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Xu Longyi was still in disbelief. He thought he had heard wrong, so he asked, "Really?"

Zhang Ruochen's patience was tested. He said in a serious manner, "You better get going before I change my mind."

Xu Longyi felt the chill coming from Zhang Ruochen. He did not want to stay there any longer. He unfolded his body and leaped forward, landing on the roof of a pavilion beside the street.


After a few leaps, he disappeared completely.


Monk Lidi walked forward with his giant blade in the scabbard. He stood not far from Zhang Ruochen, an honest smile on his face.

Upon seeing Monk Lidi, Zhang Ruochen frowned as if he had seen the Plague God coming. He quickly moved his body and rushed toward the Primitive World ferry.

Monk Lidi exhibited a profound bodily movement of Buddhism and chased Zhang Ruochen with neither delay nor urgency. Like a piece of candy, he was glued to Zhang Ruochen.

The Ten Thousand Fields Tavern was an elegant villa.

Saint Xu Gentry disciple, "Xu Hai", the Black Market Excellence Hall's "Green-robed Emissary", third disciple of the Ghost Saint, "Yin Wuchang", and ten Evil Warriors were all gathered there. They were standing by a pond.

Xu Hai and the Evil Warriors all looked strangely at Xu Longyi who had just returned.

Xu Hai looked at him coldly and asked, "So Zhang Ruochen told you that he is going to the Xuanwu Primitive World today?"

Xu Longyi felt something wrong in the atmosphere but he bit the bullet and answered, "That's right. He also said that if you want to kill him or rescue Orange Star Emissary, this is your golden opportunity."

Xu Hai took three steps forward, stopping in front of Xu Longyi. "Did you tell him about the alliance between Saint Xu Gentry and the Black Market?"

Xu Hai's body exuded a strong force of oppression. Even the air seemed to have solidified and stopped flowing.

Xu Longyi felt like a huge mountain was pressing on him. He quickly answered, "No, I didn't. How could I tell him something so confidential?"


Xu Hai sneered and said, "Do you think I'm a fool? If you did not tell him, would he have let you go? I believe you are now his person!"

Xu Longyi was frightened and his face turned pale. His legs crumbled and fell to the ground. With a trembling voice he said, "My lord...please, believe me, my lord, I dare not commit treachery toward our Gentry...Aaargghhhh..."

Xu Hai's palm struck the top of Xu Longyi's head, letting off a loud snap. Four streams of blood flowed from the top of his head to his neck.

Fresh, red blood gurgled out, dying Xu Longyi's robe crimson.

Xu Hai retrieved his palm and then took out a white cloth from his sleeve, wiping the fresh blood from his hand. He smiled and said, "I'm incapable of disciplining my subordinates, please forgive me, my dear brothers."

Green-robed Emissary giggled. "We can see that Xu Longyi has been persuaded by Zhang Ruochen. Zhang Ruochen must have already set up a trap and sent Xu Longyi here to lure us to go to Xuanwu Primitive World so that he can destroy us once and for all."

Xu Hai snorted coldly. "How childish of Zhang Ruochen to think that we'll fall into his trap with this kind of cheap plot. He thought we're that stupid, didn't he? However, this might be our chance. Since Zhang Ruochen is going to the Xuanwu Primitive World, why don't we try to turn the tables?"

Green-robed Emissary thought for a moment and then said, "Be patient. Zhang Ruochen is not someone we can take lightly. We must never let our guard down.

An Evil Warrior who was wearing a long black robe with a mask came in quickly and said, "Report to His Excellency, a disciple of the Blood Cloud Sect told us that Zhang Ruochen had already arrived at the port of the Primitive World. He has reported with the Ministry of War and is set to go to the Battlefield of Primitive World in the Xuanwu Primitive World."

Green-robed Emissary was curious and asked, "How many people are going with him?"

"Only himself."

Green-robed Emissary was slightly astonished and said, "Are you sure it is only him?"

The Evil Warrior answered, "I've looked into this matter and it is confirmed that Zhang Ruochen is going alone. Plus, he has already boarded the ship to Xuanwu Primitive World. I have also checked on whoever has connections with Zhang Ruochen such as the Saint Academy, the Chens, and the Silver Sky Mercenary Corps; none of them actually boarded with him. Therefore, it is confirmed that Zhang Ruochen is going to the Xuanwu Primitive World alone.

