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Author: Yi Ren Bei

Latest update: 02-12-2020 16:34

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The scum Medicine God was banished to a savage other world, forced to undergo reformation!异世流放

Table of contents - Banished to Another World

Chapter 1: Struggling to survive

Chapter 2: Cruel reality tells him that this is the world to be expected from the whole Tribe

Chapter 3: Yuan Tribe

Chapter 4:The Price of not Saving

Chapter 5: Banishment Guide: The First Bully in the Universe

Chapter 6: Punishment always comes when You Forge

Chapter 7: About to think: It's a tragic word.

Chapter 8: You will be punished if you do not try your best.

Chapter 9: What it takes to save you? Comrade!

Chapter 10: I am going to die!

Chapter 11: Fights with the sky, fights with the Earth, fights with Others, and fights with the Guide! Referred to as Fighting!

Chapter 12: Scientific Analysis! Everything a Reason

Chapter 13: Too Shocked!

Chapter 14 The importance of arm length in hitting a nail on the Head

Chapter 15: The messenger of God is not as good as the one that God X-ed!

Chapter 16: Is there anyone who is Worse than Me?

Chapter 17: Opportunities to escape from the Horde

Chapter 18: Nothing is more tragic than Bedwetting...

Chapter 19: What is the structure of the primitive human brain?

Chapter 20: God's malice is Everywhere.

Chapter 21: The current Situation is better For People than the People under the Roof

Chapter 22: People who are struck and They have to work hard to get up.

Chapter 23: What are the Luggage carried by The Yuan People?

Chapter 24: Travel Luggage Preparation

Chapter 25: The Old Priest's Ability

Chapter 26: Brothers, Are you excited?

Chapter 27: Riverside Meetings Determining the Way Forward

Chapter 28: I have to check my lucky value...

Chapter 29,: In fact, is this theway to the West?

Chapter 30: Little slave is weird, have to watch him!

Chapter 31: Mind is finally opened...

Chapter 32: The rewards from The Guide!

Chapter 33:Yan Mo knows it is dangerous getting into the grassland...!

Chapter 34: Losing Yan Mo

Chapter 35: The story that Yan Mo and a Fierce bird have to Tell

Chapter 36: Salt Lake and Salty Peng/Bird

Chapter 37: Is The Little Two Legged Monster going to die?

Chapter 38: The picky Mountain God

Chapter 39: Mee

Chapter 40: A Lively Day

Chapter 41: Begins to Build The Winter House

Chapter 42: Treating Yuan Zhan...but What caused a Miracle?

Chapter 43: The Origins of Yan Mo... Don't believe that He will tell the truth.

Chapter 44: Yuan Zhan's depression...

Chapter 45: Yan Mo's abilities?

Chapter 46: Saving People

Chapter 47: Rewards, Powers, and Mutations!

Chapter 48: Punishment and the Beginning of the First Touch

Chapter 49: The consequence of the lack of communication is... The dog's blood is white?

Chapter 50: The Terrible wonder comes after the extreme...

Chapter 51: A new member who is less popular...

Chapter 52:Ten Days and Yuan Zhan's Plan

Chapter 53: Ten Days and the Plan of Yuan Zhan

Chapter 54: Yuan Zhan's Ambition and Yan Mo's Two Paws

Chapter 55: Try your hand

Chapter 56: The Birth of the Jiu Yuan Tribe

Chapter 57: Everyone is speechless...

Chapter 58: Joining the Jiu Yuan tribe needs to be tested

Chapter 59: The God's Priest and the strict class he has to teach himself to cultivate the future minions

Chapter 60: The Awu Tribe's Treasure

Chapter 61: Yuan Zhan's Gift = New Enemy?

Chapter 62: Woman, Yuan Zhan and Jiu Feng

Chapter 63: Arriving at the future tribal territory

Chapter 64: Taking the first step towards building a tribe

Chapter 65: Primary Training Method

Chapter 66: The Secrets of Two Bratty Children

Chapter 67: Fishing... Who is fishing?

