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Author: Fishman The Second

Latest update: 03-29-2020 21:35

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Description Yang Ming is an underachiever in high school. He skips class to shoot pool, cheats on his exams and gets into fights. However, by a twist and turn of fate and luck, he obtains some high-tech contact lenses that give him superpowers and dramatically change his life. As his journey unfolds, he battles against society’s big guns and attempts to bring justice into an unjust world. Along the way, he has many interesting and romantic encounters with the ladies who are charmed by his character. How will he use his superpowers? Will he be able to overcome evil and bring justice to the world? 很纯很暧昧

Table of contents - So Pure, So Flirtatious

Chapter 1: Beautiful Prefect

Chapter 2: Decision Making

Chapter 3: Against the Injustice

Chapter 4: Campus Belle Passing Notes

Chapter 5: An Amazing Discovery

Chapter 6: Discovery of a Special Power

Chapter 7: Naked Campus Belle!

Chapter 8: Just That Little Thing

Chapter 9: Chat in a Corner

Chapter 10: Trim Your Hair, Strengthen Your Will

Chapter 11: Give It a Try

Chapter 12: Pretty Teacher's After Class Tutorial

Chapter 13: Teacher Turned Sister

Chapter 14: An Actor's Robbery

Chapter 15: Yang Style Flying Kick

Chapter 16: Exposing His Manhood To Two Women

Chapter 17: Tampons

Chapter 18: My Pretty Girls

Chapter 19: The Number One Pursuer

Chapter 20: Definitely Suspicious

Chapter 21: It Was Really Him

Chapter 22: Wang Zhitao's Strange Behavior

Chapter 23: Boyfriend?

Chapter 24: Another Robbery

Chapter 25: Let Me Be Your Wife

Chapter 26: Naked Body

Chapter 27: Why Is It Always You

Chapter 28: A Unique Encounter

Chapter 29: Murder Suspect

Chapter 30: A Flash of Inspiration

Chapter 31: Turning Into a Hero

Chapter 32: Enlightenment

Chapter 33: An Appointment

Chapter 34: Solicitous Wang Zhitao

Chapter 35: A Drunken Yang Ming

Chapter 36: Erotic Dream

Chapter 37: The Second Visit

Chapter 38: Framed

Chapter 39: First Experience in the Detention Center

Chapter 40: Brother Bao

Chapter 41: Weird Old Man

Chapter 42: He Was Also Framed

Chapter 43: Why Is It Him?

Chapter 44: Girlfriend?

Chapter 45: A Man's Commitment

Chapter 46: Yang Ming's Worries

Chapter 47: A Flirtatious Phone Call

Chapter 48: Mom I Love You

Chapter 49: You Are Mu Guiying

Chapter 50: Two Thieves

Chapter 51: House robbery?

Chapter 52: Winning A Lottery

Chapter 53: Contact Lenses' Flaws

Chapter 54: I Want to Eat You Alive

Chapter 55: The Last Tutorial

Chapter 56: Four School Joint Exam

Chapter 57: Date With the Campus Belle After the Exam

Chapter 58: The Gentleman Pays

Chapter 59: Plane In the Sky...

Chapter 60: Uncle Chen is Watching You

Chapter 61: Coincidental Bus Ride

Chapter 62: Shopping Together at the Bookstore

Chapter 63: Young Lady Becomes Big Mama

Chapter 64: A Strange Encounter on the Bus (Part I)

Chapter 65: A Strange Encounter on the Bus (Part II)

Chapter 66: The Extremely Unlucky Thief

Chapter 67: Shocking Exam Results

Chapter 68: Pure Luck!

Chapter 69: The King of Memorization?

Chapter 70: Perseverance

Chapter 71: Keeping A Low Profile

Chapter 72: Jin Gang Orders Dishes

Chapter 73: Exploding Zhao Ying

Chapter 74: The Devious One Is You

Chapter 75: Stupid Jin Gang

Chapter 76: Sleepless Night

Chapter 77: Brother Sister

Chapter 78: Integrating Contact Lenses

Chapter 79: My Profile Picture...

