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A roar could be heard from the coming enemies. A total of little over than 15 enemies was in sight. Gerard who supervise all of this area frowned. His face turned very serious. He made all of his guards to move back while protecting Daniel's son and wife.

The situation was suddenly gone bad. The number was flipped over. Now, he was at disadvantages position. With less than 50 guards on his side, Gerard could only retreated while making sure that everyone was safe.

Seeing Gerard retreated, one group of enemies immediately intercepted Gerard's retreat path. While the other kept on "hunting" all of the guest and several fight on the guard they brought.

"We need to work together to fend the enemies off" Gerard shouted in hope that he could unite all of the guest's guards so they could work together to make everyone safe.

Not everyone who heard Gerard's shout agreed with him. They still kept on busy to safe their own master. Moreover, many of their master was still a child. When all of this happened, they turned panic and could not help but cry, including Daniel's son. This made the guards job became more difficult.

Casualties could not be evade. A series of death could be seen. With 10 deaths on the enemies side, the situation still didn't turned good. The reason was because all of them was not unite. Some flee to the north west direction while some flee to the west direction.

Meanwhile, the enemies was very united with each of their own group. Moreover, Gerard's guard kept on dwindling down as the enemy mainly focused on his side.

A group suddenly came in Gerard's sight. At first, he was afraid that this was another enemy's reinforcement, or another subordinate turned to be a traitor. But, heaven still didn't forsaken him. This was group was here to help them. As the group come, they quickly helped one of the guest's guard to fend of the enemies. This group was the one of the group that comprised of student of the academy beside Auron's group.

Gerard's group gained a raised in spirit as the reinforcement came. They quickly went to join the coming group. They tried to kill all of the enemy as fast as they can so that they can regroup with the Daniel's son and wife group.

As the battlefield scattered all over the place, it was very hard to determine all of the guest situation. It was so difficult to determine how many of them that died or kidnapped. Meanwhile, a group was ran away from the chaser in the direction of the northwest from the party area.

A loud cries could be heard from within the group. While a woman carrying a child trying to calm him down and still kept on running. With 5 guards on their side, they kept on running as if there was nightmare chasing behind them.

A panic expression could be seen on the woman face while she kept on calming down his kid. Since she was running in panic, she was stumbled and felt down to the ground. As a mother, when she was felt down, an instinct to protect her son was shown, she was making sure that her son was not hurt when they hit the ground.

It was already amazing for a frail woman like her to carry her son and ran away this far. When they hit the ground, her son didn't hurt at all since she protect him with her body. Unfortunately, the same fate was not happening to her. She suffered several injuries to her body. The most severe injuries was that she sprained her leg.

A sensation of pain could be felt by the woman but she doesn't scream. She only tried to get up and wanted to run once more. But, it was impossible. It was so hurt to get up not to mention to run while carrying a child.

With her stumbled down, the party march was stopped. Their chaser was very happy to see this unfortunate event. They quickly raised their speed once more. With the woman could not move, the guards beside her could only took a defense position in hope that the other group could came as fast as possible to aid them.

Since the chaser priority was to hinder and stall them from running away, they only had few person in their group to maximize their speed. They knew if they wanted to kidnap the woman and the boy, they needed to kill all of the guards first, so they immediately prepared for battle.

A series of metallic sound could be heard as their sword clashed out with the guards swords. With the momentum and speed they carried over when they attack, their attack was heavier than normal. This could be seen from the sight of the guards' sword that was pushed back.

When they was thinking that they was at advantages side, they could not help but became more aggressive on their attack. However, before they could managed to finished what they was doing. A series of fireball hit them which made some of them took serious injured even was on the brink of death.

They looked at the source of the fireball. A group could be seen on their line of sight. They knew this was the guards reinforcement. All of them had one thought on their mind, retreat. But, before they could retreat, their line of retreat was cut off and they was in a high chance to be captured.

Some of them tried to break through the encirclement, a sound of spell chanted and arrow flung could be heard. That spell and arrow aimed at the enemies that wanted to flee. It immediately took out their life.

The group that was coming was Auron's group. They felt relieved that they was not late in time to save Daniel's son and wife group. Moreover, they managed to capture two enemies to be interrogated.

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