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Author: EndlessMidnight

Latest update: 03-08-2020 17:53

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Chaoyun is a girl who sometimes wondered about the possibility of her finding her own path. Not having her own life be dictated by anyone else, or decided for her the moment she was born. She has always held her own fate by her own hands. And wanting to see the world had been her dream. For years she spent it in a town, where people come and go and in hopes of seeking a chance to leave it. A chance...

Table of contents - A Maiden's Strange Voyage

1 第1章:A Strange Girl

2 第2章:The Lady In Red

3 第3章:True Thoughts

4 第4章:When You're Bored, Find Someone To Talk To

5 第5章:When Things Go Unexpectedly

6 第6章:Adapting Isn't Easy

7 第7章: Customers can be nice

8 第8章:Avoiding is the best way to solve a problem

9 第9章:People Can Be Strange

10 第10章: A Strange Arrival

11 第11章: Rumored Tales

12 第12章: A Night To Remember

13 第13章: Truths Are Realized

14 第14章: Parting Words

15 第15章: A wedding is a perfect excuse

16 第16章: A Final Decision

17 第17章: The Closing Chapter

18 第18章:The First Stop

19 第19章:Being the center of attraction is a bad idea

20 第20章:Curiosity can be deadly

21 第21章: Being scared is often a bad thing

22 第22章: Answers are finally given

23 第23章: When life does not go your way

24 第24章: The Night Begins

25 第25章: A better understanding

26 第26章: Wood and cloth equals an umbrella

27 第27章: An answer from within

28 第28章: A Future That She Does Not Wan

29 第29章: When It Begins

30 第30章: When things don't go your way

31 第31章: To Have A Cha

32 第32章: On A Mission With Another

33 第33章: A chance to explain

34 第34章: A passing conversation

35 第35章: An Inheritance Issue

36 第36章:A change in situations

37 第37章: A realization of her own

38 第38章: On important papers

39 第39章: To Luoyang

40 第40章: A chance before them

41 第41章: Run To Finish

42 第42章: Learning a bi

43 第43章: A Game's Meaning

44 第44章: A Plan Is Made

45 第45章: A Tailor Shop

46 第46章: A night of work

47 第47章: A day to cha

48 第48章: Moving Forward

49 第49章: Into Her Mind