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Author: Exallion

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A normal morning as it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, the foreshadows had gone unnoticed and Mark who just wanted to pay his electricity bill which was already by its due date was caught unprepared. Fortunately, or unfortunate for most people, the world started to plunge into chaos as zombies, infected, mutants, undead, messengers of hell, bringer of judgement, or whatever ridiculous names...

Table of contents - Mutagen

-3 Exallion's Author Note

-2 The Infected

-1 Characters

1 Prelude to Apocalypse

2 Zombies?

3 The Third Floor

4 The Neck to Neck Encounters

5 Panic and Confusion

6 The Survivors from the West Wing

7 The Shot He Wanted to Make

8 The First Time He Cursed Out Loud

9 A Problem that Arose because of Something that Closed Down

10 To the South Wing

11 Dealing with Zombies Chasing Behind

12 Taking a Short Break

13 The Situation Behind the Cinema Doors

14 The Tainted Masterpiece

15 Her Life, Her Experience and Her Hate

16 Her Suffering, Her Resentment and the Words She Wanted to Hear

17 Why He Let Them Go

18 Battle Ready

19 The Back Corridor Encounter

20 Slipping Competition

21 On the Mall Rooftop

22 Idle Talk and Introductions

23 Self-Induced Adrenaline Rush

24 Mark's Conjecture and the Fate of the Survivors Inside the TechZone

25 Mark's Standpoin

26 Their Next Move

27 Can I Call You...

28 Preparations Done!

29 Luring the Zombies Ou

30 Mark's Notes

31 The West Wing Corridors

32 Corridor Cleaning

33 General Miguel Perez

34 Cheer Up

35 Blunder

36 Dealing with the Predicamen

37 After the Battle

38 Change of Clothes

39 The Origin

40 Information, Relief and Rescue Departmen

41 Blame Game

42 Makeshift Crossbows

43 Mark

44 Birds of the Same Feather

45 Empath

46 Sudden Situation

47 Emergency

48 Embarking onto the Mission

49 Stealth Chatting

50 Arriving at the Destination

51 The Girl Stained with Blood

52 Choked After Returning

53 Venting Anger

54 Mark's Plans

55 The Plan for the Arrival of Angeline's Brother

56 Operation Early New Year

57 The Strange Event in the Basement Parking

58 The Bone Armored Mutan

59 More Problems!

60 Just What is Going on here?

61 A Mutant Servan

62 Mutagen

63 Six Years Ago

64 A Mysterious Sigh

65 Waking Up

66 Failed Negotiations

67 Strange Infected

68 Finding a Vehicle like a Pie Falling from the Sky

69 The Last Day in the Mall

70 The Night Before and the Departure


72 The Situation Around the Country

73 The Situation Around the World

74 Traveling to the First Stop

75 Found Her

76 Starting the Plan

77 The Woodmen

78 Extortion Attemp

79 Getting Information

80 On the City Hall Rooftop

81 Change of Plans

82 Charging towards the Police Command Center

83 Wiping Out the Escaped Criminals

84 Rescuing the Survivors in the City Health Center

85 A Sudden Situation on the Rooftop

86 Against the Level 2-Mutation Woodman

87 Abbygale

88 The Rampage of the Mutated Tree

89 Conclusion of the Battle for the Golden Frui

90 An Insidious Plan

91 The Green Haired Girl and the Mysterious Tree

92 A Short Break

93 Commercial Center

94 Unconventional Use of the Dozer

95 The Splitting of the... Large Horde

96 The Consequences of Complacency in the Apocalypse

97 With the Horde Blocking the Way Back

98 Engulfing Everything in Flames

99 Citta Italia

100 The First Encounter with Three Meter Tall Dog

101 Subduing the Mutator Dog

102 Several Events behind the Scenes

103 Waking up in the Middle of the Nigh

104 Spending the Rest of the Nigh

105 Firenze's Crisis

106 Emotion Induction

107 Collecting the Spoils and the Reason for Mark's Odd Behavior

108 Eating the Gang Leader

109 Gathering at the Gates

110 Reunion with a Friend

111 The Mystery behind the Golden Frui

112 The Unknown

113 Joseph's Awakening

114 Before Leaving Firenze

115 The Road to Carlo's House

116 Different Fates

117 The Evacuation Settlement Area

118 To Their New Dwelling

119 A Dilemma

120 What He Encountered Six Years Ago

121 Making His Way to His Lonely Home

122 The Odd Infected Around His Home

123 Fleeing on the Roofs

124 Escape from Lakeville

125 The First Sign of the Wave and the Strange Crystals

126 Rollan's Home

127 The Couple's Reunion

128 The Chains of Fate

129 A Small World

130 Shunning the Third Faction Leader

131 Escort Mission Proposal

132 Rollan's Dillema

133 Rescuing Dorothy

134 Evolver Versus Mutator

135 The Real Fight was Yet to Star

136 Surprise Slaughter

137 The Fall of Dominador's Faction

138 The Aftermath

139 The Evolution Experimen

140 The Girl's Recovery

141 The Short Calm Before Another Storm

142 The Start of the Storm After the Reunion of Classmates

143 The Cunning Muscled Infected