Chapter 68: Double-edged sword

Chapter 69: You Can't Guess What in A Woman's Mind

Chapter 70: Fighting and Fighting and Punishmen

Chapter 71: Reunion

Chapter 72: The variability of the use of heating methods

Chapter 73: The Causes of Disputes

Chapter 74: Resolving The Misunderstanding

Chapter 75: Resolving the evil and the blessings

Chapter 76: Painful and happy

Chapter 77: Use of Punishmen

Chapter 78: Hit a Stone

Chapter 79: Punishment may be a help?

Chapter 80: The accidental blessing? Yan Mo feels the pain of losing vitality!

Chapter 81: Setting the door !

Chapter 82: The Importance of Morality

Chapter 83: The Importance of Communication in Diplomacy

Chapter 84: How do women get divide? The conflict between the Family system and the Tribal Status Quo

Chapter 85: The collision of Patriarchal and Matriarchal

Chapter 86: Yuan Zhan gives Yan Mo reason to believe that he is that bastard ......

Chapter 87: The troubles caused by the rainstorm~ What happened to the dwarves?

Chapter 88: Cheeky Dwarf? Sick Yuan Zhan?

Chapter 89: The difference between Slaves and Helpers

Chapter 90: The Two-party symposium, Please don't figh

Chapter 91: Who is the enemy?

Chapter 92: The cruel Yuan Zhan

Chapter 93: He is intriguing

Chapter 94: The truth about Yan Mo's vomiting blood

Chapter 95: Jiu Yuan's first offensive and defensive battle... Who is the worst?

Chapter 96: Jiu Feng Da Ren is Mighty!

Chapter 97: When People Have Two Mistakes in the Same period of time.

Chapter 98: Plan changes

Chapter 99: Yuan Zhan's treatment to Yan Mo's negative emotions

Chapter 100: The secret in the grassy beach

Chapter 101: Disputes!

Chapter 102: Please look forward!

Chapter 103: The man amongst men is not as good as

Chapter 104: We are actually not that arrogant... Really!

Chapter 105: The conflict between The Old Priest and Yan Mo

Chapter 106: Jiu Feng Stinginess

Chapter 107: Treatment of Chief Zhang

Chapter 108: The gift from the Chief's woman

Chapter 109: Earth yuan Fruit and The Old Priest's plan

Chapter 110: Disputes!

Chapter 111: Da He decision

Chapter 112: Talks about the fighting between animals and animals.

Chapter 113: Opening Guide Article 5 Conditions of Special Guides

Chapter 114: The Old Priest's Budge

Chapter 115: The day of the eclipse

Chapter 116: The ancestor anger

Chapter 117: Jiu Feng Takes the Treasure

Chapter 118: Difficulties

Chapter 119: The Fruit of Witchcraf

Chapter 120: A group of people eating meat.

Chapter 121: The role of Jiu Feng and Iron Back Dragon in Migration

Chapter 122: Deciding the route and Yan Mo's experiments

Chapter 123: Misunderstanding

Chapter 124: Can you give a birth?You think I can give birth?

Chapter 125: Yan Mo struggled, and the backhand broke into the other body.

Chapter 126: The Tree Men singing

Chapter 127: The Capture of Yuan Zhan and Yan Mo

Chapter 128: Discovering a gold mine

Chapter 129: The seeds of The Undead Tree

Chapter 130: Yan Mo's teeth are not casually venomous ~

Chapter 131: Yan Mo's adventure

Chapter 132: The Fruit of Witchcraf

Chapter 133: Old Sa Má's method

Chapter 134: Yan Mo, What is it will You change into?

Chapter 135: Yuan Ji Tribe's complete spli

Chapter 136: Exhausted and thrown down! But who is the strongest?

Chapter 137: The Old Priest's wild vision & The eye prophesying

Chapter 138: Ummh! Why is Yuan Zhan so obedient?

Chapter 139: 3rd Rank warrior Yan Mo

Chapter 140: Why is the animal?!

Chapter 141: Enemy, or a friend?

Chapter 142: The changes in Jiu Yuan City

Chapter 143: Their own minds

Chapter 144: Yan Mo lead dance?!

