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"Are you ready to go pup?" Orion asked as he stepped out of the front doors of the bar.

Russ lifted his head enough to shoot the larger man an irritated look. "Don't call me that." He snarled.

Orion arched his brow before folding over into an elaborate bow, "My apologies, Your Majesty. Please tell me how I may properly lick your ass, my prince."

Russ pushed up to his feet, "You're an asshole, you know that…"

Orion lifted his head a deviant grin spread across his handsome face, "You have no idea, kid." He took large strides to catch up then pass Russ, "But don't take my word for it… ask your girlfriend. She can tell you…" He shot Russ a suggestive grin, "Well she can tell you pretty much EVERYTHING about me." He winked before turning back to the vehicles lining the parking lot. He walked over to an antique ford pickup.

Russ snarled up his nose, "You have to be kidding me?!" He motioned from Orion to the truck with his hand, "YOU drive THAT?" His nose snarled more as his eyes landed on a large rusted area around the bottom of the truck bed.

Orion shrugged his shoulder as he ran his hand across the hood of the truck, "What? I bought her new the last time I was here in the states." His finger grazed a rough spot in the paint and his expression fell, "The years of storage hasn't been kind to you, has it ol' girl."

Russ arched his brow as he crossed his arms across his chest, "Do you need me to give you two some privacy?"

Orion sent Russ a sly smile, "No need… I didn't give you and Jos privacy over the past several months…" Orion's smile widened as rage overfilled Russ, forcing the boy's body to shudder with an impending shift. Russ sprang at Orion in a well-directed leap, but before he could make contact Orion grabbed him mid-air and slammed him hard against the ground. He smiled down at Russ while Russ struggled to regain the breath that was knocked out of him. He held a single finger up in front of Russ's face, "Lesson number one, boy… Don't come at a Demigod in some half-assed drunken temper-tantrum." He stood up, extending his hand to Russ. "You'll lose every time."

Russ took his hand, and once he was fully upright, he brushed off his shorts. "You said that just to provoke me, didn't you?"

Orion met Russ's glare with a snarky smile, "Yes… But it doesn't change the truth in the words." Orion turned back to the truck and popped the door open. "Get in Pup, you have much to learn."

Russ slumped past Orion like a scorned puppy and waited quietly in the cracked leather seat as Orion shut the door and walked over to the driver's side. He studied the large man. He was mammoth of a man, reaching every bit of 6'6" or taller. Three large scars ran parallel along the base of his hairline, his intelligent brown eyes emitted an intimidating blind of knowledge and power. The intricate tattoo sleeving out his arms told his story with his father's seal resting proudly upon his biceps." There was no doubt, this was Orion. 'The Hunter', slayer of monsters, trainer of beasts… son of Poseidon. Russ watched as the man climbed into the cab and struggled to start the cranky old engine. "Did you really know Jos?" He bit out in jealous irritation.

The corner of Orion's lips turned up into a nostalgic smile as he continued to struggle with the old truck, "I did…"

Russ let out a growl as he turned his attention away from the man beside him and out the passenger window.

When the motor finally fired up, Orion looked Russ over then chuckled, "She definitely has a type… wouldn't you say?"

Russ snarled his lip, unwilling to look at the man beside him. "I supposed we do share similar… physical attributes… but I really don't see anything past that…" he could see Orion's reflection in the glass of the window as the man sent him a questioning smile.

"Really? You think that's all?" Orion asked skeptically.

Russ finally turned toward the man sending him a menacing scowl, "You mean other than all three of us being assholes of supernatural proportions?"

Orion laughed out loud, "Good one kid, ya know this may not be so bad after all. I think I'm going to like you." His face turned serious though as he navigated his way off the island. "That's not what I meant though…" He sent Russ a questioning look, "Even now, meeting me… finding out we knew each other… You don't find it… ironic?"

Russ furrowed his brow, completely baffled, "No, what do you mean?"

Orion arched his brow, "You don't find it odd that the last three men she has dated have been powerful both as supernatural creatures but also politically?"

Russ continued to look confused, "No I don't… What do you mean 'politically and supernaturally'?"

Orion smiled, "You, boy though you may be, are set to be crown king of your people. A people who, at one time, was considered one of the most powerful clans in the world. Myself who is the son of one of the three original gods, and let's not forget pretty boy DeMarco leader of the vampire clan… and the son of the man who slaughtered your parents…" Orion paused to give Russ time to process what he had just said. "No matter how you look at it, her involvement with the two of you alone is enough to raise suspicion."

Understanding settled in Russ's turbulent eyes as his face contorted into one of volatile rage.


Shelly stood before a strange statue, her focus bouncing between the statue itself and Rin's rapid movements. The statue was that of two men, in one hand they both held the iconic genie's lamp and on the other side, they were merged from the elbow all the way up to the tips of the fingers with no obvious division between the two. Her attention shifted back to Rin as he snapped his fingers loudly. Right before her eyes, his clothing changed to that of a ceremonial robe. He then walked over to her and snapped his fingers again and her clothes changed as well. She let out a nervous laugh, "It seems like if you could do this, you wasted your time earlier searching for me something to wear."

Rin studied her for several minutes as she took in the strange clothing, before answering. "I thought it better to give you time to yourself." His face held the same stoic expression he had had since she had said yes on the blanket. He took one of her hands and turned it palm up. "Repeat after me…"

Her eyes met his, "Rin? Are… are… you sure you want to do this… now?"

Rin closed his eyes tightly trying to fight back the tears building there, "Yes I do. The sooner we do the faster you can reclaim what was taken from you and take vengeance on those who have hurt you most."

