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Author: 纳兰坤

Latest update: 06-05-2020 02:24

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A young orphaned boy named Mu Yi is saved by an old travelling Taoist Priest. They travel the world ‘scamming’ people by ‘exorcising ghosts’ and ‘slaying demons’, that is until the old Taoist Priest dies and Mu Yi is forced to realise that all is not as it seems. He was told stories of armies of ghosts, hordes of zombies, horrifying demons, and worst of all, the cultivators who controlled them....

Table of contents - Heavenly Curse

Chapter 1: Traveling the World and Growing Old

Chapter 2: Laughing Night Owl

Chapter 3: Frightening Living Corpse

Chapter 4: Hoodlum

Chapter 5: Studying The Four Great Stages

Chapter 6: A Long Dream

Chapter 7: Let’s Meet in Three Days

Chapter 8: Importance of Money

Chapter 9: Perseverance

Chapter 10: Checking the Su Clan’s Old Woman

Chapter 11: Saving the Woman’s Life

Chapter 12: Old Stories

Chapter 13: Borrowing Blood

Chapter 14: Drawing Magic Symbols Again

Chapter 15: Capturing a Ghost at Nigh

Chapter 16: Bamboos

Chapter 17: Examining Oneself on Three Points

Chapter 18: Nian Nuer

Chapter 19: Ghost Apparition

Chapter 20: Behind the Scenes

Chapter 21: Be a Good Person

Chapter 21: Be a Good Person

Chapter 22: Acting Secretly

Chapter 23: Evil Ways

Chapter 23: Evil Ways

Chapter 24: Hundred Ghosts Banner

Chapter 25: First Battle

Chapter 26: Failure Through a Lack of Effor

Chapter 27: Mystery in the Depths of the Bamboo Fores

Chapter 28: 18 Years Ago

Chapter 29: Ghost, Principles, Sly

Chapter 30: Heavenly Curse – People’s Misfortune

Chapter 31: The Old Woman Awakes

Chapter 32: Mental Abilities

Chapter 33: This Life

Chapter 34: Virtuous Achievements Come to Their Successful Conclusions

Chapter 35: Practicing

Chapter 36: Flayed Skin

Chapter 37: Nightmarish Scene

Chapter 38: A Human or a Ghost?

Chapter 39: Not Easy

Chapter 40: Who’s The Murderer?

Chapter 41: Abnormal Things

Chapter 42: Truth Slowly Coming to Ligh

Chapter 43: Resonance of the Mind

Chapter 44: The Appearance of the Real Murderer

Chapter 45: Paper Turning Into Fighters

Chapter 46: Zhong Kui the Door God

Chapter 47: Fierce Battle

Chapter 48: From Different People’s Perception

Chapter 49: Disguised as an Evildoer First Par

Chapter 50: Disguised as an Evildoer Second Par

Chapter 51: Disguised as an Evildoer

Chapter 52: A life of misery, a sigh

Chapter 53: A Night of Worries

Chapter 54: Su Clan’s Courteous Reception

Chapter 55: Cheering Up Nuer

Chapter 56: Flayed Skin Mask

Chapter 57: The County Magistrate Needs Help!

Chapter 58: Mu Yi’s Plo

Chapter 59: Corpse Ghos

Chapter 60: The Acciden

Chapter 61: Clues

Chapter 62: Killing At Nigh

Chapter 63: So It’s You

Chapter 64: Dangerous Situations One After The Other

Chapter 65: Spirit Protector

Chapter 66: Extinction of the Lamp and Apparition

Chapter 67: Xugui’s Appearance

Chapter 68: A Dead End

Chapter 69: Analysis

Chapter 70: Weakness

Chapter 71: Xugui’s Death

Chapter 72: Before the Rescue

Chapter 73: The Women at the top of Little Frost Mountain

Chapter 74: Cause and Effec

Chapter 75: Unusual Talent?

Chapter 76: A Tomb Alone On The Side of The Road

Chapter 77: Bright Lamp and Danger

Chapter 78: Real or Fake Genius?

Chapter 79: Heroic or Emotionless?

