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Author: Immortal Iron Bull

Latest update: 04-07-2020 14:00

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Description Catching arrows, running up walls, crushing boulders and bending metal, these are but petty parlour tricks in the eyes of a true martial artist. But where can a martial artist stand in an era of material pursuit? Join Wang Yu, the greatest martial genius the world has ever seen, as he takes on the gaming world of “Rebirth”, where dragons, demons and immortals are more than just legends. 网游之我是武学家

Table of contents - MMORPG Martial Gamer

Chapter 1: A Martial Artist’s Plight

Chapter 2: Joining a Gold Farming Studio

Chapter 3: Trash Job

Chapter 4: Independent Mode

Chapter 5: Slaying Wolves

Chapter 6: I’m a Martial Artist

Chapter 7: Encounter with Bandits

Chapter 8: 100% Dodge Rate

Chapter 9: Heaven Defying Strength

Chapter 10: First Bucket of Gold

Chapter 11: System Upgrade

Chapter 12: A Man’s Responsibility

Chapter 13: The Crazed Forum

Chapter 14: The Hidden Job’s Trial

Chapter 15: An Unfair Advantage

Chapter 16: Is He Retarded?

Chapter 17: Legendary Dusk Bandit --Wharton

Chapter 18: The Legendary Fast Break

Chapter 19: Killing With A Borrowed Blade

Chapter 20: Wharton’s Head

Chapter 21: Breaking The Game’s Balance

Chapter 22: Joining The Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 23: I'm Afraid I'll Accidentally Beat You To Death

Chapter 24: Uncommon Skill

Chapter 25: Duel

Chapter 26: Friends

Chapter 27: Scourge Of The Dusk

Chapter 28: Glory Of The Martial Artist

Chapter 29: Big Trouble

Chapter 30: No Need To Thank Me!

Chapter 31: Seal the doors! Kill Iron Bull!

Chapter 32: A Huge Scandal

Chapter 33: Why Won’t You Just Die!

Chapter 34: We’ll Fight Until You’re Satisfied

Chapter 35: It’s Nothing To Admit You’re Scared, What’s Important Is Who You’re Admitting It For!

Chapter 36: Bounty Time! Unrelated People Please F**k Off!

Chapter 37: Looking For A Guardian

Chapter 38: Preparing For Battle

Chapter 39: The Following Discussion Is Not Directed At Any Guild

Chapter 40: The Perfect Terrain

Chapter 41: Battle!

Chapter 42: No More True Damage

Chapter 43: Bloody Vengeance

Chapter 44: Ming Du’s Slappable Face

Chapter 45: Complete Victory!

Chapter 46: The Most Shameless Guild

Chapter 47: The Most Fearsome Guild

Chapter 48: I’ll Crush Your Skull

Chapter 49: Hidden Quest

Chapter 50: The System’s Thought Process

Chapter 51: Adrenaline

Chapter 52: Killing You Isn’t That Hard

Chapter 53: Dishonest Boss And Shameless Wang Yu

Chapter 54: Then I'll Just Have To Kill You All!

Chapter 55: Arrogance

Chapter 56: Dare To Bet Dare To Lose

Chapter 57: Recipe

Chapter 58: Don't Worry, I'm Here Now

Chapter 59: As Long As I Can Be With You

Chapter 60: Glorious Martial Arts

Chapter 61: Elite Dungeon

Chapter 62: Just Do Whatever You Want!

Chapter 63: Hell Hound Gasol

Chapter 64: Ground Fist

Chapter 65: Hell Queen Andrea

Chapter 66: Transforming Boss

Chapter 67: I Want to Touch

Chapter 68: Let Them Understand

Chapter 69: I Don’t Have Time For Trash

Chapter 70: If you really want to act so tough, then you better have the balls to finish your act!

Chapter 71: Legacy Road

Chapter 72: I Doubt The Integrity Of All NPCs!

Chapter 73: Soul Of Darkness

Chapter 74: I'm Not Running Because I'm Scared!

Chapter 75: Boson’s Springtime Of Youth

Chapter 76: Nian

Chapter 77: Kill Steal

Chapter 78: Because Of You

Chapter 79: The Unobtainable Musket

Chapter 80: Nian Boss

Chapter 81: Nian's Weakness

Chapter 82: Taking Advantage Of The Terrain

Chapter 83: A Sky Full Of Fireworks

Chapter 84: Sunset Warboots

Chapter 85: Sanguine Gangster

Chapter 86: Dusk Quarry

Chapter 87: The Weak Are Definitely Wrong!

Chapter 88: Monster House

Chapter 89: The Hunter In The Shadows

Chapter 90: Low Grade Engineering

Chapter 91: Found You!

Chapter 92: Simple, We’ll Fight Them Head On

Chapter 93: You Can’t Beat The Local Tyrant

Chapter 94: Run

Chapter 95: Descent of Chaos

Chapter 96: Who Can Even Stop me?

