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Author: 如倾如诉

Latest update: 03-28-2020 11:23

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Description A chinese novel revolving around being transported to another world with an op system. The mc spends his day chasing skirts and doing missions to level up. A standard journey to the top story with lots of girls from various animes and games with a twist of gaming feel (hunting mobs, doing missions). Maidens' Grand Summoning Shào Nǚ Dà Zhào Huàn 少女大召唤

Table of contents - Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 1: Advent, trolling status screen!

Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Wasting an unfortunate wind snake

Chapter 4: Mission complete

Chapter 5: A story that can’t be left untold

Chapter 6: Information regarding this other world

Chapter 7: Soy sauce beating party

Chapter 8: Could you be any less fake?

Chapter 9: People like these exists, always asking to get curb stomped!

Chapter 10: Multitasking

Chapter 11: The legendary transcript mission! Hayate the combat butler, starts!

Chapter 12: Flat-chested, acrophobic, Kaichou sama!

Chapter 13: The interactions with Kaichou sama.

Chapter 14: With such a sister, being stressed is normal

Chapter 15: The queen of Hayate the combat butler! How can she not have a butler?

Chapter 16: Isn’t it the MC’s duty to pick up girls?

Chapter 17: What would a parade of demons look like?

Chapter 18: Chaotic return to horizon waltz! Exp keeps rolling in…

Chapter 19: question marked level, mysterious crystal fragment

Chapter 20: Kaichou sama’s generous benefits!

Chapter 21: Tsundere blonde twin tail and air headed exorcist

Chapter 22: Interrupted conquest!

Chapter 23: A jinxed Main Character of original story, me gusta verlo mas!

Chapter 24: Interrupted once more! Snapped!

Chapter 25: Suspicion, unending attacks!

Chapter 26: To be able to give birth to such a daughter, as expected she’s a fine piece of work as well.

Chapter 27: The exorcist ancestor with no integrity

Chapter 28: Sudden development, goal change!

Chapter 29: Relationship increase, Kaichou-sama conquered!

Chapter 30: First summon! Super railgun arrives at the scene!

Chapter 31: The true reason for being friendly with each other…

Chapter 32: Bringing 2 shoujos on farming trip

Chapter 33: One does not simply escape labyrinths

Chapter 34: Beating the shit out of a monster named wall, Kaichou-sama goes berserk!

Chapter 35: Great Wolf Monster! A true battle!

Chapter 36: Monsters compounded from ages gone! Facing youkai army!

Chapter 37: Dancing blade! Flying Sparks!

Chapter 38: End, tenderness, reorganization and rest…

Chapter 39: Status, level up, bashfulness and heavenly punishment…

Chapter 40: C grade equipments! 2 rare armaments!

Chapter 41: Recounting the existence of Misaka sisters….

Chapter 42: Tree monster? Tentacle monster? Tentacle tree monster!

Chapter 43: King! dragon? dragon king? Snake king!

Chapter 44: No compromise! Wu Yan’s fight!

Chapter 45: True form of giant snake! Mikoto’s fight!

Chapter 46: Shooting across the sky! None but railgun!

Chapter 47: Finally completing the last mission!

Chapter 48: As of this moment, I changed job to railgun bro…

Chapter 49: Fanservice before returning!

Chapter 50: It’s decided! Let’s do some power leveling

Chapter 51: It appears that some people walk their dogs in giant beast forest

Chapter 52: Rescue ops: Save the loli!

Chapter 53: Put down that loli in your hand!

Chapter 54: When the little loli calls me ‘Onii-chan’!

Chapter 55: Granting a very fancy death!

Chapter 56: The primitive lifestyle that we’re about to leave behind…

Chapter 57: Dealing with magic crystal and demonic beast materials

Chapter 58: Auctioning off Kusanagi Sword

Chapter 59: The Loli’s understanding of auctions…

Chapter 60: Supply town at night

Chapter 61: The item to bring down railgun!

Chapter 62: The wild auction!

