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5 Chapter 5: Fake Water Works! 1  - Please See Me

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Gates of the Orphanage

As I walked up to the orphanage the Yun Family's car was parked at the gate. Even the neighbors came out and looked at the car. It is the type of car that you only see in movie or car commercials. I think the car is a Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Guard. I am a fan of Mercedes-Benz; but I do not feel the need to run my hand over the car and hug it. Maybe because it is the Yun Family's car. As I got to the gate there were to guards guarding the gate. When they saw me they were shocked. Probably due to the fact I look like my older sister. Their shock was on their face but not in their body language. I guess their training paid off.

I walked passed them. Not paying them any mind. One of the little kids ran up to me.

"Big sis. The Head Master is looking for you." The kid began to become sad. Probably thinking that I am going to get in trouble. Which is unlikely since my family has come to fetch me. I rub the kids' head. The child looked up at me and I said, "Do not worry. I will be just fine." I walked away into the orphanage. As I passed the rooms some kids peeked out. As I got to the door. I felt someone watching me. I turned around and saw a lot of kids filling up the hallway staring right at me.

"Big sis will be just fine. Now go back and play." All the kids went back to their rooms but still peek out every once in a while. Yue Guang turned back around and knocked on the door. A deep voice was heard, "Who is it?" "It is Yun Yue Guang." "Come in!"

As I walked into the room, the room was filled with so much pressure. It seems it got more intense when I stepped into the room. The first pair of eyes I seen was my father's. It looked so sad and angry. I got the same look in my past life. I know now it was because he feels guilty. I know what he is seeing. A daughter that looks like the one sitting next to him. The daughter has the same pair of eyes as his late mother.

By my appearance I look under weight and that I was not treated well here. My clothes as well as my shoes look like they have through a war even though they are sorta clean. Beside my father my sister is ready for the so fake water works.

Not too long after a loud voice was heard filling with "love". "Little Sister!" I looked at my sister already running towards me. Should I dodge and wait to the last second and let her fall or her face or let her touch me. In the past life I let her touch me because I was so surprised and happy that my family came back to find me.

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