144 The Black Ca

145 A Fateful Meeting

146 A Sudden Twis

147 Treating the Boy that Turned into a Ca

148 The Mysterious Crystals' Strange Phenomena

149 The Events Happening Linked to the Person Currenly Sleeping

150 The Premonition

151 The Result of His Experiment to the Girl

152 The Prerequisites to Become an Evolver

153 The First and Final Night at the Settlement - Before Midnigh

154 The Person Hiding in the Shadows

155 The Cause for Espionage

156 Physical and Mind Crystals

157 Future Plans

158 The First and Final Night at the Settlement - After Midnigh

159 Discoveries in the Morning

160 Mei's Ability

161 The Horde's Frontline

162 The Route to Take to Bay City

163 From Evacuation into Desperation

164 The Road Back to Cita Italia

165 A Deep Seated Hostility

166 The Source of Hostility

167 Overturning the Situation with a Few Moves

168 The Fall of the Syndicate

169 The End the Two Syndicate Leaders

170 The Aftermath of the Sydicate's Fall

171 The Road Difficult to Traverse

172 Incoming Danger

173 The Stone Clad Woman

174 Incompetence

175 Expressway Chase

176 An Unexpected Stroke of Bad Luck

177 Mysteries

178 The Last King of Eriellis

179 Differences and Similarities, a Journey from Eriellis to Earth

180 Revelations, The Goal and The Starting Line

181 A Permanent Farewell, The Start of the New Adventure

182 Lost, Finding the Way Back is not as Easy as it Seems

183 Anticipation, The People Waiting for his Return

184 Moutain Life, Not As Normal As It Should Be

185 Amihan, The Encounter with a Wind Elemental

186 River Searching, Another Encounter but with an Unknown Creature

187 Unexpected Things, When Coincidence became a Serious Matter

188 Lost History, The Connection of Humans and Spirits in the Pas

189 Survivors, How Hard it was for Common People in a Zombie Apocalypse

190 One Sided Fight, Both Helplessness and Hope of the Survivors

191 Poor Fate, Requesting Compensation Several Times Compared to the Damage

192 Forked Roads, Taking Different Paths and Decisions

193 Regret, Falling for a False Promise

194 Huey and Jollene, A Rather Odd Love Story

195 The Barrio, A Place that was not as what He had Expected

196 With a Tiny Shout, Entering the Most Infested Place in the Mountains

197 From an Angel to a Parasite, When the Unborn Life's "Life" was Non-Existen

198 Red Blobs, The Foundation of the Future Base

199 Their Plans, The First Steps for the Future Base

200 The Crashed Airbus, Entering the Most Disgusting Place He had Ever Seen

201 The Meat Plane, The True Nature of the Red Blobs

202 Blood v.s. Flesh, The Battle By the Rocky Riverside

203 Miracles, Though it Came in a Different Form

204 Going Back with His Loot, A Peaceful Ending to this Disgusting Even

205 Mutated Creatures, The Looming Threat of Bay City

206 Up the Building, Preparations for Attacking the Hospital

207 Storming the Hospital Compound, The Emergence of the Advanced Mutated Infected

208 Aerial Threat, The Crazed Infected Animals of the Sky

209 Reaching the Climax, The Emergence of the Final Boss

210 Explosion in the Background, The Conclusion of the Attack on the Philippine General Hospital

211 The Mountain Base, A Smooth Start in the Past Days

212 Consolidation of Psychic Abilities, The Disturbance Witnessed by the Whole World

213 Shadow Mist Movement , Testing His New Abilities Against the Predator Infected

214 Burrowed Abilities, Using the Psychic Abilities that He did not Own to Figh

215 Accident, A Sudden Twist of Fate

216 The Next Day, The Morning after the Incident and the Acciden

217 Nicole's Fun Predicament, A Funny Situation Once in a While

218 Decision, Their Loyalty as Exchange in Order to Become Stronger

219 The Awakened Abilities, The Prelude to Mark's Departure

220 Departure, Towards the Eastern Mountains Across the River

221 Road Chase, An Unexpected Encounter with a Strange Looking Biker Outlaws

222 Exasperated, When Being Forced to Do Something Troublesome

223 Strong Outlaws, Their Bitter Fight Against a Monster

224 Information Gathering, Recieving an Unexpected Information from the People He Saved

225 Lingering Threat, The Incoming Ambush in the Darkness of the Nigh

226 Slicer And Divider , The Night When the Outlaws were Sliced, Divided and Diced

227 Defier , The Shield that was Made to Attack

228 The Losing Outlaws, Combining Three Weapons to Block Their Intended Retrea

229 Wiped Out, The Ending of the Outlaws of Marikina-Infanta Highway

230 Another Reason, An Unexpected Encounter on a Poor BloodChild Near the River

231 Past Midnight Journey, The Road and Entry to the Port of Real, Quezon Military Settlemen

232 The Closed Door Meeting, A Supposed Planning to Deal with the Aftermath

233 "Karlene" on the Loose, The Pitiful Fact About the Strange Creatures Born After the Apocalypse

