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Author: 凤炅

Latest update: 03-27-2020 11:29

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Description She, a modern hidden ghost leader of an organization which gathered insane prodigies proficient in the various differing skill-sets. Highly skilled in medicine and poison, executes covert assassinations, viewed as insane and demonic in the eyes of people of the world. Killed in an accident, and reborn into the body of a disfigured young girl. What? Face disfigured, identity stolen? A return to the family dim and hopeless? Her identity can be given up, her family can be forgone, but as for the one who harmed her predecessor who inhabited this same body, if she didn’t at least make them scream in unimaginable agony and throw them into a state of wretchedness, how could she live up to her demonic reputation? Endless turmoil ensues and it’s a battle to dominate over all! See how she shook the world dressed in a suit of red, her sword up against the dominant powers that rocked the Heavens! Her name spread across the seas, shocking the earth! 绝色妖娆:鬼医至尊

Table of contents - Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

1 Conspiracy in the Woods

2 Sold

3 I am Feng Jiu

4 Melding of Memories

5 A Knife Across the Throa

6 The Man She First Me

7 Sticking to Him

8 That’s called an Uncle

9 Into the Nine Entrapment Woods

10 Gathering Herbs Alone

11 Meeting the Uncle Once Again

12 Uncle’s First Kiss

13 Thick Hide Plaster

14 A Mere Beggar

15 Extortion Out of Convenience

16 Uncle, Do These Things Eat People?

17 First Glimpse of the Honed Edge!

18 Overflowing with Murderous Aura!

19 Rolling with the Power in Counter

20 Extreme Terror

21 Hunt Commission

22 Leading Energies into the Body!

23 Reflection in the water

24 Encounter! Wolf Pack!

25 Alone against a Pack of Wolves!

26 Did You Hit Your Head That Hard?

27 Hidden Danger

28 Sinister Smile

29 Why Are You Staring at My Little Kid Brother!

30 Stabbed in the Back!

31 Familiar Face Coming in from the West!

32 Strange Yet Familiar

33 Shocking Inexplicable Change

34 Ancient Mythical Beas

35 A Chance Find of a Sacred Beast Egg

36 Experts Exponents Gather

37 First Suspicions

38 Deep into the Ground

39 Fallen Into A Nest of Mice?

40 Breaking Out of the Egg!

41 Chubby Little Sacred Beas

42 Secret Underwater Palace

43 Body of a Mystical Spiri

44 He Who Once Reigned Supreme!

45 Mysterious Ring

46 To the Swords’ Tomb

47 Seeking the Blue Edge Sword

48 Blue Edge Sword Picks Its Owner

49 Three Times must be Destiny!

50 Thousand Year Frost Poison

51 Part Ways Here

52 Protecting Each Other with Their Lives

53 Leaving the Nine Entrapment Woods

54 Ravishingly Dressed in Ladies’ Wear

55 Who is the True Love

56 Glancing Back with a Smile

57 Spatial Spirit Palace

58 Seven Star Scabbard

59 A Dark and Windy Nigh

60 Night of Slaughter

61 Eradicating All Trace

62 Underground Black Marke

63 Qi Gathering Dew

64 Battle Arena

65 Incredulous

66 Esteemed Status

67 Two Powerful Fighters

68 Blue Edge Unsheathed

69 Blue Edge Tastes Blood

70 Eliminate all Witnesses

71 Aggrieved

72 Time to Leave

73 Shocking Words

74 Two More Additions

75 The Xu Family’s Rage

76 Go Knocking Upon the Door

77 Nagging Though

78 Ghost Doctor Fame

79 Peach Blossoms Blooms in March

80 Feng Mansion’s Qing Ge

81 Close the Mountain for Three Days

82 Troubled Hear

83 Peach Blossom Ridge

84 Excited Palpitating Hear

85 Attracting Butterflies and Bees

86 Shattering the Tranquility

87 Whole Bunch of Useless Trash

88 Saved by Tai Chi

89 Escape

90 Seeking Help

91 Not allowed to advance!

92 Actually Really Awesome

93 Insufferable Tormen

94 Visiting the Xu Mansion by Nigh

95 Setting the Xu Mansion Ablaze

96 Order to Kill !

97 Night in Blood’s Shade

98 Impure Thoughts

99 Alarming All Sides

100 By My Blood

101 I Command Thee to Manifes

102 Sleepless Nigh

103 Heart Meridian Injury

104 Chance Encounter on the Streets

105 Where is She?

106 Hopelessly Mesmerized

107 A Slap Out In The Open

108 Uncovering Her Veil

109 Leaving in Embarrassmen

110 Heading Off to the Guan Mansion

111 Differential Treatmen

112 Losing One’s Composure

113 Unworthy of Attention

114 Retreat with Every Strike

115 Shifting Mirage

116 Chaotic Scene

117 Self Expulsion from Clan

118 Losing All Face!

119 Her Grandpa

120 I’ll Pay for the Wine!

121 Old Patriarch Feng

122 Missing Person in the Feng Residence