Chapter 145: Yan Mo's scientific verification

Chapter 146: This night!

Chapter 147: Yuan Zhan is like an arrow, when Mo is not around, there every day there are people who continue to seduce him

Chapter 147: Yuan Zhan is like an arrow, when Mo is not around, there every day there are people who continue to seduce him

Chapter 148: Leader's fighting strength!

Chapter 149: Do not play the tentacle system, Behave you~

Chapter 150: More slaves or enemies?

Chapter 151: I want to give Mo Da Ren a child

Chapter 152: I am going to die with you.

Chapter 153: Want to see your man's strength?

Chapter 154: The process of tuning the dwarfs.

Chapter 155: Someone is watching him... And the person around him!

Chapter 156: The earth yuan fruit is gone.

Chapter 157: Meet me firs

Chapter 158: The shameless Mer-People Old Pries

Chapter 159: A Loyal Spouse

Chapter 160: Threats

Chapter 161: Yu's Blood Stasis

Chapter 162: The Blood Stone

Chapter 163: You can be my "woman"

Chapter 164: A frenzied Yan Mo Part 1.

Chapter 165: A frenzied Yan Mo Part 2

Chapter 166: The frenzy is spread

Chapter 167: Jealousy, jealousy, still is jealousy!

Chapter 168: Calmness Before the Storm

Chapter 169: The Mysterious Sideburns man

Chapter 170: Awakening

Chapter 171: What's the Lower Limit?

Chapter 172: Unexpectedly SCUM points reduction.

Chapter 173: Angry birds?

Chapter 174: Good trick or Not so Good a trick of the luck Frui

Chapter 175: Yan Mo rushing by.

Chapter 176: The Black Skull

Chapter 177: The inheritance of the Bone Sculpting People.

Chapter 178: What a bored Yuan Zhan does?

Chapter 179: 3rd Rank Reward

Chapter 180: Yuan Zhan is changing~

Chapter 181: The fashionable Priest Da Ren

Chapter 182: Patching things so as to get along With You

Chapter 183: The Story of the Bone Rat and What the Bone Rat have to Tell

Chapter 184: The Fruit of Witchcraft wants to eat him...

Chapter 185: The Old Pries

Chapter 186: we aren't mating with the wildebeest...

Chapter 187: Yuan Zhan's melodrama...

Chapter 188: The gentleness in the morning

Chapter 189: Hunting team returns with prey

Chapter 190: Jiu Yuan's first marke

Chapter 191: Moer Gan People's guess

Chapter 192: The murderous connotation of the Jiu Yuan tribe

Chapter 193: Jiu Yuan and Moer Gan's first transaction,

Chapter 194: Business exchange under the star lights

Chapter 195: Who is taking advantage?

Chapter 196: the Tribe two or three things

Chapter 197: Who took the Bué?

Chapter 198: Unable to figure it ou

Chapter 199: Escaping from the illusion.

Chapter 200: Spiritual Control

Chapter 201: The illusion of truth and a confusing accoun

Chapter 202: Preparations of going back to Jiu Yuan

Chapter 203: What do you want to do, come!

Chapter 204: Winter day touching hear

Chapter 205: The Old Priest Doub

Chapter 206: The Will of the people comes from the real benefits

Chapter 207: Leader and Priest bed talk.

Chapter 208: I see that you and I have a karma relation

Chapter 209: Can you still be a scum?

Chapter 210: The Old Priest Qiu Shi

Chapter 211: Strive to resis

Chapter 212: Yuan Zhan you come out!

Chapter 213: Okay, it’s terrible, Just terrible.

Chapter 214: It’s hard for a Leopard to change its spots

Chapter 215: I will get you more corpses

Chapter 216: The first wave of the arrival of slaves

Chapter 217: One of Yan Mo’s prestige

Chapter 218: the waves under the cover of darkness

Chapter 219: One of Yan Mo's prestige

Chapter 220: The more ferocious First Chief Da Ren

Chapter 221: Winter Transition

Chapter 222: The number is the brightest point ~ ~

Chapter 223: Going to Moer Gan

Chapter 224: Entering the Moer Gan marketplace

Chapter 225: Second Floor Flirting

Chapter 226: The first business brought by the two storey house

Chapter 227: Picking Things At The Marke

Chapter 228: The Ink-Killer

Chapter 229: Progress at the Marke

Chapter 230: Honey, don't forget The Guide is the special bully ~ ~ ~

Chapter 231: Progress at the Market 2

Chapter 232: Natural Porcelain?!