234 Entering the Lab, Karlene's Story and a Sudden Burst of Desire

235 Inside the Lab, Acquiring the BloodChildren and "Karlene's" Physical Tests

236 Karla's Strongest Ability, The Arrival of the Infected Horde at the Port of Real Settlemen

237 Mark Joining The Fight, The Strange Group of Infected Among the Horde

238 The Mastermind Behind the Horde, The Situation Shifting Against the Settlement Forces

239 End of Battle, Repelling the Horde from the Port of Real Settlemen

240 The Aftermath of the Battle, Suddenly Meeting a Person He Knew Before

241 Contact, Alana's Background and Finally Hearing the Voices He Longed to Hear

242 A Public Meeting, Problems that Popped up Due to Mark's Display of His Abilties

243 Standing In Front, Uncovering the Hidden Plot in the Even

244 Unexpected Taming Method, The Taming Method that Made Everyone Slack Jawed

245 Inside the Warehouse, His First Full Night in the Port of Real Settlemen

246 Morning Ruckus, Karlene's Decision and Causing a Huge Commotion in the Settlemen

247 Different Farewells, Leaving the Settlement on the Back of a Dragon

248 Surprising Circumstances, Another Meeting at the Settlement and the Arrival at the Mountain Base

249 The Circumstances in the Base, Uncovering Miracle's Secre

250 The Loyal Aephelia, The Reasons for Her Existence

251 A Bloody Request, For a Place to Start Anew

252 Taking A Break, A Peacful Day at the Mountain Base

253 The Municipality of Infanta, Entering the East Port Settlemen

254 Inside the East Port Settlement, The Start of the Search for the Remaining Blood Children

255 Continuing the Search, The Short Love Drama and Finding the First BloodChild

256 Salacia, The BloodChild of the Sea

257 Dealing with the Trouble, The Leads for the Remaining BloodChildren

258 Inflitration and Retrieval, Securing the Remaining BloodChildren

259 Recruitment, The Mystery as to Why Mark Chose to Recruit the Poor Edzel

260 The Tamawo, A Conversation with Edzel's Father and Peering into the Future Once More

261 Invitations, Rejecting the Enemies and Accepting the Potential Allies

262 Cooperation, A Secret of Annica's Psychic Ability

263 Warning, The First Sign of the Devastating Storm

264 Conflict, The Feud Between the Three Families and the Arrival of the First Threa

265 The Horde of Sea Creatures, Dealing with the First Wave of Danger

266 Idling, A Lonely Wait at the Port Under the Siege of the Storm

267 The Evacuation, The Mishaps that Happened and the Arrival of the Cause of the Storm

268 Evacuation Blockade, The Sure Death Situation and the Betrayal

269 Reversing the Situation, A Strange and Surprising Counterattack

270 Turnaround, The Start of Destruction of the Filthy Settlemen

271 Landing Inside the Hellish Settlement, A Few Events Leading to an Unexpected Encounter

272 Sherwin's Plans and Fall, When All the Preparations made were for Naugh

273 Playing with Lives, Making Enemies Obey Due to an Empty Threa

274 Finishing the Miscellanious Tasks, The Ongoing Destruction of the Death Valley Settlemen

275 Ambush, An Impromptu Plot to Against the Person They would not be Able to Deal With

276 A Discovery of the Death Valley Settlement, The Reason Behind the Existence of the Berserk Mutators

277 Stuck, The Elites and Fighters of Death Valley Settlement in a Huge Predicamen

278 Loss and Death, The Fall of the Death Valley's Emperor

279 The Sword of Judgment Fell, Finally Achieving His Goals in this Figh

280 The Fleeing Crystal, An Unusual and Very Unexpected Encounter

281 The Aftermath, The Final Moments at the Death Valley Settlemen

282 After the Storm, The Events and Circumstances of the Eastern Settlements

283 A Slave's Thoughts, Her Past and the New Life She Could Look Forward to

284 A Mermaid's Experience, The Nightmare She had to Remember Forever

285 New Experiment, Treating the Unconcious Girl that Lost Her Arm

