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The attack was blocked by the swordsman. However, the frog didn't bother to move as he pulled his tongue back preparing to launch second attack.

Auron's duo who managed to block the attack didn't stay idle. They also went forward quickly using the chance when the frog was pulling its tongue to went forward safely.

When the frog launched its second attack, Auron already close enough to the frog. With a little swayed to the side to dodge the tongue attack, Auron and the swordsman swung down their weapon toward the frog.

The frog could be considered as a weak creatures here. The reason was because they didn't have any initiative to dodge any incoming attack. What makes the frog dangerous was the fact that its attack have a chance to inflict poison status. Moreover, the frog attack from far away.

If there was a [Giant Crocodile] or [Giant Alligator] up in front of the frog to tank it, the danger level would risen significantly. However, what Auron's duo faced right now was a lonely frog. No danger could be felt from this one frog.

Quickly, the frog died as a result from Auron's duo bombardment. Auron's duo didn't even receive any damage from the frog.

Auron looked again to the side and he found another two [Giant Crocodile] and went to chase them.

Minutes by minutes passed by. It was already 5 hours since Auron fight against the first two [Giant Alligator] in the core area.

From the 5 hours, he already raised a level to level 49. One more level and his mage character could wear the rare grade equipment set. He was excited as he continue to hunt more.

His experience raised little by little closer to level 50. However, the excitement didn't last long, he was in a dangerous situation right now.

As he dived deeper to the middle of the lake, the monster quantity raised.

-1230. The swordsman used [Bash] towards one of [Giant Crocodile] in front of him. The [Giant Crocodile] turned grey, dead, as a result of the skill and several item popped out from the disappearing carcass.

However, Auron could not looted the item. There were still many monster surrounding the duo.

At first, Auron found a [Giant Crocodile] and a [Poisonous Toad]. He believed that he could defeated both of them safely. They engaged in battle.

When the [Giant Crocodile] had only halves of his health left, an unfortunate event occurred. Two [Giant Alligator] spawned near their battle.

The two newly spawned [Giant Alligator] immediately went to 'help' their friend in dire state. Both of them went to fight with Auron's duo.

Seeing two new incoming enemies, Auron's duo quickly gulped an [Attack Potion] and quickly killed the halves health [Giant Crocodile]. It was intense battle. Auron's duo had to face a [Giant Crocodile], and two [Giant Alligator]. Also, they needed to dodge the attack from the [Poisonous Toad] at the back.

Finally, the [Giant Crocodile] died, Auron went up to the next enemy. Each one of them fight against one [Giant Alligator].

Auron dodged the alligator bite that aiming towards him. Then, he counter attack. With a dagger in his hand, Auron thrust his dagger forward. He aimed the alligator's body.

Ignoring the dagger, the alligator swipe its tail towards Auron.

Jumped. Auron jumped to dodge the incoming tail. In midair, he prepared to stab down his dagger to the alligator once more.

-1080. A damage float above Auron's head. He was attacked. His balance was off. However, he managed to regain it and safely landed.

He was attacked from behind. He move away several step from the alligator and went to look at the direction the attack was coming.

A [Poisonous Frog] had joined the fight. And, it managed to sneak attack Auron from behind while he was dodging the alligator's tail.

-210. Another damage floated above Auron's head. It was the damage from poison status.

"Damn it, out of all this time." Auron cursed. From 5 hours of hunting, he already received the attack from [Poisonous Frog] or [Poisonous Toad] numerous times. However, no poison status inflicted.

And now, when he was in an intense battle, he had to receive this poison status.

There were many effect of poison status. For example, there were that damage for a fix number for a period of time. There were also that inflict negative buff on top of the damage. What Auron suffered right now was poison which damage for a fix percentage for a period of time.

Auron would suffered 2% of his full health as poison damage every seconds for 1 minutes. 2% of Auron full health was 210. And, it lasts for 60 seconds which mean, if he didn't take any antidote, he would received 12600 damage. It was enough for him to die.

Luckily, from the 5 hours hunt before, some [Poisonous Frog] and [Poisonous Toad] dropped the antidote for the poison.

Auron took out the antidote and immediately gulped the antidote. The poison status disappear. However, it already last 4 seconds so he already suffered 840 damage just from the poison. Now, he knew there was another [Poisonous Frog] joined the battle, he became more aware. Auron focused back towards the closest enemy, the alligator.

The alligator already launched another tail swipe towards Auron.

Auron jumped once more. And, just like before, the [Poisonous Frog] launched his attack with his tongue.

This time, Auron released his [Fire Bolt] to repel the tongue. As he was went down from the jumped, he stabbed down his dagger to the alligator.

The [Fire Bolt] repelled the tongue damage and Auron's dagger hit the alligator's body. However, it was not enough to kill the alligator. Auron followed up his attack with a slash toward the alligator as well as a [Wind Bolt].

It took several minutes before Auron killed his [Giant Alligator]. Auron looked up at his swordsman. The swordsman was in an okay condition. He still had 60% of his health while the [Giant Alligator] he faced, only had 10% of its health left.

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