Chapter 97: What A Mess

Chapter 98: Bull One, Bull Two

Chapter 99: Devious Guild

Chapter 100: Familiar Faces

Chapter 101: Blood Dragon God

Chapter 102: The Nearly Perfect Boss

Chapter 103: Prediction

Chapter 104: Open Goal

Chapter 105: Inhuman Monster

Chapter 106: Dragon Slayer

Chapter 107: Faction

Chapter 108: What A Coincidence

Chapter 109: Notre Dame Cathedral

Chapter 110: Mark Of The Martial God

Chapter 111: Occult Crystal

Chapter 112: Technomagic Cartridge

Chapter 113: Because God Needs Me

Chapter 114: I Don't Even Know You Ok?

Chapter 115: Losing Face

Chapter 116: Bare Handed Weapon Stealing

Chapter 117: Wait For Success

Chapter 118: It's Not You Anyway

Chapter 119: Holy Knights

Chapter 120: I Believe In My Fists More

Chapter 121: Pain In The Ass

Chapter 122: A Shameless Battle

Chapter 123: Without Lifting A Finger

Chapter 124: How Should We Fight The Boss

Chapter 125: Wanted By All

Chapter 126: Don’t Worry, Help Is On The Way

Chapter 127: Sowing Discord

Chapter 128: Escape

Chapter 129: Escaping from Vatican City

Chapter 130: Defiant Tiger

Chapter 131: I Just Need To Run Faster Than You

Chapter 132: Mystic Snare

Chapter 133: The Origin Of Refining

Chapter 134: Fighting Zeus

Chapter 135: Eight Trigrams Roaming Dragon Palm

Chapter 136: Sin City

Chapter 137: Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place

Chapter 138: Despicable Scum

Chapter 139: Opposing Quests

Chapter 140: Making A Deal With The Rich Young Masters

Chapter 141: Ambush

Chapter 142: A Provoked Ming Du

Chapter 143: Dark Scorpion King

Chapter 144: The Weird Saber

Chapter 145: Dual Blade Master Iron Bull

Chapter 146: It’s Just Trash Anyway

Chapter 147: Deterrence

Chapter 148: Don’t Let Him Put On His Clothes

Chapter 149: A Passable Lightning Wizard

Chapter 150: Help Has Arrived

Chapter 151: City of Darkness

Chapter 152: Burial Site

Chapter 153: A Three Way Battle

Chapter 154: Making Every Second Count

Chapter 155: Factions and Friendships

Chapter 156: Exiled Disciple

Chapter 157: Opening A Store

Chapter 158: A Young Man’s Problem

Chapter 159: Title Deed Acquisition Quest

Chapter 160: Gathering Numbers

Chapter 161: A Familiar Figure

Chapter 162: He’s Part Of The Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 163: Twenty Members

Chapter 164: Do You Dare To Fight Me?

Chapter 165: Don’t look Down On Anyone In The Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 166: Too Much Trouble! Just Clear them All At Once

Chapter 167: Undying Knight

Chapter 168: Just Do Whatever You Want!

Chapter 169: Disrupt His Skill!

Chapter 170: The Cugel’s Area Of Control

Chapter 171: Assimilation Skill

Chapter 172: A Difficult Boss

Chapter 173: Kiting

Chapter 174: Unlucky Vainglory

Chapter 175: Foreboding

Chapter 176: Boss With A High IQ

Chapter 177: Scheming Boss

Chapter 178: Someone Even More Shameless Than The Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 179: I Won’t Let Them Live It Down

Chapter 180: How Does It Feel?

Chapter 181: Gentlemen Fearless???

Chapter 182: Hidden Room Under The Church

Chapter 183: The Quan Zhen Sect’s Special Formation

Chapter 184: The Terrifying Heart Manipulation

Chapter 185: Would You Believe Me If I Told You I Taught Myself?

Chapter 186: Reversed Martial Arts

Chapter 187: Nebulous Sphere

Chapter 188: Perfect Clear

Chapter 189: True Colours

Chapter 190: Evasion Skill

Chapter 191: I’m An Actor

Chapter 192: The True Villain

Chapter 193: The Formal Agreement

Chapter 194: A Storm Is Approaching

Chapter 195: Blacksmith Wang Yu

Chapter 196: Chasing Perfection

Chapter 197: Draconic Set

Chapter 198: The Real Culprit

Chapter 199: New Year’s Eve Dinner

Chapter 200: Unreliable Father

Chapter 201: A Safe Place

Chapter 202: The Slippery Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 203: Miraculous Rooftop

Chapter 204: Requesting Help

Chapter 205: Working Together

Chapter 206: Mrs Bull's Convenience Store

Chapter 207: Ambushed

Chapter 208: Drastic Measures

Chapter 209: One Still Remains

Chapter 210: The Most Terrifying Player In The Quan Zhen Sect

Chapter 211: A Present For Pure Lands

Chapter 212: Blackmail

Chapter 213: We Are The Law

Chapter 214: Event Points

Chapter 215: Event Reward

Chapter 216: The Cheap Stuff Are Absolute Trash!