Chapter 63: Dazzling auction

Chapter 64: Pure white crystal

Chapter 65: Auctioning of pure white crystal

Chapter 66: The good stuffs

Chapter 67: The treasure map that’s open to the public?

Chapter 68: The curious final article…

Chapter 69: The trio that turned into detective bo-,squad…

Chapter 70: 200’000 Summoning points!

Chapter 71:Deciding on a counter measure

Chapter 72: Summon +1

Chapter 73: Summoning lost treasure from heaven! Sky queen descends!

Chapter 74: Ikaros! The tender girl that one can’t help feeling pitiful for..

Chapter 75: Fantastic dream, naturally air headed Ikaros…

Chapter 76: Lifestyle, decision, wait

Chapter 77: Huge treasure seeking party!

Chapter 78: Airship! Departure! Chain of mountain ranges

Chapter 79: A certain forgotten Kaichou-sama…

Chapter 80: The place of bounty only have a stone plaque?…

Chapter 81: Stone path! Stone wall! Monsters?

Chapter 82: Ikaros’ Macross missile massacre!

Chapter 83: Caves on the wall, blood stained battle ground!

Chapter 84: Spiders crawling out from stones

Chapter 85: Stomping spiders! The times have changed!

Chapter 86: The death march of the stone spiders…

Chapter 87: Time for the system’s gadget to make an appearance once more…

Chapter 88: Cruel battle. The two’s realization

Chapter 89:The retreating spiders and the lurking group…

Chapter 90: Escalation, tier 7 black stone spider

Chapter 91: S rated lifeform!

Chapter 92: Giant Spider Escort! The doomed treasure hunting group…

Chapter 93: Appearance! Tier 9! Giant spider queen!

Chapter 94: The tier 8’s weird method…

Chapter 95: the auction firm’s conspiracy

Chapter 96: They deal with the mobs, we wait for the loots

Chapter 97: The fall of the spider queen and its last wail

Chapter 98: The starting event that Ikaros owns…

Chapter 99: A fight between tier 8s (pt 1)

Chapter 100: A brawl between tier 8s (pt2/3)

Chapter 101: Brawl between tier 8s (pt3/3)

Chapter 102: Uranus system!

Chapter 103: The overwhelming might of Uranus system and the curtain call of the 3 tier 8s.

Chapter 104: Graduation from beginner village…

Chapter 105: The best fukken treasure on this world.

Chapter 106: The ring that won’t unlock! The message within the box…

Chapter 107: The projection from the crystal ball

Chapter 108: It’s done! The way home…

Chapter 109: Wu Yan’s decision! The prelude before the push down…

Chapter 110: Spoiling my beloved Kaichou-sama…

Chapter 111: Spoiling my railgun…

Chapter 112: The morning after

Chapter 113: Bringing Little Lirin back home…

Chapter 114: Beherl! The dog owner appears…

Chapter 115: The faceoff, Gray and Tigre

Chapter 116: Reunion! Lirin? Midobia!

Chapter 117: A stunned crowd! The king captured instantly!

Chapter 118: Strong Wu Yan and a rage quitting Tigre…

Chapter 119: Iron dog mercenaries digging their own graves

Chapter 120: Transformation into a flower picking bandit, we got what we want

Chapter 121: The arrival of Lulu and Fei Fei!

Chapter 122: You want to entrust your daughter to me?…

Chapter 123: Long time no see? A special greeting…

Chapter 124: A development that everyone didn’t foresee

Chapter 125: Hughes’ killing intent and Lulu’s anger

Chapter 126: Declaration! To stake one’s life!

Chapter 127: One finger! A stupefied Hughes…

Chapter 128: And thus it is shown to everyone!

Chapter 129: Done with 1 event, another begins! Fei Fei’s challenge!

Chapter 130: Clashing of the swords! The most direct confrontation!

Chapter 131: The Effulgence that lights up the whole place! Sword beam!

Chapter 132: The light of the night? Moonlight?

Chapter 133: [Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz] vs [Night Moon Flash]

Chapter 134: Astonishment! They are tier 8 supers?