Chapter 80: The Mysterious Fang Tian

Chapter 81: Chen Mengyan's heart

Chapter 82: The First Time Using the Superpower to Gamble

Chapter 83: Perfect Name, Unique Style

Chapter 84: Who scared who?

Chapter 85: Wild Female Teacher

Chapter 86: Conflict in Class

Chapter 87: Escalated Situation

Chapter 88: Path Winding Through Mountain Ridges

Chapter 89: Guilty of Being a Thief

Chapter 90: There's No Need For It Anymore

Chapter 91: What Do You Want to Buy?

Chapter 92: Stay Away From My Wife

Chapter 93: Dreams Come True

Chapter 94: A Passionate Moment

Chapter 95: Chen Mengyan's Windbreaker

Chapter 96: Critical Hit

Chapter 97: Misunderstanding

Chapter 98: It Is A Small World

Chapter 99: A Heart-to-heart Talk Between Father and Daughter Chen

Chapter 100: Little Mengyan's Confession

Chapter 101: The College Entrance Examination Event

Chapter 102: Plans After the College Exam

Chapter 103: A Moment of Impulsiveness

Chapter 104: Imperial Jade

Chapter 105: Also Use the Ability for Treasure Hunting

Chapter 106: Like Her

Chapter 107: Yang Ming Hit The Jackpot

Chapter 108: Found A Treasure

Chapter 109: Are You Sure?

Chapter 110: Wealth at My Fingertips

Chapter 111: Rock Gambling

Chapter 112: Lan Ling Has a Secret

Chapter 113: The Value of Jade

Chapter 114: Old Mister Liu

Chapter 115: Learn and Apply Immediately

Chapter 116: Live-action Movie

Chapter 117: New Intel

Chapter 118: Luck

Chapter 119: Yang Ming's Worries

Chapter 120: Stolen Jade

Chapter 121: She’s Not the Thief

Chapter 122: Carrying a Sack of Jade

Chapter 123: An Encounter In His Hometown

Chapter 124: Weird Lan Ling

Chapter 125: Mengyan's message

Chapter 126: Romantic Encounter on the Train

Chapter 127: The Punk’s Revenge

Chapter 128: Whose Wallet Is This After All?

Chapter 129: How could this be her?

Chapter 130: Su Ya! My Old Hatred!

Chapter 131: My Lover Xiao Qing

Chapter 132: Running Into the Nemesis

Chapter 133: Master?

Chapter 134: Liu Weishan's Sad Story

Chapter 135: F*** You Zhang Bing!

Chapter 136: First Bucket of Gold

Chapter 137: Meet Chen Mengyan Again

Chapter 138: Mitigating The Relationship

Chapter 139: Flirtatious

Chapter 140: Which Brother Sister?

Chapter 141: I have that today

Chapter 142: Help Lan Ling with That

Chapter 143: Yang Ming's Reason

Chapter 144: Rogue Twin Tao

Chapter 145: Find Someone to Screw You Guys Up!

Chapter 146: Set Up

Chapter 147: Putting Up An Act

Chapter 148: Who’s Acting?

Chapter 149: Harassment Calls

Chapter 150: Ghost Story (Part 1)

Chapter 151: Ghost Story (Part 2)