Chapter 217: This Is Not How You Advertise

Chapter 218: The Real Number One

Chapter 219: Sanguine Warflag’s Troubles

Chapter 220: Experts From A Studio

Chapter 221: The Monopoly In The Game

Chapter 222: Avoiding It

Chapter 223: There’s Skill Involved In A One Wave Attack

Chapter 224: Dodge It If You Can’t Block It…...

Chapter 225: Bullying Dumb Bosses Is the Best

Chapter 226: Seven Points To Strike A Snake

Chapter 227: I Have Priority

Chapter 228: Enemy In The Air

Chapter 229: Tricked

Chapter 230: Suicidal Fighting Style

Chapter 231: Pet

Chapter 232: V-Shaped Formation

Chapter 233: Snake Queen Angela

Chapter 234: Total Collapse

Chapter 235: Backbiting Blade

Chapter 236: A Predicament

Chapter 237: What Is That Weapon?

Chapter 238: Angela’s Curse

Chapter 239: Simba’s Pen-Ruler

Chapter 240: Spring-rain Pavillion

Chapter 241: Nian Liuyun

Chapter 242: I’ll Allow You To Call Me Uncle Bull

Chapter 243: Substitution

Chapter 244: Sorry My Hand Slipped

Chapter 245: A Guild Leader’s Woes

Chapter 246: The Same Move

Chapter 247: Tricked

Chapter 248: Scenario Dungeon

Chapter 249: Wordplay

Chapter 250: Taking Advantage Of The NPCs

Chapter 251: The Pugilist That Surpasses The Legends

Chapter 252: Intense Battle

Chapter 253: We Just Need One Of Us to Survive!

Chapter 254: There He Goes

Chapter 255: No Rest Until He’s Dead

Chapter 256: Mistaken To the Very End

Chapter 257: They Must Be Punished

Chapter 258: Because I’m Trouble!

Chapter 259: Deliberately Causing Trouble

Chapter 260: Dark Past

Chapter 261: I Will Never Forgive Someone That Embarrassed Me

Chapter 262: Commission

Chapter 263: Pricing Expert

Chapter 264: Simba’s Leather Blueprint

Chapter 265: Player to Monster Ratio

Chapter 266: Fearless’ Defence Strategy

Chapter 267: Trigram Formation

Chapter 268: Disposition of Quan Zhen Sect Members

Chapter 269: Unafraid of Adversities.

Chapter 270: Individual Breakthroughs

Chapter 271: Honoured Experience Points

Chapter 272: Chapter 272: Imminent Peril

Chapter 273: The Main Gate Falls

Chapter 274: Wang Yu’s in Danger

Chapter 275: Screwing Angela

Chapter 276: Rest in Peace, Angela

Chapter 277: Book of Sealing

Chapter 278: Hidden Defence Quest

Chapter 279: The End of Defence.

Chapter 280: Big Project

Chapter 281: Back-up Plan

Chapter 282: The choice of Faction.

Chapter 283: Rolling Mario

Chapter 284: Wang Yu’s abandonment.

Chapter 285: Neutral Faction

Chapter 286: Elf Queen’s Trial

Chapter 287: Compass

Chapter 288: Gnome Wolf Knights

Chapter 289: Team Storm

Chapter 290: Hidden Dungeon Quest --------- Wonderland Forest

Chapter 291: The terrifying Pickpocket.

Chapter 292: Who’s the real thief?

Chapter 293: Alice’s Letter of Recommendation

Chapter 294: Shops in the Hidden Dungeon.

Chapter 295: Hidden Dungeons are full of treasures.

Chapter 296: Master Swordsman, Golden Goblin

Chapter 297: The best countermeasure against a dexterity type boss is to stop its movements.

Chapter 298: Ancient Grade Skill

Chapter 299: Stone Golem King

Chapter 300: Shoot its head

Chapter 301: 2 and a half dollars

Chapter 302: The Dungeon’s Final Reward

Chapter 303: Trashy or Godly?

Chapter 304: Fire Dragon’s Pistol

Chapter 305: Faction System Activated

Chapter 306: The Update Period

Chapter 307: Beautiful Sister-in-law

Chapter 308: Various types of Talents.

Chapter 309: The game between Fearless and Daybreak Studio

Chapter 310: New Contents

Chapter 311: Goddess of Luck

Chapter 312: God is a joker

Chapter 313: Get Wrecked

Chapter 314: Scheme

Chapter 315: Product of Fearless’ Bonding

Chapter 316: The Strong Dominate the Weak

Chapter 317: The First Strike On The Boss

Chapter 318: Peerless Dominator’s Scheme

Chapter 319: Teaching You How to Fight A Boss

Chapter 320: Taking Advantage Of The Situation

Chapter 321: Who’s More Overpowered Than Who?