Chapter 135: The scampering Tigre…

Chapter 136: Sending 3 girls away, next stop?

Chapter 137: The preparations before leaving…

Chapter 138: Another summoning! Ikaros’ comrade?

Chapter 139: Second angeloid! Astrea!

Chapter 140: Entering Toaru Majutsu no Index! A trollish character setting…

Chapter 141: Invited over to Judgement 177 branch office for tea

Chapter 142: Borrowing a communication device to call for help…

Chapter 143: To give a good lesson…

Chapter 144: Research centre, data, DNA, Sisters!

Chapter 145: An angel that almost died from starvation…

Chapter 146: Yuri girl making a ruckus…

Chapter 147: Wanna go on a date?…

Chapter 148: Daily life of daily life of daily life

Chapter 149: Date! Clothing shop! Clothes!!!

Chapter 150: Bringing Railgun to see X rated film

Chapter 151: The intertwining of two bodies within the darkness…

Chapter 152: Kuroko’s suspicion and the blonde haired girl…

Chapter 153: ITEM

Chapter 154: A sudden mission…

Chapter 155: The clash of lightning and laser

Chapter 156: Meltdowner, map bombardment

Chapter 157: 4 persons group or 5?

Chapter 158: The so called reinforcement of ITEM

Chapter 159: Heart throbbing punishment?

Chapter 160: Training in progress…

Chapter 161: There are actually multiple ways to threaten a young girl…

Chapter 162: Aleister’s reaction…

Chapter 163: Mikoto’s call and Kuroko’s howling

Chapter 164: Spending a day with Railgun & co

Chapter 165: Destiny be matchmaker of foes

Chapter 166: Discovery! A scandalous threat…

Chapter 167: Mugino Shizuri’s warning?…

Chapter 168: Everything will get better…

Chapter 169: The search for Hinagiku! Police officer?

Chapter 170: The mind controlling brain and the sloppy scientist.

Chapter 171: Gakuo’s plan and the timely rescue

Chapter 172: Special item? New info…

Chapter 173: Saving the sisters!

Chapter 174: Bashful Ikaros and an eventful morning…

Chapter 175: A very eventful morning! The enemy has appeared?

Chapter 176: Plan? Moving silently…

Chapter 177: Hound Dog gets routed.

Chapter 178: Diversions? One fell swoop?

Chapter 179: systematic progress…

Chapter 180: An invitation letter? From her?

Chapter 181: Blonde! Huge knockers! Joou-sama!

Chapter 182: A date with Joou-sama?…

Chapter 183: During the date with Joou-sama…

Chapter 184: The heaven within the garden of eden. What we hath dreamt…

Chapter 185: Railgun’s arrival and the excuse given…

Chapter 186: The princess and the queen! Mine shuraba…

Chapter 187: Unleashing flash bangs at Tokiwadai dormitory

Chapter 188: The trouble that comes knocking…

Chapter 189

Chapter 190

Chapter 191

Chapter 192: Tokiwadai midsummer festival. The start of another trollfest…

Chapter 193: Can you please keep your hands off my boyfriend?

Chapter 194: Another squabble? The second round of shots fired…

Chapter 195: The dark dealings…

Chapter 196

Chapter 197

Chapter 198: Nunotaba Shinobu’s warning…

Chapter 199: Preserving the tradition of messing around

Chapter 200

Chapter 201: Fighting No.2! Mikoto unchained.

Chapter 202: One shot! The talk in a certain space…

Chapter 203: Academy City in uproar…

Chapter 204: What now?…

Chapter 205: Research lab incursion! The most suitable route…

Chapter 206: Premature commencement of Lv 6 shift program?

Chapter 207: For your Onee-sama.

Chapter 208: Accelerator. The incoming battle…

Chapter 209: Fight, the fight against Accelerator

Chapter 210: Yeah, fight on, Astrea!