Xu Hai could not help but look at Xu Longyi's dead body. He wondered whether he might have killed the wrong person.

However, even if he had killed someone wrongly, Xu Hai did not have any sense of guilt.

Xu Hai felt that Zhang Ruochen was too cunning. He deliberately sent Xu Longyi back to act as his messenger, causing him to be misunderstood, leading to his death.

Therefore, he believed that Zhang Ruochen should account for Xu Longyi's death.

Xu Hai's eyes were cold as he said,"Zhang Ruchen is too conceited. He really dares to go alone to the Xuanwu Primitive World.

Green-robed Emissary laughed loudly and said, "Zhang Ruochen was a warrior from nowhere yet all of a sudden he reached the pinnacle of the younger generation and successfully became first on the Heaven Board. Having made his name, it was inevitable that he would become arrogant and complacent."

Xu Hai also laughed and said, "I always thought that Zhang Ruochen was a flawless guy, but now I can see that arrogance is his biggest enemy. Did he really think that he could against Saint Xu Gentry and the Black Market all alone?"

"Since he is so arrogant, we shall teach him a lesson. Let him know that modesty is the most important virtue." Green-robed Emissary laughed huskily.

Xu Hai led the three Monks of the Fish-dragon Realm, Green-robed Emissary, and the third disciple of the Ghost Saint, Yin Wuchang, who also brought along the evil warriors of the Black Market, to the port of the Primitive World.



Xuanwu Primitive World was a top-ranking medium level Primitive World. It was vast and full of danger. It was home to countless powerful indigens of the Primitive World.

The war between the Kunlun's Field and the Xuanwu Primitive World had been at a stalemate for 120 years, yet the Xuanwu Primitive World was still not completely subjugated.

It was said that there was a Saint-level indigenous king in the Xuanwu Primitive World who was so exceptionally powerful that he had killed some Half-Saints of Kunlun's Field.

At that moment, the ship to the Primitive World was still idle.

Zhang Ruochen stood on deck. His hand was holding a book that outlined the map of hell in the Xuanwu Primitive World and some explanation about the indigenous creatures in the Xuanwu Primitive World.

Zhang Ruochen had spent three Spiritual Crystals to buy the book from a soldier of the Primitive World at the port.

Monk Lidi was not far from Zhang Ruochen. He sat on the floor quietly with his knife at his back, just like a stone, or maybe a dead tree.

"It's no surprise that it is known as a medium level Primitive World since there are Saint Class indigens in it. It looks like I need to be extra cautious when I'm at the Xuanwu Primitive World. Otherwise, if I get noticed by the indigens of the Half-Saint Class, I might become dead meat."

Zhang Ruochen closed the scroll and put it away.

He had memorized its contents.

Zhang Ruochen felt eyes staring at his back, so he turned around and saw the soldiers of Primitive World. He looked away and spoke to himself. "So many people have followed. It seems that I've become a fragrant bun - everyone wants a bite."

There were more than 6,000 soldiers of Primitive World onboard. The weakest among them were at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm, while 30% of them had achieved the Fish-dragon Realm.

That meant that there were almost 200 Monks of the Fish-dragon Realm in that one ship.

Zhang Ruochen could sense that there were at least fifty soldiers of the Fish-dragon Realm from the Primitive World focusing on him. No doubt, these people were here just for him.

These were just the soldiers of Primitive World of the Fish-dragon Realm. He estimated that there were more soldiers of Primitive World in the Heaven Realm who had come with the same motive.

Some were probably here just for the Dragon Pearl and Holy Sword, while some came for the inheritance of Xuanwu.

"It seems this journey to the Xuanwu Primitive World is a perilous one."

Zhang Ruochen shook his head with a smile. He knew that this journey was going to be a bumpy one, yet he was not afraid.

He had to go to the Xuanwu Primitive World whether it was because he wanted to break through to the Ultimate Realm or to endeavor to look for the Xuanwu heritage. Of course, Zhang Ruochen was not a reckless or arrogant person. He had the confidence to escape since he dared go there.

At that moment, two more groups of people boarded the ship.