Chapter 322: Splitting The Spoils

Chapter 323: Valuable Top Tier Equipment

Chapter 324: PVP Arena

Chapter 325: The Pugilist Who Can Perform One Hit KOs

Chapter 326: The Best Counter For Pugilists

Chapter 327: I’m In A Rush

Chapter 328: I’ll Be Back Soon

Chapter 329: Traps and Ambushes

Chapter 330: The Same Attack Won’t Hit Me Twice

Chapter 331: The Team That Came Out Of Nowhere

Chapter 332: Grinding for PVP Points Like Crazy

Chapter 333: Twilight Temple

Chapter 334: Making Up The Numbers Again

Chapter 335: Are We Really Attempting A Hell Tier Dungeon?

Chapter 336: Fallen Holy Beetle

Chapter 337: It’s Just That Simple And Violent

Chapter 338: The Terrifying Dung Beetle

Chapter 339: Where Is The BOSS’ Breakthrough

Chapter 340: Blessing of the God of Sunset Light

Chapter 341: Shield Of Sunset Light

Chapter 342: Traps

Chapter 343: A Bunch Of OP Players

Chapter 344: Pope of Sunset Light, Harriot

Chapter 345: Is It Martial Arts Or Skilled Movement?

Chapter 346: Sacrificed Beings

Chapter 347: Sunset Light Sanguine

Chapter 348: Where's the BOSS?

Chapter 349: Do You Know The Leap Of The Clouds?

Chapter 350: Fly, Fly Proudly

Chapter 351: Sanguine Hunter

Chapter 352: The Wretched BOSS!

Chapter 353: The Servant Sanguine Hunter

Chapter 354: The Strongest Duo in History

Chapter 355: The End of the Battle

Chapter 356: Two BOSSES With Bountiful Output

Chapter 357: Two People Set

Chapter 358: Lecherous

Chapter 359: A Woman Troubles Another Woman

Chapter 360: Since You Won’t This Old Man Get Up The Bed, Then You Will Come Down

Chapter 361: The Seemingly Drunk Wang Yu

Chapter 362: After You

Chapter 363: **** Technique

Chapter 364: Wine Immortal Skill

Chapter 365: Targeted

Chapter 366: Suspicion of a Grinder

Chapter 367: You Know Nothing!

Chapter 368: Husband and Wife Squad

Chapter 369: I Am Looking For Yellow River and Seaward Flows

Chapter 370: All Men

Chapter 371: The Strength of Professional Squad

Chapter 372: No Proper Recognition For One’s Talent

Chapter 373: A Surprise Visitor

Chapter 374: I’m F*cked!

Chapter 375: Surveying The Market

Chapter 376: Fraudulent Smelting

Chapter 377: A Mysterious Pretentious Prick

Chapter 378: To Pay A Home Visit

Chapter 379: A Pugilist’s True Fighting Style

Chapter 380: An Invite From Land Of Imperial Power

Chapter 381: I Like My Freedom

Chapter 382: Ambush

Chapter 383: Killing Their Way Out

Chapter 384: Let’s Take The Ferris Wheel Together

Chapter 385: Trap

Chapter 386: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Chapter 387: Are You Scared?

Chapter 388: Hidden Quest

Chapter 389: Biological Weapon

Chapter 390: Chain Quest

Chapter 391: Guild Treasure

Chapter 392: Mutual Benefits

Chapter 393: Jade Beauty

Chapter 394: Every Second Count

Chapter 395: Treacherous Fearless

Chapter 396: Non-harmonious Voices

Chapter 397: Fearless’ Miscalculations

Chapter 398: High Grade Recovery Medicine Formula

Chapter 399: The Desperate Daybreak Studio

Chapter 400: Sunset Swamp

Chapter 401: The Arrogant Feng Yun Guild

Chapter 402: Conqueror

Chapter 403: A Frog Has Entered The Water

Chapter 404: Frog Emperor’s Heart

Chapter 405: Vainglory Was Killed

Chapter 406: Ming Du’s Occupational Disease

Chapter 407: Walking Into A Heavy Ambush

Chapter 408: Have You Heard Of The Story Of The Mantis Stalking The Cicada?

Chapter 409: Professional Ambushers

Chapter 410: Peculiar Feng Yun Guild

Chapter 411: Luring The Tiger Out Of The Mountain

Chapter 412: Doing Back Unto Them

Chapter 413: Safely Leaving

Chapter 414: The Difficult Headquarters

Chapter 415: Feng Yun Guild’s Killing Machine

Chapter 416: Defence Collapses

Chapter 417: Killing Machine VS Killing Machine

Chapter 418: Reclaiming The Situation. Fighting Till The End.

Chapter 419: How To Charge Out?

Chapter 420: A Technical Loophole

Chapter 421: Negotiation

Chapter 422: You Got Yourself Into Big Trouble

Chapter 423: The Precious Job Change Token

Chapter 424: Acupuncture Skills

Chapter 425: The First Ten to Enter

Chapter 426: Old Enemies

Chapter 427: Combined Party

Chapter 428: The First MT

Chapter 429: Lone Vagrant Guest

Chapter 430: Wealthy Individual

Chapter 431: Could He Be The Great God Of This Game?