123 First Words on Betrothal Annulmen

124 Pulling Off the Veil

125 Anger and Distress

126 Who is the Real Deal?

127 Phoenix Birthmark

128 There’s Trouble!

129 Possessed

130 Mentally Deranged

131 Initial Targe

132 Forthcoming with Her Identity

133 Night Visit to the Feng Residence

134 Pained for Old Patriarch Feng

135 Discovered

136 Highly Skilled with Poison

137 Grandfather Awakens

138 Feng Residence’s Search

139 Being Watched!

140 Beating Them At Their Own Game

141 So Delicately Weak to Bully?

142 You’re Not Dead?

143 Leave Some Alive

144 Begging to Tell It To Me

145 The Best Drug

146 Poison Clan Territory

147 Setting the Mountaintop Ablaze

148 The Poison Clan Gets Annihilated

149 Elite Masters

150 The Mysterious Feng Guards

151 Peak Level Martial Masters

152 Feng Jiu Returns Home

153 The Old Patriarch Returns!

154 Who Are You?

155 Identity Exposed

156 Nowhere to Hide

157 Off with the Tongue

158 Wretchedly Pathetic

159 The Ghost Doctor’s Identity

160 Handing Over the Feng Command Token

161 I Want to Annul the Betrothal

162 Settle it with Fists

163 My Lord! Stop Hitting Me Already!

164 Will be Leaving

165 Fighting to Get There!

166 Almost Exposed Herself Fully

167 Red Underpants!

168 The Green Gallop Country’s Black Marke

169 Please Remove Your Mask!

170 His Identity?

171 Uncle Ling!

172 What Are You Doing! ?

173 Miracle Medicine Grand Mee

174 Atrocious!

175 Knocked Out and Carried Away

176 Lord of Hell’s Palace

177 Clipped Wings Can’t Fly

178 Getting Along Strangely

179 He Wants to Strip Off My Clothes!

180 Hell’s Palace’s Medical Tower

181 Too Sly

182 Thinking of The Hell’s Lord

183 Erectile Dysfunction is an Illness

184 Magical Herbs Worth Thousands of Gold

185 Not Exposed

186 So It’s Her!

187 Forever Hanging Never to Wither

188 Fiery Rage Out of Nowhere

189 Perpetually Standing

190 Get Out!

191 Remaining to Take the Night Watch

192 What Are You Doing?

193 Broken Sleeve Habi

194 Feel Unwell All Over

195 Slightly Moved

196 Preoccupied and Distracted

197 A Dragon with Two Phoenixes

198 Fall Right Down!

199 Refusing to Let Go

200 How Does It Feel

201 You’ve Thought Too Much Into I

202 Bathing Together In The Nigh

203 Is It Satisfactory?

204 Very Impressive!

205 Blissfully Amorous

206 A Secret Runaway!

207 Out in Escape

208 I’m Just Asking For Directions!

209 Stumbled Into Rigorous Training Grounds

210 A Newbie

211 Turned Around to Become Enemies

212 Turns Out An Old Hand

213 Overwhelmed With Frigh

214 Protector Xiang Hua

215 Three Silver Needles

216 Lord Jiu, Run! Quick!

217 Battling the Enormous Python

218 Killer Strike

219 Face Restored!

220 Unusual Change

221 Incredulous Advancemen

222 Specially Recruited Pupil

223 What a Fat Horse!

224 Pursue the Entire Way

225 Old White Shakes Its Rump

226 Exchanging Gifts

227 Irresistible Charm

228 Six Path City

229 Night Market in the City

230 Seated at the Same Table

231 Twisted and Bent by Shadow One

232 Let Her Appear on Her Own

233 Falling Right into the Ne

234 Black Bellied Hell’s Lord!

235 House of Hundred Treasures

236 Rake in a Pile and Run Away

237 Jaw Clenched with Gritted Teeth

238 Old White Gets Stolen!

239 Famed Cloud Lof

240 Who Is Taming Who?

241 Murderous Intent Ignited

242 Dare to Kill or Not?

243 Bring Him Within My Grasp

244 Instant Kill

245 Not of Common Stock!

246 Liu Family’s Raging Fury

247 Lay Down Your Life!

248 A Meeting of Blades

249 Blooming Blood Blossom!

250 The Real and Fake Ghost Doctor

251 I Get Impulsive Very Easily!

252 A Gory Scene

253 Watching from the Shadows

254 Execute on the Spo

255 Sneak Attack from the Back!

256 Another One Dead

257 Clan Sacred Beast Protector

258 Hell’s Lord’s Intervention

259 Clan Absolved from Calamity

260 Where’s the Ghost Doctor?

261 It’s Actually the Ghost Doctor! ?

262 It Ends Right Here

263 Visit In the Middle of the Nigh

264 A Reserved Confession

265 The Old Cow and Fresh Young Grass

266 Gifting

267 Luxurious Airship

268 Going Against the Lord’s Will

269 Reciprocal Gif

270 What Ulterior Motives?

271 Owe Each Other Nothing

272 Hard to Mouth the Words

273 Quickly Return to the Ancient Capital

274 Inconceivable

275 Something’s Amiss

276 Laughter Deep in the Nigh

277 All are Ghosts! ?

278 Plea

279 Strike When Needed

280 God Soul Wood

281 Return to Sun Glory

282 Met a Man on the Stree

283 Tailing Along Behind

