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9 Chapter 9  - Wanted By The Alpha

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After I and sintia had entered the class, Bella and I began to mind link, I threatened to fuck her up and she threatened the same, am sure that she's probably afraid right now, what she does not know is that I do not just have the feelings for her, but I am trying to protect her from been used by that lemme guy,

I want her to have a straight forward life, what we feel for each other and how we act to each other is a bit not normal, but yeah she does not want to be my girlfriend because the last time she saw my dick she almost died, I think I need to ask her if it was the length or the hugeness of my dick that made her afraid to date me, as for me, I think every girl likes a qualified guy like myself, maybe not just Bella,

I looked at sintia, am already in love with her, yet I still act like Bella is my real girlfriend, am going to avoid Bella now, at least sintia too is intelligent and smart, I looked at sintia and I peeked her cheek, the lecturer walks into the class and announces that we are all free to go home because the school is

Having a board meeting concerning our degree graduation next year, You will be notified as to when the school we resume, read hard cause after the lesson comes your final exams" then he left the class,

Everyone seemed happy, I held sintia's hand and we left the class, James was trying to get into the class, and I stood at his front, looking into his eyes, all I wanted to do was to punch his human brains out of his skull, but then a hand came between us,

I looked to see that it was Bella, God just saved him, what I wanted to do to him was so bad that I might have been expelled if I did it,

I walked my own way too with sintia, "let us go and have fun" She says to me, and am sure she said that because my mode had changed, "yeah that would be nice" I replied her and soon enough we were at an amusement park,

we played like kids, and even some kids cried because we played with their swings, I and her laughed a lot when a fat boy went to report us to his parents, he had to run into a crowd to avoid them,

I looked at sintia play and I started to love her even more, her beautiful red her was making me love her deeply, her lips and her shape made me want to bite her so that she would become a werewolf like me, but it was against the rules guiding us werewolf, a human can only become a werewolf if the alpha approves of it, and am sure am nobody to ask an alpha to approve it,

"I love you sintia," I said looking at her, everything she did was so cute and am sure I saw her like that because I now love her, "damn it! How would you dump someone that you now love" I said in my thoughts looking at her, she walks over to me and after so much fun, I took her home,

Not exactly her home, but to my house, next tomorrow would be my birthday and even if I find my mate, I would reject her because I love sintia now, she is so cool, I opened the house door, just to see below with my mum,

"Welcome back soon, I heard your school dismissed you guys till further notice, oh hi...sintia" my mum says waving again at sintia, My stare was on Bella, I did not understand why she came, sintia gets called by my mum and she leaves my side, Bella walks towards me with some can juice on her hand, and a dirt on her forehead,

She did not even say a word to me, she was heading for the storeroom and I followed her from behind until I and her were in the storeroom, "what are you doing in my house" I said to her and she ignores me, "ignoring me, will not work, you better start talking, we are no longer friends" I said to her and she turns to look at me,

"Firstly, I came to help your mum out because I felt lonely, why? Because my mum has been called by the alpha, because something really bad happened and they suspect that she is involved, plus your birthday is close, so I thought it would be better to help your mum out with the preparations until my mum comes back" she says to me and attempts to leave,

"Bella, why do you care about me," I asked her and she looks at me, "I care about the precious relationship between our families," she says at once and leaves,

Sincerely, it seems like my threat early today, did not even scare her a bit, she walks out and I followed her from behind, sintia looks at me as I came out and am sure she's suspecting something, no matter what happens to me, I would still love sintia, cause she is everything I ever wanted,

We started playing again, and Bella sits next to us tapping her phone, I turned to find her staring at sintia like she wanted to eat her up or something, so I lied down in front of sintia, covering her with my body, with our faces so close to each other, "so Bella, do you have a boyfriend yet" my mum asked Bella ignoring what I and sintia were doing on the couch,

"Yeah, I found a guy, he's cute and smart too, we kissed today, and we were supposed to go on a date but then I ruined it because I got too upset with someone" she replied to my mum, "well, who made you so upset that you ruined your date" my mum asked her again,

"Oh, It was my crush, he is in love with someone else and yet he still bothers my relationship with other guys" she says to her and I know that am that crush, "to me, I feel like that your crush is somehow still attached to you" my mum replies to her and I felt guilty.

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