Chapter 432: Dusk Mountain Goblin

Chapter 433: Assassin “One Page Book”

Chapter 434: Compulsory Quest

Chapter 435: Heart Of Darkness Quest

Chapter 436: Assassin Lyon

Chapter 437: The Choice Between Power and Justice

Chapter 438: White Bones Altar

Chapter 439: Quest Or Trap

Chapter 440: Concept Changing Assassin

Chapter 441: Troublesome BOSS

Chapter 442: Phoenix From The Ashes

Chapter 443: The Heart’s Location

Chapter 444: The True Power of An Ancient BOSS

Chapter 445: Plentiful Rewards

Chapter 446: The Precious Job Change Token

Chapter 447: Acupuncture Skills

Chapter 448: The First Ten to Enter

Chapter 449: Old Enemies

Chapter 450: Combined Party

Chapter 451: The Greatest MT

Chapter 452: Dual Air Seeker Strike

Chapter 453: Tension

Chapter 454: Bones of Revival

Chapter 455: The Correct Way of Passing Through

Chapter 456: The Pitiful Thunderlord

Chapter 428: Dwotong and Tianji!

Chapter 457: Fool

Chapter 458: The Weird Attributes of The Eagle Riding Demonic Ape

Chapter 459: To Shoot The Beast

Chapter 460: The Bees' Nest

Chapter 461: Capture The Key

Chapter 462: Mounted Eagle Ape King

Chapter 463: Land Vs Air Tactics

464 A Nameless Intelligent NPC

465 The Ape King’s Secre

466 Trajectory

467 The Raging Crowd

468 The Selfless Brother Fearless

469 Peculiar Plateau

470 The Appearance of the Hidden Stage

471 The Ugliest Creature

472 A Parasite With an Appetite

473 Disgusting Monster

474 Splitting Up

475 The Lost Pugilists

476 Queen Parasite

477 Pugilists Finding Their Way

478 Irritating Crowd Control Skill

479 Parasite Eggs Disaster

480 Gastric Acid

481 Insect Tribe Killer

482 Stage’s Rewards

483 Purifying Magic

484 The Law of Conservation of Energy

485 The Heart Of Darkness That Flew Away

486 King of Killers Reinald

487 Sixth Apostle, Cassa

488 The Extremely Powerful Sixth Apostle

489 I Will Take Him On

490 Sidestepping

491 The Other Side

492 Breakthrough

493 The Raging Wang Yu

494 The Naive Thunderlord

495 A Token

496 Double Standard Fearless

497 Selling Strategy

498 Fickle Forum

499 Mount System

500 Personal Mount and Competitor

501 Peculiar Airship

502 Popular Nian Liuyun

503 I Am Here Again

504 Zeus’ Challenge Again

505 Extremely Intense 15 Seconds

506 Hidden Lurker Playing With The Rules

507 Sacred Snow Lotus

508 Nian Liuyun's Weird Skill

509 The PVP Specialis

510 Hidden Lurker's Unchanging Personality

511 To Deceive

512 Just You Wai

513 A Good Show

514 Old Grievance

515 A Battle Between Martial Artists

516 The Useless Nian Liuyun

517 Frenzied and Ridiculous Woman

518 Higher, Faster, Stronger

519 Hidden Quests Are Lies

520 Be Face-conscious And You Have Los

521 Messiah’s Familiarity

522 An Astonishing Archer

523 The Final Battle Level

524 Let Me Introduce You To Something More Fun

525 Shameless Tornadoes

526 Interrup

527 Qing Gong’s Sick Attributes

528 Chick Magnet Wang Yu

529 The Source of the Quan Zhen Sect’s Evil

530 The Most Despicable Man In History

531 Ferocious Beastly Old Man

532 Arrogant Name

533 Family Matters!

534 Family Matters 2

535 Ming Du’s Se

536 Light of Enticemen

537 Hidden Outfit Attributes

538 Competitor

539 United Alliance’s Weakness

540 The Plan to Replace The Original With A Fake

541 Shattered Conviction

542 All's Fair In War

543 Hidden Lurker's Taunting Skill

544 Too Strong

545 Life and Death Struggle

546 The Irresponsible Nine Solitary Spears

547 We Just Have To Wait For A Hero

548 Lost In My Trap

549 Brought An Entire Barrack Of Guards To Wipe Out The City

550 A Battle With An Exper

551 Hidden Lurker's Final Try

552 Thunderlord Block and Nian Liuyun's Teamwork

553 I Might Go A Bit Overboard With My Attacks

554 The Lost Item

555 Guild’s Beast Spiri

556 Loudspeaker of the Server

557 Hidden Lurker’s Lifeblood

558 How To Use The Key

559 The Unusual Accoun

560 This Isn’t External Modification, This Is True Abilities!

561 Clues of Atlanta

562 The Most Knowledgeable NPC

563 Willing To Die For Money

564 Hidden Lurker’s Ques

565 Berserk Heavenlaw’s Shield Formation

566 Becoming Passive

567 Surrounded by the Enemy

568 No Way Ou

569 An Ambush in the Fores

570 The Disunited United Alliance

571 Prey

572 Who Is The Predator?

573 The Invisible Enemy

574 Panic At The Slightest Move

575 An Ambush That Was Impossible To Defend

576 All's Fair In War

577 The Enemy Advances, We Retrea

578 Controlled Time Offline

579 Swooping In

580 Take Over Ironcliff Fortress

581 A Panicking Hidden Lurker

582 The Only Por

583 Ambush

584 Fearless' "Strategy"

585 Causing Trouble

586 Frontier Invasion War

587 Large Disparity in Strength

588 Homeless Exile

589 The Quan Zhen Sect That Returns Good For Evil

590 Lonely Hidden Lurker

591 Do You Know How Many is Two Hundred Seventy Thousand People?

592 Whoever Crosses This Line, Dies!

593 The End of the Unformidable Crossbow

594 The Brainless Human Wave Attack

595 A BUG That is Not A BUG

596 The Dungeon Quest That Cannot Be Completed

597 “Exposed”

