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Author: Xin Xing Xiao Yao

Latest update: 03-31-2020 22:09

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Description After death, Jian Chen’s soul was reincarnated into a foreign world. He grew up with flying speed, but at the end, because of overflowing enemies and from heavily injuries by them, his soul abnormally changed at the border of life and death. From then on, he stepped onto a completely different path of sword cultivation and became the Sword God of the generation.

Table of contents - Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1: Jian Chen

Chapter 2: Changyang Xiang Tian

Chapter 3: Refining the Body

Chapter 4: Further Training

Chapter 5: Tian Yuan Continen

Chapter 6: Saint’s Tes

Chapter 7: Forgotten Genius

Chapter 8: Disaster

Chapter 9: Revealed Strength

Chapter 10: High Regards

Chapter 11: Kargath Academy

Chapter 12: Big Brother Changyang Hu

Chapter 13: Competition of the New Students

Chapter 14: Tie Ta

Chapter 15: Ka Di Qiuli

Chapter 16: Advancing into the Finals

Chapter 17: Freshmen Ruler

Chapter 18: The Monster Core’s Cultivation Rate Suppor

Chapter 19: Inconvenience

Chapter 20: Challenge

Chapter 21: Saint Ka Di Yun

Chapter 22: Battling Ka Di Yun

Chapter 23: Becoming Popular Because of Skill

Chapter 24: Skill

Chapter 25: Instructing Big Brother

Chapter 26: Protection Fee

Chapter 27: Incoming Trouble One

Chapter 28: Incoming Trouble Two

Chapter 29: Another Encounter With Tie Ta

Chapter 30: Vice Headmaster Bai En

Chapter 31: A Breakthrough–Peak of the 10th Layer

Chapter 32: Monster Core Hun

Chapter 33: Viper

Chapter 34: Casually Hunting For Monster Cores

Chapter 35: Liang Xiaole

Chapter 36: A Pack of Wolves

Chapter 37: Teacher’s Shock

Chapter 38: Liang Xiaole

Chapter 39: Plans

Chapter 40: Exchanging Weapons/p>

Chapter 41: Flaming Cloud Beast/p>

Chapter 42: Roadside Robber

Chapter 43: Counter Steal

Chapter 44: Coincidental Meeting With Big Brother

Chapter 45: Luo Jian’s Defea

Chapter 46: Rich Profi

Chapter 47: Returning to the Academy

Chapter 48: Mu Tian

Chapter 49: The Shock

Chapter 50: Over 100 Class 1 Monster Cores

Chapter 51: Class 4 Monster Core One

Chapter 52: Class 4 Monster Core Two

Chapter 53: Becoming A Sain

Chapter 54: Mutation of the Dantian

Chapter 55: The Emperor’s Recognition

Chapter 56: 7th Level of the Library

Chapter 57: Arranged Marriage

Chapter 58: Annoyance From the Dantian

Chapter 59: Revenge

Chapter 60: Changyang Hu’s Injuries

Chapter 61: Increasing Murderous Inten

Chapter 62: Jian Chen’s Strength

Chapter 63: Incoming Disaster

Chapter 64: Goodbye Chang Bai

Chapter 65: The People From the Imperial Palace One

Chapter 66: The People From the Imperial Palace Two

Chapter 67: Bi Clan

Chapter 68: White Cloud City

Chapter 69: First Class Mercenary

Chapter 70: Leaving Gesun Kingdom

Chapter 71: Mu Yun

Chapter 72: Boundless Bandits

Chapter 73: Boundless Bandit Two

Chapter 74: Fierce Battle

Chapter 75: Fighting a Saint Master

Chapter 76: Using Tai Ji Against the Enemy

Chapter 77: Battle Skill

Chapter 78: Cruel Victory

Chapter 79: Picking Up the Pieces

Chapter 80: Blue Wind Kingdom

Chapter 81: Zim Zam Zoopity Woo

Chapter 82: Accident at the Restauran

Chapter 83: Desert Mercenary Group

Chapter 84: Wake City

Chapter 85: Going Alone into the Magical Beast Mountain Range

Chapter 86: Hunting for Poisonous Scorpions

Chapter 87: Surviving in the Mountain Range

Chapter 88: Great Sain

Chapter 89: Silver Striped Golden Snake

Chapter 90: The Magical Power of the Soul Sword

Chapter 91: Slashing and Killing

Chapter 92: Misfortune

Chapter 93: Silencing by Killing

Chapter 94: Annihilating Everyone

Chapter 95: Pitiful Profi

Chapter 96: A Lucky Encounter With a Woman by the River

Chapter 97: Mysterious Old Man

Chapter 98: Another Heavy Loss

Chapter 99: Returning to Wake City

Chapter 100: Ten Thousand Immunity One

Chapter 101: Ten Thousand Immunity Two

Chapter 102: Ten Thousand Immunity Three

Chapter 103: Flame Mercenaries

Chapter 104: Joining a Mercenary Group

Chapter 105: Team Operation

Chapter 106: The Peculiar Dantian

Chapter 107: The Strange White Stone

Chapter 108: How Much Is it?

Chapter 109: Robbery Encounter

Chapter 110: Traveling to the Magical Beast Mountain Range

Chapter 111: Peaceful at Las

Chapter 112: Fighting the Black Tiger

Chapter 113: A Reveal of Strength

Chapter 114: Zhou Mercenaries

Chapter 115: A Generous Profi

Chapter 116: Magical Horned Boar

Chapter 117: Fighting Strength That Causes Others to Quake in Fear

Chapter 118: Class 5 Cub

Chapter 119: Fighting Over the Cub

Chapter 120: The Shocking Arrival of the Tiger King

Chapter 121: A Frantic Escape

Chapter 122: : The Death of Kendall

Chapter 123: The Destruction of the Flame Mercenaries

Chapter 124: Strong Sword Qi

Chapter 125: Hey, Listen!

Chapter 126: Tianxiong Clan

Chapter 127: Show No Quarter

Chapter 128: Forest Figh

Chapter 129: Trouble at the Door

Chapter 130: Trapped in the Restauran

Chapter 131: Death Siege One

Chapter 132: Death Siege Two

Chapter 133: The Death of the Young Master of The Tianxiong Clan

Chapter 134: Wrath of the Tianxiong Clan

Chapter 135: Escape From Wake City

Chapter 136: Pursuit of the Tianxiong Clan

Chapter 137: Battling a Great Saint Master

Chapter 138: A Chance to Kill From the Fores

Chapter 139: Stealth Kill

Chapter 140: The Tianxiong Clan’s Retrea

Chapter 141: Where is He?

Chapter 142: Tianxiong Clan’s Heavy Losses

Chapter 143: Tortoise Beas

Chapter 144: Black Leopard Mercenaries

Chapter 145: Yet Another Profi

Chapter 146: Breakthrough Into a Saint Master

Chapter 147: Identity Revealed

Chapter 148: Spare Us!

Chapter 149: Meeting the Zhou Mercenaries Once More

Chapter 150: Extermination

Chapter 151: This One is Honored

Chapter 152: Indecision

Chapter 153: Meeting Another Great Saint Master

Chapter 154: Killing A Great Saint Master Part One

Chapter 155: Killing a Great Saint Master Two

Chapter 156: Fearsome Reputation and Profi

Chapter 157: Should We?

Chapter 158: Three Moves

Chapter 159: A Breakthrough in Strength

Chapter 160: Appearance of a Class 5 Magical Beas

Chapter 161: Battling the Class 5 Magical Beas

Chapter 162: Smooth Killing

Chapter 163: Leaving the Magical Beast Mountain Range

Chapter 164: Group of Prairie Wolves

Chapter 165: Mysterious Person

Chapter 166: Phoenix City

Chapter 167: Auction Affairs

Chapter 168: Yullian

Chapter 169: Eliminating Danger

Chapter 170: The Sensation Caused by the Class 5 Magical Beast One

Chapter 171: The Sensation Caused by the Class 5 Magical Beast Two

Chapter 172: The Start of the Auction

Chapter 173: The Auctioning of the Class 5 Magical Beas

Chapter 174: Fierce Battle

Chapter 175: Battle of Tigers and Dragons

Chapter 176: Gray Robed Man

Chapter 177: Earth Saint Master

Chapter 178: Incoming Trouble

Chapter 179: Caught in a Siege

Chapter 180: Here is My Offer

Chapter 181: Few Against Many

Chapter 182: No Fear

Chapter 183: One Against Three

Chapter 184: Battle Skill?

Chapter 185: Escape

Chapter 186: Yet Another Escape

Chapter 187: Wind Attribute Great Saint Master

Chapter 188: To Fight and Escape

Chapter 189: Escaping From a Critical Situation

Chapter 190: Hundred Mile Tracing Powder

Chapter 191: No Survivors

Chapter 192: Meeting Another Strong Enemy

Chapter 193: Confrontation With an Earth Saint Master

Chapter 194: Falling From A Cliff

Chapter 195: Escaping From Calamity

Chapter 196: Rosco

Chapter 197: Small Mountain Village

Chapter 198: A Promotion in Strength

Chapter 199: Another Breakthrough

Chapter 200: Misfortune

Chapter 201: The Sword Spirits of the Azure and Violet Swords

Chapter 202: The Violet and Azure Sword Qi

Chapter 203: Hunting Up the Mountain

Chapter 204: Ming Dong

Chapter 205: Leaving Huang Village

Chapter 206: Loyal Spirit Mercenaries

Chapter 207: Conflict with a Giant Beas

Chapter 208: The Fearful Violet and Azure Sword Qi

Chapter 209: Return to Wake City

Chapter 210: A Timely Meeting in the Restauran

Chapter 211: Judgement Day for the Zhou Mercenaries One

Chapter 212: Judgement Day for the Zhou Mercenaries Two

Chapter 213: Zhou Clan

Chapter 214: The Zhou Clan’s Brave Rush

Chapter 215: Participation of the Zhou Clan

Chapter 216: Great War of the Zhou Clan

Chapter 217: Destruction of the Zhou Clan

Chapter 218: The City Lord

Chapter 219: Invitation of the City Lord

Chapter 220: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan One

Chapter 221: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan Two

Chapter 222: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan Three

Chapter 223: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan Four

Chapter 224: Destruction of the Tianxiong Clan Five

Chapter 225: The Death of Tianxiong Lie

Chapter 226: Deterrence

Chapter 227: Submission

Chapter 228: Making a Name For Oneself in Battle

Chapter 229: Rise In Power

Chapter 230: Class 5 Magical Beas

Chapter 231: The Sighting

Chapter 232: Unsatisfied? Then Challenge Me!

Chapter 233: The Number One Power in Wake City

Chapter 234: Battle Skill — An Unexpected Discovery

Chapter 235: Senior Envoys

Chapter 236: The Soaring Sword Qi

Chapter 237: Magical Beast Invasion

Chapter 238: The Eve before the Invasion

Chapter 239: The Beginning Prominence of One’s Reputation

Chapter 240: Six Cycles of an Earth Saint Master

Chapter 241: Start of the Invasion

Chapter 242: Desperate Close Comba

Chapter 243: Several hundred Class 4 Magical Beasts

Chapter 244: Jian Chen’s Action–A Fast Sword

Chapter 245: Despair! 3 Class 5 Magical Beasts

Chapter 246: Class 5 Magical Beast — One Sword To Strike the Head!

Chapter 247: Punishing the Bladed Crocodile

Chapter 248: Heavily Injuring the Ape

Chapter 249: Radiant Saint Master Class

Chapter 250: In Possession of Another Two Class 5 Monster Cores

Chapter 251: A Storm Approaches

Chapter 252: Xia Clan

Chapter 253: The Might of a Battle Skill

Chapter 254: Provoking the Xia Clan

Chapter 255: Power

Chapter 256: Heavenly Flower Sec

Chapter 257: Pressure

Chapter 258: Who Did It?

Chapter 259: The Xia Clan’s Dispatch

Chapter 260: Assassination Operation

Chapter 261: Killing an Earth Saint Master

Chapter 262: Finished Operation

Chapter 263: Forcing Open the Jaws of the Lion

Chapter 264: Gathering of the Mercenaries

Chapter 265: Departure

Chapter 266: Desire to Figh

Chapter 267: A Plan With Poison

Chapter 268: A High Success

Chapter 269: Poisoned?!

