression.

" H... Hey... " Wave called out to the girl.

The girl then looks at Wave in confusion.

'Why the hell would he call her? Did he know her? Perhaps... Is he trying to...' the girl thought.

" Nice to meet you. My name's Wave... " Wave said, but then the girl leans on the desk, covering her snacks.

" I'm not giving you any... " The girl said while staring at Wave with blank expression as she hugs her cookie bag as if it's a treasure box.

" Wha.... " Wave looks at the girl with confusion as he heads back to his seat, defeated.

' She's not normal too! ' Wave cried out inwardly again.

' One's staring at me like crazy... Isn't there this girl too? Why would you keep staring at me?! Look away!!! ' Wave inwardly ridicules.

' And the other one's eating cookies non-stop... I think you should stop eating already... You will get cavities damn it!! Shouldn't you care for your teeth?! ' Wave inwardly ridicules again.

And then, the door got slammed open again! This time, a girl with shoulder length auburn hair, holding a bouquet of rose enters the  meeting room with her dog

The girl then salutes like a police would. Strangely, the dog also salutes, which is kinda weird, considering it's arm's length.

" Pardon me!  Seryu Ubiquitos of the Imperial Police!! Although I have reassigned... And this is Koro! " Seryu declared.

' Ohh!!! This one seems normal though ' Wave thought happily... Pity him though, the girl is also one of a kind, so...

After the introduction, Seryu scattered the rose on the floor, kneels and welcomes someone.

" Doctor Stylish! The preparations are finished! " Seryu said.

" First impression is important! Especially for someone as stylish as I am... ", said a tall man with spiky black hair with a white patch and blue eyes, wearing glasses, a yellow suit with a blue shirt, a tie, and a white lab coat, as he enters the room while placing his hand on his chin, which seems feminine and disgusting at the same time.

' This time is a crazy homo?! ' Wave inwardly screamed.

Noticing Wave's gaze, Dr.Stylish looks at Wave with appraising gaze.

" Hm... No matter how I look at you, you're a country bumpkin... But, you're quite good looking! " Dr.Stylish said. " With a bit of polishing, you will look even more perfect!! Let's get along well...okay? " Dr.Stylish said while blushing.

' And, he've taken a liking to me... Fvck off!! I don't even want to get close to you!! ' Wave shivered.

" Good afternoon... It looks like I'm the last to arrive. " A young man with fair blond hair and golden eyes wearing a white robe on top of a black shirt and pants with a brown belt, a feather pin behind his ear and a collar-like accessory on his neck. On his hand is a book, which until now, no one knows what the content is!

" Hey... I'm Wave... Nice to meet you. " Wave said distressed after he notices the young man.

" Hi.. I'm Run. It's a pleasure meeting you. " Run answered with a smile.

Seeing this, Wave's eyes lit up as he stands and grabs Run's hand. Run keeps smiling while tilting his head in confusion.

Inwardly, Wave screamed happily...


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