598 The Drop Rate of a Large Scale Hidden Dungeon

599 Since There is No Door, We are Left with the Sky

600 The Ultimate BOSS Hidden High-Up

601 Odd BOSS

602 Holy Sparkle

603 The Unexpected Gap

604 Power of Puppe

605 Rather Die Than Suffer Losses

606 Neighbours Who Can't Agree Lose Out To a Third Party

607 Do Not Have Any Fantasy Towards The System's Integrity

608 An Extreme Sidestep That Disregards The Agility Computation

609 Wang Yu's Unique Fighting Style

610 Heart-Aching Dungeon Rewards

611 A Letter

612 A Favour to Ask For

613 Atlanta’s Background Story

614 Speaking About Shamelessness

615 Berserk Thunder City’s Librarian

616 The Prophecy of Atlanta

617 Another Hidden Quest Chain

618 The Best of Both Worlds Idea

619 A Deal

620 Fearless’ Condition

621 Berserk Heavenlaw's Small Tricks

622 Young Wizard Reynolds

623 Cutting Up A Mountain With One Sword

624 Two-Pronged

625 Couldn't Find Regis

626 Tower Defense Game

627 The Holy Knights’ Formation

628 Time Travel

629 Holy Defenders

630 Not Given? Let’s Snatch

631 The Fella Fresher Than Seafood

632 Difficult Regis

633 Wang Yu's Swift Incision

634 State Of Anticipation

635 Touch Him After Pulling Out His Shir

636 Unknown Fragmen

637 The Value of Fragmen

638 God of Puppets

639 Withstand!

640 Hinder Strikeback

641 Wang Yu's Tempo

642 Do Not Casually Interrupt A Battle Between Experts

643 The Person Who Can Control The Tempo, Controls The Attack

644 Shield Of God

645 The God of Puppets Who Dropped Peak Grade Items

646 Holy Sparkle

647 Wang Yu’s Time and Energy

648 What to Do With the Fragments

649 The Sixth Fragmen

650 Quest Reward

651 System Update

652 New Realm

653 Mu Zi Xian’s Rage

654 Gym Card

655 Update Complete

656 Sanguine Warflag's Invitation

657 Deciding On The Squad

658 Illustrious Name

659 Fruits Stall

660 To Be Precise, This Is A Chicken

661 Instinctively Taking Advantage of the Situation

662 Sinister Beast Summoning

663 Dusk Magical Ape

664 Stilts

665 How to Differentiate Genders?

666 Wretched Game Designer

667 The Real BOSS

668 I Can Defeat You In Three Minutes

669 Block Instead of Dodge

670 Ballistic Doak

671 Digging into the Loophole

672 Beast-taming Skill

673 A Valiant Uninvited Gues

674 Wang Yu Was Killed

675 A Complete Wipe-Ou

676 Get To The Bottom Of I

677 Yearning To Be Famous, Void Blade

678 Enemies In The Dark

679 Why Are You Courting Disaster?

680 The Best Boss In The Scene

681 Fist Of Heaven

682 Famous Idio

683 Strong Fist of Heaven

684 Passive To Active

685 Catching An Enemy Off Guard With A Surprise Attack

686 The Tides Have Turned

687 Able to Advance, Able to Retrea

688 Fight Fire With Fire

689 Sanguine Rain’s Plan

690 Spring Halo’s Calculations

691 That’s Right, I Am The Reinforcemen

692 One Man Is Enough

693 Untitled

694 Sanguine Warflag Taking Advantage Of The Situation

695 Are You Quan Zhen Sect Or A Gang?

696 To Spend Or Not, That is the Question

697 No Way Ou

698 We Are Giving You Our Headquarters!

699 Quan Zhen Sect’s Final Tactic!

700 Scary Psychological Warfare

701 Beat Somebody At Their Own Game

702 Sudden Change

703 Breaking Through Guarded Encirclemen

704 The Heart Of Killing

705 Sit Down And Have A Talk

706 Grow Only With Peace

707 The Desperate Student Wang Yu

708 Looking For A Way To Repair His Weapon

709 Moon Facing Bill

710 Rare Material!

711 A Murder Of Crows

712 Peak Of Perfection

713 Collaboration

714 Herb Garden

715 Peculiar Astray Ghos

716 Clover Assassin

717 Disappearance Of The Monsters

718 Terrifying Earth Elemental Technique

719 Reserve Player

720 Wang Yu's Attacks

721 Ice Ground

722 Player That Spends Lifespan

723 Surveillance!!

724 Eyeball Grass

725 Quadruple Jump

726 Easily Passed

727 The Scary Stage Three

728 The Fairy Deity’s Three Guards

729 Scary Pincer Attack

730 Situation Stabilized