Chapter 270: Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannons

Chapter 271: Returning to Huang Village

Chapter 272: Tianqin Clan

Chapter 273: Tianqin Clan Two

Chapter 274: Friends Through Fighting

Chapter 275: Late Night Ambush

Chapter 276: Treasure Pavilion

Chapter 277: Strange Five Colored Stone

Chapter 278: Lord Tian Jue

Chapter 279: The Trouble Brought by the Five Colored Stone

Chapter 280: A Threa

Chapter 281: Legend of the Saint of the Zither, the Heavenly Enchantress

Chapter 282: Attacking an Earth Saint Master

Chapter 283: Increase in Strength

Chapter 284: The Return

Chapter 285: The Departure

Chapter 286: Grand Elder

Chapter 287: Space Gate

Chapter 288: Arriving at Mercenary City

Chapter 289: The Summoning of Ming Dong

Chapter 290: True Sword Qi

Chapter 291: Approaching the Destination

Chapter 292: Midair Shrine

Chapter 293: Ming Dongs Life Experience

Chapter 294: Godkiller Ants

Chapter 295: Collecting Tokens

Chapter 296: Ballistas

Chapter 297: Great Figh

Chapter 298: The Yellow Clothed Girl

Chapter 299: Ruler Armamen

Chapter 300: Seal of Treasure Mountain

Chapter 301: The Terrifying Seal of Treasure Mountain

Chapter 302: Legend of the Ruler Armamen

Chapter 303: Uniting

Chapter 304: Meeting Qin Xiao

Chapter 305: Seeing the Ruler Armament Once More

Chapter 306: Get Ou

Chapter 307: Being Bold

Chapter 308: Yun Zheng’s Shock

Chapter 309: Immortal’s Cave

Chapter 310: Gathering of the Five Experts One

Chapter 311: Gathering of the Five Experts Two

Chapter 312: Gathering of the Five Experts Three

Chapter 313: Joining Hands

Chapter 314: Division of People

Chapter 315: Entering the Immortal’s Cave One

Chapter 316: Entering the Immortal’s Cave Two

Chapter 317: Fighting Over a Heaven Tier Battle Skill

Chapter 318: Killing Three Experts

Chapter 319: Return of Ming Dong

Chapter 320: Blood Oath

Chapter 321: Intact Heaven Tier Battle Skill One

Chapter 322: Intact Heaven Tier Battle Skill Two

Chapter 323: Skeleton of the Saint Ruler One

Chapter 324: Collapse of the Immortal’s Cave

Chapter 325: Huang Luan

Chapter 326: Hidden Energy Within the Saint Ruler’s Skeleton

Chapter 327: End of the Survival Competition

Chapter 328: Threat One

Chapter 329: Threat Two

Chapter 330: Threat Three

Chapter 331: The Ten Best Practitioners

Chapter 332: The Ten Best Practitioners Two

Chapter 333: The Ten Great Practitioners Three

Chapter 334: The Ten Great Practitioners Four

Chapter 335: The Ten Great Practitioners Five

Chapter 336: Two Moves

Chapter 337: The Finals

Chapter 338: Zhar’s Condition

Chapter 339: The Soul Sword Once More

Chapter 340: The Holy Land

Chapter 341: Into the Armory

Chapter 342: The Departure of Ming Dong

Chapter 343: The Matchless Heavenly Enchantress

Chapter 344: Entering the Holy Land

Chapter 345: Cultivation in the Holy Land

Chapter 346: Saint Tier Battle Skill

Chapter 347: Leaving the Holy Land

Chapter 348: Being Watched

Chapter 349: A Conversation

Chapter 350: Departing with Ease

Chapter 351: Hero Saving the Girl One

Chapter 352: Hero Saving the Girl Two

Chapter 353: The Lanming Clan of Thacia City

Chapter 354: Class 6 Magical Beas

Chapter 355: The Strong White Tiger

Chapter 356: Class 7 Magical Beas

Chapter 357: Winged Tiger God

Chapter 358: Saving the White Tiger

Chapter 359: Leaked Identity

Chapter 360: Fighting a Heaven Saint Master

Chapter 361: Fierce Battle

Chapter 362: Inflicting Serious Damage to the Heaven Saint Master

Chapter 363: Inescapable Net One

Chapter 364: Inescapable Net Two

Chapter 365: Inescapable Net Three

Chapter 366: Inescapable Net Four

Chapter 367: Whereabouts Revealed

Chapter 368: No Way Ou

Chapter 369: A Fusion of the Azure and Violet Sword Qi

Chapter 370: Eternal Damnation

Chapter 371: Escape from Calamity

Chapter 372: A Tragic Sigh

Chapter 373: Soul Aberration

Chapter 374: A New Power

Chapter 375: Recovery of Jian Chen

Chapter 376: Control Over All Living Things

Chapter 377: Executing a Class 6 Magical Beas

Chapter 378: Celestial Decay

Chapter 379: Flying Through the Air

Chapter 380: Leaving Longevity Valley

Chapter 381: The Disappearance of the Little White Tiger

Chapter 382: Summoning of the Ape King

Chapter 383: Hundred Grass Wine

Chapter 384: Leaving the Cave of the Ape King

Chapter 385: Pressure

Chapter 386: Recovery of the Sword Spirits

Chapter 387: Chaotic Force

Chapter 388: A Strong Body

Chapter 389: The Road Home

Chapter 390: Qinhuang Kingdom

Chapter 391: Provocation

Chapter 392: Using Chopsticks as Weapons

Chapter 393: Birthday Presen

Chapter 394: Attacks that Influence even the Nobility

Chapter 395: Midair Showdown

Chapter 396: Imperial Protector

Chapter 397: Status

Chapter 398: A Gorgeous Exi

Chapter 399: Return of a King

Chapter 400: Seething Anger

Chapter 401: Advent of the Furious

Chapter 402: Chang Wuji

Chapter 403: One Against Five

Chapter 404: Punish the Heavens, Destroy the Stronghold

Chapter 405: Strong Assisting Army One

Chapter 406: Strong Assisting Army Two

Chapter 407: Strong Assisting Army Three

Chapter 408: Valiantly Storming the Stronghold One

Chapter 409: Valiantly Storming the Stronghold Two

Chapter 410: Underground Labyrinth

Chapter 411: Seize The King

Chapter 412: Pillaging the Treasury

Chapter 413: The Return

Chapter 414: Hurry to the Wes

Chapter 415: The Midnight Battle

Chapter 416: Killing Five Heaven Saint Masters One After Another

Chapter 417: Leaving for the Eas

Chapter 418: Sneak Attack

Chapter 419: Interference of the Qiangan Kingdom

Chapter 420: Disturbance in the Inn One

Chapter 421: Disturbance in the Inn Two

Chapter 422: Havoc in the Imperial Palace

Chapter 423: Cave of the Saint Ruler

Chapter 424: Kendall?

Chapter 425: Saving a Life

Chapter 426: The Killing Intent Skyrockets

Chapter 427: Killing the Yangji Sec

Chapter 428: Battle at the Peak

Chapter 429: Contest With a Heaven Tier Battle Skill

Chapter 430: Guardian Clan

Chapter 431: Returning to the Eas

Chapter 432: The Traveler Returning Home One

Chapter 433: Traveler Returning Home Two

Chapter 434: Traveler Returning Home Three

Chapter 435: The Clan Leader Has Returned

Chapter 436: The Feeling of Returning Home

Chapter 437: Family Dispute

Chapter 438: Class 6 Radiant Saint Master

Chapter 439: The Hua Yun Sect at the Gates

Chapter 440: The Strength of the Changyang Clan

Chapter 441: The Return of Chang Bai

Chapter 442: Power

Chapter 443: Reveal of Strength

Chapter 444: Killing the Hua Yun Sect One

Chapter 445: Killing the Hua Yun Sect Two

Chapter 446: Killing the Hua Yun Sect Three

Chapter 447: Two Choices

Chapter 448: Battle at Mount Tianhua One

Chapter 449: Battle at Mount Tianhua Two

Chapter 450: Startling the Imperial Family

Chapter 451: Black Armors

Chapter 452: Revealing His Identity

Chapter 453: Child of the Bi Clan

Chapter 454: The Grand Princess

Chapter 455: Rescinding the Engagement?

Chapter 456: Threat of the Second Prince

Chapter 457: Ming Dong Pays a Visi

Chapter 458: Midnight Assassination

Chapter 459: One After Another

Chapter 460: You and What Army?

Chapter 461: A Name That Spreads Everywhere

Chapter 462: Illusion Array One

Chapter 463: Illusion Array Two

Chapter 464: Illusion Array Three

Chapter 465: Illusion Array Four

Chapter 466: Remnants of the Saint Ruler

Chapter 467: Meeting Elders Feng and Yun Once More

Chapter 468: Retreat of the Huang Family

Chapter 469: Retaliation From the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom

Chapter 470: Calamity at the Palace

Chapter 471: The King Has Been Captured

Chapter 472: Kicking an Iron Panel

Chapter 473: Calamity at the Changyang Clan

Chapter 474: A Sorry Escape

Chapter 475: The Return of a King

Chapter 476: A Day of Healing

Chapter 477: Plans for Revenge

Chapter 478: Returning to Walaurent City

Chapter 479: Tianqin Clan

Chapter 480: Return to the Qinhuang Kingdom

Chapter 481: Borrowing Soldiers

Chapter 482: 500,000 Strong Army

Chapter 483: Arrival of the Army

Chapter 384: To War One

Chapter 485: To War Two

Chapter 486: To War Three

Chapter 487: To War Four

Chapter 488: Invasion of the Army One

Chapter 489: Invasion of the Army Two

Chapter 490: City Invasion One

Chapter 491: City Invasion Two

Chapter 492: Sect of Dragon and Tiger One

Chapter 493: Sect of Dragon and Tiger Two

Chapter 494: Sect of Dragon and Tiger Three

Chapter 495: Destruction of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom One

Chapter 496: Destruction of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom Two

Chapter 497: Destruction of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom Three

Chapter 498: Destruction of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom Four

Chapter 499: Seeing the White Stone Again One

Chapter 500: Seeing the White Stone Again Two

Chapter 501: Saint Tier Battle Skill

Chapter 502: Roping in Ming Dong

Chapter 503: Dismantling the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom

Chapter 504: Seven Regions

Chapter 505: An Injured Qin Wutian

Chapter 506: Leaving For the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

Chapter 507: Might of a Saint Ruler One

Chapter 508: Might of a Saint Ruler Two

Chapter 509: Might of a Saint Ruler Three

Chapter 510: Heavy Damages

Chapter 511: Saint Ruler of the Qinhuang Kingdom

Chapter 512: The Personal Arrival of a Saint Ruler

Chapter 513: Invitation of the Saint Ruler

Chapter 514: Negotiations

Chapter 515: A Visit From Elders Feng and Yun

Chapter 516: Ancestor of the Huang Family

Chapter 517: Plight of the Huang Family

Chapter 518: The True Strength of a Saint Ruler

Chapter 519: The Feelings of Huang’er

Chapter 520: Determination

Chapter 521: 5000 Year Old Saint Ruler

Chapter 522: Advent of Uncle Tian

Chapter 523: Revisiting the Huang Family

Chapter 524: Grand Elder of Mercenary City

Chapter 525: The Young Lady Offering a Kiss

Chapter 526: Deep Feelings

Chapter 527: Murky Skies

Chapter 528: The Huanggu Clan

Chapter 529: Return to Kargath Academy

Chapter 530: Seeing Tie Ta Again One

Chapter 531: Seeing Tie Ta Again Two

Chapter 532: Seeing Tie Ta Again Three

Chapter 533: Seeing Tie Ta Again Four

Chapter 534: Golden Blood One

Chapter 535: Golden Blood Two

Chapter 536: Golden Blood Three

Chapter 537: Xiao Family

Chapter 538: Leaving for the Xiao Family

Chapter 539: Tie Ta Enters the Party

Chapter 540: Leaving for the Blue Wind Kingdom

Chapter 541: Reentering Wake City

Chapter 542: Crisis of the Flame Mercenaries

Chapter 543: Return of the Captain

Chapter 544: Punishmen

Chapter 545: The Direction of Developmen

Chapter 546: Increase of Strength

Chapter 547: Imparting a Battle Skill

Chapter 548: To the Ruler of the City

Chapter 549: Culprit of Stealing Away the Cub One

Chapter 550: Culprit of Stealing the Young Cub Two

Chapter 551: Citywide Commotion

Chapter 552: Men From Tianlong City

Chapter 553: Meeting An Acquaintance Once More

Chapter 554: Exi

Chapter 555: Revealing the Strength of the White Tiger Cub

Chapter 556: Arriving at Fengyang City

Chapter 557: Conflic

Chapter 558: Draconix Wood

Chapter 559: Prosperous Auction One

Chapter 560: Prosperous Auction Two

Chapter 561: Prosperous Auction Three

Chapter 562: Prosperous Auction Four

Chapter 563: Prosperous Auction Five

Chapter 564: Winner of the Second Class 5 Monster Core

Chapter 565: Mistaken Identity

Chapter 566: A Full Display of Might One

Chapter 567: A Full Display of Might Two

Chapter 568: A Full Display of Might Three

Chapter 569: The End of Vengeance

Chapter 570: The Change in the Yun Family

Chapter 571: The Battle Skill Heirloom of the Bi Family

Chapter 572: The Identity of Bi Lian One

Chapter 573: The Identity of Bi Lian Two

Chapter 574: The Identity of Bi Lian Three

Chapter 575: A New Family Member

Chapter 576: Carrying the Coffin Into the City

Chapter 577: An Impressive Burial One

Chapter 578: An Impressive Burial Two

Chapter 579: Carnage Mercenaries

Chapter 580: Subjugation One

Chapter 581: Subjugation Two

Chapter 582: A Surge In Power

Chapter 583: The Movement of Six Major Clans

Chapter 584: Fealty From the Six Major Clans One

Chapter 585: Fealty From Six Major Clans Two

Chapter 586: Alarming the King

Chapter 587: The Advent of a Powerful Enemy

Chapter 588: A Battle That Entrances the Entire City

Chapter 589: Unrestrained Expansion

Chapter 590: A Friend has Come

Chapter 591: Battle of Two Women

Chapter 592: Ancestor of the Huanggu Clan

Chapter 593: A Vein of Tungsten Alloy

Chapter 594: Hurrying Off to the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom

Chapter 595: Return to Mercenary City One

Chapter 596: Return to Mercenary City Two

Chapter 597: Return to Mercenary City

Chapter 598: Return to Mercenary City Four

Chapter 599: Spirit of the Barrier One

Chapter 600: Spirit of the Barrier Two

Chapter 601: Ten Thousand Year Old Heavenly Resource

Chapter 602: Fantasy Star Ocean

Chapter 603: Followed

Chapter 604: The Battle Outside the City

Chapter 605: Enduring Four Heaven Tier Battle Skills

Chapter 606: Imprint of Death One

Chapter 607: Imprint of Death Two

Chapter 608: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers One

Chapter 609: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers Two

Chapter 610: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers Three

Chapter 611: Death of the Saint Ruler of the Shi Family One

Chapter 612: Death of the Saint Ruler of the Shi Family Two

Chapter 613: Death of a Saint Ruler Three

Chapter 614: Death of a Saint Ruler of the Shi Family Four

Chapter 615: Return to the Floating Shrine

Chapter 616: Minor Achievement with the Chaotic Body One

Chapter 617: Minor Achievement with the Chaotic Body Two

Chapter 618: Minor Achievement with the Chaotic Body Three

Chapter 619: Leaving for Longevity Valley

Chapter 620: Meeting the Heiyun Clan Again

Chapter 621: Wang Yufeng

Chapter 622: The Formidable Chaotic Force

Chapter 623: Destruction of the Heiyun Clan

Chapter 624: Challenging the Jiede Clan

Chapter 625: Showdown with a Saint Ruler One

Chapter 626: Showdown with a Saint Ruler Two

Chapter 627: Showdown with a Saint Ruler Three

Chapter 628: Subjugation One

Chapter 629: Subjugation Two

Chapter 630: The Transformation of Little Fatty One

Chapter 631: The Transformation of Little Fatty Two

Chapter 632: The Transformation of Little Fatty Three

Chapter 633: Is That Really You?

Chapter 634: Meeting Another Golden-Striped Silver Snake

Chapter 635: The Great Nubis

Chapter 636: The Penultimate Compromise

Chapter 637: Epiphany

Chapter 638: The Return

Chapter 639: The Leaking of the Tungsten Alloy Deposi

Chapter 640: Dealing with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

Chapter 641: Fighting With the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger One

Chapter 642: Fighting With the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger Two

Chapter 643: Escaping After Being Beaten

Chapter 644: Gathering Helpers

Chapter 645: Manufacturing Radiant Spirit Pills

Chapter 646: Class 3 Spirit Pills

Chapter 647: The Theory Behind Pillmaking

Chapter 648: A Powerful Enemy

Chapter 649: Gathering Experts From Every Direction One

Chapter 650: Gathering Experts From Every Direction Two

Chapter 651: Gathering Experts From Every Direction Three

Chapter 652: Tianmu Clan

Chapter 653: Tian Jian Has Arrived

Chapter 654: Precursor to Arrival

Chapter 655: Tian Jian's Strength

Chapter 656: Victory

Chapter 657: Bi Hai

Chapter 658: Origin Energy of the Metal Spiri

Chapter 659: Patriarch of the Bi Clan One

Chapter 660: Patriarch of the Bi Clan Two

Chapter 661: Patriarch of the Bi Clan Three

Chapter 662: Visiting the Sect of Dragon and Tiger

Chapter 663: Fall of a Saint Ruler One

Chapter 664: Fall of a Saint Ruler Two

Chapter 665: Fall of a Saint Ruler Three

Chapter 666: Fall of a Saint Ruler Four

Chapter 667: A Mystery of the Pas

Chapter 668: Patriarch of the Bi Clan

Chapter 669: Return of the Ancestor One

Chapter 670: Return of the Ancestor Two

Chapter 671: Secrets of the White Beast Fur

Chapter 672: Seeing Brother Changyang Hu

Chapter 673: Breakthrough Into the Saint Ruler Realm One

Chapter 674: Breakthrough Into the Saint Ruler Realm

Chapter 675: Breakthrough Into the Saint Ruler Realm Three

Chapter 676: Rainbow Clouds

Chapter 677: Celebrating with the Kingdom

Chapter 678: Healing Attemp

Chapter 679: Secrets of Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters

Chapter 680: Upfront Apology

Chapter 681: The Qinhuang Kingdom in Shock

Chapter 682: Wiping Out the Hongfu Clan One

Chapter 683: Wiping Out the Hongfu Clan Two

Chapter 684: Wiping Out the Hongfu Clan Three

Chapter 685: The Yan Family Patriarch

Chapter 686: Chasing to Kill

Chapter 687: Punch

Chapter 688: Acquiring the Ruler Armamen

Chapter 689: The Dragon Slaying Sword

Chapter 690: King of the Sword

Chapter 691: Arrival of a Gilligan Clan King

Chapter 692: Calamity

Chapter 693: The Juncture of Danger

Chapter 694: Houston

Chapter 695: Conversation

Chapter 696: Warning

Chapter 697: Arrival of Qin Wujian

Chapter 698: Troubles of the Tianqin Clan One

Chapter 699: Troubles of the Tianqin Clan Two

Chapter 700: The Flood Dragon Bandits

Chapter 701: Going to Coiled Dragon Mountain

Chapter 702: Protectors of Heaven and Earth

Chapter 703: The Bandit Boss

Chapter 704: Primordial Godsilk One

Chapter 705: Primordial Godsilk Two

Chapter 706: Primordial Godsilk Three

Chapter 707: Destruction of the Flood Dragon Bandits

Chapter 708: Hurrying to Qinhuang Kingdom

Chapter 709: Changes of the Holy Empire One

Chapter 710: Changes of the Holy Empire Two

Chapter 711: Family Transformation One

Chapter 712: Family Transformation Two

Chapter 713: Family Transformation Three

Chapter 714: Loss of Parents One

Chapter 715: Loss of Parents Two

Chapter 716: Loss of Parents Three

Chapter 717: Four Protectors of the Bloodsword Sec

Chapter 718: The Welling of Sorrow

Chapter 719: Sorrow

Chapter 720: Determination

Chapter 721: The Bloodsword Sect’s History

Chapter 722: The Mysterious Group in the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts

Chapter 723: Heading to the Holy Empire

Chapter 724: Surprise Visit from Uncle Xiu

Chapter 725: The City of God

Chapter 726: Radiant Saint Master Badges

Chapter 727: Lin Bai

Chapter 728: Shock

Chapter 729: Blue Badge One

Chapter 730: Blue Badge Two

Chapter 731: Blue Badge Three

Chapter 732: Taking a Master without much Choice

Chapter 733: Radiant Artes One

Chapter 734: Radiant Artes Two

Chapter 735: Radiant Artes Three

Chapter 736: Comprehending the Artes One

Chapter 737: Comprehending the Artes Two

Chapter 738: Supreme Radiant Arte — God’s Descen

Chapter 739: Extravagant Invitations from Everywhere

Chapter 740: Fragrance River

Chapter 741: Killing Intent on the Ferry One

Chapter 742: Killing Intent on the Ferry Two

Chapter 743: Killing Intent on the Ferry Three

Chapter 744: The Strength of God’s Descen

Chapter 745: Arrival of the Presiden

Chapter 746: Outstanding Prodigy

Chapter 747: The Grand Elder

Chapter 748: Coming out of Seclusion

Chapter 749: The Zaar Family’s Invitation

Chapter 750: The Zaar Family

Chapter 751: The Grand Elder of the Zaar Family

Chapter 752: Assassination on the Open Streets

Chapter 753: Both Assassination Organisations have come

Chapter 754: Saint Ruler Assassins

Chapter 755: A Sly Senior Brother One

Chapter 756: A Sly Senior Brother Two

Chapter 757: The Space of the Saint Artifac

Chapter 758: Forming Alliances

Chapter 759: Spirit of the Saint Artifact One

Chapter 760: Spirit of the Saint Artifact Two

Chapter 761: The Submission of the Artifact Spiri

Chapter 762: Encountering a Beast Horde

Chapter 763: Crow King

Chapter 764: The Vital Energies in the Blood

Chapter 765: A Fight for a Monster Core

Chapter 766: The White Tiger’s Breakthrough One

Chapter 767: The White Tiger’s Breakthrough Two

Chapter 768: The Kara Clan

Chapter 769: Trembling of the Saint Artifac

Chapter 770: Yang Yutian’s Strength One

Chapter 771: Yang Yutian’s Strength Two

Chapter 772: Yang Yutian’s Strength Three

Chapter 773: Yang Yutian’s Strength Four

Chapter 774: A Strike from a Saint King

Chapter 775: Roar of the Beast God

Chapter 776: Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 777: Yun Tian’s Fear

Chapter 778: The Bloodsword Sect Arrives

Chapter 779: Awe of the Bloodsword Sec

Chapter 780: End of the Competition

Chapter 781: The Nitpicking Eight Clans

Chapter 782: Breaking the Ancient Vow

Chapter 783: The Beast God Continent Invades One

Chapter 784: The Beast God Continent Invades Two

Chapter 785: The Beast God Continent Invades Three

Chapter 786: The Battle Ceases

Chapter 787: Identity Exposed

Chapter 788: Battling the Eight Clans One

Chapter 789: Battling the Eight Clans Two

Chapter 790: Battling the Eight Clans Three

Chapter 791: Battling the Eight Clans Four

Chapter 792: The Saint Artifact Breaks Free

Chapter 793: Escaping from the City of God

Chapter 794: The Artifact Takes a Master

Chapter 795: Eve of Departure

Chapter 796: Healing Missing Limbs

Chapter 797: Farewell

Chapter 798: Encountering Nubis Unexpectedly

Chapter 799: Tian Jian Steps in

Chapter 800: Leaving the Tian Yuan Continen

Chapter 801: Gathering at the Changyang Manor One

Chapter 802: Gathering at Changyang Manor Two

Chapter 803: Gathering at Changyang Manor Three

Chapter 804: Gathering at Changyang Manor Four

Chapter 805: Gathering at Changyang Manor Five

Chapter 806: The Arctic Ice God Hall

Chapter 807: Holy Maiden of the Ice God Hall

Chapter 808: Peace

Chapter 809: Three Saint Island

Chapter 810: Blocking the Mysteries of the World

Chapter 811: Mistress of Three Saint Island

Chapter 812: Patriarch of the Changyang Clan

Chapter 813: Method to Suppress the Seal

Chapter 814: Entering the Fantasy Star Ocean

Chapter 815: Illusions in the Mis

Chapter 816: Class 7 Magical Beas

Chapter 817: Living Corpses

Chapter 718: Saint Ruler Killing Formation

Chapter 819: Fierce Battle with Living Corpses One

Chapter 820: Fierce Battle with Living Corpses Two

Chapter 821: Saint King Living Corpse

Chapter 822: The Forbidden Air Ten Meters Above

Chapter 823: Refining Monster Cores

Chapter 824: Searching for Heavenly Resources

Chapter 825: Blood of the War God

Chapter 826: Absolute Killing Formation—Ten Thousand Dragons

Chapter 827: A Hazy Relationship

Chapter 828: Dragon Souls

Chapter 829: Sorrow of the Golden Divine Dragon

Chapter 830: The Crow King’s Rage

Chapter 831: The Artifact’s Monster Cores

Chapter 832: Secluded Cultivation

Chapter 833: The Tian Yuan Continent’s Situation

Chapter 834: Infusing Origin Energy

Chapter 835: Reaching Class 7

Chapter 836: Hei Yu Breaks Through

Chapter 837: Class 9 Dragon Souls

Chapter 838: Assistance from Rui Jin

Chapter 839: Obtaining the Dragon’s Saliva

Chapter 840: Lunastron Pi

Chapter 841: Stardus

Chapter 842: Traversing through Outer Space

Chapter 843: Yinyang Qi

Chapter 844: The Balancing of Yin and Yang

Chapter 845: A Great Increase in Strength

Chapter 846: The Strongest Human

Chapter 847: World of Forsaken Saints

Chapter 848: Method for Dual Cultivation

Chapter 849: Second Layer of the Chaotic Body

Chapter 850: Returning to Three Saint Island

Chapter 851: Battling Bi Jian

Chapter 852: Saint Tier Battle Skill

Chapter 853: Departure

Chapter 854: Arrival of the Union

Chapter 855: Whereabouts Exposed

Chapter 856: God Descends Again

Chapter 857: Heavily Injuring Two Saint Kings

Chapter 858: Goddess of the Sea Race

Chapter 859: World of the Sea

Chapter 860: Fragment of the Octoterra Map

Chapter 861: The Mysterious Woman

Chapter 862: Ten Million Grand Quality Crystal Coins

Chapter 863: The Power of a Punch

Chapter 864: The Menghuang Tribe

Chapter 865: The Auction Begins

Chapter 866: Fight for the Divine Water of the World

Chapter 867: Xie Wang

Chapter 868: The Incoming Storm

Chapter 869: Meeting Kai Ya Again

Chapter 870: Repaying a Debt of Gratitude

Chapter 871: Battle for the Map Fragment One

Chapter 872: Battle for the Map Fragment Two

Chapter 873: Battle for the Map Fragment Three

Chapter 874: Battle for the Map Fragment Four

Chapter 875: The Final Owner

Chapter 876: Emissary of the Serpent God Hall One

Chapter 877: Emissary of the Serpent God Hall Two

Chapter 878: Two Against Eigh

Chapter 879: Daylight Robbery

Chapter 880: A Mysterious Key

Chapter 881: Xie Wang’s Submission

Chapter 882: Attack of Experts

Chapter 883: Fighting Saint Kings

Chapter 884: Fleeing from the Serpent God Hall

Chapter 885: Abyssal Crystal

Chapter 886: Invitation of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall

Chapter 887: Ruler’s Qi

Chapter 888: God’s Descent Slays Saint Kings

Chapter 889: Movements of the Three Halls

Chapter 890: A Chaotic Battle One

Chapter 891: A Chaotic Battle Two

Chapter 892: The Saint Artifact Exposed

Chapter 893: Hall Elder to the Rescue

Chapter 894: Sculpture of the Sea Goddess

Chapter 895: A Startling Secre

Chapter 896: A Furious Qing Yixuan

Chapter 897: Ruler of the Turtle Clan

Chapter 898: Lurking Danger

Chapter 899: Meeting Qing Yixuan Once Again

Chapter 900: King Armamen

Chapter 901: Conflic

Chapter 902: The Highest Kill Command

Chapter 903: The Grand Elder’s Death

Chapter 904: Returning to the Turtle Clan

Chapter 905: The Taihong Clan

Chapter 906: Five Year’s Agreemen

Chapter 907: Return of the Changyang Clan Ancestor

Chapter 908: Bi Jian’s Calculations

Chapter 909: Qin Qin takes a Master

Chapter 910: Violent Movements of the Emperor Armamen

Chapter 911: The Beast God Continent Gathers Near the Sea Realm

Chapter 912: The Sea Goddess Appears

Chapter 913: Opening of the Octoterra Divine Hall

Chapter 914: Attack of a Beast Horde

Chapter 915: Fight for a Class 8 Monster Core

Chapter 916: Leaving the Maze

Chapter 917: Octoterra Emperor’s Schemes

Chapter 918: A Barrier’s Obstruction One

Chapter 919: A Barrier’s Obstruction Two

Chapter 920: Hanging by a Thread

Chapter 921: A Piece of Divine Quality Crystal

Chapter 922: Treasury

Chapter 923: The Blood Demon Emperor

Chapter 924: Emperor Armamen

Chapter 925: A Chaotic Battle

Chapter 926: The Seal Undone

Chapter 927: Battle for the Emperor Armamen

Chapter 928: Eighth Floor of the Hall

Chapter 929: Baleful Yin Force

Chapter 930: Assassins of the Serpent God Hall

Chapter 931: The Octoterra Emperor One

Chapter 932: The Octoterra Emperor Two

Chapter 933: A Battle of Souls

Chapter 934: Founder of the Bloodsword Sec

Chapter 935: The Empyrean Demon Monarch

Chapter 936: Trapped in the Divine Hall

Chapter 937: Battle of Flame City One

Chapter 938: Battle of Flame City Two

Chapter 939: Battle of Flame City Three

Chapter 940: Battle of Flame City Four

Chapter 941: Tie Ta’s Strength

Chapter 942: Protector Shui Sighs

Chapter 943: Tie Ta’s Sainthood

Chapter 944: Gathering of the Powerful

Chapter 945: Third Layer of the Chaotic Body One

Chapter 946: Third Layer of the Chaotic Body Two

Chapter 947: Controlling the Emperor Armamen

Chapter 948: Fighting the Divine Hall

Chapter 949: Thysnich’s Death

Chapter 950: Owner of the Divine Hall

Chapter 951: Five Years

Chapter 952: Submission of the Taihong Clan

Chapter 953: Trial of the Two Elders

Chapter 954: Visiting the Serpent God Hall One

Chapter 955: Visiting the Serpent God Hall Two

Chapter 956: Visiting the Serpent God Hall Three

Chapter 957: Visiting the Serpent God Hall Four

Chapter 958: Taking Revenge

Chapter 959: Serpent God’s Fury

Chapter 960: Proceeding to the Heaven’s Spirit Hall

Chapter 961: Three Underlings

Chapter 962: The White Tiger’s Breakthrough

Chapter 963: Dealing with Zhou Yunzi and Zhou Tianzi

Chapter 964: Leaving the Sea Realm

Chapter 965: Return to Three Saint Island

Chapter 966: Fury

Chapter 967: Monstrous Killing Inten

Chapter 968: Returning to Qinhuang Kingdom

Chapter 969: Fighting the Extinguishing Alliance

Chapter 970: Battling Bi Yifei

Chapter 971: Resisting the Protector Clans One

Chapter 972: Resisting the Protector Clans Two

Chapter 973: Resisting the Protector Clans Three

Chapter 974: Resisting the Protector Clans Four

Chapter 975: Resisting the Protector Clans Five

Chapter 976: Jian Chen’s Treatmen

Chapter 977: The Path Lord of Carnal Desires Appears

Chapter 978: Fighting a Saint Emperor

Chapter 979: Gathering of the Three Saint Emperors

Chapter 980: Clash of the Powerful

Chapter 981: Resolution

Chapter 982: Retaking Flame City

Chapter 983: Returning to the Changyang Clan

Chapter 984: Tip of the Iceberg

Chapter 985: Yi Yangzi’s Ambush

Chapter 986: Rui Jin’s Assistance

Chapter 987: Seeing Xiao Ling Again

Chapter 988: Tie Ta’s Identity

Chapter 989: The Three Soul-controlling Techniques

Chapter 990: Reviving the Dead

Chapter 991: Parents’ Revival

Chapter 992: Whereabouts of Seven Beast Furs

Chapter 993: You Yue’s Feelings

Chapter 994: Rum Guinness

Chapter 995: Imminent Danger

Chapter 996: Hanging by a Thread

Chapter 997: Recovery

Chapter 998: Calling on a Helper

Chapter 999: Returning Mightily

Chapter 1000: Revelation

Chapter 1001: Eliminating the Tiger King One

Chapter 1002: Eliminating the Tiger King Two

Chapter 1003: Eliminating the Tiger King Three

Chapter 1004: Gathering of Three Saint Emperors

Chapter 1005: Hong Lian

Chapter 1006: Legacy Treasures

Chapter 1007: Death Hunt One

Chapter 1008: Death Hunt Two

Chapter 1009: Death Hunt Three

Chapter 1010: Houston’s Baleful Yin Force

Chapter 1011: Rui Jin Arrives

Chapter 1012: Hong Lian Injured

Chapter 1013: Strength that Surpasses Saint Emperor One

Chapter 1014: Strength that Surpasses Saint Emperor Two

Chapter 1015: The Seal Loosens

Chapter 1016: A Shocking Exper

Chapter 1017: Deep Underground

Chapter 1018: The Three Levels of the Origin Realm

Chapter 1019: Jian Chen’s Desire

Chapter 1020: The Empyrean Demon Orbs Takes a Master

Chapter 1021: Tracks of the Murderers

Chapter 1022: Luo Duo

Chapter 1023: The Sect Master Arrives

Chapter 1024: The New Sect Master’s Strength

Chapter 1025: Fighting the Imperial Protectors of the Felicity Empire

Chapter 1026: The Great Divination Technique

Chapter 1027: A Book of a Way

Chapter 1028: The Ancestral Emperor

Chapter 1029: Another Visit to the City of God

Chapter 1030: Zaar Caiyun

Chapter 1031: Fighting Zaar Caiyun One

Chapter 1032: Fighting Zaar Caiyun Two

Chapter 1033: Fighting Zaar Caiyun Three

Chapter 1034: The Heavenly Enchantress? Mu’er?

