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Xiao Wei thought long and hard about the offer. Even if she accepted the offer, it'd seem like she rode her family's coattail to success. It's a great opportunity. However, she'll have a medical practice license and work in the top hospital of the country. It wasn't a bad offer at all.

After discussing the thing with her parents, she felt more settled down. She went to her regular designer store to buy a dress for the evening. As soon as she entered, the mana.ger quickly called the top designer Yao Ming. Yao Ming came in and hugged Xiao Wei.

"Our beautiful Xiao Wei is here. I have the perfect dress for you, love. Don't take offense but you're my perfect specimen, my beautiful lab rat...", Yao Ming rambled on with his satisfied sadistic face. Despite his attitude he was the best at what he did.

The dress was silver. A long backless silver dress. The dress was off shoulder and yet looked modest because of the sheer see through net on the back. The hem of the dress shined with brilliance as it danced on the marble floor.

"The dress hugs your body better than any man ever will, sweetheart.", Yao Ming exclaimed while clapping his hands.

"I like it. Cash or Card?", Xiao Wei asked.

"Mmh. Nothing. My specimen doesn't have to pay to look brilliant."

*Timeskip to evening*

The party was being held at The Antarctic Hotel. Xiao Wei exited her limousine and a group of reporters crowded her.

"Miss Zhe, what're you doing in a doctor's party?"

"Miss Zhe, what is your thoughts about the rival company?"

"Are you here because of a man?"

Xiao Wei smiled and said calmly, "Do I really a man to come to a party? Did you forget our company owns 38% of The Antarctic company shares?" With that the reporters started feeling guilty and made way at once. Even tho she was calm and elegant, she knew when to act tough.

She entered the hall. Every head there turned. They didn't expect a beauty to enter. Yes, there were many beautiful girls there, but none of them compared to the aura she gave off.

They first noticed her beauty and then realized who she is. Immediately they'll put on their guard. Half of them were somehow doing business with the Zhes'. God forbid they ever offend the sole daughter of the throne.

"So, you came, Miss. Zhe. The act of hesitation was a facade, huh? You're just a rich princess who asked her Daddy to pull some strings for her.", Dr Song smirked.

It was evident that he didn't care about her social standing. It was as if was mocking her for accepting the offer. For her status. For her existence.

"I wonder how you climbed up this far, Dr. Song.", at this point Xiao Wei was clearly annoyed with his cocky attitude. "The little birds keep saying that your father owned a hospital which is a failure back in your country. What strings did he pull to get you to where you are today? So, talented that he couldn't recruit you in his own hospital? Or is he using you to advertise his nonexistent business?", Xiao Wei looked coldly at Dr. Song.

"You! How dare.."

"Wei Wei, here you are. You look gorgeous as always, darling.", the director of the hospital kissed Xiao Wei's cheek. The Director of the hospital is Wao Cheng Xing. Cheng Xing is a close friend of Zhe Papa. He practically raised Xiao Wei as his own daughter.

"Uncle Xing! It's been so long.", Xiao Wei hugged him. Even though Cheng Xing is the director of the hospital, he's a sought out doctor around the world who even Dr. Song looked up to and respected immensely.

Dr. Song never guessed that his idol would be this close to this girl. Dr. Song couldn't stand her for some reason. He was afraid that his title would be stolen by a little girl.

"This is Xiao Wei. Of course you know her. You went to her university to invite her. She is like my daughter. I've never seen anyone more gifted and hardworking than her in my entire career. Take care of her, Ji Hyun."

Dr. Song smiled weakly. He couldn't believe his ears that his master was praising her. Sure he praised him before but not like this. Not while his master's eyes sparkled with dormant expectations.

That's when he knew he messed with the wrong girl. He had competition. Even under Xiao Wei expressionless face he could tell, she didn't deem him worthy of being her rival. He felt small, humiliated and angry. But that's what he deserved for behaving like a boastful piece of shit.

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