Chapter 152: Powerful Cousin

Chapter 153: Ostentatious Woman

Chapter 154: Suspicious Woman

Chapter 155: The Rights of a Couple

Chapter 156: Temporary Boyfriend

Chapter 157: Cold Observer

Chapter 158: A Fantasy Target

Chapter 159: Wait…

Chapter 160: Same To You

Chapter 161: A Little Quarrel

Chapter 162: Going Along With The Plan

Chapter 163: Taste Your Own Medicine

Chapter 164: The Conspiracy Had Begun

Chapter 165: Time Bomb

Chapter 166: Date with Chen Mengyan

Chapter 167: A Righteous Mengyan

Chapter 168: Passing By

Chapter 169: Show Off Only If You Can

Chapter 170: Yang Ming's Past

Chapter 171: Unconfronted Matter

Chapter 172: Buy Another Set

Chapter 173: A Son Must Be Like Yang Ming

Chapter 174: Freshman Registration

Chapter 175: Coincidence At A Restaurant

Chapter 176: Wang Zhitao Saving The Beauty

Chapter 177: Perspective Matters

Chapter 178: Brothel and Male Prostitute

Chapter 179: Tutor Xie Yongqiang

Chapter 180: Four-Eyed Frog

Chapter 181: Wang Zhitao Again

Chapter 182: Two Phone Calls

Chapter 183: Birthday Celebration

Chapter 184: Zhang’s Eye-Catching Jade

Chapter 185: It’s Him

Chapter 186: I Am Living Just Fine

Chapter 187: The Man Behind the Scene

Chapter 188: The Furious President Yun

Chapter 189: Assassination

Chapter 190: What Kind of Person is Fang Tian?

Chapter 191: The King of Assassins

Chapter 192: Love Specialist

Chapter 193: Drama in the Election

Chapter 194: Two Groups of People

Chapter 195: Pretentious *ss Confrontation

Chapter 196: Temporarily Borrowing It

Chapter 197: Apprenticeship

Chapter 198: Private Room is Nothing

Chapter 199: Take Advantage of Me?

Chapter 200: A Visit to Liu Weishan

Chapter 201: Achilles’ heel

Chapter 202: Campus Belle Blog

Chapter 203: Sun Jie's Reaction

Chapter 204: Victim Zhang Bing

Chapter 205: A Worthwhile Suffering

Chapter 206: Rumors

Chapter 207: Pretty Girl’s Assistance

Chapter 208: Eve of the Competition

Chapter 209: A Gorgeous Appearance

Chapter 210: Breaking Brick Technique

Chapter 211: Confession

Chapter 212: The Effect of Voodoo

Chapter 213: Parting

Chapter 214: Nemesis

Chapter 215: Robbery in the Forest

Chapter 216: Make an Opening Move and Try Out

Chapter 217

Chapter 218: Reporting

Chapter 219: Parkour

Chapter 220: Secrets Revealed

Chapter 221: Telling the Truth

Chapter 222: Mengyan’s Decision

Chapter 223: Settling the Tutor

Chapter 224: The Troubles of Bao Sanli

Chapter 225: Assassin Tombstone

Chapter 226: Hou Zhenhan’s Visit

Chapter 227: Accident in the Hospital

Chapter 228: Yang Ming's Bold Idea

Chapter 229: Try Out and Decision

Chapter 230: Courting Death

Chapter 231: You Reap What You Sow

Chapter 232: Kidnapped

Chapter 233: Last Time Was An Accident

Chapter 234: Sun Jie’s Bitter Past

Chapter 235: A Calm Analysis

Chapter 236: To Be Your Man

Chapter 237: Yang Ming’s Method

Chapter 238: So That's The Case

Chapter 239: To The Rescue

Chapter 240: Flirting With Sun Jie

Chapter 241: Yang Ming’s Gift

Chapter 242: Going According To Plan

Chapter 243: A Coincidence

Chapter 244: Meeting an Extortionist

Chapter 245: Four Snakes Gang

Chapter 246: Unexpected Disaster

Chapter 247: Invitation to Auction

Chapter 248: Godparents

Chapter 249: There’s Indeed No True Love in this World

Chapter 250: A Strange Conversation

Chapter 251: A Flirtatious Scene

Chapter 252: Heading To Hong Kong

Chapter 253: Huizhong Auction House

Chapter 254: Hong Kong Auction House (A)

Chapter 255: Hong Kong Auction House (B)

Chapter 256: Contest

Chapter 257: Extravagant Yang Ming

Chapter 258: Regret

Chapter 259: Comforting an Online Female Friend

Chapter 260: Oriole Ambush

Chapter 261: A Strange Xiao Qing

Chapter 262: An Abhorrent Person

Chapter 263: Xiao Qing’s Unpleasant Past

Chapter 264: The Wedding Groom Suddenly Disappeared

Chapter 265: Capricious Yang Ming

Chapter 266: F*ck Sister

Chapter 267: Gentle Xiao Qing

Chapter 268: A Breathtaking Moment

Chapter 269: It’s Fine If You Like It

Chapter 270: Some Happy, Some Worried

Chapter 271: When Love Comes

Chapter 272: Journey Back Home

Chapter 273: Big Trouble for Lin Zhiyun

Chapter 274: Lin Zhiyun’s Confession

Chapter 275: Be My Boyfriend

Chapter 276: My Name is Lin Zhiyun

Chapter 277: It's... Her?