Chapter 1035: Zaar Caiyun’s Feelings

Chapter 1036: Meeting Yang Ling Again One

Chapter 1037: Meeting Yang Ling Again Two

Chapter 1038: Kara Liwei

Chapter 1039: The Divine Hall Hidden at the Bottom of the River

Chapter 1040: The Bright Moon Divine Hall

Chapter 1041: Saint King Killing Formation One

Chapter 1042: Saint King Killing Formation Two

Chapter 1043: Saint King Killing Formation Three

Chapter 1044: Saint King Killing Formation Four

Chapter 1045: Saint King Killing Formation Five

Chapter 1046: Fight for the Divine Hall One

Chapter 1047: Fight for the Divine Hall Two

Chapter 1048: Fight for the Divine Hall Three

Chapter 1049: Fight for the Divine Hall Four

Chapter 1050: Fairy Hao Yue’s Sudden Appearance One

Chapter 1051: Fairy Hao Yue’s Sudden Appearance Two

Chapter 1052: You Yue Takes a Master

Chapter 1053: New Master of the Divine Hall One

Chapter 1054: New Master of the Divine Hall Two

Chapter 1055: New Master of the Divine Hall Three

Chapter 1056: You Yue Emerges

Chapter 1057: Infan

Chapter 1058: Xiao Bao

Chapter 1059: Disturbance at Flame City

Chapter 1060: The First Captain

Chapter 1061: Exploring the Tungsten Alloy Deposit Once More

Chapter 1062: The Growing Metallic Origin Energy

Chapter 1063: The Greed of the Changyang Clan

Chapter 1064: Visiting the Huanggu Clan

Chapter 1065: Disaster at the Doorstep

Chapter 1066: Huang Tianba Saved

Chapter 1067: Huang Luan Reaches Saint Ruler

Chapter 1068: A Hidden Crisis

Chapter 1069: Huang Luan Surrenders Her Body

Chapter 1070: Entwined Fates

Chapter 1071: Going to Mercenary City

Chapter 1072: Comprehending the Mysteries of the World

Chapter 1073: Changes of Hellfire City

Chapter 1074: Bi Dao’s Revenge

Chapter 1075: The Saint King Mo Jian

Chapter 1076: Trapped in Yama Hall One

Chapter 1077: Trapped in Yama Hall Two

Chapter 1078: Breakthrough Obstructed

Chapter 1079: The Five Major Realms of the Sword

Chapter 1080: Visiting the Protector Clan

Chapter 1081: The Bell of Grand Clarity Chimes Nine Times

Chapter 1082: Making Trouble

Chapter 1083: Patience Wearing Thin

Chapter 1084: Inauguration

Chapter 1085: Treasure of the Protector Clans

Chapter 1086: Ancient Records

Chapter 1087: Comprehending the Great Divination Technique

Chapter 1088: Guihai Yidao One

Chapter 1089: Guihai Yidao Two

Chapter 1090: Devastating the Yama Hall One

Chapter 1091: Devastating the Yama Hall Two

Chapter 1092: Devastating the Yama Hall Three

Chapter 1093: Saving Bi Dao

Chapter 1094: Spectral Elder

Chapter 1095: The Former Yama

Chapter 1096: Fragments of a Saint Tier Battle Skill

Chapter 1097: Visiting Dragon Island Once More One

Chapter 1098: Visiting Dragon Island Once More Two

Chapter 1099: Legacy of the War God

Chapter 1100: Shock of the Hundred Races

Chapter 1101: Invasion of the Hundred Races One

Chapter 1102: Invasion of the Hundred Races Two

Chapter 1103: Invasion of the Hundred Races Three

Chapter 1104: Power of an Emperor Armamen

Chapter 1105: Founding Ancestor of the Tyrant’s Blade School

Chapter 1106: Scaring Off the Hundred Races

Chapter 1107: Attacking Mercenary City

Chapter 1108: Jian Chen’s Worries

Chapter 1109: The Saints’ Frui

Chapter 1110: Return to the Turtle Clan

Chapter 1111: The Divine Realm

Chapter 1112: The Blue Sky Adventurers

Chapter 1113: King Ju Ba

Chapter 1114: Entering the Divine Realm

Chapter 1115: Terrifying Rain

Chapter 1116: Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon

Chapter 1117: Passing Through the Mountains

Chapter 1118: Strongest on the Mountain Peak

Chapter 1119: Slaying the Violet Serpent Dragon

Chapter 1120: Killers of the Divine Realm—Soaring Ants

Chapter 1121: A Divine Beas

Chapter 1122: One Stalking Another

Chapter 1123: Brains Over Brawn

Chapter 1124: Who Dares Challenge Me? One

Chapter 1125: Who Dares Challenge Me? Two

Chapter 1126: Who Dares Challenge Me? Three

Chapter 1127: Who Dares Challenge Me? Four

Chapter 1128: Who Dares Challenge Me? Five

Chapter 1129: Information on the Spirit Sea

Chapter 1130: A Mystical Space

Chapter 1131: The Nirvanic Immortal Exal

Chapter 1132: The Third Layer of Formations

Chapter 1133: Several Hundred Liters of Divine Water

Chapter 1134: The Hidden Power of the Flame Mercenaries

Chapter 1135: Xie Wang’s Departure

Chapter 1136: A Gif

Chapter 1137: The Death Nes

Chapter 1138: Xiao Bao

Chapter 1139: Vengeful Spirits of the Death Nest One

Chapter 1140: Vengeful Spirits of the Death Nest Two

Chapter 1141: Saint Emperor

Chapter 1142: Hei Yu Fights Gustys

Chapter 1143: An Unexpected Gain

Chapter 1144: The Saints’ Fruit Appears

Chapter 1145: A Bitter Battle

Chapter 1146: In Danger

Chapter 1147: Hiding into a Miniature World One

Chapter 1148: Hiding into a Miniature World Two

Chapter 1149: The Saints’ Fruit Ripens

Chapter 1150: Tribulation of the Saints’ Frui

Chapter 1151: A Struggle Between the Strong One

Chapter 1152: A Struggle Between the Strong Two

Chapter 1153: A Struggle Between the Strong Three

Chapter 1154: A Struggle Between the Strong Four

Chapter 1155: A Struggle Between the Strong Five

Chapter 1156: Aurous Sand

Chapter 1157: A Powerful Existence One

Chapter 1158: A Powerful Existence Two

Chapter 1159: A Powerful Existence Three

Chapter 1160: The Blood-red Skeleton

Chapter 1161: An Existence Beyond Saint Emperor

Chapter 1162: A Mysterious Expert One

Chapter 1163: A Mysteries Expert Two

Chapter 1164: The Human Saint Emperor Appears

Chapter 1165: Gathering of Four Saint Emperors

Chapter 1166: Returning to the Protector Clan One

Chapter 1167: Returning to the Protector Clan Two

Chapter 1168: Returning to the Protector Clan Three

Chapter 1169: Amidst Danger

Chapter 1170: Ill Motives

Chapter 1171: Internal Strife of the Changyang Clan One

Chapter 1172: Internal Strife of the Changyang Clan Two

Chapter 1173: Internal Strife of the Changyang Clan Three

Chapter 1174: The Founding God’s Fis

Chapter 1175: Descent of the Bright Moon Divine Hall

Chapter 1176: Descent on Lore City One

Chapter 1177: Descent on Lore City Two

Chapter 1178: Descent on Lore City Three

Chapter 1179: Xiao Bao the Cripple One

Chapter 1180: Xiao Bao the Cripple Two

Chapter 1181: Xiao Bao the Cripple Three

Chapter 1182: Xiao Bao the Cripple Four

Chapter 1183: Threa

Chapter 1184: Poison

Chapter 1185: Poison of Heaven’s End

Chapter 1186: An Unexpected Gues

Chapter 1187: The Special Inn of Lore City

Chapter 1188: A Gift of the Saints’ Frui

Chapter 1189: The Innate Chaotic Body One

Chapter 1190: The Innate Chaotic Body Two

Chapter 1191: Shangguan Aojian

Chapter 1192: Sealing the Changyang Clan One

Chapter 1193: Sealing the Changyang Clan Two

Chapter 1194: Sealing the Changyang Clan Three

Chapter 1195: Sealing the Changyang Clan Four

Chapter 1196: A Divine Melody from the Void

Chapter 1197: The Heaven’s Incense School One

Chapter 1198: The Heaven’s Incense School Two

Chapter 1199: The Heaven’s Incense School Three

Chapter 1200: Returning Bountifully

Chapter 1201: Distributing Monster Cores

Chapter 1202: A Path of Severance

Chapter 1203: Wolf King of Greed, Feng Yixiao

Chapter 1204: Feng Yixiao’s Enemy

Chapter 1205: Changyang Hu’s Arrival One

Chapter 1206: Changyang Hu’s Arrival Two

Chapter 1207: Changyang Hu’s Arrival Three

Chapter 1208: Jian Chen’s Worry

Chapter 1209: Exposed

Chapter 1210: Father and Son

Chapter 1211: Nubis Emerges

Chapter 1212: Visiting the Bloodsword Sec

Chapter 1213: Return of the Bloodsword Sec

Chapter 1214: The President Sighs

Chapter 1215: Wiping Out the Underworld Sect One

Chapter 1216: Wiping Out the Underworld Sect Two

Chapter 1217: Ancient Teleportation Formation

Chapter 1218: Proceeding to the Ice Goddess Hall One

Chapter 1219: Proceeding to the Ice Goddess Hall Two

Chapter 1220: Frozen Statues

Chapter 1221: Urton

Chapter 1222: Changyang Mingyue

Chapter 1223: Reuniting Mother and Daughter One

Chapter 1224: Reuniting Mother and Daughter Two

Chapter 1225: Protector Shui Moves

Chapter 1226: Trapped at the Ice Goddess Hall

Chapter 1227: The Sea Goddess’ News

Chapter 1228: Changyang Hu’s Transformation

Chapter 1229: Sudden Changes of the Turtle Clan

Chapter 1230: The Arrogant Tao Family

Chapter 1231: Envoy of the Tao Family

Chapter 1232: Mobilization

Chapter 1233: Battle Between Two Clans One

Chapter 1234: Battle Between Two Clans Two

Chapter 1235: Battle Between Two Clans Three

Chapter 1236: A Stalemate of Divine Halls

Chapter 1237: Emissary of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall

Chapter 1238: Houston Becomes a Saint Emperor

Chapter 1239: Congratulations From Everywhere

Chapter 1240: Blood-refining Formation

Chapter 1241: Blood Servant of the Death Nes

Chapter 1242: Ning Shuang

Chapter 1243: Mo Tianyun

Chapter 1244: Disaster of the Ice Goddess Hall

Chapter 1245: Hall Master of the Heaven’s Spirit Hall

Chapter 1246: Wiping Out a Saint Emperor’s Clone

Chapter 1247: Enrichment of the Soul

Chapter 1248: Arrival of the Worldly Ebb

Chapter 1249: Absorbing the Energy of the World Ebb

Chapter 1250: Peak of the Third Layer

Chapter 1251: Xuanhuang Microcosm One

Chapter 1252: Xuanhuang Microcosm Two

Chapter 1253: Spring of Life

Chapter 1254: Comprehension Tea Tree

Chapter 1255: Class 8 Xuanhuang Beas

Chapter 1256: Killing the Beast and Obtaining the Leaves

Chapter 1257: Reconstruction Gel

Chapter 1258: Recurrence of the Nine-colored Clouds

Chapter 1259: The Third Saint Emperor

Chapter 1260: Shocking Changes of Mercenary City

Chapter 1261: The Protective Barrier Disappears

Chapter 1262: Gathering at Mercenary City

Chapter 1263: Spiritking

Chapter 1264: The Seal Breaks

Chapter 1265: Countermeasures

Chapter 1266: Violet Cloud Peaches

Chapter 1267: The Sword Spirits’ World

Chapter 1268: Fifth Grade Comprehension Tea Tree

Chapter 1269: Class 9 Xuanhuang Beas

Chapter 1270: Scarlet Gold Ore One

Chapter 1271: Scarlet Gold Ore Two

Chapter 1272: Secluded Cultivation

Chapter 1273: Hao Yue’s Might One

Chapter 1274: Hao Yue’s Might Two

Chapter 1275: Hao Yue’s Might Three

Chapter 1276: The Borrowing of Emperor Armaments

Chapter 1277: The Changyang Clan Breaks Free

Chapter 1278: Friend or Foe?

Chapter 1279: The Heavenly Enchantress’ Strength One

Chapter 1280: The Heavenly Enchantress’ Strength Two

Chapter 1281: Movements of the World of Forsaken Saints

Chapter 1282: Fourth Layer of the Chaotic Body

Chapter 1283: Encountering a Class 9 Xuanhuang Beast Again

Chapter 1284: Comprehending the Way of the Sword One

Chapter 1285: Comprehending the Way of the Sword Two

Chapter 1286: Comprehending the Way of the Sword Three

Chapter 1287: Easy Kills

Chapter 1288: Class 10 Xuanhuang Beast One

Chapter 1289: Class 10 Xuanhuang Beast Two

Chapter 1290: The Final Material

Chapter 1291: Battling a Class 10 Xuanhuang Beas

Chapter 1292: A Difficult Victory

Chapter 1293: Domain

Chapter 1294: Transformation of the Primordial Godsilk

Chapter 1295: Initial Scouting

Chapter 1296: Reinforcements One

Chapter 1297: Reinforcements Two

Chapter 1298: Reinforcements Three

Chapter 1299: Reinforcements Four

Chapter 1300: Yadriam

Chapter 1301: Gathering of the Four Races

Chapter 1302: Shock

Chapter 1303: Shocking Lightning One

Chapter 1304: Shocking Lightning Two

Chapter 1305: Shocking Lightning Three

Chapter 1306: Shocking Lightning Four

Chapter 1307: The Gold-clothed Boy

Chapter 1308: Reverberating Through Flame City

Chapter 1309: A Desirable Boy

Chapter 1310: Assassination One

Chapter 1311: Assassination Two

Chapter 1312: Xiao Jin

Chapter 1313: Movements of the Tao Family

Chapter 1314: Hall Master of the Serpent God Hall

Chapter 1315: Family Conflict One

Chapter 1316: Family Conflict Two

Chapter 1317: Family Conflict Three

Chapter 1318: Family Conflict Four

Chapter 1319: Family Conflict Five

Chapter 1320: Yunkong Becomes a Saint King

Chapter 1321: Yang Lie One

Chapter 1322: Yang Lie Two

Chapter 1323: Yang Lie Three

Chapter 1324: Returning to the Sea Realm

Chapter 1325: The Tao Family’s Clamor

Chapter 1326: Return

Chapter 1327: Setting Foot in the Serpent God Hall

Chapter 1328: Fighting a Saint Emperor

Chapter 1329: Little Resistance

Chapter 1330: Facing Against the Hall Master One

Chapter 1331: Facing Against the Hall Master Two

Chapter 1332: Facing Against the Hall Master Three

Chapter 1333: The Serpent Ancestor

Chapter 1334: Yadriam Appears

Chapter 1335: Emperor of the Turtle Clan

Chapter 1336: Renowned Throughout the Sea Realm

Chapter 1337: Treasury of the Tao Family One

Chapter 1338: Treasury of the Tao Family Two

Chapter 1339: A Damaged Piece of Divine Armor

Chapter 1340: The Sea of Despair

Chapter 1341: Vicious Spirits of the Mist One

Chapter 1342: Vicious Spirits of the Mist Two

Chapter 1343: Weapon of the Sea Goddess

Chapter 1344: The Anatta Tower

Chapter 1345: The Anatta Grand Prime

Chapter 1346: Sword-forging One

Chapter 1347: Sword-forging Two

Chapter 1348: Sword-forging Three

Chapter 1349: Sword-forging Four

Chapter 1350: Sword-forging Five

Chapter 1351: Shocking Sword Qi

Chapter 1352: Fight for Treasure

Chapter 1353: Birth of the Immortal Swords

Chapter 1354: Puny Saint Emperors One

Chapter 1355: Puny Saint Emperors Two

Chapter 1356: Puny Saint Emperors Three

Chapter 1357: Taking the World by Shock

Chapter 1358: Sword-riding

Chapter 1359: Tension

Chapter 1360: Resurrection of the Sea Goddess

Chapter 1361: Movements of the Two Halls

Chapter 1362: Battling the Two Hall Masters

Chapter 1363: Ant-like Emperors One

Chapter 1364: Ant-like Emperors Two

Chapter 1365: Ant-like Emperors Three

Chapter 1366: The Disaster of the Kalor Tribe

Chapter 1367: Destruction

Chapter 1368: Revival of the Sea Goddess One

Chapter 1369: Revival of the Sea Goddess Two

Chapter 1370: Glory of the Turtle Clan One

Chapter 1371: Glory of the Turtle Clan Two

Chapter 1372: Departure

Chapter 1373: Returning to Flame City

Chapter 1374: Reunion

Chapter 1375: Everyone Becomes a Saint King One

Chapter 1376: Everyone Becomes a Saint King Two

Chapter 1377: Breakthroughs Complete

Chapter 1378: Attack One

Chapter 1379: Attack Two

Chapter 1380: Attack Three

Chapter 1381: A Battle of Two Worlds One

Chapter 1382: A Battle of Two Worlds Two

Chapter 1383: Tie Ta Becomes a Saint Emperor

Chapter 1384: Tie Ta Enters the Battle

Chapter 1385: Battle in the Tunnel

Chapter 1386: More Origin Realm Experts

Chapter 1387: Battle in Outer Space One

Chapter 1388: Battle in Outer Space Two

Chapter 1389: Battle in Outer Space Three

Chapter 1390: Heavy Losses

Chapter 1391: Tie Ta’s Departure

Chapter 1392: The Greatest City in the World One

Chapter 1393: The Greatest City in the World Two

Chapter 1394: The Greatest City in the World Three

Chapter 1395: Divine Guards of the Flame

Chapter 1396: A Sealed World One

Chapter 1397: A Sealed World Two

Chapter 1398: A Sealed World Three

Chapter 1399: Erased History

Chapter 1400: Mastermind

Chapter 1401: Another Saint Emperor

Chapter 1402: Founding Ancestor of the Pure Heart Pavilion One

Chapter 1403: Founding Ancestor of the Pure Heart Pavilion Two

Chapter 1404: Meeting Qing Xiao Again

Chapter 1405: Returning to the Qinhuang Kingdom

Chapter 1406: The Fourth Class 9 Magical Beas

Chapter 1407: Shangguan Aojian’s Transformation One

Chapter 1408: Shangguan Aojian’s Transformation Two

Chapter 1409: Shangguan Aojian’s Transformation Three

Chapter 1410: Shangguan Aojian’s Transformation Four

Chapter 1411: Nubis’ Scheme

Chapter 1412: Cloud-scattering City

Chapter 1413: The Fall of a City

Chapter 1414: Luring the Snake out of its Hole

Chapter 1415: The Old Snake Appears

Chapter 1416: You’re Actually Class 9!

