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4 Chapter 4: Let The Game“s Begin!  - Please See Me

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Nurse's Office

I woke up and looked around. I was not cold anymore. It felt so real. Experiencing it again is not good at all. Now I am really determine to make my life better and have a better relationship with my father and grandfather. The only reason I did not include my mother was because she was the reason I was in the orphanage in the first place. To this day I do not know why she abandon me. I was just a baby, what did I do wrong. Was it the way I look that she gave me way.

I was so stupid to listen to my sister on how to get a long with our family. Everything I did was wrong. Now I know now she did not see me as a sister but someone trying to take her place in the family or someone to use.

I looked around the room and saw the clock, it was almost time to go home. As she was thinking that the school bell rung. The nurse came over and ask, "How are you feeling?".

I looked at her and smiled, "Much better, thank you." All of a sudden loud running footsteps was heard. The sound came louder and louder as if someone was running towards the Nurse's Office. The door pushed open. It was Lin Yun Feng. She looked at me and jumped on me.

"Yue Guang! I missed you! I thought you never wake up from that long nap! I even visit you during lunch and still was not awake! I even opened a pack of pepper to make you sneeze to awake you up! Do not fall down the steps again!". She looked at me with cries in her eyes.

I do not know whether to laugh or cry, but man she is heavy. "Get.. off...me..". I could not breathe. Once she hopped off I sucked in a lung full of air. I am alive! I glared at her. "I was not dead you know besides it is nice having my own bed to myself for once. It is not like I wanted to fall, I was pushed." The little children at the orphanage claim in my bed at night. Thinking I will scare the monsters away with my eye. I was not mad when they told me that. It made me feel special that they were not afraid of my eye but thought it was a charm to keep away monsters. I was pushed down the stop by the boys which was in my class which made it worse.

"What! Who did it! Let me at him! I will give him a black eye. I told you before that you can come and spend the night over at my house some nights."

I smiled at her. "Thank you for the offer but the kids need me at night. Besides I did not see who pushed me." I know who pushed me but Yun Feng got suspended for beating up a boy from another class. Just because he pulled down my pants in front of everyone at lunch and pulled my hair and pushed me. The boy got suspended at well but when he came to school he got 2 black eyes, broken arm and leg. Everyone asked what happened to him. He said he got into a minor "accident". Once he saw me he got down on his knees and apologize to me. That freaked me out. One minute he was bulling me the next he is apologizing to me. Even the kids around us was shocked. The next day we heard that the boy transferred schools.

There is a reason I do not spend the night at her house her parents gave me a look that I see in everyone that see me. That I am a freak. One time in the middle of the night, I wanted to get some water and heard her parents in the kitchen talking about me. How weird I look or why did their daughter make a friend that is so weird looking. Also the comment that hurt the most, "Is the way she look is why she was abandon hun?". After that happen I never spend the night over her house again and made a lot of excuses.

"It is time to go home. It is my turn to wash the laundry." I was about to get up when Lin Yun Feng handed me my book bag. She handed me her notebook. I flip open the book and asked, "What is this for?"

Yun Feng smirked, "This is today's notes. I know I am the best, I know. You do not have to thank me but you have to cook for me. Your cooking is just delicious." The smug look on her face made me laugh. " I will. Thank you. I see you tomorrow." As I said those words I realize I would not be at this school tomorrow. I know once I leave here the Yun Family will take me away. They locked me up in that mansion to teach me proper etiquette it for young ladies in this high society. Since they never gave me a phone I could not keep in connect with Lin Yun Feng. I tried writing letters to her but never got a reply. It turns out that my letters were never sent but ripped up by my so called sister. I did not find out until 2 years later. I did not know how to kindle of friendship. I do not know if she forgot about me or mad at me. All I know is that I probably lost a friend back then.

I will not make the same mistake twice. We both left school and went on our separate ways home.


As she got closer to the orphanage, I saw the Yun Family's car at the gate.

I smiled cuttingly, "Let the games begin!"

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