284 Caught off Guard

285 Back to Cloudy Moon City

286 She Has Come Back

287 Coming Home

288 Revealed Mercilessly

289 Thoroughly Enjoy a Cup

290 Handing Out Gifts

291 The Engagement Broken

292 A Loud Explosion!

293 Failure on the First Try

294 Determined to Challenge

295 Pill Refining Draws Lightning

296 Extraordinary

297 Elixir Formed

298 Curiosity Killed the Ca

299 What Kind of a Explanation?

300 Leave With An Angry Flick Of The Sleeves

301 Transformation Pill

302 Terrifying News

85 Excited Palpitating Hear

86 Attracting Butterflies and Bees

87 Shattering the Tranquility

88 Whole Bunch of Useless Trash

89 Saved by Tai Chi

90 Escape

91 Seeking Help

92 Not allowed to advance!

93 Actually Really Awesome

94 Insufferable Tormen

95 Visiting the Xu Mansion by Nigh

96 Setting the Xu Mansion Ablaze

97 Order to Kill !

98 Night in Blood’s Shade

99 Impure Thoughts

100 Alarming All Sides

101 By My Blood

102 I Command Thee to Manifes

103 Sleepless Nigh

104 Heart Meridian Injury

105 Chance Encounter on the Streets

106 Where is She?

107 Hopelessly Mesmerized

108 A Slap Out In The Open

109 Uncovering Her Veil

110 Leaving in Embarrassmen

111 Heading Off to the Guan Mansion

112 Differential Treatmen

113 Losing One’s Composure

114 Unworthy of Attention

115 Retreat with Every Strike

116 Shifting Mirage

117 Chaotic Scene

118 Self Expulsion from Clan

119 Losing All Face!

120 Her Grandpa

121 I’ll Pay for the Wine!

122 Old Patriarch Feng

123 Missing Person in the Feng Residence

124 First Words on Betrothal Annulmen

125 Pulling Off the Veil

126 Anger and Distress

127 Who is the Real Deal?

128 Phoenix Birthmark

129 There’s Trouble!

130 Possessed

131 Mentally Deranged

132 Initial Targe

133 Forthcoming with Her Identity

134 Night Visit to the Feng Residence

135 Pained for Old Patriarch Feng

136 Discovered

137 Highly Skilled with Poison

138 Grandfather Awakens

139 Feng Residence’s Search

140 Being Watched!

141 Beating Them At Their Own Game

142 So Delicately Weak to Bully?

143 You’re Not Dead?

144 Leave Some Alive

145 Begging to Tell It To Me

146 The Best Drug

147 Poison Clan Territory

148 Setting the Mountaintop Ablaze

149 The Poison Clan Gets Annihilated

150 Elite Masters

151 The Mysterious Feng Guards

152 Peak Level Martial Masters

153 Feng Jiu Returns Home

154 The Old Patriarch Returns!

155 Who Are You?

156 Identity Exposed

157 Nowhere to Hide

158 Off with the Tongue

159 Wretchedly Pathetic

160 The Ghost Doctor’s Identity

161 Handing Over the Feng Command Token

162 I Want to Annul the Betrothal

163 Settle it with Fists

164 My Lord! Stop Hitting Me Already!

165 Will be Leaving

166 Fighting to Get There!

167 Almost Exposed Herself Fully

168 Red Underpants!

169 The Green Gallop Country’s Black Marke

170 Please Remove Your Mask!

171 His Identity?

172 Uncle Ling!

173 What Are You Doing! ?

174 Miracle Medicine Grand Mee

175 Atrocious!

176 Knocked Out and Carried Away

177 Lord of Hell’s Palace

178 Clipped Wings Can’t Fly

179 Getting Along Strangely

180 He Wants to Strip Off My Clothes!

181 Hell’s Palace’s Medical Tower

182 Too Sly

183 Thinking of The Hell’s Lord

184 Erectile Dysfunction is an Illness

185 Magical Herbs Worth Thousands of Gold

186 Not Exposed

187 So It’s Her!

188 Forever Hanging Never to Wither

189 Fiery Rage Out of Nowhere

190 Perpetually Standing

191 Get Out!

192 Remaining to Take the Night Watch

193 What Are You Doing?

194 Broken Sleeve Habi

195 Feel Unwell All Over

196 Slightly Moved

197 Preoccupied and Distracted

198 A Dragon with Two Phoenixes

199 Fall Right Down!

200 Refusing to Let Go

201 How Does It Feel

202 You’ve Thought Too Much Into I

203 Bathing Together In The Nigh

204 Is It Satisfactory?

205 Very Impressive!

206 Blissfully Amorous

207 A Secret Runaway!

208 Out in Escape

209 I’m Just Asking For Directions!

210 Stumbled Into Rigorous Training Grounds

211 A Newbie

212 Turned Around to Become Enemies

213 Turns Out An Old Hand

214 Overwhelmed With Frigh

215 Protector Xiang Hua

216 Three Silver Needles

217 Lord Jiu, Run! Quick!

218 Battling the Enormous Python

219 Killer Strike

220 Face Restored!

221 Unusual Change

222 Incredulous Advancemen

223 Specially Recruited Pupil

224 What a Fat Horse!

225 Pursue the Entire Way

226 Old White Shakes Its Rump

227 Exchanging Gifts

228 Irresistible Charm

229 Six Path City

230 Night Market in the City