Shelly frowned still looking down at her palm, "Umm… I see…"
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Rin snapped his fingers and a large medieval-looking blade appeared in his grasp. He began reciting a chant in an unfamiliar language before sliding the blade deeply across her palm. She gasped and drew her hand back quickly, but before she could speak a word, he ran the same blade across his own palm. He quickly grabbed her palm and squeezed their bleeding palms tightly together. He maneuvered their grips until they stood in the exact same positioning as the statue. "Blood of my blood… with this, we are now bonded as master and Gin… body and soul." No sooner than the last words left his lips, a brilliant golden spark flickered where their bodies touched. The tiny flickers quickly built into an explosion of color and light. Shelly watched in awe as their bodies slowly began to merge into one another as the statues were. When they were fully linked from fingertip to elbow the brilliant light burst out into a stunning supernova before reabsorbing into their connected bodies. By the time the light was completely gone their arms were back to being separate entities.

"Oh wow!" Shelly's eyes were wide in amazed disbelief. When she glanced up to share her amazement with Rin she drew back in shock. The eyes she had once treasured above all else were now pitch black. He stood immobilized in a trans. She watched in utter fear as the lids of his eyes slowly fell shut. She clutched her chest with one hand and extended her fingers to gently touch his cheek with the other, but when his eyes suddenly popped open and exerted an electrifying charge of energy she stumbled and fell to the floor. The force of the wave caused his head to be jostled backward. Shelly shot to her feet and threw herself at Rin's quaking body. Their bodies crashed to the floor and the waves slowly subsided. Tears streamed down Shelly's cheeks. "You idiot! Why did you do this!" She pushed herself up into a sitting position and pulled his unconscious body into her lap. "This is not what I meant at all…" Tears streamed down her face, dripping steadily onto his as she clutched him tighter to her chest. "Stupid, stupid man! I love you too… I… want you by my side… not as a genie but… but… as my love… my… my…" her words trailed off as the emotions in her words became to strong. She whispered the last bit softly against his temple, "As my husband…" Her entire body shook as sob after sob rattled her. She clung to his body, unaware that he had woken back up until a light touch caressed her hair.

"Shelly?" Crystal clear eyes met hers, "You… You were… You want to… marry me?" Her arms released him in surprise. He pushed himself up into a sitting position in front of her. He cupped her cheek gazing down at her tear-streaked face in overjoyed disbelief, "You would give up unlimited power, the chance to… to have everything you could ever want… for me?"

Tears began pouring down her face anew as she flung her body into his lap, her arms engulfing his neck in an unbreakable grip, "YES YOU IDOT!" Rin's back crashed the short distance to the floor. Shelly pushed up off him, staring down into his disbelieving expression, "I want Rin the man, not Rin the Gin…" Before he could answer she smashed her lips painfully against his in a desperate kiss. She worked quickly with one hand to loosen the buttons running the length of her gown before setting her fingers to work on the buttons of his.

Before Rin had time to process what was happening, he found himself engulfed in a passionate kiss with the woman he loved most their bare chest pressing tightly together. He struggled to break their kiss. Shocked eyes met hers, "Shelly are you sure you want this? If we… If you are not a…" Rin's cheeks reddened.

Shelly smiled down at him. She sat up straddling his hips, working quickly to hike up the long lengths of her gown. As her palm landed directly below Rin's navel, she bent down toward him. "I have never been so sure of anything in my entire life." She recaptured his lips as her trembling hands dipped below the waistband of his linen pants. She dipped her tongue inside his gaping mouth. She curled her fingers around his thick manhood that continued to grow harder in her grip by the second.

The shock was quickly replaced by a passionate hunger for the woman astride him. Rin curled his torso upwards, gripping her face on either side. He drank of her mouth with the hunger of eighteen years of pent of love and devotion. He released a graveled moan as her fingers began to move less nervously against his growing erection. He slid one hand down the length of her neck and across the delicate bones of her collar and chest until he was able to cup a swollen breast in his grip. When she broke their kiss to throw her head back in pleasure, he replaced his hand with his mouth. This caused her grip on his cock to tighten and her strokes became longer and more confident.

Shelly gazed down into Rin's passion-filled eyes, her own heavy with a newfound desire. She gripped him tighter, no longer stroking his length, instead she shifted her body positioning herself directly over his manhood. To her surprise though, Rin stopped her. He captured her lips again giving her a quick kiss before whispering against her lips, his eyes blazing into hers. "Not here, love." With a snap of his fingers, they were back in his room atop the mounds of vividly colored fabrics of pillows, curtains, and sheets surrounding the massive bed.

She was still taking it all in when she felt his cock jerk against her grip. For the first time since Rin's eyes had opened, Shelly blushed as her eyes met his, "I… I… don't think I'll ever get used to… traveling with you…"

Rin laughed, passion still blazing in his eyes, "That is only one of the smaller things I can do now. The world could be at your feet, you know. Anything you wish for is yours…" He let his hand drop down between her legs. He stroked his thumb across her swollen, hot flesh. "As long as you keep this intact." His fingertip plunged gently into her wet opening, pressing gently against her maidenhead.

Shelly let out a lusty cry, digging her fingers into Rin's muscular shoulders, as he applied more pressure to her throbbing bud with his thumb and rhythmically stroking his finger insider her deeper with each plunge. She bit her lip hard as she pressed her body downward with each of his plunging strokes, frustrated at the resistance present inside her body.

"Easy, baby." Rin purred as he watched her with pure unadulterated masculine pleasure, "The more you try to force it the more it will hurt." Rin pulled his finger out gliding the wetness from it across her quivering folds.

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