Chapter 80: A Matter of Life and Death

Chapter 81: Mu Yi – Cruel and Fierce

Chapter 82: Human Feelings

Chapter 83: Different Thoughts

Chapter 84: Individual Plans

Chapter 85: Deadline

Chapter 86: Forcing Their Way

Chapter 87: Betrayal

Chapter 88: Going Up The Mountain At Nigh

Chapter 89: I’m Here

Chapter 90: Imminent Peril

Chapter 91: Leveling Up

Chapter 92: Battle in Little Fros

Chapter 93: Both Sides Suffer

Chapter 94: A Rest After the Great Battle

Chapter 95: Learning How To Grow Up

Chapter 96: County Magistrate At The Door

Chapter 97: Church of the Thousand Children

Chapter 98: Two Women At The Top of The Mountain

Chapter 99: Troubles

Chapter 100: Evil Dhammapala

Chapter 101: Insane Doton Master

Chapter 102: Reaching the Second Difficulty First Par

Chapter 103: Reaching the Second Difficulty Second Par

Chapter 104: Mystery of the Seven Chakras

Chapter 105: Case Closed

Chapter 106: Nian Nuer’s Footman

Chapter 106: Nian Nuer’s Footman

Chapter 107: On the Eve of Leaving

Chapter 108: Bamboo Tree of Life

Chapter 109: Sacrificial Refinemen

Chapter 110: Mo Ruyan

Chapter 111: Rip Off

Chapter 112: Strange Convoy

Chapter 113: Investigating

Chapter 114: Horrible Shrieks at Nigh

Chapter 115: Eating People’s Hearts

Chapter 116: One After Another

Chapter 117: Fierce and Tough Murderer

Chapter 118: Armor

Chapter 119: Big Slave’s Intervention

Chapter 120: Misunderstood

Chapter 121: Death is always omnipresent in mountains.

Chapter 122: Matchless Martial Prowess

Chapter 123: Golden Horses

Chapter 124: Night Talk on the Rooftop

Chapter 125: Turn bad into good

Chapter 126: At All Costs

Chapter 127: Stinky Taoist priest!

Chapter 128: Hejian’s Two Ghosts

Chapter 129: The Old Insect Breeder

Chapter 130: The One Behind the Scene

Chapter 131: Genuine Religious Tools

Chapter 132: Bei Ming

Chapter 133: Yellow River’s Ancient Road

Chapter 134: You Los

Chapter 135: Hindrance

Chapter 136: Wisdom

Chapter 137: Memories in a Dream

Chapter 138: Qu Yang’s Secrets

Chapter 139: Chong Jiayi

Chapter 140

Chapter 141: Pure Land in the Hear

Chapter 142: New Recruits

Chapter 143: Error of Judgemen

Chapter 144: Earth Walkers

Chapter 145: Ossuary in the Depths of the Mortuary

Chapter 146: Qu Yang’s Greatest Secre

Chapter 147: Shi Gu

Chapter 148: Choice

Chapter 149: Opening Another Chakra

Chapter 150: Transforming vital essence into energy

Chapter 151: Six Keys

Chapter 152: Person of Unusual Ability

Chapter 153: Big Slave Gets Bullied

Chapter 154: Big Slave, Kill Them All

Chapter 155: Strange Murderer

Chapter 156: Suicide by Biting Off her Tongue

Chapter 157: Uncovered

Chapter 158: Mu Yi Likes Justice

Chapter 159: Bad State

Chapter 160: Dirty Souls

Chapter 161: Temple of Virtue And Principles At Nigh

Chapter 162: Fierce Ghosts, Fierce Ghosts

Chapter 163: End of the Sacrificial Ritual

Chapter 164: Finally There

Chapter 165: People Who Enjoy Killing Often End Up Getting Killed!

Chapter 166: Fierce and Tough

Chapter 167: Octagon Organization

Chapter 168: The Traveling Doctor

Chapter 169: Massacre

Chapter 170: Bloodlus

Chapter 171:Blood Curse, Die

Chapter 172: Soul Curse, Die!

Chapter 173: Familiar Faces

Chapter 174: Reques

Chapter 175: Words Perfectly in Line With Actions

Chapter 176: The Heart of a Newborn Baby

Chapter 177: The God of the Yellow River and the Fake Taoist Priests

Chapter 178: You Can Only Blame Yourself

Chapter 179: Monster in the River

Chapter 180: A Woman With A Veil

Chapter 181: Who Is She?

Chapter 182: Jinan Prefecture

Chapter 183: Palpitation

Chapter 184: Power, Charging

Chapter 185: Tragic

Chapter 186: The Ruthless Butcher in Blue-Green Clothes

Chapter 187: Entering Cangzhou

Chapter 188: New Identity


Chapter 190: Old Friends?

Chapter 191: The Way of Magic Figures

Chapter 192: Gezao Mountain

Chapter 193: Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag

Chapter 194: Defea

Chapter 195: Mysterious Man

Chapter 196: Pressure

Chapter 197: Ten Li Palace

Chapter 198: Deliberately Causing Trouble

Chapter 199: My name is Mu Yi

Chapter 200: Black Dragon Taoist pries

Chapter 201: Terrifying Flames!

