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It has been a long time since Eluraa had embarked on her new path. A million years have passed in silent meditation and she still couldn't move a muscle. She just lay there with her eyes closed and in deep contemplation. When will this hell end? She had merely been an average cultivator and an orphan at that. Just because of her temper and her refusal to abide by that disgusting fatso, she was cursed this way. When will this hell end? She continued thinking about the five elements and just lay there calmly. In this meantime, she had improved tremendously. Her mental strength had surpassed any existence. She did not feel despair or misery anymore. In fact, she was devoid of any emotions at all. Her solitude over shadowed any feeling she had. Her complete focus was on her training. She needed to get strong. What she had was not enough. She needed more strength to tear down this whole prison apart. Eluraa had already strengthened her connection to the elementals. She no longer felt a connection to just the water elemental. Her soul strength had magnified and now she could feel an almost complete connection to the five elementals. She had mentally created thousands of spells that could tap into her energy connection with the elementals. If only she could practice them. She immediately shook that thought away. Even one negative thought can plunge one into endless misery when they are imprisoned for an eternity. She has fallen into this trap too often. She willed her mind back from that dark place and continued with her training.

Even after a million years, she still couldn't completely comprehend her connection with the most mysterious and powerful elemental, the divine elemental. Even when was alive, there was very little information regarding the divine elemental. The continent emperor had coined the term divine and had been cultivating stubbornly throughout his life time to feel the faintest connection to the elemental. She wondered if he had ever succeeded. Well, none of that mattered to her any more. Maybe only some born geniuses, with heaven defying talents can form a spiritual connection and tap into the divine energy. But she was not going to give up. She had the ultimate gift, the gift which can surpass all geniuses and talents, the gift of never ending time. She laughed hysterically in her mind, thinking she might be feeling particularly crazy today. What was that, calling her misery a gift. She sensed a small change in her aura. Maybe her strengthened soul helped her ease a bit of her raging vengeance and pain. But she still had plenty left and mockingly reminded herself of the huge payback she was owed. But she still needed to figure out at the least an inkling towards the comprehension of divine elementals. She felt it in her bones that this was the key to her escape. And if she doesn't successfully figure this out, she might as well forever disappear into the ether.

The elementals were manifestations of different energy sources and power embodiments fueling the universe. Most probably the divine elemental is related to the space and time continuum. Several cultivators including her who had set out to understand the divine elemental probably figured out this much. Her problem currently was to develop a spiritual connection and sense something as intangible as space and time. Many cultivators have been stuck at this exact point of comprehension. To move an inch from here would mean all the more success to her. A few more years passed and Eluraa had yet to reach anywhere even close to understanding the divine elemental. She silently cursed her fate and once more tried to use every ounce of her soul strength to break open her restrictive bindings. If only she could move a muscle, or even twitch an eye lid, she won't be confined to this eternity of cultivation. Why is it she who is facing an eternal damnation? She silently thought about killing all the male fatties if she ever got out of this place. Eluraa had attained the absolute the absolute resonance with the other elementals but she still couldn't move an inch. Was all hope truly lost for me? She was beginning to enter one of her vicious negative spirals. Every time it takes an immense amount of mental strength to recover herself from the brink of fading away. But this time she truly couldn't help it. She could feel that the weight of these shackles had almost gotten to her. At the end, even after her tireless struggle and relentless spirit, all she could do was cultivate for an eternity and fade away. She wondered how long has it been in the other dimensions. Did time slip away as slowly as it did for her? Her mind jolted and she suddenly realized that what she was currently experiencing was in itself the strength of the divine elemental. What else can impose this astoundingly strong space and time confinement. Why else did she feel time stopped for her and there was nothing and nowhere to go from here. Someone had made this prison after tapping into the divine elementals power source.

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