Chapter 211: Hurt, Accelerator enters reeeee mode

Chapter 212: Gathering the winds in Academy City

Chapter 213

Chapter 214: Going all out to make someone suck photon blade

Chapter 215: An end for now…

Chapter 216: The System is being awfully generous?…

Chapter 217: New bloodline and new equipment.

Chapter 218: The queen is here to collect her due…

Chapter 219: A love rival’s appearance? The talk within the alley…

Chapter 220: A tussle in the small alley.

Chapter 221: A love for the ages…

Chapter 222: Tsuchimikado Motoharu! Musujime Awaki!

Chapter 223: Guide, going to see Aleister.

Chapter 224: The standoff with Aleister, the hard way.

Chapter 225: A small win! Aleister’s threat?…

Chapter 226: Threat countered! The ace in the hole.

Chapter 227: Screwing with Musujime Awaki. Last Order ran off?

Chapter 228: You will look after this little one from now on…

Chapter 229: The date with Joou-sama! Take 2

Chapter 230: The 23 stuff that happened during the date…

Chapter 231: Trolled to the death? A bunch of Haraguro Ojou-samas from Tokiwadai

Chapter 232

Chapter 233

Chapter 234

Chapter 235

Chapter 236

Chapter 237

Chapter 238: Urban legend and the aftermath after the date

Chapter 239: A sudden Angel Fall!

Chapter 240: Fuck everything.

Chapter 241: When Tou-ch-ass-ma pulls his fukou da on you…

Chapter 242: Meteor Shower! Destroying the Sweep!

Chapter 243: Archangel Gabriel

Chapter 244: The reactivation of the Sweep! In the nick of time?

Chapter 245: The end! Tsuchimikado Motoharu’s advice

Chapter 246: An encounter with a loli girl

Chapter 247: Locked on to Kinuhata Saiai

Chapter 248: When will Mugino Shizuri learn?

Chapter 249: To show someone to the door, to waste or not to waste?

Chapter 250

Chapter 251: Dark Matter v Meltdowner

Chapter 252: A one sided match! Madness and hate…

Chapter 253: Remove your filthy hands at once!

Chapter 254: I want your 3 subordinates as my compensation!

Chapter 255: Railgun, the bane of Kakine Teitoku

Chapter 256: The dogfight in the night sky. Again.

Chapter 257: Another 1 hit kill

Chapter 258: Dark Matter died

Chapter 259: Coercion is a must! Takitsubou Rikou’s acting strange…

Chapter 260: With the characters at hand, rule 34 is only a bit further away…

Chapter 261: Second special item, Kakine Teitoku’s body

Chapter 262: Taking over Railgun’s position

Chapter 263: The three of them are here as maids!

Chapter 264: To pick one of the cherries, who shall it be?

Chapter 265: The tip of the iceberg, the good stuff is about to happen

Chapter 266: A night with a loli, jiggery pokery

Chapter 267: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Chapter 268: Today’s theme, maids!

Chapter 269: Wait, did I click wrong? Fuck.

Chapter 270: The arrival of second young lady, the search for a solution.

Chapter 271: Flandre Scarlet

Chapter 272: Alter mode? Flandre-chan’s rampage!

Chapter 273: Play? Wreck? Break? Toyed to the death?

Chapter 274: The scary destruction of The Eye

Chapter 275: Are you done playing?…

Chapter 276: Nobody is going to hate you, I won’t as well…

Chapter 277: Calming down, making up, sealing and the end of the fiasco…

Chapter 278: Sight-seeing trip around Academy City with Flandre-chan

Chapter 279: Sight-seeing around Academy City with Flandre-chan

Chapter 280: Ikaros’ admiration

Chapter 281: A seemingly proactive Ikaros…

Chapter 282: Sweet sweet booty! Choosing a good time

Chapter 283: Might as well go all the way after coming this far

Chapter 284: My Joou-sama needs more love!

Chapter 285: My Joou-sama can’t be this cute!

Chapter 286: My Joou-sama sure can take the lead!

Chapter 287: My Joou-sama can’t be this obedient!