731 Happiness Came So Suddenly

732 Savage Wang Yu

733 The Art of Whipping and Binding

734 The Terrifying Flora Deity

735 The Final Move

736 Half Step Crushing Fis

737 Finally Dead

738 Deity’s Green Field

739 Treasure Ches

740 Peak Of Perfection’s Gif

741 Untitled

742 Might Be A High-Level Blacksmith

743 Mode of Forging

744 The “Divine Smith” Whose Practice Made Perfec

745 Reforge

746 Choba 345

747 The Birth of a Miracle

748 Enthusiastic Quan Zhen Sec

749 Mediator

750 Flying Sky Fortress

751 Order

752 Strange Warrior

753 Someone Cannot Stop Acting Like A Pretentious Prick

754 Kicking Down The Pavillion

755 Meeting One’s Match

756 Generational Grandmaster

757 Team Selection

758 Going Home

759 Wang Yu’s Mother

760 The Life We Wanted

761 As Parents

762 Pity On Every Paren

763 Parochialism

764 An Epic Step

765 Publicising With A Plan

766 New Comrade

767 Team Leader

768 Boring Competition

769 Hidden Title

770 Avoiding The Importan

771 Homeground Map

772 Shameless

773 Counter-kill

774 Sincerely and Convincingly

775 Random Ques

776 An Unfillable Hole

777 Reading Expressions

778 Despicable Inner Demon

779 Passed the Round

780 Team Raptor

781 Dragging One’s Fee

782 The Most Aggressive Team

783 Two Opposing Tigers

784 Bridge

785 Pitiful Vainglory

786 Lose the Battle but Win the War

787 Frost Blade’s Battle Strategy

788 A Battle Between Warriors

789 Boson’s Vicious Counter Attack

790 A Tough Battle

791 Fearless’ Craftiness

792 Tracking With The Wind

793 Full HP Kill

794 Victorious

795 A Scary Team

796 Semi-finals

797 Team Satan

798 Not Just An Habitual Narcissis

799 A Normal Opponen

800 A Dangerous Girl

801 Job Well Done

802 Despicable Li Ming Du

803 The Defeated Boson

804 King Kong Martial Reveren

805 Fallacious Match

806 Fighting Requires Brain

807 Beating Somebody At Their Own Game

808 The Brave Ambiligh

809 Melee Archer

810 Ray of Moonligh

811 A Refreshing Battle

812 PVP Match’s Map

813 Earth-shattering

814 Broken Bridge

815 Cruel

816 Karma Comes Sooner Or Later

817 Baffling Team Satan

818 A Bunch Of B*stards

819 Beating To Death

820 Accusation

821 To Fall Headlong

822 The Arena Was Too Slippery

823 The Method To Defeat The Opponen

824 The Incredible Shield

825 Counting On You, Going Offline For A While

826 Blind Wang Yu

827 The Evil We Bring On Ourselves Are The Hardest To Bear

828 You Are Easy To Bully

829 We Were Upholding Justice

830 Snatch Equipmen

831 Steal Pillage Kill

832 The Shield of Yellow Crane Tower

833 Reinforcements Arrived!

834 Wicked Person

835 Good and Evil Have Their Respective Judgements

836 Harming Oneself

837 God-Like Exper

838 Wilted Old Tree is a Liar?

839 The Third Road

840 Going Away

841 Martial Yin Yang’s Wrath

842 Counterattack

843 Harbouring Errant Thoughts

844 No Interes

845 Ostentatious Customers

846 Willing to Gamble

847 Strength of a Big Guild

848 Grandmaster Liar

849 The Dignity of a Warrior

850 Killing a Hundred Men!

851 Killer Move!

852 Break Out Of Strong Siege

853 Helper

854 Condition

855 Fish On The Chopping Board

856 Fearless’ Plan

857 Captain Don’t Open Fire’s Reques

858 Realm

859 Precious Membership Card

860 Kindred Spirits

861 Martial Arts

862 Practicing the Realm

863 For Martial Arts

864 Captain Don’t Open Fire’s Mind Games

865 Welfare

866 The Most Disgusting BOSS On Earth

867 Cruel Red Devil

868 The Sad Life Of The BOSS

869 Greedy Ghost Shield

870 Inner Armour

871 Underground Stone Room

872 Fearless’ Wave of Attack

873 Door Guard BOSS

874 Do You Dare To Answer Me If I Call You?

875 Undefeatable “Silver Horn”

876 Untitled

877 Hardly Responding

878 Ancient Grade Shield Of God

879 A Small Monster With A Big Move

880 Eliminating Differences

881 Taking Advantage Of Everyone

882 A Big Mess of Porridge

883 Revenge of the Gods