231 Seated at the Same Table

232 Twisted and Bent by Shadow One

233 Let Her Appear on Her Own

234 Falling Right into the Ne

235 Black Bellied Hell’s Lord!

236 House of Hundred Treasures

237 Rake in a Pile and Run Away

238 Jaw Clenched with Gritted Teeth

239 Old White Gets Stolen!

240 Famed Cloud Lof

241 Who Is Taming Who?

242 Murderous Intent Ignited

243 Dare to Kill or Not?

244 Bring Him Within My Grasp

245 Instant Kill

246 Not of Common Stock!

247 Liu Family’s Raging Fury

248 Lay Down Your Life!

249 A Meeting of Blades

250 Blooming Blood Blossom!

251 The Real and Fake Ghost Doctor

252 I Get Impulsive Very Easily!

253 A Gory Scene

254 Watching from the Shadows

255 Execute on the Spo

256 Sneak Attack from the Back!

257 Another One Dead

258 Clan Sacred Beast Protector

259 Hell’s Lord’s Intervention

260 Clan Absolved from Calamity

261 Where’s the Ghost Doctor?

262 It’s Actually the Ghost Doctor! ?

263 It Ends Right Here

264 Visit In the Middle of the Nigh

265 A Reserved Confession

266 The Old Cow and Fresh Young Grass

267 Gifting

268 Luxurious Airship

269 Going Against the Lord’s Will

270 Reciprocal Gif

271 What Ulterior Motives?

272 Owe Each Other Nothing

273 Hard to Mouth the Words

274 Quickly Return to the Ancient Capital

275 Inconceivable

276 Something’s Amiss

277 Laughter Deep in the Nigh

278 All are Ghosts! ?

279 Plea

280 Strike When Needed

281 God Soul Wood

282 Return to Sun Glory

283 Met a Man on the Stree

284 Tailing Along Behind

285 Caught off Guard

286 Back to Cloudy Moon City

287 She Has Come Back

288 Coming Home

289 Revealed Mercilessly

290 Thoroughly Enjoy a Cup

291 Handing Out Gifts

292 The Engagement Broken

293 A Loud Explosion!

294 Failure on the First Try

295 Determined to Challenge

296 Pill Refining Draws Lightning

297 Extraordinary

298 Elixir Formed

299 Curiosity Killed the Ca

300 What Kind of a Explanation?

301 Leave With An Angry Flick Of The Sleeves

302 Transformation Pill

303 Terrifying News

304 Rejection

305 Appointing a Side Concubine?

306 Destruction or comply?

307 Princess Qingning?

308 Turbulent Undercurren

309 Life is hanging by a thin line!

310 Old White to the rescue!

311 Bloodthirsty Fury!

312 Blood Soaked Asura!

313 Is Death Imminent?

314 Fraught with grim possibilities!

315 Bringing Doctors Along!

316 Feng Jiu returns!

317 The Situation Is Critical!

318 Black Market Delivers Medicine!

319 Personally making a trip!

320 A big name draws disaster

321 Hand over the Token of Authority?

322 Dead or alive

323 In a vegetative state?

324 Has she returned?

325 The Ruler departs

326 Treatment through food!

327 Having their sights set on Old White

328 Going against orders?

329 Feng Residence's Side Branch

330 Wild Ambition!

331 Want to Seize Power

332 You Can'

333 Harbouring Bad Intentions

334 The Gains Do Not Make Up For The Losses

335 Worry for Naugh

336 Dumbfounded

337 Ghost Doctor’s Portrai

338 The Unrequited Love of the Lord

339 News of Ghost Doctor

340 A good woman fears being tangled by her husband

341 Left a courtyard for you

342 Invitation of the Guan Manor

343 Prepare A Gift!

344 Congratulations on your new home

345 Ghost Doctor sends gifts!

346 Stop bothering about my things!

347 Prepare to relinquish authority!

348 With a woman around, everything is easily accomplished!

349 Searching for herbs

350 Going back to the Nine Entrapment Woods!

351 Leaving the city in disguise

352 Travelling by air!

353 Sudden Disappearance

354 A strange voice!

355 Fire Phoenix Awakens!

356 Strange Blood Array

357 Dazed

358 Little Friend, Help!

359 Blue Edge

360 Tyrannical aura of a conqueror!

361 Quick, escape!

362 Why don't we join forces?

363 Sacrifice a fragment of soul!

364 Give me your life!

365 Strong enemy!

366 Medicinal Potion

367 Luo Yu returns!

368 Drag you along!

369 Divine Soul Phoenix Flames

370 Feng Residence’s disaster?

371 Captured!

372 Where is Old White?

373 Clues!

374 Sincerely willing?

375 Heaven and Earth Oath

376 Directed at Old White

377 Thick Skinned

378 His Standpoin

379 Feng Jiu Returns to the City!

380 I'm back!

381 Repor

382 News

383 Returning home

384 Enough with the Meddling!

385 The Modesty of Little Fire!

386 Sneaking a Bite of Ginseng!

387 Making Plans!

388 Apprehension!

389 A Plan Transpires!

390 Hooked!

391 Tempting Death!

392 A Violent Conclusion!

393 Blindsided in the Eleventh Hour!