Chapter 233: Progress at the Market 3

Chapter 234: Ding Yue Tribe

Chapter 235: I still think you are more pleasing to me

Chapter 236: Yan Mo’s “conscience help” for the dwarf

Chapter 237: Treasures of the Land of Relics

Chapter 238: The Treasure of the Land of the Relics 2

Chapter 239: Treasures of the Land of Relics 3

Chapter 240: Yan Mo's suspicion

Chapter 241: The Origins of Four Bone Devices

Chapter 242: Curse bone devices

Chapter 243: War slave Shen-Gu

Chapter 244: Future Regiments Leaders

Chapter 245: Rumors has it that Brother Mo ate Meng's children?

Chapter 246: Yuan Zhan the Shameless I

Chapter 247: Zan-Bu of the Bone Sculpting People

Chapter 248: The Priest of the Moer-Gan

Chapter 249: Yan Mo the two-face

Chapter 250: Yuan Zhan the Shameless II

Chapter 251: A Happy Family?

Chapter 252: The emergence of Yan Mo's brother.

Chapter 253: It’s not easy to make up a perfect lie.

Chapter 254: The Salt Mountain Tribesmen

Chapter 255: Who is the perpetrator of this iniquity?

Chapter 256: Fake News

Chapter 257: Ready for War and meet the enemy head on!

Chapter 258: He is not dead yet! Get away!

Chapter 259: I will eat your son if you don't give it to me!

Chapter 260: The Jiu Yuan's Way to Get Ou

Chapter 261: The Priest who touches others in the b.u.t.t is not good pries

Chapter 262: Yan Mo's Ideas

Chapter 263: Yan Mo's Crazy Ideas

Chapter 264: Yan Mo's payment to Hei Jiao.

Chapter 265: Yan Mo Schemes

Chapter 266: The four tribes on the way.

Chapter 267: A Confident Qi Hao

Chapter 268: A b.l.o.o.d.y battle caused by a stone.

Chapter 269: Do you want a water tank?

Chapter 270: The Slate Contrac

Chapter 271: Half a month, haircut and shampoo.

Chapter 272: Needs yuan-crystal and Jiu Yuan needs them in a hurry!

Chapter 273: The Old Mandrill

Chapter 274: A big bargain!

Chapter 275: Animalism to Hooliganism

Chapter 276: The Giant Firebird bone puppet.

Chapter 277: Return 1

Chapter 278: Return 2

Chapter 279: Return 3

Chapter 280: Return 4

Chapter 281: Face-beating using the double bluff strategy

Chapter 282: The cunning Young Master Jiu Feng.

Chapter 283: Cheating the whole family

Chapter 284: The Death of the High Pries

Chapter 285: Zhan, Come back soon!

Chapter 286: The temptation of that momen

Chapter 287: The Jiu Yuan Second Selection Conference

Chapter 288: Tranquility before the storm?

Chapter 289: Jiu Yuan's daily life

Chapter 290: Negotiation: The Land of Dwarf Heritage

Chapter 291: Yu-Wu's Commitmen

Chapter 292: Treatment of Early Abortion

Chapter 293: Yan Mo's Lies

Chapter 294: Yan Mo who wants to eat crabs

Chapter 295: The stone hunting team. The individual members' problems.

Chapter 296: Ding Fei got kidnapped

Chapter 297: The Great Obscuri Tribe

Chapter 298: Old man Yan's skill.

Chapter 299: Old Man Yan's Rigorous Crisis!

Chapter 300: Torture

Chapter 301: The exact whereabouts of the G.o.dblood Stone

Chapter 302: It's easy to satisfy animals.