Chapter 1417: Devastation

Chapter 1418: The Submission of Class 8 Magical Beasts

Chapter 1419: A Confident Nubis

Chapter 1420: The Heavenly Enchantress’ Strength

Chapter 1421: Visiting the Beast God Hall

Chapter 1422: Legacy of the Beast God One

Chapter 1423: Legacy of the Beast God Two

Chapter 1424: Legacy of the Beast God Three

Chapter 1425: Legacy of the Beast God Four

Chapter 1426: Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors

Chapter 1427: Done For

Chapter 1428: Visiting the Arctic Again

Chapter 1429: Ten-thousand-year-old Icesouls One

Chapter 1430: Ten-thousand-year Icesouls Two

Chapter 1431: Ten-thousand-year Icesouls Three

Chapter 1432: The Fifth Layer of the Chaotic Body One

Chapter 1433: The Fifth Layer of the Chaotic Body Two

Chapter 1434: The Truth Behind the Seal

Chapter 1435: Acquaintances of the Pas

Chapter 1436: Powering Up Together One

Chapter 1437: Powering Up Together Two

Chapter 1438: Severance of Emotions and Desires

Chapter 1439: Paving a Path with Hatred

Chapter 1440: A Severed Path

Chapter 1441: End of a Grand Gathering

Chapter 1442: The Heavenly Enchantress’ Father

Chapter 1443: Visiting the Hundred Races

Chapter 1444: Soul-offering Ceremony

Chapter 1445: The Elven Godtree

Chapter 1446: The Elven Godking

Chapter 1447: Experts of the Godking’s Throne

Chapter 1448: Changes to the Saint Artifac

Chapter 1449: Collecting the Beast Furs

Chapter 1450: Settling Down Magical Beasts

Chapter 1451: The Seal Breaks One

Chapter 1452: The Seal Breaks Two

Chapter 1453: Class 8 Radiant Saint Master One

Chapter 1454: Class 8 Radiant Saint Master Two

Chapter 1455: Fortuitous Encounter to Class 9

Chapter 1456: Seven Colors of the Soulcore One

Chapter 1457: Seven Colors of the Soulcore Two

Chapter 1458: Seven Colors of the Soulcore Three

Chapter 1459: Revival through Saint Weapons One

Chapter 1460: Revival through the Saint Weapons Two

Chapter 1461: Class 9 Radiant Saint Master One

Chapter 1462: Class 9 Radiant Saint Master Two

Chapter 1463: Class 9 Radiant Saint Master Three

Chapter 1464: Martial Soul Force One

Chapter 1465: Martial Soul Force Two

Chapter 1466: Sparring with Fairy Hao Yue

Chapter 1467: Changes to the Tunnel

Chapter 1468: Battle Among the Origin realm One

Chapter 1469: Battle Among the Origin realm Two

Chapter 1470: Battle in the Tunnel

Chapter 1471: Slaying a Receival Expert One

Chapter 1472: Slaying a Receival Expert Two

Chapter 1473: Saving Xiao Ling

Chapter 1474: Medium Quality Immortal Artifac

Chapter 1475: Returning to the Sea Realm

Chapter 1476: Into the Sea of Despair

Chapter 1477: Through the Mis

Chapter 1478: Into the Anatta Tower

Chapter 1479: The World Within the Tower

Chapter 1480: Spirit of the Anatta Tower

Chapter 1481: Nine Fragments of the Artifact Spiri

Chapter 1482: The Tower Spirit’s Shock

Chapter 1483: Slaying the Artifact Spirit of the Second Floor

Chapter 1484: Intelligent Sword Qi

Chapter 1485: Reciprocity Sword Qi

Chapter 1486: Through to the Eighth Floor

Chapter 1487: The Ninth Floor

Chapter 1488: Scheme

Chapter 1489: Immortal Emperor’s Essence Blood

Chapter 1490: Refining the Anatta Tower

Chapter 1491: The Anatta Grand Prime

Chapter 1492: A Grand Prime’s Legacy

Chapter 1493: The Fortune Jade Sea

Chapter 1494: Leaving the Sea of Despair

Chapter 1495: Secret of the Saint Weapons

Chapter 1496: A Young Death in Longevity Valley

Chapter 1497: A Heavy Tower

Chapter 1498: Fortune’s Selection

Chapter 1499: Fated to be with Nobody

Chapter 1500: Xiu Mi’s Funeral

Chapter 1501: A Successor Found One

Chapter 1502: A Successor Found Two

Chapter 1503: Marriage

Chapter 1504: The Huang Family

Chapter 1505: Huang Luan

Chapter 1506: Shangguan Aojian’s Change

Chapter 1507: Conversation

Chapter 1508: Thinking Things Through

Chapter 1509: Zaar Caiyun Awakens

Chapter 1510: Zhou Chuyun’s Close Call

Chapter 1511: Kai Ya’s Return

Chapter 1512: Killers of the Divine Realm

Chapter 1513: Wiping Out Five Clans Consecutively

Chapter 1514: Acquaintances from the Sea Realm

Chapter 1515: A Grand Wedding One

Chapter 1516: A Grand Wedding Two

Chapter 1517: A Grand Wedding Three

Chapter 1518: A Grand Wedding Four

Chapter 1519: Reunion with Past Acquaintances

Chapter 1520: Gifts of Immortal Peaches

Chapter 1521: Extraordinary

Chapter 1522: They’re Finally Here!

Chapter 1523: Prepared for Battle

Chapter 1524: The Might of Saint Artifacts

Chapter 1525: Xiong Zhong of the Returnance Realm

Chapter 1526: Fighting Xiong Zhong One

Chapter 1527: Fighting Xiong Zhong Two

Chapter 1528: Ouyang Yangwen

Chapter 1529: Spiritsages

Chapter 1530: Domain of the Snow Goddess

Chapter 1531: Memories of the Snow Goddess

Chapter 1532: Death of an Origin Realm Exper

Chapter 1533: Shangguan Mu’er Enters the Battle

Chapter 1534: Unkillable

Chapter 1535: Hopelessness

Chapter 1536: A Cloud of Blood

Chapter 1537: Houston Emerges

Chapter 1538: Power of the Demonic Arts

Chapter 1539: A Returnance Expert Steps In

Chapter 1540: The White Tiger Emerges

Chapter 1541: The Might of a Gaze

Chapter 1542: Ouyang Yangwen

Chapter 1543: Onslaught One

Chapter 1544: Onslaught Two

Chapter 1545: Driven to the End of the Road

Chapter 1546: How Dare You Just Scare Me!