394 The Crown Prince of Green Gallop!

395 His Majesty’s Woman!

396 The Ghost Doctor's Woman?

397 Wear Something Nice!

398 You Can't Protect Her!

399 All for Naught!

400 Fetch Her!

401 Too Busy to Attend!

402 Na?ve to Believe that She Belongs to Him?

403 You Think I’m Worried?

404 Nie Teng Gets a Beating!

405 Drag Him Off for Dismemberment!

406 Send the Royal Guards!

407 The Geng Family Steps Forth!

408 Spectacle in the Depths of Night!

409 The Feng Guards Fill the Entire City?

410 You Think You Can Revolt?

411 Side Concubine to Whom?

412 A Shocking Means to an End!

413 Don’t be Afraid, Little Feng Girl!

414 Intent to Kill!

415 Scream Out in Alarm!

416 This Can’t Happen!

417 Just You Wait!

418 A Sense of Unease!

419 A Medical Virtuoso?

420 Teach Her a Lesson?

421 Forced Marriage

422 Delivering The Dowry!

423 How Frightful!

424 Door To Feng Residence Opens!

425 An Expensive Dowry!

426 Feng Guards Receive Order!

427 Hell’s Lord’s Arrival!

428 He is Here

429 His Woman?

430 It’s You Old Man!

431 Hugged that Thigh in Vain?

432 Feng Jiu Complains

433 Helping to Vent Out Your Anger

434 The Nascent Soul and the Cloud Devouring Beas

435 The Forgotten Hell’s Lord

436 Romantically Insensitive

437 Just this once

438 The Master gets angry

439 Why do you close the door in broad dayligh

440 Forcibly Kissed

441 Who threw whom down?

442 Hell’s Lord was even more nervous

443 Hell’s Lord currying favour

444 Murong Bo’s dread

445 Unable to restrain his anger

446 Leaving in Heartbreak

447 A Colourful Phoenix and a Beauty

448 Grandfather’s Whereabouts

449 What Does He See In Her?

450 He’s returned

451 Suffer miserably yet not die

452 Everything must have its cause

453 Nobody should offend the Ghost Doctor

454 Do you want to leave this Lord alone?

455 A Heaven and Earth Oath!

456 Mistress Is The Ghost Doctor

457 The Proud Hell’s Lord

458 Hell’s Lord At Ease

459 Woman Dresses for One She Likes

460 Important task

461 Too Overwhelming

462 Don’t Touch!

463 Old memories

464 It turned out to be that woman!

465 Hell’s Lord Worry

466 Tugging at his heartstrings

467 His imagination run wild

468 Delicate And Drunk

469 You Seduced Me

470 Coveting a beauty

471 Feign Ignorance

472 What Are Your Eyes Looking At?

473 Ready To Start!

474 Self-destruction

475 Bestowed with Hell's Lord Command

476 Welcome to the Residence!

477 Raze to the ground!

478 Overthrowing Murong Bo

479 Who’s going to be the Ruler?

480 Heaven’s blessings

481 Why aren't you dead ye

482 Murong Bo’s Death

483 The Phoenix Empire!

484 I quit drinking recently

485 Couldn’t find a person

486 Not hiding anymore?

487 It depends on this Lord’s mood

488 This Lord is ready to go with you

489 The Forgotten Person

490 Feng Jiu’s Mother

491 Outstanding family background

492 Whom will you bring?

493 Don’t drink wine when you’re away from home

494 Arrangements

495 Leaving

496 It’s better to wear a beggar’s clothes

497 Grandfather appears

498 A beautiful woman’s kindness is the most difficult to bear

499 A foolish woman

500 Drenched in cold swea

501 Shocking News

502 Please fulfill her

503 Entering Great Concord Country

504 A boundless charm

505 As passionate as fire

506 Great Concord’s Black Marke

507 Black Command Token Appears!

508 Is there any difference?

509 Replacing an original with a fake

510 Eating this loss in silence?

511 What’s Young Master’s Name?

512 First-class black command token

513 The wise and farsighted Ghost Doctor

514 Someone was sulking

515 Uncle, are you angry?

516 Specialized in treating Hell’s Lord’s icy aura

517 Guild Assessmen

518 My Name is Feng Jiu

519 I’m here to test for the Saint Rank

520 Alarm

521 Personally overseeing the assessmen

522 Casually refining elixirs?

523 A natural born genius!

524 Would you like to be a guest elder?

525 Please keep it a secre

526 Immensely proud of herself

527 Will you marry me?

528 A gutless woman

529 A Favour To Ask

530 They Are Lovers?

531 Sixth Stage Recovery Pill

532 A Strong and Powerful Family Background

533 Bring a Woman Home

534 Did I see right?

535 The shameless uncle

536 Continue on, We Didn’t See Anything

537 Surprise Attack In The Nigh

538 He Smiled

539 Why Did You Come

540 Does It Look Nice?

541 How To Sleep All Bundled Up

542 Elder Yu Visits

543 Rejoicing inwardly

544 Becoming a high-ranked guest elder

545 Aunt Su Xi

546 This is absolutely not a threa

547 The Old Face Blushed