Chapter 288: The crystal palace harem is slowly being buil

Chapter 289: Thus, Joou-sama knew…

Chapter 290: When anger mixes with embarrassmen

Chapter 291: Kinuhata Saiai who couldn’t escape her fate

Chapter 292: Again, what started as innocent turned into another opera

Chapter 293: Lewd interlude…

Chapter 294: Actually, I wasn’t planning on having a foursome…

Chapter 295: Trio of people? Let’s try some…

Chapter 296: The story that must be told…

Chapter 297: Joou-sama pulling the strings behind it all…

Chapter 298: Gathering, explaining, consulting and what is to come…

Chapter 299: A round of railgun for Academy City…

Chapter 300: Silvaria World Institute

Chapter 301: Arrival! Reaction! Movement! Warning!

Chapter 302: Why must there be an entrance ritual when you’re just trying to get past the freaking gate?…

Chapter 303: Test! Special student!

Chapter 304: You get a gold beam! You get a gold beam! Everybody gets a gold beam!!! 10 special students

Chapter 305: Silvaria World Institute in an uproar!

Chapter 306: Wu Yan who got NTR-ed by Shokuhou Misaki

Chapter 307: Student Handbook? The arena tower and rankings…

Chapter 309: Enemy? Here comes the trouble…

Chapter 310: A rival faction? Ailu Empire’s no.2 noble family

Chapter 311: The aces of the academy, the advent of the various factions!

Chapter 312: Stuck between two hard places? A declaration of war?…

Chapter 313: Sending them packing! Underhanded means? Bitch please Bing Mian

Chapter 314: Taking on the arena tower! Surpassing the challenges!

Chapter 315: The 4th floor, pass!

Chapter 316: 4th floor cleared!

Chapter 317: Making it rain with money! Going on a crystal buying-spree!

Chapter 318: Mind, body, and technique. Eternal Arms Mastership!

Chapter 319: Welcoming and making open challenges in the arena tower

Chapter 320: Heavy guy? Fist of destruction? Butting heads

Chapter 321: Continuous challenges! Continuous wins!

Chapter 322: Bing Mian goes up the stage and gets smacked again and again

Chapter 323: The decisive strike leading to victory! The one who disrupts!

Chapter 324: When you hit the younger one, the older one steps up…

Chapter 325: The might of a top 10 ranker.

Chapter 326: Another meddling third party?…

Chapter 327: Wait, the school actually has some events?

Chapter 328: Issuing the challenge again, delaying the inevitable duel…

Chapter 329: Lirin the loli! The real culprit?

Chapter 330: A special type of equipment? Growth type

Chapter 331: School auction

Chapter 332: Bid war for the equipment. Making it rain a second time with credits!

Chapter 333: The appearance of a gold armamen

Chapter 334: A special show thrown by the princess herself! Dumping piles and piles of credits

Chapter 335: They messed with me, now they mess with my girls

Chapter 336: The 3 imperial factions make their appearances

Chapter 337: The challenge from Princess Sylph, the strongest student!

Chapter 338: A storm with dancing lightning and falling snow.

Chapter 339: Certain kill techniques, the collision between Ice Flash and Railgun

Chapter 340: Angelic Wings, the angel’s Aegis

Chapter 341: You girls almost killed yourselves and now you girls want to continue?

Chapter 342: Spending them points! Gate of Babylon!

Chapter 343: Ascending past floor 5! The barbaric floor master!

Chapter 344: A contest of strength! Hand to hand comba

Chapter 345: Dark fist of murder vs Lightning punch

Chapter 346: Sweet victory! Ascending past floor 5!

Chapter 347: Special ability: Knight of Owner!

Chapter 348: Filling up the treasury, the arrival of the enforcement briga

Chapter 349: The council would like to meet me?…

Chapter 350: Where are you really from?…

Chapter 351: Lulu’s grandpa?

Chapter 352: A mountain made of letters of challenge

Chapter 353: A vague morning

Chapter 354: An important day?…

Chapter 355: A surprise

Chapter 356: Birthday Night presen

Chapter 357: The School Tournament begins!