Chapter 1547: The Divine Hall Emerges

Chapter 1548: Might of the Divine Hall

Chapter 1548: Driven Back One

Chapter 1550: Driven Back Two

Chapter 1551: Driven Back Three

Chapter 1552: Driven Back Four

Chapter 1553: Driven Back Five

Chapter 1554: Future Survival

Chapter 1555: The White Tiger’s Human Form

Chapter 1556: Mortal Energy Frui

Chapter 1557: Still Alive

Chapter 1558: Healing Kai Ya

Chapter 1559: A Shocking Sigh

Chapter 1560: Visiting Fairy Hao Yue

Chapter 1561: Where Hope Lies

Chapter 1562: The Spiritking Attacks

Chapter 1563: Protector Shui Injured

Chapter 1564: Worlds Apar

Chapter 1565: Revenge

Chapter 1566: The Final Ray of Hope

Chapter 1567: Unexpected Encounter on Dragon Island

Chapter 1568: The Evil Power

Chapter 1569: The Spiritking Enters Seclusion

Chapter 1570: Three Years in a Flash

Chapter 1571: New Patriarch of the Changyang Clan One

Chapter 1572: New Patriarch of the Changyang Clan Two

Chapter 1573: The Sixth Layer of the Chaotic Body

Chapter 1574: Congratulations from Everywhere

Chapter 1575: Brothers Mee

Chapter 1576: Young Island Master

Chapter 1577: Gamble

Chapter 1578: Shock

Chapter 1579: Gifts

Chapter 1580: Departure

Chapter 1581: Tie Ta Emerges

Chapter 1582: Secret of the Beast Furs One

Chapter 1583: Secret of the Beast Furs Two

Chapter 1584: A Terrifying Conclusion

Chapter 1585: Ouyang Yangwen Breaks Through

Chapter 1586: Major Achievement of Sword Origin

Chapter 1587: The Seventh Layer of the Chaotic Body

Chapter 1588: The Eighth Layer of the Chaotic Body One

Chapter 1589: The Eighth Layer of the Chaotic Body Two

Chapter 1590: The Brink of Destruction

Chapter 1591: Sending the Divine Hall Flying

Chapter 1592: A Mighty Return One

Chapter 1593: A Mighty Return Two

Chapter 1594: One Against Seven

Chapter 1595: Killing Their Way into the Foreign World One

Chapter 1596: Killing Their Way into the Foreign World Two

Chapter 1597: God-slaying Formation

Chapter 1598: The Spiritking Appears

Chapter 1599: A Battle At Godhood One

Chapter 1600: A Battle At Godhood Two

Chapter 1601: A Battle At Godhood Three

Chapter 1602: The Daluo Sword

Chapter 1603: A Battle to the Death

Chapter 1604: The Spiritking’s Identity

Chapter 1605: Breaking Free

Chapter 1606: Ceasefire

Chapter 1607: Evil Spiri

Chapter 1608: Impending Crisis

Chapter 1609: Working Together

Chapter 1610: The Power of Two Worlds

Chapter 1611: A Bloody Battle Against the Evil Spirit One

Chapter 1612: A Bloody Battle Against the Evil Spirit Two

Chapter 1613: A Bloody Battle Against the Evil Spirit Three

Chapter 1614: A Bloody Battle Against the Evil Spirit Four

Chapter 1615: A Bloody Battle Against the Evil Spirit Five

Chapter 1616: A Bloody Battle Against the Evil Spirit Six

Chapter 1617: A Bloody Battle Against the Evil Spirit Seven

Chapter 1618: Helplessness

Chapter 1619: Surrounding the Evil Spiri

Chapter 1620: Changes to the Sword Qi

Chapter 1621: Time Arrives at a Standstill

Chapter 1622: Indestructible One

Chapter 1623: Indestructible Two

Chapter 1624: Indestructible Three

Chapter 1625: The Power of All

Chapter 1626: The Bloodline of the Forsaken Saints

Chapter 1627: A Godking’s Assistance

Chapter 1628: Courage to Face Death

Chapter 1629: Averting the Crisis Narrowly

Chapter 1630: A Bold Attemp

Chapter 1631: Refining the Cloud

Chapter 1632: The Push for Territory One

Chapter 1633: The Push for Territory Two

Chapter 1634: The Push for Territory Three

Chapter 1635: The Push for Territory Four

Chapter 1636: The Push for Territory Five

Chapter 1637: Hopes of Reaching the Ninth Layer

Chapter 1638: The Spiritking Arrives

Chapter 1639: Ten Years

Chapter 1640: The Ninth Layer of the Chaotic Body

Chapter 1641: Hidden Problems

Chapter 1642: Changes

Chapter 1643: Brotherhood

Chapter 1644: A Terrifying Uncle

Chapter 1645: Shen Fang

Chapter 1646: Rui Jin Emerges

Chapter 1647: Prior to the Negotiations One

Chapter 1648: Prior to the Negotiations Two

Chapter 1649: Prior to the Negotiations Three

Chapter 1650: Prior to the Negotiations Four

Chapter 1651: Prior to the Negotiations Five

Chapter 1652: Gathering of the Strongest One

Chapter 1653: Gathering of the Strongest Two

Chapter 1654: Unification

Chapter 1655: A New Era One

Chapter 1656: A New Era Two

Chapter 1657: Tie Ta Bids Farewell

Chapter 1658: Doubts About Jian Chen’s Identity

Chapter 1659: Tie Ta’s Departure

Chapter 1660: Going Together

Chapter 1661: Refining the Profound Sword Qi

Chapter 1662: The Sword Qi’s Appearance Throws World in Shock One

Chapter 1663: The Sword Qi’s Appearance Throws World in Shock Two

Chapter 1664: Fully Prepared

Chapter 1665: Departure

Chapter 1666: The Saints’ World

Chapter 1667: The First Encounter with Godhood

Chapter 1668: Deity Lu Fei

Chapter 1669: A Battle Against a God

Chapter 1670: Corruption

Chapter 1671: Might of the Profound Sword Qi

Chapter 1672: Falling Unconscious

Chapter 1673: The Mo Clan

Chapter 1674: Doub

Chapter 1675: The Dong’an Province

Chapter 1676: Shen Jian Steps into Godhood

Chapter 1677: Shaking up the Mo Clan

Chapter 1678: Roping Them In

Chapter 1679: Maple Leaf City

Chapter 1680: Movements Exposed

Chapter 1681: Treasure of the Lu family One

Chapter 1682: Treasure of the Lu Family Two

Chapter 1683: Treasure of the Lu Family Three

Chapter 1684: The Source of Divine Crystals

Chapter 1685: High Grade Divine Crystals

Chapter 1686: Robbery

Chapter 1687: Collection

Chapter 1688: A Precious Mine

Chapter 1689: The Lu Family’s Response

Chapter 1690: Distributing the Divine Crystals

Chapter 1691: The Lu Family’s Meeting

Chapter 1692: Investigations

Chapter 1693: Mending the Neidan

Chapter 1694: Xi Yu Breaks Through

Chapter 1695: The Young Master of the Atomos Sword Sec

Chapter 1696: The Sea of Flowers

Chapter 1697: Sparring with Swords

Chapter 1698: I’ll Take Your Arm

Chapter 1699: Shen Jian’s Strength

Chapter 1700: The Ancestor of the Mo Clan

Chapter 1701: A Visit From a God

Chapter 1702: Information Regarding the Treasure

Chapter 1703: Origins of the Jade

Chapter 1704: Joining Forces

Chapter 1705: Mid Deity

Chapter 1706: A Gathering of Gods

Chapter 1707: Robbery 2.0

Chapter 1708: Movements of the Lu Family

Chapter 1709: Poison God Datura

Chapter 1710: Pressure

Chapter 1711: Going into Battle

Chapter 1712: Gods Step In

Chapter 1713: Shen Jian’s Strength

Chapter 1714: Jian Chen Steps In

Chapter 1715: Crushing Lu Tian

Chapter 1716: Lu Tian’s Death

Chapter 1717: Reaching an Agreemen

Chapter 1718: Urgency

Chapter 1719: The Frenzy in the Provincial City

Chapter 1720: Uproar

Chapter 1721: Ready to Enter the Dwelling

Chapter 1722: Changes to the Situation

Chapter 1723: Opening the Dwelling

Chapter 1724: Holding Them Out Alone

Chapter 1725: Poisoned

Chapter 1726: Overgods Descend

Chapter 1727: The Yubing Clan

Chapter 1728: Fairy Hao Yue’s Departure

Chapter 1729: Five Overgods

Chapter 1730: The Young Man with a Fan

Chapter 1731: Overgods Attacking the Formations

Chapter 1732: The Second Strand of Profound Sword Qi

Chapter 1733: Venturing into the Dwelling

Chapter 1734: An Overgod’s Dwelling

Chapter 1735: The Pill Room

Chapter 1736: Soul Recovery Pills

Chapter 1737: The Sword Comprehension Building

Chapter 1738: The Entrance Appears

Chapter 1739: Sword Spiri

Chapter 1740: A Tight Situation

Chapter 1741: Skeletons of Overgods

Chapter 1742: A Gathering of Overgods

Chapter 1743: Ling Hougong

Chapter 1744: Deterrence

Chapter 1745: A Foothold

Chapter 1746: The Very Depths

Chapter 1747: The Three Stone Huts

Chapter 1748: Liquid Lime

Chapter 1749: A Fierce Struggle

Chapter 1750: The Chaotic Heavens Sword Style

Chapter 1751: A Godking’s Corpse

Chapter 1752: A Foot Planted in the Primordial Realm

Chapter 1753: Opportunity

Chapter 1754: Hao Yue’s Migh

Chapter 1755: An Intense Battle

Chapter 1756: Brutality

Chapter 1757: Half a Minute

Chapter 1758: Pushed to the End

Chapter 1759: Rescue

Chapter 1760: Tong Tian

Chapter 1761: The Empyrean Demon Cult One

Chapter 1762: The Empyrean Demon Cult Two

Chapter 1763: Invitation

Chapter 1764: The Lady in Red

Chapter 1765: Hearing About the Cult Again

Chapter 1766: Taking the Mine by Force

Chapter 1767: The Tenth Layer of the Chaotic Body One

Chapter 1768: The Tenth Layer of the Chaotic Body Two

Chapter 1769: The Tenth Layer of the Chaotic Body Three

Chapter 1770: The Tenth Layer of the Chaotic Body Four

Chapter 1771: Separation

Chapter 1772: Fairy Hao Yue Recovers

Chapter 1773: Slaughtering Overgods

Chapter 1774: Jian Chen Interferes

Chapter 1775: Chanlong’s Scheme

Chapter 1776: The Trapped Soul

Chapter 1777: Escape

Chapter 1778: Reunion

Chapter 1779: Going Separate Ways

Chapter 1780: Coming Across Chanlong Again

Chapter 1781: A Fierce Struggle Against Chanlong

Chapter 1782: A Crisis of Life and Death

Chapter 1783: Breaking Out with Full Force

Chapter 1784: Chanlong’s Fligh

Chapter 1785: The Grand Imperial Protector

Chapter 1786: The Sen Family

Chapter 1787: The Tian Yuan Clan One

Chapter 1788: The Tian Yuan Clan Two

Chapter 1789: Entering Seclusion Collectively

Chapter 1790: Disturbances in the Provincial City

Chapter 1791: A Single Strand of Sword Qi

Chapter 1792: Ancestor Yan

Chapter 1793: Breakthroughs to Godhood

Chapter 1794: Founding Ceremony One

Chapter 1795: Founding Ceremony Two

Chapter 1796: Founding Ceremony Three

Chapter 1797: Too Small for Two

Chapter 1798: The Earth Spirit Sec

Chapter 1799: Fighting Wayner Yan

Chapter 1800: Laws of Strength

Chapter 1801: Obliteration

Chapter 1802: Glory of the Tian Yuan Clan

Chapter 1803: The Five Regions of the Cloud Plane

Chapter 1804: Passing on Laws One

Chapter 1805: Passing on Laws Two

Chapter 1806: A Godking’s Treasure

Chapter 1807: Secluded Cultivation

Chapter 1808: Fifteen Years

Chapter 1809: Partial Achievement of Sword Spirit One

Chapter 1810: Partial Achievement of Sword Spirit Two

Chapter 1811: Partial Achievement of Sword Spirit Three

Chapter 1812: Partial Achievement of Sword Spirit Four

Chapter 1813: Partial Achievement of Sword Spirit Five

Chapter 1814: Partial Achievement of Sword Spirit Six

Chapter 1815: Miraculous Liquid

Chapter 1816: Repairing the Armor

Chapter 1817: The Swordseeking Province

Chapter 1818: Visiting the Ling Family

Chapter 1819: Movements of the Demon Cult One

Chapter 1820: Movements of the Demon Cult Two

Chapter 1821: Movements of the Demon Cult Three

Chapter 1822: The Royal Capital of Pingtian

Chapter 1823: True Sword Pavilion

Chapter 1824: A Member of the Yang Family

Chapter 1825: The Flying Sword, Startling Rainbow

Chapter 1826: Greedy

Chapter 1827: Knocking on the Door

Chapter 1828: A Slight Punishmen

Chapter 1829: Jian Chen’s Bottom Line

Chapter 1830: Guards of the Royal Capital

Chapter 1831: The Royal Divine Army Mobilised

Chapter 1832: Ten-thousand-man Commander Peng

Chapter 1833: Xuan Rourou

Chapter 1834: The Commander’s Estate

Chapter 1835: The Method to Save Kai Ya

Chapter 1836: The Yang Family’s Response

Chapter 1837: The United Imperial Auction

Chapter 1838: Sword of Ways

Chapter 1839: The Soul-drawing Lotus Appears

Chapter 1840: The Thunder Family

Chapter 1841: Refinement Adamantine

Chapter 1842: The Two Girls Step Up

Chapter 1843: The Threat of the Yang Family One

Chapter 1844: The Threat of the Yang Family Two

Chapter 1845: The Threat of the Yang Family Three

Chapter 1846: Yang Kai Appears

Chapter 1847: Extremely Shameless

Chapter 1848: A Deal

Chapter 1849: Jian Chen’s Fury One

Chapter 1850: Jian Chen’s Fury Two

Chapter 1851: Complete Disrespec

Chapter 1852: A Duel Between the Powerful

Chapter 1853: Yang Kai’s Defea

Chapter 1854: A Godking Intervenes

Chapter 1855: A Terrifying Sea of Consciousness

Chapter 1856: The Divine King

Chapter 1857: The Divine King’s Reques

Chapter 1858: The Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair

Chapter 1859: The Ling Family in Danger One

Chapter 1860: The Ling Family in Danger Two

Chapter 1861: Benefiting Greatly

Chapter 1862: Saving the Ling Family

Chapter 1863: Slaying Three Overgods with the Sword One

Chapter 1864: Slaying Three Overgods with the Sword Two

Chapter 1865: Slaying Three Overgods with the Sword Three

Chapter 1866: Preparations

Chapter 1867: Lurking Enemies

Chapter 1868: Shen Jian’s Return

Chapter 1869: The Ninth Army

Chapter 1870: Orders of the Grand Elder

Chapter 1871: Powerful Armor

Chapter 1872: The Earthenfire God-slaying Formation

Chapter 1873: The Ancestor of the Mo Family’s Death

Chapter 1874: The Souls of Mortals

Chapter 1875: Destruction of the Mo Family

Chapter 1876: Treasury

Chapter 1877: Within the Space

Chapter 1878: The Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair

Chapter 1879: Poison or Treasure?

Chapter 1880: The Albumstone Heart Flower

Chapter 1881: A Godking’s Pursui

Chapter 1882: A Desperate Stand

Chapter 1883: Nine Godkings

Chapter 1884: Fairy Hao Yue Steps Forward

Chapter 1885: Such Puny Godkings

Chapter 1886: God Tier Heavenly Resource

Chapter 1887: Supreme Quality Saint Artifac

Chapter 1888: Kai Ya Awakens

Chapter 1889: Departure

Chapter 1890: Chanlong’s Chance at Survival

Chapter 1891: The Greatest Overgod Clan

Chapter 1892: Kai Ya’s Change

Chapter 1893: Visiting the Royal Palace Again

Chapter 1894: Three Armies

Chapter 1895: The Cult’s Hall of Protectors

Chapter 1896: Kai Ya and Chanlong

Chapter 1897: Jian Chen’s Return

Chapter 1898: People from the Earth Spirit Sec

Chapter 1899: Attack

Chapter 1900: Single Stroke Beheading

Chapter 1901: Everyone Mobilised

Chapter 1902: Jian Chen’s Might One

Chapter 1903: Jian Chen’s Might Two

Chapter 1904: Jian Chen’s Might Three

Chapter 1905: End of the Crisis

Chapter 1906: The Grand Imperial Protector’s Plea for Mercy

Chapter 1907: Quietening Down

Chapter 1908: Elders of the Earth Spirit Sec

Chapter 1909: Gathering of Experts

Chapter 1910: Jian Chen Absen

Chapter 1911: The Miracle with Kai Ya

Chapter 1912: Charging to the Front Lines

Chapter 1913: Luo Yunfei

Chapter 1914: Spar

Chapter 1915: Entering the Main Hall

Chapter 1916: Primordial Realm Exper

Chapter 1917: The Divine King’s Strength

Chapter 1918: Yaxi Lian

Chapter 1919: A Chaotic Battle of Overgods

Chapter 1920: A Sneak Attack from Behind

Chapter 1921: Battle Between Godkings

Chapter 1922: Burning Fury

Chapter 1923: Sheng Luo’s Identity

Chapter 1924: Unstoppable

Chapter 1925: A Godking’s Ambush

Chapter 1926: The Ambusher

Chapter 1927: Slaying the Godking

Chapter 1928: Yaxi Lian’s Intentions

Chapter 1929: Fairy Hao Yue in the Northern Region

Chapter 1930: The Northern Region

Chapter 1931: The Imperial Palace of the Xuandao Empire

Chapter 1932: Forceful Questioning

Chapter 1933: Xing’er and Lan’er

Chapter 1934: The Xi Emperor One

Chapter 1935: The Xi Emperor Two

Chapter 1936: Trapped in the Northern Region

Chapter 1937: The Godsfallen Clan

Chapter 1938: Imperial Protector of the Xi Empire

Chapter 1939: Who Knows When?

Chapter 1940: The Heavenly Yin Body and Innate Body of Ways

Chapter 1941: Spatial Fantasy Meteorite

Chapter 1942: Getting out of Hand

Chapter 1943: Battling Fei He

Chapter 1944: Shocking Battle Prowess

Chapter 1945: Visitors from Outer Space

Chapter 1946: The Daoist Sect of Divine Sound

Chapter 1947: Mu’er’s Depature

Chapter 1948: Unintentional Disclosure

Chapter 1949: The Xi Emperor Has Children

Chapter 1950: The Seal Released

Chapter 1951: Charging to the Front Lines Again

Chapter 1952: The Fox Saint Elder

Chapter 1953: Hao Yue’s Visi

Chapter 1954: A Bold Move

Chapter 1955: Infiltrating the Headquarters

Chapter 1956: The Empyrean Demon Orb Appears

Chapter 1957: The True Secre

Chapter 1958: Forbidden Grounds of the Empyrean Demon Cul

Chapter 1959: The Fear of the Vice-leaders

Chapter 1960: Third on the Godkings’ Throne

Chapter 1961: Princess Tai’an

Chapter 1962: The Empyrean Demon Cult Retreats

Chapter 1963: Visiting the Earth Spirit Sect One

Chapter 1964: Visiting the Earth Spirit Sect Two

Chapter 1965: Visiting the Earth Spirit Sect Three

Chapter 1966: Only Defeat is Accepted

Chapter 1967: Two Choices

Chapter 1968: The Ninth Prince

Chapter 1969: Three Types of Laws

Chapter 1970: Huai An’s Personal Visi

Chapter 1971: A Single Strand of Sword Qi

Chapter 1972: Sword Immortal

Chapter 1973: Hunted Down by the Empyrean Demon Cul

Chapter 1974: The Empress

Chapter 1975: The Ninth Prince’s Arrival

Chapter 1976: Exposed

Chapter 1977: Xi Yu’s Rage

Chapter 1978: The Xi Emperor’s Daughter One

Chapter 1979: The Xi Emperor’s Daughter Two

Chapter 1980: The Xi Emperor’s Daughter Three

Chapter 1981: Father’s Here

Chapter 1982: People of the Blood Sun Empire

Chapter 1983: The Xi Emperor’s Forceful Demands

Chapter 1984: The Xi Emperor Declares War

Chapter 1985: Imperial Capital of the Blood Sun Empire

Chapter 1986: Spatial Battleship

Chapter 1987: The Red-robed Old Man

Chapter 1988: Houston’s Disaster

Chapter 1989: Lord of Heaven’s Link Peak

Chapter 1990: An Agreement of Ten Thousand Years

Chapter 1991: Xi Yu’s Departure One

Chapter 1992: Xi Yu’s Departure Two

Chapter 1993: The Swordswolf Adventurers

Chapter 1994: Arena of Life and Death

Chapter 1995: Killing Overgods Instantly

Chapter 1996: The Wolf King Arrives

Chapter 1997: Bloodline of the Ancient Skywolf

Chapter 1998: The Power of the Bloodline

Chapter 1999: The Ninth Bone Sword

Chapter 2000: The Elders’ Summoning

Chapter 2001: Abnormal Movements of the Bloodline

Chapter 2002: Suppressing the Bloodline

Chapter 2003: Breakthroughs of the Soul

Chapter 2004: Both a Blessing and a Curse

Chapter 2005: The Convention

Chapter 2006: Trading the God Artifact Armor

Chapter 2007: The Old Woman’s Hatred

Chapter 2008: Three Years of Comprehension

Chapter 2009: A Sense of Danger

Chapter 2010: The Three-eyed Demon King

Chapter 2011: The Vicious Beasts of Space

Chapter 2012: Nebula Beast Emperor

Chapter 2013: Killing a Way Ou

Chapter 2014: The Might of a Howl

Chapter 2015: Swept into a Crack

Chapter 2016: Surviving in the Tower

Chapter 2017: Continued Refinemen

Chapter 2018: Chasing Away Huai An

Chapter 2019: Refining the Fifth Floor

Chapter 2020: Another Brush with the Primordial Realm

Chapter 2021: A Soul-devouring Beast Herd

Chapter 2022: The Beast King Appears

Chapter 2023: The Neptunean Divine Palace One

Chapter 2024: The Neptunean Divine Palace Two

Chapter 2025: Obtaining Spots

Chapter 2026: Chanlong Breaks Through

Chapter 2027: The Divine Palace Opens One

Chapter 2028: The Divine Palace Opens Two

Chapter 2029: Zi Yun and Xiao Man

Chapter 2030: Within the Divine Palace

Chapter 2031: The Seventh Floor

Chapter 2032: A Legacy of the Primordial Realm

Chapter 2033: Impossibly Powerful Overgods

Chapter 2034: A Volcanic World

Chapter 2035: Fire Divine Crystals

Chapter 2036: Jian Chen’s Wild Ambition

Chapter 2037: The Neptunean Sun and Moon

Chapter 2038: A Land Littered with Heavenly Resources

Chapter 2039: First on the Overgods’ Plaque

Chapter 2040: Jian Chen Steps Forward

Chapter 2041: Fighting Mo Cheng One

Chapter 2042: Fighting Mo Cheng Two

Chapter 2043: Who’s Number One?