548 Get Drunk

548 Old Patriarch Feng 's Helplessness

549 Get Drunk

550 Tonight is your chance

551 What’s done is done and can’t be reversed

552 I don’t have the face to see you

553 You are in my hear

554 The higher the cultivation level, the younger one becomes

555 Feng Jiu arrives at Three Rivers City

556 My Name Is Xuanyuan Moze!

557 Meeting

558 Eavesdropping

559 Missing

560 Looking For Someone

561 Where Was She?

562 Feisty Character

563 The Person Who Killed You is Called Leng Shuang

564 The flames burn all nigh

565 Not the same

566 Paying a visi

567 Who’s looking for this old man?

568 Oh no, Little Feng is here

569 I must go back

570 First Talks About Celestial Rankings

571 The plan

572 Returning to the Feng Empire

573 Glowing with health

574 The gathering at the palace gate

575 Father, who’s going to marry you?

576 Waiting for the wedding day

577 Did something happen?

578 I’m leaving

579 I’m happy with you

580 Ten-year pact, see you again at the Empire

581 Betrothal gift of a hundred bottles

582 Going to the Black Marke

583 Barter Trade

584 Who is the most suitable person to go?

585 Sending Betrothal gifts to Three Rivers City

586 Obsession

587 Known throughout the city

588 Prestige

589 Handing over the betrothal gifts

590 Impossible

591 Each Preparing Gifts

592 Making Decisions

593 The parents return

594 This bottle looks somewhat familiar

595 Exactly? ?alike? ? ?

596 Ghost Doctor’s potions

597 She’s the Ghost Doctor?

598 There should be no other thoughts

599 Difficult to advance

600 Activities all around

601 Princes in the Palace

602 Princes block the path

603 Feng Jiu’s plo

604 A very deep ploy

605 Why didn’t you strike with your hands?

606 Not dead, yet getting skinned

607 Won’t accompany you to play

608 His gaze roamed all around

609 A comparison

610 It is very beneficial

611 Feng Jiu

612 Princess, please give them more instructions

613 The big wedding

614 Becoming a member of the Feng Family

615 It’s too early to be happy

616 Longevity Pill successfully refined

617 The journey to the Green Gallop Country is fast approaching

618 Nebula City

619 A beautiful figure on the stree

620 Old White causes trouble

621 I really didn’t mean i

622 Feng Jiu Gets Beaten Up

623 Setting Up Base

624 Green Lotus Seed In The Belly

625 Chaotic Green Lotus Seed

626 Partner on the journey

627 Fairy, don’t go

628 It’s a marvel

629 Black Market’s Battlefield Arena

630 Looks a bit familiar

631 Registration Day at Nebula Academy

632 Beautiful like an immortal deity

633 Those gazes

634 Master Mo Chen

635 Lovable and innocent Feng Jiu

636 School fees Exemption

637 A slap in the face

638 The Alchemy Division’s cave dwelling

639 Why hasn’t he arrived?

640 Teacher's contemp

641 Exchanging injury for injury

642 Inverting right from wrong

643 I have no intention of entering Nebula Academy

644 He is my brother

645 From a ninth grade country?

646 There's only you

647 Gone

648 Myriad Beasts Mountain Range

649 Pilfering Food

650 Fateful encounter, atop and under the tree

651 You drink the soup firs

652 Mistake

653 Following behind

654 Cold and Strange Mo Chen

655 A Teacher?

656 Ninth Order King Beas

657 For You

658 Condensed Fire Crystal

659 Sixth Grade Soul Elixir

660 Unable To Refine Pills

661 It’s You!

662 Feng Jiu was very hur

663 Easily misunderstood

664 Little Black who's dependent on Feng Jiu

665 Did Not Do Any Good Things

666 Young lad, are you from the Pharmacy Division?

667 I’m here to exchange for treasures

668 Rainbow-coloured glazed feather

669 Did you hear?

670 I’ll come back again later

671 I Said I Will Beat You All Up

672 How Shall I Address You Schoolmate?

673 A beauty blocks the way

674 An irresistible charm

675 I Have An Older Brother

676 That Kid Is From The Alchemy Division!

677 Barricaded Cave Dwelling

678 You made me do it!

679 It’s absolutely impossible

680 Primal Chaos mental cultivation method

681 The two beasts’ deeds

682 Do you carry any treasures?

683 It’s okay to hold each other in the arms

684 Did we bully her?

685 When The Phoenix Star Is Seen, The Foreign Soul Has Entered

686 How Did You Know?

687 Lessons In The Spirit Division

688 I’m A Little Embarrassed To Say I

689 The Peak of The Great Spirit Master

690 Five elements spiritual roots

691 Primal Chaos spiritual roots

692 I’ll cover you

693 Fury at the Pharmacy Division’s Mountain Peak