Chapter 303: The Legends of the Black Earth City and their entry into the Black Earth City

Chapter 304: The Honest Yan Mo in the Temple

Chapter 305: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Chapter 306: She-Dan DRen and the Domino Challenges

Chapter 307: Leishen's ooze

Chapter 308: Closed door exile

Chapter 309: The Curse of the Beast G.o.d

Chapter 310: Young Master Jiu Feng and the Black Water Tribe's Chief

Chapter 311: Secrets of the Black Water Tribe's Chief

Chapter 312: A kindred spiri

Chapter 313: The Challenge of Gaogang City Temple High Pries

Chapter 314: Stepping into the Trap

Chapter 315: Result of the compet.i.tion

Chapter 316: Yan Mo's Counterattack

Chapter 317: The High Priest's Curse before His Death

Chapter 318: The first traveling doctor

Chapter 319: Hidden Task

Chapter 320: Starting of a Special Career Inheritance

Chapter 321: Reliable Shifu .

Chapter 322: Shifu’s Guidance

Chapter 323: First Selection

Chapter 324: the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu's Warning

Chapter 325: King Wu Shang's younger brother's invitation .

Chapter 326: The arrogant the Jiu Yuan people .

Chapter 327: Yuan Zhan's New Way of Playing Priest DRen

Chapter 328: the Danger of Approaching Yuan Zhan

Chapter 329: The second field selection

Chapter 330: Angry Shifu

Chapter 331: Crisis?

Chapter 332: The arrogant Yuan Zhan .

Chapter 333: the Black Earth City Man and the priest from the upper city

Chapter 334: the Life of Young Slave

Chapter 335: Yuan Zhan, who did not follow the plan

Chapter 336: Die!

Chapter 337: Ending . . . Bulls.h.i.t!

Chapter 338: Found you .

Chapter 339: News of Hungry Men and Tucheng-Earth City

Chapter 340: the Resurrection of Mo's Spirit and Body?

Chapter 344: Tucheng-Earth City Temple High Pries

Chapter 345: The unsolved mystery

Chapter 346: Ident.i.ty change

Chapter 347: Opportunities to Go Home?

Chapter 348: Medicine should not be eaten in disorder, so is my skin.

Chapter 349: Drug Testing

Chapter 350: What falls down is mine!

Chapter 351: h.e.l.lo! Queen

Chapter 352: You can advance and retreat, you still have to show your true colors.

Chapter 353: Calculations of Yincheng-Sound City High Pries

Chapter 354: About red spider lily/ Lycoris radiata

Chapter 355: Strange and unpredictable, the road ahead is vague

Chapter 356: Transforming Pa.s.sive into Active

Chapter 357: Professionals who play tricks and ghost spirits

Chapter 358: The Great Secret!

Chapter 359: Yan Mo Recovery

Chapter 360: There are a series of changes .

Chapter 361: the delight of seeing each other .

Chapter 362: The Great Princess's intentions

Chapter 363: Before Escaping

Chapter 364: Ha ha!

Chapter 365: It's just a Samsara Cycle .

Chapter 366: Happy Return! Tucheng-Earth City regrets!

Chapter 367: the Jiu Yuan Crisis and Return!

Chapter 368: Inspired comeback .

Chapter 369: Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice!

Chapter 370: Traitors

Chapter 371: Whether The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice can be danced .

Chapter 372: Chief Duo Fei’s complacen

Chapter 373: Demolition of Cities

Chapter 374: Making enemies and consoling spiri

Chapter 375: Dance of Comfort Consoling spiri

Chapter 376: Slate Contrac

Chapter 377 Spouse a.s.sembly

Chapter 378: Quiet changes

Chapter 379: Severe Law and Brainwashing

Chapter 380: The new weather in Jiu Yuan .

Chapter 381: Priest DRen

Chapter 382: Chief Zhan The man

Chapter 383: New Guests and the Pries

Chapter 384: Where is Mo DRen?

Chapter 385: She-Dan's Politicization

Chapter 386: Whose mouth is more poisonous?

Chapter 387: Calculating separately.