Chapter 2044: The Fight for the Spiritual Roo

Chapter 2045: The Major Achievement of Sword Spiri

Chapter 2046: Fending off with a Formation

Chapter 2047: The Fifth Prince of the Sky Empire

Chapter 2048: Consuming the Spiritual Roo

Chapter 2049: The Fifth Prince’s Arrival

Chapter 2050: A Difficult Situation

Chapter 2051: The Prince’s Wife

Chapter 2052: Entering Seclusion in the Neptunean Mountains

Chapter 2053: A Grand Exalt’s Formations

Chapter 2054: Two Grand Exalts

Chapter 2055: Jian Chen Emerges

Chapter 2056: Overwhelming Bai Qi

Chapter 2057: Subduing Hei Ya

Chapter 2058: The Immortal Devouring Orchid

Chapter 2059: Cleaning out the Divine Medicinal Garden One

Chapter 2060: Cleaning out the Divine Medicinal Garden Two

Chapter 2061: Movements Exposed

Chapter 2062: Identity Exposed

Chapter 2063: Greedy Human Nature

Chapter 2064: Four Dead, One Escaped

Chapter 2065: The Neptunean Moon One

Chapter 2066: The Neptunean Moon Two

Chapter 2067: The Neptunean Moon Three

Chapter 2068: Changes of the Divine Palace

Chapter 2069: Another Encounter

Chapter 2070: Taking a Saint Artifac

Chapter 2071: Protected by the World One

Chapter 2072: Protected by the World Two

Chapter 2073: Surrounded

Chapter 2074: The Fifth Prince’s Killing Inten

Chapter 2075: Against Mister Shu

Chapter 2076: Against a God Artifact One

Chapter 2077: Against a God Artifact Two

Chapter 2078: Everyone’s Targe

Chapter 2079: A Supreme Godking

Chapter 2080: The Young Man in Gold

Chapter 2081: The Might of the Profound Sword Qi

Chapter 2082: Returning to the Eighth Floor

Chapter 2083: A Battle to the Last Drop of Blood

Chapter 2084: Falling into the Lava

Chapter 2085: The Twelfth Floor

Chapter 2086: The Mysterious Woman

Chapter 2087: Tie Ta of the God Clan

Chapter 2088: The Daoist Sect of Divine Sound

Chapter 2089: The Ancestors’ Summoning

Chapter 2090: The Ninth Disciple One

Chapter 2091: The Ninth Disciple Two

Chapter 2092: Below the Lava

Chapter 2093: Littered with Fire Divine Crystals

Chapter 2094: Jian Chen’s Death One

Chapter 2095: Jian Chen’s Death Two

Chapter 2096: An Astronomical Bounty

Chapter 2097: Ming Dong Arrives

Chapter 2098: Striking Fear in the Hearts of All

Chapter 2099: A Grand Prime’s Disciple

Chapter 2100: Fatesigh

Chapter 2101: Yun Xiaoyan

Chapter 2102: Experts United One

Chapter 2103: Experts United Two

Chapter 2104: Colossal Eruptions

Chapter 2105: Confrontation

Chapter 2106: Mu’er Arrives

Chapter 2107: Jian Chen’s Brother

Chapter 2108: Crushing Jun Kong

Chapter 2109: Mu’er Steps Forward

Chapter 2110: Jian Chen Is Alive

Chapter 2111: Under Attack

Chapter 2112: The Gigantic Lizard in the Lava

Chapter 2113: A Second Law One

Chapter 2114: A Second Law Two

Chapter 2115: Rapid Progress

Chapter 2116: Enemies Mee

Chapter 2117: Nowhere to Return

Chapter 2118: Xiao Man’s Origins

Chapter 2119: Seeing the Light of Day Again

Chapter 2120: Proceeding to the Twelfth Floor

Chapter 2121: A Grand Prime’s Legacy

Chapter 2122: The Fight for the Legacy

Chapter 2123: A Raging Storm

Chapter 2124: Shui Yunlan’s Strength

Chapter 2125: Disguise Seen Through

Chapter 2126: Targeted by All

Chapter 2127: Returning to the Neptunean Mountains

Chapter 2128: Hunting Down the Fifth Prince One

Chapter 2129: Hunting Down the Fifth Prince Two

Chapter 2130: A Grand Prime’s Belongings

Chapter 2131: Master of the Neptunean Mountains

Chapter 2132: Mo Cheng’s Methods

Chapter 2133: The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways

Chapter 2134: A Reunion of Brothers

Chapter 2135: Crippling Nan Shangyun

Chapter 2136: Enemies Everywhere

Chapter 2137: A Battle Between Supreme Godkings

Chapter 2138: From the Same Homeland One

Chapter 2139: From the Same Homeland Two

Chapter 2140: Guessing the Identity

Chapter 2141: Escaping from the Cauldron

Chapter 2142: Undefeatable

Chapter 2143: The Lizard Moves

Chapter 2144: Sitting and Waiting for Them to Come

Chapter 2145: Sitting Ducks

Chapter 2146: Gathering Back Together

Chapter 2147: The Couple Reunited

Chapter 2148: Another Secre

Chapter 2149: Crisis of the Ice Goddess Hall

Chapter 2150: Siblings’ Bond

Chapter 2151: No Suppor

Chapter 2152: Debts Resolved

Chapter 2153: The Person Behind it All One

Chapter 2154: The Person Behind it All Two

Chapter 2155: The Person Behind it All Three

Chapter 2156: The Person Behind it All Four

Chapter 2157: Samsara One

Chapter 2158: Samsara Two

Chapter 2159: Samsara Three

Chapter 2160: The Way of Karma

Chapter 2161: A Figure of Supreme Power

Chapter 2162: Samsara Returns

Chapter 2163: First Senior Sister

Chapter 2164: Chanlong’s Identity

Chapter 2165: The Artifact Spirit Breaks Free

Chapter 2166: A Seed of Hatred

Chapter 2167: The Azure Peng King

Chapter 2168: Mo Cheng’s Murderer

Chapter 2169: Yun Xiaoyan

Chapter 2170: Successor of the Third Ancestor

Chapter 2171: The End of a Journey

Chapter 2172: The Peng King’s Killing Inten

Chapter 2173: From the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng

Chapter 2174: Invincible

Chapter 2175: Running into a Disaster

Chapter 2176: Radiant Godking

Chapter 2177: The Old Woman’s Identity

Chapter 2178: Xuan Ming

Chapter 2179: The Bloodline Acts Up

Chapter 2180: A Stone Door

Chapter 2181: A Grand Exalt of the Pas

Chapter 2182: The Great Perfection of Sword Spiri

Chapter 2183: Essence Blood of a Grand Exal

Chapter 2184: Coming for Her

Chapter 2185: Pardoned

Chapter 2186: Planet Tianming

Chapter 2187: Wanted

Chapter 2188: The Heavenly King of Azure Brilliance

Chapter 2189: Seeing the Immortal Peach Again

Chapter 2190: The News of an Acquaintance

Chapter 2191: The Gus Clan

Chapter 2192: What Haughtiness

Chapter 2193: Reunion

Chapter 2194: The Bloodbattle Clan

Chapter 2195: Fighting the Primordial Realm

Chapter 2196: The Peak of the Apex

Chapter 2197: Death of the Primordial Realm One

Chapter 2198: Death of the Primordial realm Two

Chapter 2199: Location Exposed

Chapter 2200: The Peng King’s Descen

Chapter 2201: Dire Straits

Chapter 2202: A Grand Prime’s Pursui

Chapter 2203: Fleeing into a Crack

Chapter 2204: Temporal Vortex

Chapter 2205: The Heavenless Demon Exal

Chapter 2206: Movements in the Dark

Chapter 2207: The Changes of the Cloud Plane

Chapter 2208: The Tian Yuan Clan

Chapter 2209: Going to the Desolate Plane One

Chapter 2210: Going to the Desolate Plane Two

Chapter 2211: Heavenless Takes Action

Chapter 2212: The Grand Elder’s Death

Chapter 2213: The Great Elder

Chapter 2214: Hallowed Saint Masters

Chapter 2215: One Star Genius

Chapter 2216: One-colored Soulcore

Chapter 2217: The Celestial Sword Sain

Chapter 2218: Second Senior Brother

Chapter 2219: Laws of the Hallowed

Chapter 2220: Mo Tianyun

Chapter 2221: Suspicions about Identity

Chapter 2222: Origins of the Tower of Radiance

Chapter 2223: A Deal

Chapter 2224: The Fusion of the Twin Swords

Chapter 2225: The Cosmic Formation of the Fire-purifying Lotus

Chapter 2226: True Chaotic Force One

Chapter 2227: True Chaotic Force Two

Chapter 2228: A Fractured Soul

Chapter 2229: Fusing with the Chaotic Force One

Chapter 2230: Fusing with the Chaotic Force Two

Chapter 2231: Mo Tianyun’s Strength

Chapter 2232: Half a Soul

Chapter 2233: The Snowfall Peak

Chapter 2234: The Provocation

Chapter 2235: I’ll Give You an Explanation

Chapter 2236: The Fight in the Ring

Chapter 2237: Lord of the Sky Gazing Peak

Chapter 2238: Nine Star Geniuses

Chapter 2239: Thousand Leaf Lotus

Chapter 2240: Only Defeat is Accepted?

Chapter 2241: Getting in the Way

Chapter 2242: Upheaval on the Cloud Plane

Chapter 2243: The Chaos of the Xi Empire

Chapter 2244: Ming Dong’s Assistance

Chapter 2245: The Ancestral Emperor of the Xi Empire

Chapter 2246: The Power of a Divine General

Chapter 2247: The Xi Emperor Breaks Free

Chapter 2248: Enshrouding Demonic Aura

Chapter 2249: The Might of a Palm Strike

Chapter 2250: Heavenless’ End

Chapter 2251: I Don’t Need it!

Chapter 2252: The Empyrean Demon Cult Retreats

Chapter 2253: Resentmen

Chapter 2254: Experts Gather

Chapter 2255: Donglin Yanxue

Chapter 2256: The Meeting at Moon’s Reflection Lake

Chapter 2257: Wondrous Usage of the Soul

Chapter 2258: Zhuo Feng’s Anger

Chapter 2259: Guilty with Wealth

Chapter 2260: A Reversal of Wrong and Righ

Chapter 2261: The Radiant Palm

Chapter 2262: Donglin Yanxue’s Arrival

Chapter 2263: Settling Down

Chapter 2264: Mutual Exchanges

Chapter 2265: A Brewing Storm

Chapter 2266: Quite the Disturbance

Chapter 2267: Leaving the Radiant Saint Hall

Chapter 2268: The Last Fragmen

Chapter 2269: The Mysterious Rock One

Chapter 2270: The Mysterious Rock Two

Chapter 2271: Fortune Jade

Chapter 2272: The Corpses of Ancient Beasts

Chapter 2273: The Headless Ape

Chapter 2274: The Eight Experts

Chapter 2275: The Eight Laws

Chapter 2276: Fortuitous Encounter?

Chapter 2277: Rapid Advance

Chapter 2278: The Storm Continues

Chapter 2279: The News from the Azure Peng King

Chapter 2280: Vital Energy

Chapter 2281: Leaving the Cavern

Chapter 2282: Blood Medallion

Chapter 2283: Replaced

Chapter 2284: All for Nothing

Chapter 2285: The Lord of the Snowfall Peak’s Death

Chapter 2286: Vice-leader Xuan Zhan One

Chapter 2287: Vice-leader Xuan Zhan Two

Chapter 2288: Visiting the Sacred Hall

Chapter 2289: Contending for the Spo

Chapter 2290: Arresting Chang Yang

Chapter 2291: Suppor

Chapter 2292: World of Moon and Star

Chapter 2293: Invincible Godking One

Chapter 2294: Invincible Godking Two

Chapter 2295: Invincible Godking Three

Chapter 2296: Invincible Godking Four

Chapter 2297: Assistance from the World

Chapter 2298: The Name of Qing Shan

Chapter 2299: The Fear of the Radiant Godkings

Chapter 2300: Death of a Primordial Realm Exper

Chapter 2301: Targeted

Chapter 2302: Fighting Qing Shan One

Chapter 2303: Fighting Qing Shan Two

Chapter 2304: Fighting Qing Shan Three

Chapter 2305: Evenly Matched

Chapter 2306: Close Contac

Chapter 2307: A Change in Attitude

Chapter 2308: The Strange Mis

Chapter 2309: The Ancient Mysterious Hall

Chapter 2310: Primeval Qi

Chapter 2311: The Artifact Spirit Alarmed

Chapter 2312: Forbidden By the World

Chapter 2313: Hei Ya Breaks Through

Chapter 2314: A Primordial Realm Servan

Chapter 2315: The Laws of Curses

Chapter 2316: Encountering Qing Shan Again One

Chapter 2317: Encountering Qing Shan Again Two

Chapter 2318: Martial Soul Mountain

Chapter 2319: The Gateway Opens

Chapter 2320: Heavy Losses

Chapter 2321: The Only Candidate

Chapter 2322: Running Out of Time

Chapter 2323: The Tower of Radiance Opens

Chapter 2324: Ancient Imprints

Chapter 2325: The Heaven-splitting Clan

Chapter 2326: The Last Fragmen

Chapter 2327: Talent Exposed

Chapter 2328: Undying

Chapter 2329: Substitution Under the Nose of Heaven One

Chapter 2330: Substitution Under the Nose of Heaven Two

Chapter 2331: Substitution Under the Nose of Heaven Three

Chapter 2332: Eluding the Heavens

Chapter 2333: The Heavenly Secrets Divulged

Chapter 2334: The Artifact Spirit Awakens?

Chapter 2335: Donglin Qiushui

Chapter 2336: A Grand Exalt’s Legacy

Chapter 2337: The Miniature World Opens

Chapter 2338: The Last Five

Chapter 2339: Comprehending the Stele

Chapter 2340: The Final Victor One

Chapter 2341: The Final Victor Two

Chapter 2342: Fight for the Legacy

Chapter 2343: Overwhelming an Entire Group One

Chapter 2344: Overwhelming an Entire Group Two

Chapter 2345: Targeted by All

Chapter 2346: The Grand Exalt’s Descendent One

Chapter 2347: The Grand Exalt’s Descendent Two

Chapter 2348: The Grand Exalt’s Descendent Three

Chapter 2349: Leaving the Miniature World

Chapter 2350: The Last One

Chapter 2351: Gathering in the Radiant Saint Hall

Chapter 2352: Exposed

Chapter 2353: Fleeing from the Sacred Hall

Chapter 2354: Hun Zang

Chapter 2355: Martial Soul Mountain Descends

Chapter 2356: People from the God clan

Chapter 2357: A Dangerous Situation

Chapter 2358: Attempting the Path of Swords

Chapter 2359: The Bearing of Sword Immortal One

Chapter 2360: The Bearing of Sword Immortal Two

Chapter 2361: Tests of Illusions

Chapter 2362: You Are Unsuitable

Chapter 2363: Three Years

Chapter 2364: Single Stroke Beheading

Chapter 2365: The Heaven-splitting Ancestor

Chapter 2366: Yielding

Chapter 2367: Plan

Chapter 2368: At the Doorstep

Chapter 2369: The Underground Cavern

Chapter 2370: Kai Ya’s Transformation

Chapter 2371: The Imperial Clan

Chapter 2372: Gongsun Zhi’s Change

Chapter 2373: The Protector Swords

Chapter 2374: Zhuo Feng’s Departure

Chapter 2375: I am a Sword Immortal

Chapter 2376: The Ultimate Way of the Sword

Chapter 2377: Returning to the Cavern

Chapter 2378: Awakening the Vital Energy

Chapter 2379: An Astonishing Strike One

Chapter 2380: An Astonishing Strike Two

Chapter 2381: The Bloodtear Grand Exal

Chapter 2382: Five Droplets of Essence Blood

Chapter 2383: The Fleshly Core

Chapter 2384: Bloodtear Departs

Chapter 2385: Leaving the Desolate Plane

Chapter 2386: Jun Kong’s Transformation

Chapter 2387: Conquering the Pingtian Empire

Chapter 2388: The Peng King Descends

Chapter 2389: The Ninth Majesty

Chapter 2390: Deterrence

Chapter 2391: The Divine King Abdicates

Chapter 2392: The Azure Peng King’s Shock

Chapter 2393: The Elder of Mountains and Seas

Chapter 2394: Absorbing the Essence Blood

Chapter 2395: Breakthrough

Chapter 2396: Auctioning a God Artifac

Chapter 2397: Disturbance

Chapter 2398: The Primordial Realm Exper

Chapter 2399: The Darkness Clan

Chapter 2400: Under Attack in Outer Space One

Chapter 2401: Under Attack in Outer Space Two

Chapter 2402: The Might of the Way of the Sword

Chapter 2403: Easy Killings

Chapter 2404: Fighting the Sixth Heavenly Layer

Chapter 2405: Punishing the Spectral Elder

Chapter 2406: The Light of Destruction

Chapter 2407: Sovereign Level Existence

Chapter 2408: A Grand Exalt’s Disciple

Chapter 2409: The Darkness Clan’s Fear

Chapter 2410: Danger One

Chapter 2411: Danger Two

Chapter 2412: Pursuit in Outer Space

Chapter 2413: The Fruit of Ways is Ripening

Chapter 2414: From the Moon God Hall?