Zhang Ruochen recognized the leaders of these two groups. They were Xu Hai of Saint Xu Gentry and Green-robed Emissary of the Black Market Excellence Hall.

"They actually came!" Zhang Ruochen said.

Xu Hai boarded the ship with the three Monks of the Fish-dragon Realm and walked in Zhang Ruochen's direction. They stopped not far to his left but did not take any action.

Xu Hai acted as if he didn't know Zhang Ruochen. He whispered with the three Monks of the Fish-dragon Realm but kept looking at Zhang Ruochen from time to time.

Unlike Xu Hai, the arrival of Green-robed Emissary caused a commotion on the ship.

Everyone knew about the hostility between Zhang Ruochen and the Black Market Excellence Hall.

The appearance of Green-robed Emissary was not an ordinary signal.

With his appearance, the other Monks who had designs on Zhang Ruochen would have to forget their plans. After all, the Black Market was so powerful that commoners would not want to challenge them.

Green Robe Emissary brought only two people - a man and a woman.

The man was the third disciple of the Ghost Saint, Yin Wuchang.

Yin Wuchang looked gentle but his skin was dreadfully pale - as if he had not been exposed to sunlight all year long - giving off a feeling of eerieness.

The woman was called "Iron Lady". She was the tenth killer who was trained by the Blood Cloud Sect.

She was tall and wore a tight-fitting black leather armor that emphasized her huge chest, hips and her long, slender legs. She was wearing a pair of metal iron boots that made a thumping sound with every step she took.

Iron Lady wore a black iron mask that covered her eyes and nose. The cloak she was wearing made her look very capable and full of heroic spirit. With a single glance, one could tell that she had killed numerous top masters.

Yin Wuchang went straight to Zhang Ruochen. Without bothering to hide his hostility, he said, "Zhang Ruochen, where did you hide my junior sister apprentice?"

Orange Star Emissary was the fourth disciple of the Ghost Saint, so obviously she would be Yin Wuchang's junior sister apprentice.

When Yin Wuchang learned that Zhang Ruochen had set sail for the Xuanwu Primitive World alone he immediately checked Zhang Ruochen's residence, but Orange Star Emissary was nowhere to be found.

Yin Wuchang had no choice but to follow Green-robed Emissary to the port of the Primitive World. He wanted to interrogate Zhang Ruochen directly.

Zhang Ruochen responded calmly. "Who are you, and who is your junior sister apprentice?"

"I'm the disciple of the Ghost Saint, Yin Wuchang. You must now know who my junior sister apprentice is, right?" Yin Wuchang replied.

Zhang Ruochen replied, "So you're here for Orange Star Emissary. Too bad, she has already pledged allegiance to me. I'm afraid she will not be returning to the Black Market in the future."

"What did you just say?"

Yin Wuchang's eyes turned red as the anger in his body made his hands burn.

When he arrived at Myriad Chaos Mountain, Yin Wuchang heard that Zhang Ruochen had abused his junior sister apprentice. He even made her his sex slave.

He had doubts about those rumors at first, but after hearing what Zhang Ruochen said he finally believed it.

If Zhang Ruochen had not used despicable methods, torturing her, would the junior sister apprentice have surrendered to him?

Zhang Ruochen had not expected Yin Wuchang to be so angry. Deep inside, he was rather surprised - he could not fathom the reason behind Yin Wuchang's ire. He said, "The port of the Primitive World is still within the Myriad Chaos Mountain. Therefore, I advise you not to start anything here."

Green-robed Emissary was worried that Yin Wuchang would not be able to control his anger and lose his senses, so he rushed forward and stopped him. He said, "Brother, be patient. We'll take care of him once we reach the Xuanwu Primitive World ."

Yin Wuchang controlled his anger and backed off.

After a short while, under the escort of a commander of the Ninth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm from the Ministry of War, the array of the Primitive World's ship gradually formed into an egg-shaped light screen with the ship wrapped in its middle.

The ship of the Primitive World set sail for the Xuanwu Primitive World.

(Note on military merits: The military merits obtained from the challenge at the Heavenly Ring will not be added to, but rather will only replace, the military merits of the warrior that was higher ranked on the Heaven Board. Therefore when Zhang Ruochen reached the top of the Heaven Board his merits merely replaced the military merits of Huang Shenyi, they were not added together.)

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