884 Guardian God Mai Lun

885 A Battered God Official

886 Mai Lun’s Speedy Growth

887 The Cruel Wang Yu

888 The Last Sacrifice

889 The Last Resor

890 Fella Who Wanted To Listen To Songs

891 Being Played

892 Treasure Hunter Goblin

893 The Real Way To Defeat Treasure Hunter Goblin

894 One Can Only Grow With Experience

895 Covenant Altar

896 Immemorial Covenan

897 Sharing the Booty

898 Civil Servan

899 A Long-Lost Book

900 City Lord Trial Mission

901 We Meet Again, Wharton

902 The Real Wharton

903 Obvious Weakness

904 The Black-hearted City Lord

905 Mission Clues

906 Taking Things Slow Has Its Advantages

907 Fraudulent Ques

908 Buried in the White Bones Altar

909 The Terrible Undead Army

910 Trial Passed

911 Looking for the Administrator Seal

912 Competitors

913 Dressing up as Woman

914 A Letter

915 Luring The Snake Out Of Hiding

916 Stealing The Wrong Seal

917 Can You Give Me A Ques

918 Wang Yu, The Quick-witted Studen

919 Comprehensive Suppression

920 Advantage In Environmen

921 The Devastating Cry Of The City Lord Mansion

922 City Lord Bull

923 It Is Not Easy To Be A City Lord

924 Ally's Letter

925 The State Of A Spare Tire

926 An Upset Wang Yu

927 Making Use of The Situation

928 Nomad

929 Don’t Annoy Me

930 A God-like Exper

931 Automated Humanoid External Modification

932 Adapting To This World

933 Being Plotted Agains

934 Breakou

935 Reinforcements for the Mad Wolf Guild

936 Wang Yu in Distress

937 Great Leader of Templars

938 Knights of the Round Table, Esther and Arthur

939 A Reasonable NPC

940 A Narrow Escape

941 Rabbit Killer Kick

942 Pointers 1 2

943 Small Trick That Is Not Worth Mentioning

944 Quest Completion

945 Save Little Bookworm

946 You Will Regre

947 Greeted Their Boss

948 Holy Wings

949 Vicious Wang Yu

950 Creating God-Grade Equipmen

951 A Common Occurrence

952 Balance

953 Qing Ming Festival’s Ques

954 The Trick To The Ques

955 Fantasy Goblin

956 Threatening The East To Strike The Wes

957 Descending BOSS

958 Spatial Magic

959 The Strength Of Great God Iron Bull

960 Frightening Violent Transformation

961 Illusion

962 A System Announcement From City Lord

963 The Ambushed Ming Du

964 An Unfathomable Ambush

965 Who Is The Opponent?

966 Stabbed In The Back

967 Mantis Stalks the Cicada

968 Split Action

969 Tactics

970 You Have To Believe Brother

971 Your Scheme Has Been “Seen Through”

972 Illusion, Definitely Illusion

973 Fulfilling Respective Needs

974 Willingly Baited

975 Destination: Middle Stree

976 Superior Strategy

977 Going Separate Ways

978 Prey Caught!

979 Unexpected Moves

980 Monopolise the Marke

981 Losing Their Money Or Losing Their Lives

982 Rivals

983 To Bully Intolerably

984 Quan Zhen Sect’s Image

985 A Plan To Kill Quan Zhen Sec

986 One Billion

987 Heretic

988 No Retrea

989 Eliminating The Reinforcements

990 He Who Controls The Battlefield Will Be The Victor

991 Ambush

992 Each Player Have Their Own Fighting Style

993 The Third Entrance

994 Four Tree Fores

995 Empty City Strategy?

996 The Weakness Of Encircling To Attack Reinforcements

997 Two Wang Yu

998 Hi Everyone, Have You Eaten

999 Dumbfounded? I Know How To Fly

1000 The Legendary Drastic Measure

1001 Compensation

1002 Protecting The Capital Safely

1003 Awakening Ques

1004 Green Plum Wine

1005 Encountering Iron Bull

1006 Whistle

1007 This Opponent Is Not Human

1008 Condolences

1009 Twilight City's City Lord

1010 You Can Steal Whatever You Don’t Have

1011 I! Iron Bull! Handover the Treasure!

1012 Dragon Martial Artis

1013 Dales’ Advice

1014 Assassinating Heavenly Dragon

1015 Wang Yu’s Manipulation

1016 Nine Solitary Spears who was tricked

1017 Making War Strategies

1018 Extremely Loyal Nine Solitary Spears

1019 Oh No! The City Lord Is Eating Humans!

1020 Heavenly Dragon’s City Massacre