Chapter 202: The Mystery of the Imperial Jade Seal!

Chapter 203: The Mystery Imperial Jade Seal

Chapter 204: Obtaining The Imperial Jade Seal

Chapter 205: Mysterious Man’s Social Status

Chapter 206: Leng Yu

Chapter 207: The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag

Chapter 208: The Curtain Finally Falls

Chapter 209: Mo Xiao Yu’s Apology

Chapter 210: I Accep

Chapter 211

Chapter 212: The Four Great Envoys of the Flag

Chapter 213: No Need

Chapter 214: Broken And Fixed

Chapter 215: Great Gift!

Chapter 216: Public Wrath

Chapter 217: Troubles Lie Ahead

Chapter 218: Major Obstacle!

Chapter 219: Plots Behind the Stage

Chapter 220: Falling Through and Getting Exposed!

Chapter 221 Peach Blossom stained with blood 1

Chapter 222.Peach Blossom stained with blood 2

Chapter 223 Peach blossom stained with blood 3

Chapter 224 Peach Blossom Stained with Blood 4

Chapter 226 Peach blossom Stained with Blood 7

Chapter 227 Peach Blossom Stained with Blood 6

Chapter 228 Peach Blossom Stained with Blood 9-end

Chapter 229 Aftermath Storm

Chapter 230 Strange

Chapter 231 Who Was Scheming?

Chapter 232 Miraculous Brightness

Chapter 233 Assassination

Chapter 234 Ghost Nine

Chapter 235 Hell

Chapter 236 Traps

Chapter 237 Arrival of an old friend

Chapter 238 Unity of Man and heaven

Chapter 239 Success

Chapter 240 Great Increase in Strength

Chapter 241 Six First-class Experts

Chapter 242 Seven Grades in the First-class Realm

Chapter 243 One Two Three Four Five

Chapter 244 One Move

Chapter 245 True and False Ghost 4

Chapter 246 True and False Ghost Four Continued

Chapter 247 Lamp Oil

Chapter 248 Eyes in the Dark

Chapter 249 Figh

Chapter 250 four old monsters

Chapter 251 entering the tomb

Chapter 252 Three corpses

Chapter 253 Killing weird corpse

Chapter 254 Danger and Nature

Chapter 255 Rebirth

Chapter 256 A Dead End of Qian Butong

Chapter 257 the Third Chakra

Chapter 258 Departure Nanming Li Fire

Chapter 259 Fire

Chapter 260 Taming

Chapter 261 Opening the Gate

Chapter 262 A Glance

Chapter 263 the Three-Footed Golden Toad

Chapter 264 Three Treasure Lamps

Chapter 265 Passing On from Generation to Generation

Chapter 266 The Second Three-Footed Golden Toad

Chapter 267 Opening of The Golden Coffin

Chapter 268 Escape

Chapter 269 The Top of the Second Difficulty

Chapter 270 Escape to Heaven

Chapter 271 Blood Sucking in Succession

Chapter 272 The First Jade Box

Chapter 273 Impartation

Chapter 274 Wang Tieniu Killing

Chapter 275 Admission

Chapter 276 Real Combat of Wang Tieniu

Chapter 277 Awards

Chapter 278 Representation of Zombies

Chapter 279 Five Dragons’ Spirit Enriching Method

Chapter 280 Talen

Chapter 281 Wang Tieniu’s Ambition

Chapter 282 Leaving

Chapter 283 Meeting the Lady

Chapter 284 The First Change Of Hear

Chapter 285 Who is the man?

Chapter 286 The Thousand Sound Temple

Chapter 287 The Thousand Sound Temple 2

Chapter 288 The Truth

Chapter 289 A Story

Chapter 290 The disaster of loss

Chapter 291 Comprehension at Nigh

Chapter 292 Entering the Tower

Chapter 293 Ten Thousand Ghosts Bound

Chapter 294 Awakening — Nanming Li Fire

Chapter 295 the Highest Peak in the World

Chapter 296 Your Choice

Chapter 297 The Battle without Right or Wrong

Chapter 298 The Right to Choose

Chapter 299 Two Options

Chapter 300 Back to Cangzhou City

Chapter 301 Tree demon

Chapter 302 Cold Rain

Chapter 303 In the Unseen World

Chapter 304 Night Visit to Messy Cemetery

Chapter 305 Capture the Fierce Ghos

Chapter 306 Fighting Against the Top Fierce Ghos