286 Relocation and Development, The New Settlement and the Growth of the Base

287 Greed for Power, The Brewing Danger Behind the Scenes

288 Up Front and Within the Shadows, The Two Different Form of Dangers

289 Eliminating the Flying Horde, The Intensifying Intent to Kill

290 A New Ability, The Sudden Gift Before His Departure

291 Picking Up the Package, The Bad Karma of A Certain Girl

292 A Short Break By the Riverside, What Edzel was Lacking

293 The Little Bandits, Going a Bit Overboard in Dealing with Them

294 One the Verge of Being Wiped Out, The Unaware People Trapped in the Town Surrounded by Danger

295 Investigation, Asking Questions and Learning the Possible Cause

296 The Sudden Arrival of Unusual Creatures, Another Clue on the Source of the Contamination

297 Fighting the Contaminated Beasts, The Circumstance Mark was Being Worried Abou

298 The Miasma, The Cause of Death and Danger

299 Manifestation of Miasma, The Enemy that Existed but Aslo Did Not Exis

300 Reaching the Source of Danger, The Appearance of the Real Boss

301 Going Berserk, Revealing the Origin of the Enemy

302 Killing the Physical Body of the Demon, The True Reason of His Late Arrival

303 Deity of Bloodshed, The Demon's Past During the Time of Unrecorded History

304 Killing the Deity of Bloodshed, Seizing the Demon's Abilities

305 Shortening Timeframe, Waking Up from the Influence of the Demon's Possession

306 Towards NAIA, The Mission and The Looming Danger

307 The First Phases, Both the Mission and the Scheme Commencing

308 Attack on NAIA, Locating the Alpha and the Shady People Inside the Airpor

309 Ritual of Evil Blessings, The Horrfying Change in the Situation

310 The Worst Thing to Happen, Acquiring the Interest of the Enemy

311 Coercion and Abduction, Someone in the Shadows Throwing the Net to Haul in the Fish

312 Inside the Control Tower, A Very Unexpected Turnaround

313 How the Net was Set Up, The Conclusion with the Airport's Control Tower

314 Misplaced Atmosphere, Minding Their Business Inside the Control Tower

315 Meeting on the Terminal Rooftop, The Prelude to the Greedy Senator's Fall

316 The Hatching of the Pod, The Abomination that Came out of I

317 A New Species of Infected, Triggered by the Blessings of the Great One

318 Glee, The Temporary Base and The Loyal Servant's Depression

319 Family Reunion, Tying Up a Loose End Before the Terror Ensues

320 Good News that Came Thrice in a Row, The Start of Terror Finally Ensued

321 Entering Phase Two, Planting Distrust and Creating Dispute

322 After Sowing Distrust and Dispute, Entering the Third Phase

323 The Broken Alliance, Marking the Upcoming Battle

324 Preparations, The Three Camps Waiting for the Brewing Event in Bay City

325 Coinciding, The General's Decision, The Unneccessary News and the Incoming Enemies

326 A Corrupted Dream, When the Struggles to Pursue A Dream Pushed The Person into Insanity Instead

327 Storming the Industrial Area, The Start of the Battle Like a Scene From a Horror Movie

328 Hidden Support, The Military's Capability and the Support they Recieved from the Shadows

329 On the Crane, The Start of the Fight Between the Powerhouses

330 Turning Serious, Mei's Psychic Ability and Flam's True Body

331 Snatch, Flam's Defeat and Forced Submission

332 Capturing, The Battle that Happened at the Baclaran Church

333 Calm Rage, Calling Forth the Omnious Omen

334 Retrieval, A Faint Hope for the Enemy

335 Struggle for Survival of the Enemies, The Rain of Lightning and the Burst of Flames

336 The Flame Demon Gar'Vlam, The Continuation of the Unfinished Battle from the Unrecorded History

337 The Convergence, The People Lured Into The Place of Battle Due to Fate

338 Intensifying Battle, Transformations Amidst the Rain of Flames and the Song Heard in the Background

339 Release , A Secret about the Relation Between the Infected and the Mutators