Chapter 358: More and more arrivals

Chapter 359: Starlight Queen, the queen of this institute!

Chapter 360: The Misaka sisters are the bodyguards of the Queen?

Chapter 361: Grand tournament, first round

Chapter 362: Swift victories, next up, Hinagiku!

Chapter 363: Hinagiku’s fight, a dazzling finish

Chapter 364: Shokuhou Misaki’s turn, the popularity of the Queen

Chapter 365: Power levelling, where the sisters went…

Chapter 366: The second round, the first one again?

Chapter 367: I am going to win this round for sure!

Chapter 368: Jaafar’s fight! Beast Battle Arts!

Chapter 369: Hinagiku vs a top 10 ranker

Chapter 370: The breathtaking fight and finally, victory!

Chapter 371: The battles keep on coming, another one!

Chapter 372: Gate of Babylon countered, Nietono no Shana fights back.

Chapter 373: A fight between fire and ice

Chapter 375: Wasting an unfortunate wind snake

Chapter 376: Calm heart and thoughts during the night…

Chapter 377: Let’s go to the beach!

Chapter 378: Starlight Queen’s HQ? You mean her fanclub right?

Chapter 379: Shokuhou Misaki who needs a good training session or two

Chapter 380: A temporary visit to Hayate the Combat Butler’s world

Chapter 381: Mother in law says “Don’t be a playboy”

Chapter 382: The trip to the beach with the girls…

Chapter 383: The beauty pageant, each to their own?

Chapter 384: When fortune comes rolling in

Chapter 385: Only real men knows how to take an initiative

Chapter 386: O hand o mine why isn’t there another pair of you

Chapter 387: The end to the beach excursion

Chapter 388: A night by the seaside…

Chapter 389: The night at the hot spring…

Chapter 390: I am going to get you all drunk! Do you have the guts to pick up that cup?

Chapter 391: The ladies all went down for the count, finally nabbed the angel with a bottomless pit…

Chapter 392: The intoxicating night…

Chapter 393: A wild night…

Chapter 394: A crazy morning

Chapter 395: The third stage of the Grand tournamen

Chapter 396: A strong foe! Jaafar!

Chapter 397: The sharp talons of a savage beast, beast projection

Chapter 398: Lightning fist vs Bloody Apex Predator Claw

Chapter 399: Change in the flow of battle, disadvantage…

Chapter 400: Another way to use the Gate of Babylon

Chapter 401: Jaafar going berserk, the frightening power of the Beast Battle Skills

Chapter 402: Thunderbolt! The decision?

Chapter 403: The end of the school’s grand tournament? The results…

Chapter 404: Going solo into another world?

Chapter 405: Date A live, descending in a space quake…

Chapter 406: Getting shot at first sight?…

Chapter 407: Wu Yan must die, OP lady!

Chapter 408: Ratatoskr, Kannazuki Kyouhei

Chapter 409: Commander Itsuka Kotori

Chapter 410: Kotori’s and the sudden appearance of sealing bracele

Chapter 411: Onee-san? Itsuka Shiori

Chapter 412: Itsuka Shidou Onii-chan?!

Chapter 413: Same morning different main character

Chapter 414: Day 1 at the start of the plo

Chapter 415: Tobiichi Origami is a yuri girl?

Chapter 416: Spacequake alarm, as expected…

Chapter 417: Space stone

Chapter 418: Princess’s advent! Yatogami Tohka!

Chapter 419: Tohka, that’s your name…

Chapter 420: Onii-chan’s girlfriend

Chapter 421: The way to Tohka’s heart…

Chapter 422: Who got who?

Chapter 423: Who peeked at who?

Chapter 424: Kotori’s knife

Chapter 425: Their conversation during the night, Tohka’s thoughts…

Chapter 426: Can I discuss with you in your commander mode?

Chapter 427: AST’s pursue

Chapter 428: Instant defeat! Total annihilation!

