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In one of the private room of famous restaurant, Han XueLing and Yun QingTian were having dinner. They had already registered their marriage and now they were married couple now.

'Where do you plan to live after this?'

'I don't want to move out from my apartment. I don't really like the residence. Those are too lonely.'

QingTian frowned, 'Your apartment is not safe. You should know that based on how you get kidnapped last time.'

'I know. But please give me sometime to move in.'

XueLing knew her request is not logical but she really didn't like to stay in a place which was too strange for her. She also had to live with him somemore. Even though they were now married couple, she was not close to him at all.

'Okay. Then I will tell my assistant to move my things to your apartment.'

His answer really surprised her. She thought he would insist on her moving into his private residence. But he agreed with her and even moved into her apartment.

'You can stay in your own residence.'

'You expect me to stay in different home? No. And don't expect me to sleep in different room.' QingTian said smilingly.

'Okay.' XueLing replied thoughtfully.

'Now we are married couple, let me tell you things I cannot tolerate. No lies and no cheating. If you lie me once, I will divorce you and cut off all ties even if i have to let go of the resort.'

'Of course. I will tell you openly if I can't tell things. But I don't think that will be the case. I trust you. I also hope you will trust me. I won't cheat. Because I think I am starting to fall in love with you.'

XueLing gasped. He was falling in love with me? But we only met few times. She decided to change the topic. Bringing out the files she prepared, she gave those to him,

'These are the evidences of Su family restaurants using unqualified ingredients. You can use this to dissolve the contract. That way you don't need to pay the fine.'

'My wife surly prepare all the things needed to take care of. I will give Chun Li that. So how do you plan to deal with Su family?'

'I plan to filter the mole is from which rank. If you give them the reason that Designer Lizz is one of the reason for terminating their contract, they will come find me. If they come with the evidence of me being drugged, the mole in Han family is deep. Only a handful of people knows I am also Lizz.'

'Okay. I will step in when they are too much. Lets say this is the reward for letting me meet you.'

XueLing blushed. This man knew how to woo the girls. She was surprised media reported him being the coldest CEO.

QingTian had been watching XueLing attentively so he didn't miss the slight blush on her face. She was once again drinking Iced mocha which should be her favorite drink. He mentally noted that. Women and food are always in good relationship so to be in her good grace, he had to remember her favorite food and drinks.

QingTian found out that he had been enjoying every moments spending with her which surprised him. Most of the time, he found women were too troublesome but she was different. She looked indifferent to the worldly thing and cold but she had the softest heart which could be seen how much she cared about the resort.

At Su Family Company, the assistant was trembling inside the room. CEO Su aka 2nd master of Su Family was throwing all the documents on his desk displaying his anger in full force.

'Master, the manager also hinted that our contract got terminated because of Designer Lizz.'

'Designer Lizz? She is just a designer. How come she interfere our business? We open restaurants, you idiots.' Su Feng angrily replied.

'She is a really famous designer master. Her designs are superb and kind of rare, so she knows influential people who are begging for her designs. We can't offend them, Master.'

Su Feng thought for a while and said, 'Contact her. Approach her with gifts and ask how we offend her. May be those idiots from restaurants wrong her. I don't believe money can't buy her.' (Author's Note: She is the richest heiress of the whole country, wife of 1st elite family's heir and you want to buy her with money? Brainless man -_-)

'Yes, master. We are working on it. What should we do for the contract.....?'

This question made 2nd master's anger to explode newly again. Although they had tried hard to bury this problem, the news had been spread outside already. Now many shopping centre were re considering about their contracts. If one had to choose who they offend 'Yun Empire or Su Family', they would offend the latter happily. Even looking at the names, the differences could be seen. Since Unique Mall, one of Yun Empire's business, eliminated Su Family, there must be a reason for it. Afterall, CEO Yun never did things recklessly.

Within a day, Su Family companies' stock prices were going down. The shareholders were demanding explanations from Su Feng and questioned his abilities.

Su Feng was a fifty year old man. He had survived in this bloodbath business world for nothing. Even though he was not the eldest son of the family, he could secure the CEO spot. Just by looking at this, one could know how many dirty moves and blood on his hands.

Su Feng was frustrated. He had made a wrong move on the day of party. Just thinking about that day made him puke blood. He had already planned successfully to make CEO Yun **** Princess Han(Nickname of Han XueLing). He even equipped the room with hidden cameras. But the next day, both CEO Yun and Princess Han disappeared without a trace. He couldn't even find the cameras he equipped. All cctv records were deleted too.

There was only one left who witnessed CEO Yun leaving the hotel carrying Princess Han in bridal style. The other people he deployed to monitor that day were all vanished like they were never been alive. This person was also left alive on purpose so that he could tell what happened on that day.

Su Feng knew Yun QingTian was playing with him. He was the mouse, while Yun QingTian was the cat. He was playing with his food before he swallowed it.

'Have you found Han XueLing?'

'Not yet, Master. And..'

'What!!!! Tell me what you want to tell. Don't be like and or at.'

'We lost contact with the spy within Han Empire.'


The assistant unconsciously stepped back a little. The master in front of him was so scary. Eyes bloodshot, oily red face, he was like a monster but the reality was he was just a trapped monster whose fangs were plucked out one by one but couldn't do anything.

Suddenly Su Feng smiled,

'HAHAHAH, I still could use those. Yes, those.' He muttered himself.

'YOU !! You go find Han XueLing fast. She is the only one who could make us escape from this.' He yelled his assistant.

The assistant gladly escaped from the hell like room and tried to find the Han Goddess.

But he was puzzled. What was the triumph card his master had? Why did he say only Princess Han could help them? Why would she help them who kidnapped her?

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