Chapter 388: the Insider of the Nine Great Cities Decade Gathering

Chapter 389: The Nine Cities Challenge Rules

Chapter 390: Wucheng-City of Witches

Chapter 391: Asking for owns dead end & passing the tes

Chapter 392 Wucheng-City of Witches sudden change

Chapter 393: Man's Clothing Yan Mo Costume

Chapter394: Who is the shameless person?

Chapter 395: The provoked Mo Da-Ren.

Chapter 396: Beginning of the Nine Cities gathering.

Chapter 397: The Curse you can't end, It's Cheating!

Chapter 398: Real Miracles 1

Chapter 399: Real Miracles 2

Chapter 400: Real Miracles 3

Chapter 401: Advertising the Jiu Yuan.

Chapter 402: the Jiu Yuan people’s arrogance

Chapter 403: the Results of the Jiu Yuan Challenging Tucheng-Earth City

Chapter 404: Dealings during Break Time

Chapter 405: Natural Enemies

Chapter 406: A 10th rank warrior!

Chapter 407: Crisis Presenting

Chapter 408: Divine Punishment & I Want You

Chapter 409: Not a good person

Chapter 410: The conspiracy that was discovered?

Chapter 411: Saving the Grand Witch Xiang

Chapter 412: Mo stepping on the blade

Chapter 413: Bullying me because I can't move?

Chapter 414: Special effects wound medicine

Chapter 415: Conspiracy! Hemophilia patients

Chapter 416: The Handsome Fengcheng-Wind City’s Lord

Chapter 417: It’s exposed!

Chapter 418: the Fruit of Witchcraft and the Son of Life

Chapter 419: Fighting battles, lessons learned!

Chapter 420: Hahaha! Bully you guys!

Chapter 421: Dissolving the Enslavement Bone

Chapter 422: Reward for Melee

Chapter 423: Beautiful Melee

Chapter 424: Yan Mo disappears

Chapter 425: Hey, where is this?

Chapter 426: A Cruel Yuan Zhan

Chapter 427: Yuan Zhan's revenge

Chapter 428: Unintentionally planting willows

Chapter 429: The beginning of the Plague

Chapter 430: Confluence Pre-meeting

Chapter 431: Wucheng- City of Witches Results

Chapter 432: Yan Mo's Day

Chapter 433: Confluence meeting.

Chapter 434: Mysterious new friends?

Chapter 435: Yuan Zhan who does not speak a foreign language...

Chapter 436: Collaborated victory

Chapter 437 Entering the City

Chapter 438: No money then you're in a tough spo

Chapter 439: Discerning the bones to make money

Chapter 440: Pissed off at you!

Chapter 441: Yi Fan the Master Bone-Sculptor

Chapter 442: Got a new teacher?

Chapter 443: Selling Knives

Chapter 444: Conflic

Chapter 445: Fight, figh

Chapter 446: The decision of the city’s lord

Chapter 447: Finally connected!

Chapter 448: Secrets of Parenting Bags and Fruits

Chapter 449: Epidemic outbreak

Chapter 450: Myths are formed like this

Chapter 451: the collapse of the Wuqian City

Chapter 452: Gossip

Chapter 453: The dark Yan Mo

Chapter 454: The first negotiation

Chapter 455

Chapter 456: Warnings from the Guide

Chapter 457: The secrets of Buhua's medical treatment and the Qiyu village

Chapter 458: True and false promises

Chapter 459: Sc.u.m VALUE reduced by 10 million points

Chapter 460: The first wish after the good fortune karma + 1

Chapter 461: Susuna! Fighting A battle! Yan Mo!

Chapter 462: Climax

Chapter 463: The power of faith

Chapter 464: Departing for the Demon Abyss

Chapter 465: Cultivation and transfer of Wu Guo and Du-du

Chapter 466: How difficult it is to raise a son

Chapter 467: The first two-way contac

Chapter 468: Friends of the Demon Abyss, calm down!

Chapter 469: into the Demon Abyss

Chapter 470: Signs and conditions

Chapter 471: beating Yuan Zhan

Chapter 472: Fake fight or demonstration?