Chapter 429: Frustration, belittlement, confusion, and death…

Chapter 430: A sudden appearance of another girl! The second spiri

Chapter 431: Zaphkiel and the spirit of time

Chapter 432: Become one? Manic passion!

Chapter 433: The spirit of time’s power…

Chapter 434: Multiple enemies

Chapter 435: Outburst, biting back

Chapter 436: Escape, a forced closure…

Chapter 437: The toughest spirit to take on…

Chapter 438: I am so done with this…

Chapter 439: Cheeky Kotori strikes again

Chapter 440: Let’s continue where we left off on the punishment shall we?….

Chapter 441: Tobiichi Origami is on the move?…

Chapter 442: The advent of Hermit.

Chapter 443

Chapter 444: Loli Yoshino, Yoshinon?

Chapter 445: Yoshinon’s choice…

Chapter 446: Cute Little Yoshino

Chapter 447: Substitution and running for one’s life

Chapter 448: Inscrutable Kotori

Chapter 449: Odd Tohka…

Chapter 450: Unpredictable Yoshino

Chapter 451

Chapter 452: Sneaky peeky young ladies…

Chapter 453: The Itsuka residence’s hot spring trip

Chapter 454: The curious splashes in the hot spring

Chapter 455: Even bigger splashes in the hot spring

Chapter 456: A kick for what he did

Chapter 457: The end to a long day…

Chapter 458: Tokisaki Kurumi comes…

Chapter 459: Kotori’s arrangement, Wu Yan’s plan

Chapter 460: I want to become one with you

Chapter 461: An invitation to a date?

Chapter 462: You can’t go without dates in this world.

Chapter 463: The date in the zoo

Chapter 464: There are other ways…

Chapter 465: The annoying AST meddles again

Chapter 466: You cannot reject me…

Chapter 467: Your sister is waiting for you to come and have dinner.

Chapter 468: Bargaining behind the scenes

Chapter 469: Truth

Chapter 470: The figure in black and red sneaking about in the nigh

Chapter 471: Disappearance, someone kidnapped the girls.

Chapter 472: You guys will be the prelude before the real play begins

Chapter 473: Teamwork and skill

Chapter 474: Defeat and big hero momen

Chapter 475: The show is about to begin

Chapter 476: An intense battle

Chapter 477: Unrelenting attacks and surprising combos

Chapter 478: An unknown ligh

Chapter 479: Time and space collides

Chapter 480: Fate and destiny the contact that transcended time and space

Chapter 481: At last, the seal comes off…

Chapter 482: The spirit girls unleash their power!

Chapter 483: 4v1, a tough figh

Chapter 484: Let the curtains fall…

Chapter 485: You’re mine from now on

Chapter 486: Post-battle happy time?

Chapter 487: A change of hear

Chapter 488: Kurumi on the offensive?

Chapter 489: We haven’t even seen other more than 10 times

Chapter 490: A mission that is easy and hard at the same time.

Chapter 491: Equipment upgrading

Chapter 492: Integrating the sealing bracelets

Chapter 493: Act first, report later

Chapter 494: A prelude to a catfight?

Chapter 495: I want to become a fiancee too?

Chapter 496: Night and spilling the beans

Chapter 497: An unexpected answer

Chapter 498: Not knocking is a good habi

Chapter 499: The troubles come after the bonus?

Chapter 500: Stories in the other world

Chapter 501: The Sisters are here

Chapter 502: Disturbance in the Giant Beast Fores

Chapter 503: Shokuhou Misaki’s plan, heading towards the Giant Beast Fores

Chapter 504: Rowdy fores

Chapter 505: Shido’s my boyfriend, you’re just his fiancee

Chapter 506: Tobiichi Origami wants a date.

Chapter 507: Paparazzi

Chapter 508: is it a date? A date? Or, a date?

Chapter 509: I will gladly crush this date

Chapter 510: Shiori wants to fight the fire?

Chapter 511: Fraxinus is yours

Chapter 512: Turning Fraxinus into a Noble Phantasm

Chapter 513: Quest 3 completed, getting the reward…