340 Wild Battle, The Mark without Restraints and the Two Inheritors of the Crystals

341 Escape! Withdrawing from the Battle in Desperation

342 Bad and Good, The Two Endings of the Battle in Bay City

343 A Day After the Shaking Event, Handing Over the Package He was Tasked to Deliver

344 Family Matters, The General's Personal Reques

345 The Strange Coincidence, Meeting the General's Wife

346 In the Hospital Area, Treating the General's Wife and the Introduction of the Inheritors

347 Meeting the Inheritors, The Story of Their Pasts

348 Invitation, Recruiting a Supposed Enemy to For the Advantage She Could Bring

349 A Long Night, His Family and Their Family

350 The Workshop, They Meant Metal and Tools but He Just Needed Blood

351 Spera's Longing, The First Step to Get Her Loyalty

352 Modifications, Working On the MB Sprinter

353 The Modified MB-Sprinter, The Birth of Exceed Apocalypse Vehicle Series

354 The Mysterious Seed, Revealing its Origins and Purpose

355 Discussions, Information About the Spirit Tree and A Request to Return Favor

356 The Mission, Towards their Destination

357 Strange Behaviour, Trying to Pull-Off Something Making Everyone Confused

358 The Act, Enemies' Assumptions and Reaching the University

359 Entry, The Few Survivors of the University

360 The Impossible, Reunion Between Two Friends in the Middle of the Apocalypse

361 Communication, The Location of the Blood Bank and the Arrival of the Fools

362 Abbygale's Prowess, The Start of the University Hun

363 Predator Turned Prey, The Failure of the Greedy Fool

364 Mediocrity, The Fall of the Fools

365 Resource Harvest, The Consequences of Their Greed

366 The Mutator Experiment, The Results and the Unexpected Harves

367 To the Medical Center, A Bloody Battle Before the Entrance

368 Inside the Medical Center, An Eerie Exploration

369 The Nest in the Medical Center, The Breeder Type and Finding the Blood Bank

370 Losing Control, The Ferocious Upgrade

371 Upgraded Abilities, The Last Memories of the Blood Infected

372 Leaving the Medical Center, Torching The Building Into Ruins

373 Leaving the University, Emi's Mysterious Smile

374 The Blood Armored Devil, Putting His Upgraded Abilities to Tes

375 Auntie?, An Unexpected Encounter with Another Psychic

376 Returning to Bay City, The Last Help They Will Give The Settlemen

377 The Blinding Entry, Luring the Mastermind into the Open

378 Manipulating the AI of the Enemies, The Battle at the Bridge and Meeting the Leader of The Horde

379 The Aerial Battle, Two Versus an Army of Flying Infected

380 Going Even Further Beyond, The Rising Morale and Fighting the King

381 The Dance of Flames, Dismembering the Infected King

382 The Roar of Thunder, The Cheers of Victory

383 Investigation, The Queen Type and The Invitation

384 Abrupt Vision, Angelise's Mysterious Origins

385 In the Lab, A Strange Discovery about the King Type

386 Jaeya, Her Longing and Foolishness

387 NeoHumans, The Ongoing Theory

388 Called Out, Another Mission from the Military

389 Day of Departure, Leaving the Bay City Settlement After Setting Up a Bomb

390 The First Day on the Road, A Rather Smooth Travel

391 The Glow at the Lake, The Nighttime Hunting Ground

392 Going Back to the Lake, The Start of the Second Day of their Journey

393 Through Taytay Rizal, Encounter at the Alternative Route

394 The Second Day on the Road, Towards the Next Resting Poin

395 The Recreation House, Starting the Haunted Nigh

396 A Conversation, The Fourth Mutator and the Ghost of Maryhill

397 A Missing Important Detail, Locking Down the Living Area

398 Ghost Hunting, The Repulsive Landfill

399 Collateral Damage, A Disadvantage at Fighting the Enemy on Its Homeground

400 The Frustrating Battle, Flam's Proposition

401 Demonic Awakening, The Naming Ritual of the Cursed Sword Gone Wrong

402 The Next Day, Explanations and Theories