Chapter 473: Great deception or true messenger?

Chapter 479: Petty thieves and coercion

Chapter 480: One by one solved

Chapter 481: The transaction with n.o.ble son Buhua

Chapter 482: The secrets of the Duke's mansion.

Chapter 483: The Bone objects contest registration tes

Chapter 484: The persecution of the Hornless-men and the 10th rank bone treasure

Chapter 485: Yan Mo's extra prestige and Yuan Zhan's smile

Chapter 486: Xi Yang's decision, armor and the start of the contes

Chapter 487: A happy bone objects contes

Chapter 488: Yan Mo's bone objec

Chapter 489: Shocking the audience

Chapter 490: Qia Di's reminder

Chapter 491: the King City Palace Banquet 1

Chapter 492: the King City Palace Banquet 2

Chapter 493: Wrecking havoc in the King's City

Chapter 494: The tracker

Chapter 495: the Horn-people's opinions on the disposal of the two Hornless-men

Chapter 496: the wishes of the White-Horn Sumen

Chapter 497: Freely giving Sumen?

Chapter 498: An Enemy or benefactor?

Chapter 499: Repeated cruel blows

Chapter 500: The change of Sumen and the real reason why the Horn-people attacked the eastern continent .

Chapter 501: The furious Yan Mo I

Chapter 502: The furious Yan Mo II

Chapter 503: Furious! Furious!

Chapter 504: Feelings

Chapter 509: Interaction of forces

Chapter 510: Gold contrac

Chapter 511: Setting fire and pouring oil

Chapter 512: Contacting the Jiu Yuan

Chapter 513: The birth of the Jiu Yuan doctrine?

Chapter 522: Woman, bugs, opportunities or dangers?

Chapter 523: Saving the domestic animal!

Chapter 524: The Soul Sea!

Chapter 525: A jealous Da Zhan

Chapter 526: The beginning and soul exchange of everything

Chapter 527: The death and life of Hu-Lian

Chapter 528: Achievement of self-sacrifice?!

Chapter 529: The adventures of Yan Mo

Chapter 530: Demolition of specialized household!

Chapter 532: The birth of Wu Guo!

Chapter 533: the world of bullied Little Guo and Yan Mo's way of debt collection

Chapter 534: Which is the fragrant steamed bun

Chapter 535: Road

Chapter 536: I will become stronger and we will see who lays eggs for whom!

Chapter 538: Welcoming Priest DRen

Chapter 537: Going back to the Jiu Yuan and the Jiu Yuan's status quo

Chapter 539: Secret weapons and deception

Chapter 540: Misfortune!

Chapter 541: The apprenticre who died first before achieving victory

Chapter 542: Agreement with Shu Yi

Chapter 543: Life energy

Chapter 544: On how males become friends~

Chapter 545: A Sneak attack

Chapter 546: Yuan Zhan

Chapter 547: Transaction with the King of Kunpengs

Chapter 548: Inheritance memories of the Son of Life

Chapter 549: The benefits of being the life energy source

Chapter 550: Happy Zhan I

Chapter 551: Happy Zhan II

Chapter 552: The people of Chuan Shajias-the Sand Wearers

Chapter 553: Exotic energy

Chapter 554: The power of evolution

Chapter 555: Secrets of the 11th floor

Chapter 556: Breakthrough

Chapter 557: Hu-Lian's three questions

Chapter 558: The third question and Hu-Lian's last secre

Chapter 559: The decisions of the Chuan Shajias-the Sand Wearers

Chapter 560: The Semi-G.o.d warrior

Chapter 561: Yan Xiaole, the bone warrior

Chapter 562: Accepting the Chuan Shajias-the Sand Wearers and discovering liquid active metals

Chapter 563: The undercover plan

Chapter 564: D.U.O.B.I. Naomi

Chapter 565: Another question again?

