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Author: Qoob

Latest update: 04-10-2020 14:09

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Table of contents - Fortunately, I Met You

Chapter 1: Dr. Cheng

Chapter 2: Mr. Lu

Chapter 3: Oh, it’s a Date?

Chapter 4: My Partner

Chapter 5: One-night Stand

Chapter 6: It’s Your Trea

Chapter 7: Would You Get in Bed with Your Patient?

Chapter 8: Reunion

Chapter 9: The Peerless Duo

Chapter 10: Male Idol

Chapter 11: Your Condoms

Chapter 12: He’s My Idol Too

Chapter 13: I’m Not Scared of Death

Chapter 14: I Want to Woo You

Chapter 15: The Rumored Partner

Chapter 16: Acting Dumb

Chapter 17: You’ve Been Paid a Prostitution Fee

Chapter 18: Why Don’t You Be My Girlfriend?

Chapter 19: Are You Surprised?

Chapter 20: Is This for Real?

Chapter 21: I Have More Money Than You

Chapter 22: Generations of Frauds

Chapter 23: Chen Jiaman

Chapter 24: Can’t Bear to Look her in the Eye

Chapter 25: Don’t Smile at Me

Chapter 26: An Ache in the Hear

Chapter 27: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Chapter 28: Can You Kiss Me?

Chapter 29: Torrential Gossip

Chapter 30: One Bite

Chapter 31: I’ll Kiss Her Whenever I Want To

Chapter 32: You’re Mine

Chapter 33: I Want to Kiss You Again

Chapter 34: I Don’t Need Love

Chapter 35: Partner

Chapter 36: Living Together?

Chapter 37: Breaking the Ice

Chapter 38: Acciden

Chapter 39: Kiss

Chapter 40: Crime and Evil

Chapter 41: Spreading Poison

Chapter 42: Remorse

Chapter 43: Admitting One’s Mistake

Chapter 44: Settlement Fee

Chapter 45: Do You Want to Make a Bet?

Chapter 46: Heartstopping

Chapter 47: What a Coincidence

Chapter 48: Unbearable

Chapter 49: Adultery!

Chapter 50: Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

Chapter 51: A Warm Scen

Chapter 52: No Such Thing as an Inseparable Relationship

Chapter 53: I Love You

Chapter 54: Wash Cleanly

Chapter 55: More Lovely Than a Summer Day

Chapter 56: Helping Him

Chapter 57: Untitled

Chapter 58: What About Him?

Chapter 59: If You Like Him, Then Snatch Him Away

Chapter 60: A Young Hussy

Chapter 61: Invitation

Chapter 62: I Want To

Chapter 63: Not Intimate Enough Yet?

Chapter 64: Is He a Beast, Or Is He a Beast?

Chapter 65: Would You Resist?

Chapter 66: Cheng Xi, Do You Want to Die?

Chapter 67: Do You Like My Daughter?

Chapter 68: Untitled

Chapter 69: He’s My Boyfriend Now

Chapter 70: A Cute Weakness

Chapter 71: She is a Germ

Chapter 72: I Don’t Have Any Feelings

Chapter 73: Sleeping Beauty

Chapter 74: Hurdle After Hurdle

Chapter 75: You Care That Much About Him?

Chapter 76: You Only Care About Him

Chapter 77: Suggestive

Chapter 78: Let’s Get Married

Chapter 79: You’re Not Happy?

Chapter 80: Are You Shy?

Chapter 81: I Will Do My Best to Break You Up

Chapter 82: I Came to Accompany You

Chapter 83: Should I Kiss You?

Chapter 84: Do You Like Her?

Chapter 85: Am I The One Whom You Like?

Chapter 86: Did You Break Up?

Chapter 87: I Like You in This Way

Chapter 88: Schism

Chapter 89: Frightening

Chapter 90: Can You Give Me a Reason?

Chapter 91: Another Kiss

Chapter 92: Come Chase After Me

Chapter 93: She Wants Me to Woo Her

Chapter 94: Young Madam Lu

Chapter 95: Did My Heart Rate Quicken?

Chapter 96: You Scared Her Away

Chapter 97: Aren’t You the One Wooing our Boss Lu?

Chapter 98: As Beautiful as a Fairy!

Chapter 99: I’m Her Fianc

Chapter 100: I Want to Woo You

Chapter 101: Public! Display! Of! Affection!

Chapter 102: Small Thoughts

Chapter 103: Gifts, Dates, and Kisses!

Chapter 104: I Want Him to Die!

Chapter 105: The Intrepid but Soft-hearted Dr. Cheng

Chapter 106: Who’s Worse Off than Whom?

Chapter 107: Kiss Me Once

Chapter 108: You’ll Scare the Little Children

Chapter 109: Shock

Chapter 110: The Gift, Please Accept i

Chapter 111: Your Face is Red!

Chapter 112: Because I’ve Been Thinking of You

Chapter 113: Danger!

Chapter 114: Pursui

Chapter 115: Don’t Tease Me Like That!

Chapter 116: How Shameful!

Chapter 117: She Gave Herself to Me

Chapter 118: Do You Really Like Me?

Chapter 119: Dangerously Suggestive

Chapter 120: What Would Happen if You Lost Control?

Chapter 121: A Man and Woman Alone, What Could They be Doing?

Chapter 122: Does the Kiss Feel Good?

Chapter 123: The devious Mr. Lu

Chapter 124: They Don’t Feel Good to the Touch

Chapter 125: Are You Crazy?

Chapter 126: Without Desire

Chapter 127: I’ll Bring You on a Date Today

Chapter 128: Your Sweetness