694 In trouble

695 Taking them away directly

696 Destroying one’s reputation

697 How could you stay here?

698 Teacher, You Are Sick

699 Do You Know Who Did I

700 Second Rank Truth Medicinal Pill

701 Old White starts speaking

702 Medicinal Pill Tester

703 Feng Jiu that gigolo

704 Expelled From The Academy

705 Big Brother, you’ve reached the Martial Ancestor level already?

706 The Mystical Pagoda

707 Three Humans and Three Beasts

708 Ouyang Xiu’s Challenge

709 Teacher Lu In A Coma

710 710 Powerless

711 Have you heard of the Ghost Doctor?

712 Go, bring Feng Jiu here

713 Enchantmen

714 President Gong, Your Help Is Needed

715 Feng Jiu The Bastard!

716 Does He Have Medical Knowledge?

717 Surprise, It’s Him!

718 What Happened?

719 Almos

720 How He Woke Up

721 Food Stolen From The Kitchen?

722 Can He Be Saved?

723 Not Trustworthy?

724 Making desperate efforts like giving medicine to a dead horse

725 Who on earth is Feng Jiu?

726 It’s up to his mood

727 That guy received a great honour

728 What are you doing here?

729 One returns under the dim light of the nigh

730 Return of the top ranked Ten Proud Children of Heaven

731 An encounter with an uncouth man

732 Leave it to me

733 Danger, assassination by powerful cultivators!

734 Running away when she’s not their match

735 Who’s willing to come with me to save him?

736 Assassination

737 The rising killing inten

738 The Academy Seeks Help

739 Anxious Nie Teng

740 Bells Echoing

741 Huge Rescue Team

742 Opportunity

743 Surge Of Mysterious Breath

744 Ancient Pressure

745 Kill Nascent Soul

746 I’m Not Leaving

747 We Are Here

748 Feng Jiu’s Foundation

749 Need to Kill

750 The Heavenly Foundation Building

751 The enchanting red robes

752 You’re a woman

753 Carried away

754 My lips are sealed

755 Returning to the academy

756 That person is her

757 The Two Trapped Beasts

758 Help!

759 Quarrel

760 Charm Not As Great As Mine

761 Of Course I Will Be Back

762 Feng Jiu’s Thanks

763 A Little Thank You

764 This here is Your Thank You Gif

765 Help You Advance

766 Forgotten Person

767 Black Market Purchase Medicine

768 Envy And Regre

769 Spirit rhinoceros horn

770 He’s not a man to be trifled with

771 Like the sun in broad dayligh

772 A terrible mess

773 Meeting Bai Xiao again

774 I come from a noble beast tamer family

775 Returning to the forest to gain experience

776 I’m the flower thief Jade Fox

777 Forces in the fores

778 No offence

779 It’s easier to invite god than to send him away

780 Losing one’s life for you

781 It Smells Good

782 He Doesn’t Know Medicine?

783 Iron Fan Scholar

784 Repairing the Golden Core

785 True or False

786 Golden Needle Acupuncture

787 Little White, Prestigious Beastmaster

788 Don’t Tell Me You’re Interested In Men

789 Restore Tianyuan Palace

790 Never Betray

791 Ren Xiang of Qingfeng Inn

792 Our Master Is Very Popular

793 Come Look For Me if You Need Anything

794 Centenarian Mountain's Family Clan

795 Mysterious Family

796 We’ve seen Young Master

797 How much his life’s worth

798 The horrifying footsteps

799 The invisible hand

800 I thought you were dragged away by the ghosts

801 Uncertain

802 Invitation from the Centenarian Mountain

803 Do you know the way?

804 Haunted forest’s maze

805 A stunning beauty

806 Wanyan Qianhua

807 Becoming sworn sisters

808 Giving each other gifts

809 Assigning tasks

810 Refining the Beauty Pill

811 Gift From Alchemy Teacher

812 Loud Clap Of Thunder

813 Alchemy Master Appeared Upon Elixir Success

814 Brazenly Snatching The Elixir

815 From Male To Female

816 Good Figure

817 Pay For My Elixir

818 Regret Is Useless

819 Yi Country’s Alchemy Convention

820 Thinking Of Him

821 Call Me Master

822 Mini Version

823 Little Hell’s Lord

824 Stay In The Same Room As You

825 His Child Is So Big Now

826 Hearing About Nebula Sect For The First Time

827 It’s Bath Time

828 Nothing To Look A

829 Sleep In The Same Bed

830 Coming home to celebrate the New Year

831 Knocking down the vinegar jar

832 Shangguan Wanrou’s news

833 Heavenly Dynasty Palace’s Manor

834 Paying it back sooner or later

835 I can tame beasts

836 The Beast Tamer Sec

837 The wanderer is returning home

838 It’s great that you’re home

839 The taste of home

840 Restored by the Foundation Visage Pill

841 Unexpected premature labour

842 A dangerous and difficult labour

843 Keeping the child

844 A gleam of hope at midnigh

