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Over the past three days, Roan keep coming to Auron's place to persuade and accompany Auron. And, Auron always declined Roan's persuasion by saying "I will think about it later". However, Roan still not giving up, he kept telling Auron how big the reward was, How they could get their revenge, etc. Roan even gave Auron some called at night.

One hour before the update begun,

"Okay, okay, I will played again after the game updated." Auron finally giving up, "Please stop saying the same thing over and over again, I will have a nightmare. Be safe on your way back." Auron said to the leaving Roan.

"Really? Don't you lie to me, I will wait for you after the update. I have a big surprise for you. See you later brother" Roan said excitedly.

"Hah." Auron sighed, "I am really grateful to have such a caring brother." Auron felt warm and thankful for the past three days, he wasn't lonely. When he was stressing thinking about all of his debt, Roan called and cheered him up.

"Without Roan, I might have suicide." Auron thought, "Well, there's still one hour before the game updated, I might just make a new character." Auron started to move into his room. He sat on his bed and thinking what class he will make. Should he play over a new class or should he choose his class before, swordsman.

"Well, I will just make swordsman since I am very familiar with this class." Auron decided. He started to move into the game capsule and entered into the game.

[Welcome player, it looks like you don't have a character yet. Want to make a new character?]

"Yes" Auron choose.

Then, Auron warped into a circular space. In the middle of the space there was a girl with bunny's ear sitting on a strange machine. This was Aurelia. She was NPC assigned for player. She helped the player in character creation and some basic control for the game. Even if you deleted your character, you still will meet her when you create a new character.

Auron walked to the middle of the space to meet Aurelia.

"Hey Aurelia." Auron greet her.

"Oh hey Auron, you want to make a new character right? Do you want to start over from questionnaires or you have chosen your class?" Aurelia asked.

There are six class in Two Worlds, Swordsman, a melee class with all around characteristic. Mage, a magic class using spell and curse as it's attack. Cleric, the healer class, it is usually act as support. Archer, a ranged class using bow as their weapon. And the last was Thief, a melee class with inclination to it's speed and stealth.

Every time a player wanted to create a new character, they could took a questionnaires. They will answer some question listed from the game. From their answer, the game will give a class recommendation to them whether they took it or not, it was left to the player. When Auron made a character for the first time, he used this questionnaires. He was recommended to take swordsman and he took it.

Along his journey, sometimes, he felt jealous to other class. He wanted to attack from ranged like archer. He wanted to have heal skill to reduce his spending for healing potion. He wanted to use curse magic. But, in the end, he still played his chosen class up until to becoming the number one player in Two Worlds.

However, this time, Auron had made up his mind to choose swordsman. He only played because of Roan's persistence. Because of this, he didn't want to take it seriously and only played to farm for money to pay his debt. So, he choose the class he knows best, swordsman. If he choose another class, then he need to learn over again and it will wasting his time. "No need, I will choose swordsman as my class." Auron replied Aurelia.

"Okay. Then, what is your character's name?" Aurelia asked another question.

Auron pondered for a minute, "Should I use my previous name?".

"No. Let bygones be bygones." Auron decided. "Sword of Life will be my character's name".

"Sword of Life", inputted the information Auron provided. "Do you want to enter training camp and learn the basic again?"

"No, skip it over." Auron answered.

"Okay, I will now create the character" Aurelia started to type and clicking on his computer.

In Two Worlds, player's character's appearance will be the same as the player. They couldn't change any feature of their body and face. So, if they were ugly in their real life, their character will also take the same characteristic. Because of that, many ugly people, who feel not confidence, will use cloak to hide their appearance.

What player could do was to choose whether they will got rid of their body scar, if they had any. Two Worlds only made some exception for disabled person. They could designed their part of body which was maimed or missing. Although Auron was not a handsome man, but he was also not bad.

"Hmm..." Aurelia mumbled. "Congratulations Auron, you met all requirement to received a hidden present".

"Huh..." Auron felt confused and surprised. "What requirement?"

"There were several requirement need to be fulfilled. First, there is only one chance to get this present, so you must be the first one to get this. And, you are the first one to met the requirement. Second, you need to permanently delete your character and start over again. Third, The deleted character need to be maxed leveled. And the last was your deleted character need to be ranked in the top 3." Aurelia explained. "You met all the requirement. You are so lucky, if you made your character after the update you will not get any of this since the maxed level is raised."

"However, since your character previously only ranked 2, the prized level will be lowered," Aurelia felt pity. "Don't worry the prized still unique. It will only get reduced effect."

"You can checked it when you enter the game. I will putted it in your inventory. Be ready to enter the game in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." Aurelia didn't care about the shocked Auron and continued to transfer Auron into the game.

Surprised and confused could be seen on Auron's face, but he could not care about it since suddenly his vision turned black.

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