Chapter 2415: Kai Ya in Love

Chapter 2416: Reaching the Star Brilliance Plane

Chapter 2417: The Five Point Sec

Chapter 2418: End of the Line One

Chapter 2419: End of the Line Two

Chapter 2420: The End of Ties

Chapter 2421: Killing a Grand Prime

Chapter 2422: Reincarnation

Chapter 2423: The Fruit for the Sixth Way

Chapter 2424: The Truth Revealed

Chapter 2425: The Prosper Plane

Chapter 2426: The Supreme Godking, Qing Yixuan

Chapter 2427: The Disturbance from the Rankings

Chapter 2428: The Deterrence of the Tian Yuan Clan

Chapter 2429: Returning the Anatta Tower

Chapter 2430: The First Majesty

Chapter 2431: Meeting Xu Ran Again

Chapter 2432: The Myriad Bone Guild

Chapter 2433: The Protector Swords Appear

Chapter 2434: The Authority to Distribute

Chapter 2435: Endless Harassmen

Chapter 2436: You’re Bai Yu?

Chapter 2437: The Masters of the Protector Swords

Chapter 2438: The Strongest Protector Sword

Chapter 2439: An End to the Distribution

Chapter 2440: Returning to the Star Brilliance Plane

Chapter 2441: Already Dead

Chapter 2442: Scheming Against Anatta

Chapter 2443: Scarlet Water City

Chapter 2444: Destroying the City Lord’s Estate One

Chapter 2445: Destroying the City Lord’s Estate Two

Chapter 2446: Destroying the City Lord’s Estate Three

Chapter 2447: Threads of Karma

Chapter 2448: Ant-like Infinite Prime

Chapter 2449: Point Cloud Takes Action

Chapter 2450: The Heartless Child

Chapter 2451: The Wind Venerable

Chapter 2452: Massacring Primordial Realm Experts

Chapter 2453: Destroying the Sect One

Chapter 2454: Destroying the Sect Two

Chapter 2455: Destroying the Sect Three

Chapter 2456: A Tremendous Amount of Resources

Chapter 2457: A Great Disturbance

Chapter 2458: A Stubborn Divine Hall

Chapter 2459: Hun Zang’s Migh

Chapter 2460: The Eight Successors

Chapter 2461: The Martial Soul Mountain

Chapter 2462: The Glorious Pas

Chapter 2463: The Sacred Grounds of the Legacies

Chapter 2464: Secret of the Grand Exalt’s Cultivation Method

Chapter 2465: Fang Jing

Chapter 2466: Dealing with the Artifact Spiri

Chapter 2467: Martial Soul Rock

Chapter 2468: Fang Jing’s Strength

Chapter 2469: Destruction of the Red Flame Sec

Chapter 2470: Ten Years Later

Chapter 2471: Dedicated Practice

Chapter 2472: Astonishing News

Chapter 2473: The Martial Soul Lineage in Danger

Chapter 2474: Crossing Through Space

Chapter 2475: Objective Fulfilled

Chapter 2476: I Only Recognise Jian Chen

Chapter 2477: Zi Yun’s Hear

Chapter 2478: Astonishing Growth

Chapter 2479: Yue Chao Injured

Chapter 2480: Returning to the Desolate Plane

Chapter 2481: The Donglin Clan

Chapter 2482: The Acquaintance from Moon’s Reflection Lake

Chapter 2483: They Finally Mee

Chapter 2484: Meeting the Protectors

Chapter 2485: A Secret Meeting

Chapter 2486: Vile Human Nature

Chapter 2487: Xuan Zhan’s Stance

Chapter 2488: Subduing the Divine Hall

Chapter 2489: Bidding Farewell to Everyone

Chapter 2490: The Skyfire Plane

Chapter 2491: Jun Kong’s Thoughts

Chapter 2492: Intoxicating Philtre

Chapter 2493: An Ugly Scandal

Chapter 2494: Leaving the Sec

Chapter 2495: Shangguan Mu’er Takes Action

Chapter 2496: Against a Primordial Realm Exper

Chapter 2497: An Astonishing Demonic Tune

Chapter 2498: Jian Chen Visits

Chapter 2499: Absolute Domination

Chapter 2500: Returning the Favour Hundredfold

Chapter 2501: Running Away

Chapter 2502: Scandal Exposed

Chapter 2503: Do You Really Want to Fight Me?

Chapter 2504: Disparity

Chapter 2504: Disparity

Chapter 2505: Crushing Jun Kong

Chapter 2506: Against a Chaotic Prime

Chapter 2507: Together

Chapter 2508: The Wind Ancestor Shows Herself

Chapter 2509: A Happy Pair

Chapter 2510: The Dao Clan

Chapter 2511: Member of the Tian Yuan Clan

Chapter 2512: Renown

Chapter 2513: The Changes with the Pingtian Empire

Chapter 2514: I am the Patriarch

Chapter 2515: More Powerful Suppor

Chapter 2516: Times Change

Chapter 2517: The Patriarch’s Orders

Chapter 2518: Protector Shan

Chapter 2519: The Temptation of the Hell Water

Chapter 2520: Taking Forcefully

Chapter 2521: Tidying up the Clan One

Chapter 2522: Tidying up the Clan Two

Chapter 2523: Tidying up the Clan Three

Chapter 2524: A Renewed Clan

Chapter 2525: The Heavenly Moon Empire Yields

Chapter 2526: The Seven Imprints

Chapter 2527: Settling Debts

Chapter 2528: Severing an Arm

Chapter 2529: The Death of the Earth Spirit Sect’s Ancestor

Chapter 2530: A Battle at the Apex

Chapter 2531: Nubis in Danger

Chapter 2532: A Sly Old Fox

Chapter 2533: Close to Death

Chapter 2534: Rescue

Chapter 2535: Meeting Yaxi Lian Again

Chapter 2536: The Grand Elder of the Empyrean Demon Cul

Chapter 2537: A Grand Plan

Chapter 2538: Meeting Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling Again

Chapter 2539: The Army of Death

Chapter 2540: Blade Demon

Chapter 2541: The Heaven-linking Bridge

Chapter 2542: True Strength

Chapter 2543: The Army of Death

Chapter 2544: The Spatial Insect Emperor

Chapter 2545: The Rain Abbess Returns

Chapter 2546: Expert of the Way of the Sword

Chapter 2547: Sudden Change

Chapter 2548: Taking the Beast Soul

Chapter 2549: Battling the Insect Emperor

Chapter 2550: In Danger

Chapter 2551: A Narrow Escape

Chapter 2552: Facing the Abbess

Chapter 2553: Intriguing Treatmen

Chapter 2554: Healing

Chapter 2555: The Rain Abbess’ Bestowal

Chapter 2556: The Scarlet Emperor

Chapter 2557: Primordial Realm Laws

Chapter 2558: Chaotic Space Opens

Chapter 2559: The Grand Exalts Depar

Chapter 2560: The Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 2561: The Young Star Lord’s Arrival

Chapter 2562: The Gentle Breeze Ancestor

Chapter 2563: The Might of the Laws of Space

Chapter 2564: Attendant?

Chapter 2565: Tossed out of the Clan

Chapter 2566: The Young Star Lord’s Revenge

Chapter 2567: Flames of War

Chapter 2568: Jian Chen’s Counterattack

Chapter 2569: Killing a Chaotic Prime One

Chapter 2570: Killing a Chaotic Prime Two

Chapter 2571: The Tian Yuan Clan’s Counterattack One

Chapter 2572: The Tian Yuan Clan’s Counterattack Two

Chapter 2573: The Tian Yuan Clan’s Counterattack Three

Chapter 2574: Heavy Casualties

Chapter 2575: Unique Constitutions

Chapter 2576: Tong Tian’s Visi

Chapter 2577: The Xuandao Empire’s Crisis

Chapter 2578: The Godsfallen Clan

Chapter 2579: Tian Shuang’s Plea

Chapter 2580: Intercepted

Chapter 2581: Instantaneous Comprehension

Chapter 2582: The Shadowless Lifetaking Strike

Chapter 2583: Internal Fragmentation

Chapter 2584: A Letter

Chapter 2585: The Argument Between the Protectors

Chapter 2586: Challenging the Leader

Chapter 2587: Usurping Power

Chapter 2588: A New Leader

Chapter 2589: Something Major

Chapter 2590: Facing a Ruler

Chapter 2591: Confrontation with Composure

Chapter 2592: Powerful Reinforcements

Chapter 2592: Powerful Reinforcements

Chapter 2593: The Battle Erupts

Chapter 2594: The Lord of the Heaven’s Link Peak Heavily Injured

Chapter 2595: The Tides Turn

Chapter 2596: The Martial Soul Mountain Descends

Chapter 2597: Eighth Junior Brother

Chapter 2598: Claiming the Life of a Grand Prime Instantly

Chapter 2599: Killing Another

Chapter 2600: A Complete Victory

Chapter 2601: A Bloodbath in the Three Organisations

Chapter 2602: A Cunning Scheme

Chapter 2603: Reduced to Food

Chapter 2604: Nurturing with Painstaking Effor

Chapter 2605: The Orchid Breaks Through

Chapter 2606: Right Behind You

Chapter 2607: A Lifebound Plume

Chapter 2608: Taking Action

Chapter 2609: Attacking Martial Soul Mountain

Chapter 2610: Killing Luo Mantian One

Chapter 2611: Killing Luo Mantian Two

Chapter 2612: Before the Final Battle

Chapter 2613: The Two Emperors

Chapter 2614: Gongsun Zhi’s Arrival

Chapter 2615: Encounter

Chapter 2616: Gongsun Zhi Takes Par

Chapter 2617: Xu Zhiping Takes Par

Chapter 2618: Hun Zang Injured

Chapter 2619: The Might of the Array

Chapter 2620: The Tides Turn Again

Chapter 2621: The Decisions of the Empires

Chapter 2622: Assaulting the Martial Soul Mountain

Chapter 2623: The Power of Eigh

Chapter 2624: Hun Zang Heavily Injured

Chapter 2625: The Rain in Outer Space

Chapter 2626: A Turnaround

Chapter 2627: The Strength of the Rain Abbess One

Chapter 2628: The Strength of the Rain Abbess Two

Chapter 2629: The Strength of the Rain Abbess Three

Chapter 2630: Nine Brilliance Schemes

Chapter 2631: Planet Wandou

Chapter 2632: Inciting a Rebellion

Chapter 2633: The Betrayal of the Heavenly Moon Empire

Chapter 2634: The Fall of the Provincial City

Chapter 2635: The Blue Sky Venerable

Chapter 2636: The Rain Abbess’ Killing Inten

Chapter 2637: True Strength

Chapter 2638: Instant Death for Sha Yun

Chapter 2639: Hope

Chapter 2640: Death to the Traitors

Chapter 2641: Hanging by a Thread

Chapter 2642: Killing Lin Fei Instantly

Chapter 2643: The Fate of Traitors One

Chapter 2644: The Fate of Traitors Two

Chapter 2645: Heartless Interferes

Chapter 2646: The Young Star Lord’s Death

Chapter 2647: Dao Jiu

Chapter 2648: Advice

Chapter 2649: The War Ends

Chapter 2650: The Lord of Heaven’s Link Peak’s Fate

Chapter 2651: Internal Division

Chapter 2652: Domination in the Southern Region

Chapter 2653: Xi Yu’s Assassination Attemp

Chapter 2654: The Shadow Prince

Chapter 2655: Influence

Chapter 2656: Sovereign Fruit of the Dragon God

Chapter 2657: News about Sacredfeather

Chapter 2658: The Darkstar Race

Chapter 2659: Two Matters

Chapter 2660: Setting Off

Chapter 2661: The Planet Lord’s Death

Chapter 2662: The Six Worlds

Chapter 2663: The Jiang Family and Fang Jing

Chapter 2664: The Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy

Chapter 2665: A Ruined World

Chapter 2666: A Message from the Protector Swords

Chapter 2667: Condescension

Chapter 2668: Unworthy

Chapter 2669: The Starsource Continen

Chapter 2670: A Single Move

Chapter 2671: The Group of Four

Chapter 2672: A Terrifying Sword Formation

Chapter 2673: Past Acquaintances

Chapter 2674: Slain

Chapter 2675: Threa

Chapter 2676: Surrounded by Admirers

Chapter 2677: The Hundred Tribulations Godking Pill

Chapter 2678: A Grand Exalt’s Successor Appears

Chapter 2679: The Heavenly Crane Clan

Chapter 2680: Attracting Attention

Chapter 2681: He Qianqian’s Attemp

Chapter 2682: An Enormous Group

Chapter 2683: Within the World of the Fallen Beas

Chapter 2684: The Two World Mountains

Chapter 2685: Setting Off

Chapter 2686: At a Complete Advantage

Chapter 2687: An Initial Clash

Chapter 2688: Difficult Progress

Chapter 2689: Hidden Issues

Chapter 2690: Teaching a Lesson

Chapter 2691: Exposure of Ability

Chapter 2692: Catching Jin Hong’s Attention

Chapter 2693: Settling Down

Chapter 2694: Secret Thoughts

Chapter 2695: Life-devouring Beast Herd

Chapter 2696: A Grand Exalt’s Secret Technique

Chapter 2697: The Beast King

Chapter 2698: Leaving the Group

Chapter 2699: Harvesting En Masse

Chapter 2700: A Strange Sigh

Chapter 2701: Madness

Chapter 2702: The Rain of the Two World Mountains

Chapter 2703: A Mysterious Person

Chapter 2704: A Primordial Realm Life-devouring Beas

Chapter 2705: A Clash between the Powerful One

Chapter 2706: A Clash between the Powerful Two

Chapter 2707: A Clash between the Powerful Three

Chapter 2708: Slain

Chapter 2709: Seeing the Light of Day Once More

Chapter 2710: Hundred Saint City

Chapter 2711: Who’re the Ants?

Chapter 2712: A Single Punch

Chapter 2713: Gu Qi

Chapter 2714: The Strength of the Darkstar Race

Chapter 2715: Darknight City

Chapter 2716: Handling the Situation with Composure

Chapter 2717: A Storm in Darknight City One

Chapter 2718: A Storm in Darknight City Two

Chapter 2719: A Storm in Darknight City Three

Chapter 2720: A Storm in Darknight City Four

Chapter 2721: The Feats of the Divine Beas

Chapter 2722: Rousing Killing Inten

Chapter 2723: The Proud Ice King

Chapter 2724: The Six Kings

Chapter 2725: Finally Breaking Through

Chapter 2726: The Power to Destroy a City I

Chapter 2727: The Power to Destroy a City II

Chapter 2728: The Power to Destroy a City III

Chapter 2729: Lured into the Two World Mountains

Chapter 2730: You’re at the Primordial Realm?

Chapter 2731: Spatial Barrier

Chapter 2732: Left to Their Own Devices

Chapter 2733: Venturing to the Capital City

Chapter 2734: A Damaged High Quality God Artifac

Chapter 2735: The Seventh Hall Master

Chapter 2736: The Land of Soul Destruction

Chapter 2737: Kun Tian

Chapter 2738: Loss of Memory

Chapter 2739 - Killing Kun Tian One

Chapter 2740: Killing Kun Tian Two