845 In the future, you must not give birth

846 Losing his martial skills

847 Like being reborn

848 Did Uncle Praise Me?

849 Five Elements Pill

850 Rebuilding Meridians

851 Little Far

852 Choked On Water

853 Why Did You Grow So Fast?

854 Lantern Festival

855 The Old Man Is Missing

856 Clothes Too Small

857 Elegant Noble Master, Unparalleled In The World

858 Farewell Family

859 Don’t Go Philandering

860 Imperial City Of Yi Country

861 Friendly Smile

862 I Want To Borrow Money

863 Teach Me To How To Make Counterfeit Goods

864 Robber

865 Who Booked The Inn?

866 Isn't It A Bit Too Little?

867 For You To Buy Medicine

868 How was it possible to cover it?

869 The Young Master in the red robe

870 Vital energy vein’s injury

871 Seize that man

872 The Master of the little beas

873 I am from the Shangguan family

874 Young Master, please spare my life

875 The Third Elder

876 Ghost Doctor will come

877 Nourishing Beauty Pill’s fame

878 It can’t be kept a secret for long

879 Sky Rank Number One

880 Medicinal pill competition

881 Young Master Mo Chen, what’s your view?

882 I’m going with you

883 Leaving through the window

884 Promoted to seventh-grade country

885 Xiang Hua’s death

886 Making Antidote

887 Someone Has Sneaked In From The Back Of The Mountain

888 Dark Magic

889 A Life For A Life

890 Since You’ve Come Don’t Even Think About Leaving

891 The Beast Struck

892 A total defea

893 Soul search

894 Taking part in the academy’s competition

895 Gathering at the square

896 He’s going too?

897 I don’t accept this

898 Want To Bully You

899 Two Star Academy

900 We Accept Your Challenge

901 Scuffle

902 Grabbing

903 A Matter To Discuss

904 Spiritual Realm

905 Give It To Me

906 You’re Unlucky To Have Met Me

907 Spirit Stone Spirit Gathering Array

908 What a nice place

909 Scram!

910 Spirit Egg Frui

911 There’s someone inside

912 It’s that scourge

913 Prostrate in admiration

914 It’s destroying the mystic realm!

915 That scoundrel!

916 Things escalated

917 Guilty conscience

918 Golden Core middle stage

919 Who did this!

920 He did it!

921 How will this end?

922 Cannot Participate

923 Stay To Be A Teacher

924 Those Thorns

925 Backing Influence Too Grea

926 I Accept This Task

927 I Have Decided

928 Destiny Linked

929 The Other Side Of Her

930 Mo Chen Has Lef

931 It’s Ridiculous

932 Bully Me Because I’m Young

933 The Headmaster Invited Me Over

934 Qing Dynasty Imperial City

935 Playing Games, Who Are You?

936 Playing Real Ghos

937 Duan Ye

938 Hell Mountains

939 Abducted

940 Fighting

941 Where did you get the courage?

942 This young master is a bully

943 Where are the scoundrels?

944 Eight-star flywheel

945 The fierce baby

946 Blood will flow when she fights

947 Tranquil City’s Ning Lang

948 Tranquil City’s Moneygrubber

949 A chubby little guy

950 Luring him with treasures

951 Why is this guy looking for me?

952 An Invitation card worth one hundred thousand gold

953 Selling news

954 What to do?

955 The city ruler didn’t know

956 Just for meeting Ghost Doctor

957 Punishing oneself with three cups

958 Help At The Feas

959 Give A Beauty

960 No Need To Return

961 Say Sorry

962 Bone Erosion Poison

963 Nothing Will Happen

964 Mixed Sky Silk

965 It Must Be Him

966 Taken Away

967 A Chance To Slip Away

968 Each Has Their Own Skills

969 Ask Him For The Room Ren

970 A Malle

971 Bare Naked

972 Bring The Fatty To Sell

973 This Merchandise Is Pretty Good

974 Wearing off one's energy

975 Realisation In The Cage

976 Not Privileged Enough To Know

977 So It’s Young Master Feng

978 You have to bear hardships

979 It’s better to rely on oneself than on others

980 Fetching a high price

981 Appears

982 Song Ming, the debauchee

983 You must be cheating

984 All of you are troublesome

985 Gentlemen, please don’t figh

986 Talking money with your Grandpa Ning?

987 Second Madam

988 A chill

989 Will die in 3 days

990 A way ou

991 Curable

992 There’s no need to do it yourself

993 Late at night at the Song mansion

994 Spring in the middle of the nigh

995 A tussle behind the red canopy

996 Panic in the early morning

997 It’s really me

998 An ageing disease

999 Father-in-law

1000 Eldest Young Master Wants To Kill

1001 Vixen

1002 Could It Be Related?

1003 Offended Who?

1004 Provoke Alienation

1005 Know Who It Is

1006 Three Young Masters Visi

1007 Respectfully You Are?

1008 Under My Managemen