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After the first session with Yueling, they found out at that the ex-class president, ( Bei Yan), involved with a loan shark. He was depressed as he could not find out a way to get out from this problem. He borrowed that money in order to buy his wife a beautiful golden necklace. She threatened to leave him if he don't buy it saying that she regretted marrying him. He was saving some money for it and persuade his wife that they cannot afford that particular necklace, maybe another one would do as well. His wife went mad when she heard that and ran to her family's home.

Since he had began saving for 3 months, he thought that borrowing some money would help. Hence, he started to involve with a loan shark. The interest kept increasing every single day and he was doomed. So, he went to hide but could not afford to tell his wife since he didn't want her to get inflicted. Luckily, he was wicked enough to tell the loan shark that he wanted to borrow money to start a business.

The two siblings decided to help him. "You guys want to help me? But I have nothing in return." The friend looked doubtful. "Of course, it's not for free." He nodded, now it seems more logical.

"You have to protect my grandfather. You'll have place to stay,food and your wife can stay with you. Basically, come and work for my grandfather."

"Are you talking about Grandpa Zhu?" The two siblings nodded. In Bei Yan's (the ex-class president's name) mind, he remembered that old man who once helped him.

"I will. I understand your meaning. I'll protect him." Yueming got up from his seat and sat beside the former class president. "Thank you. If there is any harm come to you from my uncles, tell me."


"Wolf, you will have to head south with Black. Fox and I will head to the north part. The others, do trace the victims around here. Remember, never let them cross the border." Team leader Zhang lied down the map of the border.

"How many people, currently?" Li Jun asked his team leader from his seat.

"20 are the victims. Last night, someone reported another missing person to the authority." Fox answered.

"The gang doesn't know that we are here,it seems." Li Jun commented.

"That's why we have to be silent and never alert the snake." Team leader Zhang reminded them. His eyes were sharp like an eagle looking towards its prey.

That night, they went out from the underground room for the first time they arrived. The people of this gang are hard to trace. They missed them for a few times last year. Team Leader Zhang thought that there must be a spy from the team. You can say it is a coincidence if the gang happened to disappear once or twice when the team planned to ambush but when it happened for the third time, Team Leader Zhang noted that something was not right. Hence, he halted their movement sending all the team members home until he came out with a plan to execute the traitor.

Everyone went to the place assigned by their team leader. They will gather again on the fifth day to sum up the updates.

"How long will it be this time, huh?" Black asked when Li Jun was driving the jeep towards another town at the south.

"I don't know."

"I thought it will be an easy case, who knows that too many people involved in this one. So complicated ." Black sighed. Li Jun just slightly nodded with his eyes looking straight to the road.

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