Chapter 566: Miao Xiang's final counterattack

Chapter 567: The Insect King egg

Chapter 568: Mr. Li

Chapter 569: The daily life of the Jiu Yuan

Chapter 570: Sumen a.s.sa.s.sination, a furious Yan Mo

Chapter 571: the Declaration of war

Chapter 514: Traps and the little spirits in the mountains

Chapter 572: The secrets hidden in the holy land of the Bone Sculpting People

Chapter 573: Yan Mo’s Revenge

Chapter 574: Yan Mo, The slave

Chapter 575: The plight of the weak

Chapter 576: The weak and the strong

Chapter 577: Saving lives

Chapter 578: Return to camp

Chapter 579: I love you, I will keep it to torture you~

Chapter 580: Starting a beat down?

Chapter 581: A man with a hundred of manners

Chapter 582: Hara.s.sment again

Chapter 583: Dig a hole

Chapter 584: Origination of banque

Chapter 585: Stealing the Son of Life!

Chapter 586: The last guests

Chapter 587: The truth is not threatening

Chapter 588: The Horn-people retrea

Chapter 589: Do it with me once?

Chapter 590: College acciden

Chapter 591: The chaos at the Zhan-Mo College 1

Chapter 592: The chaos at the Zhan-Mo College 2

Chapter 593: The chaos at the Zhan Mo College 3

Chapter 594: The chaos at the Zhan-Mo College 4

Chapter 595: Beating a drowing dog!

Chapter 596: Mr . Li, waiting for the knife to fall

Chapter 597: Exposing Mr . Li 1

Chapter 598: Exposing Mr . Li 2

Chapter 599: The crazy Jiu Yuan people

Chapter 600: Yan Mo faints

Chapter 601: Yan Mo's plea

Chapter 602: New contrac

Chapter 603: Dig a hole on the way to the Huocheng-Fire City people

Chapter 604: Wu Chen and Meng Er

Chapter 605: Underground adventure in Huocheng-Fire City

Chapter 606: I want water, not energy!

Chapter 607: Du-du is not a bad boy

Chapter 608: Yan Mo, the great demon

Chapter 609: The G.o.d of Huocheng-Fire City

Chapter 610: Yan Mo's big baby

Chapter 611: His name is Mo, the Greatest Witch in the world

Chapter 612: The terrible consequences of jokes

Chapter 613: The future of the Jiu Yuan and changing from female to male?

Chapter 614: What to do if you don't want to be scammed

Chapter 615: Wucheng-City of Witches

Chapter 616: The first day of setting the stall

Chapter 617: A jab of words and an order is stamped ou

Chapter 618: The details of false Quipa

Chapter 619: Fei Shan DRen, do you want to have a baby with the Grand Witch Xiang DRen?

Chapter 620: I want the first priest's position

Chapter 621: Confusion coming in the thousand to pay attention

Chapter 622: How to divide the territory between the public forces and the skinny Grand Witch Xiang

Chapter 623: The Jiu Yuan Alliance

Chapter 624: The conspiracy!

Chapter 625: The ways of fighting can be diverse leading to a psychological devastation

Chapter 626: The arrogant Yan Mo and a.s.sa.s.sination plot!

Chapter 627: Fighting in disorder

Chapter 628: Semi-G.o.d's move

Chapter 629: Who is the sky transporter?

Chapter 630: Prophecy

Chapter 631: On the importance of time and the battle of semi-G.o.ds

Chapter 632: The power of the living weapon

Chapter 633: Territory division

Chapter 634: The end and beginning

Chapter 635: The Jiu Yuan visiting delegation

Chapter 636: Unwilling to admit that you’re the Jiu Yuan people and want to enjoy the benefits of the Jiu Yuan, dream on!

Chapter 637: Husband and wife are all in one mind and invincible

Chapter 638: The importance of performance and speech

Chapter 639: Getting the Rong tribe

Chapter 640: The Demon’s husband

Chapter 641: The Children's games

Chapter 642: En route

Chapter 643: No grass left for him

Chapter 644: The miracle and loyalty

Chapter 645: The exploration of the outer hole

Chapter 646: The mysterious old man

Chapter 647: A drop of blood, give or not?

Chapter 648: The spaceship treasure

Chapter 649: The Birth of the Son of God

Chapter 650: Chaos in the classroom