Chapter 278: Relationship Between Two People

Chapter 279: First Visit to the Lin Family

Chapter 280: Shen Yueping's Amazement

Chapter 281: What Should I Do in The Future?

Chapter 282: Perplexed Lin Zhiyun

Chapter 283: A Night Talk Between Mother and Daughter

Chapter 284: Safety First

Chapter 285: Back to the Alma Mater

Chapter 286: My Brother Is Better

Chapter 287: Celebrity Puppy Love

Chapter 288: The Reunion of Xiao Chen and Xiao Zhao

Chapter 289: Sister Ying

Chapter 290: Straighten Out

Chapter 291: Shu Ya and Su Ya

Chapter 292: Encounter

Chapter 293: Dangerous Fight

Chapter 294: Xiao Qing's Doubts

Chapter 295: Business Spy?

Chapter 296: Yang Ming's Reasoning

Chapter 297: Emotionally Touched

Chapter 298: Being Threatened

Chapter 299: Text Message, Zhou Jiajia, The Past

Chapter 300: I Like You

Chapter 301: Accident

Chapter 302: Yang Ming’s Fury

Chapter 303: A Fraud

Chapter 304: Sister Lin

Chapter 305: Accident?

Chapter 306: Astonishment

Chapter 307: Princess-Haired Girl

Chapter 308: Teaching A Lesson

Chapter 309: A Change in Attitude

Chapter 310: Truth? Perplexed?

Chapter 311: Consulting About Company

Chapter 312: Governor

Chapter 313: Family Talk

Chapter 314: A Startup Plan

Chapter 315: Woman's Mind

Chapter 316: Parents’ Habits

Chapter 317: Zhang Bing’s Doubt

Chapter 318: Negotiation and Plotting

Chapter 319: Mr. Y

Chapter 320: Effortless Scouting

Chapter 321: Confused Relationship

Chapter 322: A Talented Girl Has Her Own Sufferings Too

Chapter 323: Night Ambush

Chapter 324: Dumb*ss Brother Snake

Chapter 325: Diligent Little Student Wang

Chapter 326: The King of Fighters, Feng Sibiao

Chapter 327: Underworld Duel

Chapter 328: Complete Victory

Chapter 329: Zhiyun’s Request For Help

Chapter 330: I'm Done. I Got Caught

Chapter 331: I Want to Go Too

Chapter 332: Peach Blossoms

Chapter 333: Long-Term Meal Ticket

Chapter 334: Big White Rabbit

Chapter 335: Which? That?

Chapter 336: King of Assassins and the Butterfly Family

Chapter 337: Pounding Heart

Chapter 338: Hesitation, Regret

Chapter 339: Ambiguous Relationship

Chapter 340: Premeditated

Chapter 341: Despicable Man

Chapter 342: Elder Sister's Boss

Chapter 343: A Word From Brother Yang

Chapter 344: Presenting the Buddha With Borrowed Flowers

Chapter 345: Not As Good As The Beginning

Chapter 346: World-Class Men and Women

Chapter 347: Meeting Again

Chapter 348: Conflicts Intensified

Chapter 349: Give Birth to A Son Named Yang Guangming

Chapter 350: Counterfeit Incident

Chapter 351: Keeping a Secret

Chapter 352: Rubbing Ointment Flirtatiously

Chapter 353: Because of Murder

Chapter 354: Brother Yang Thinks Highly of You

Chapter 355: Arrogant Little Kid

Chapter 356: Super Tutor

Chapter 357: Same Old place? I’m Done!

Chapter 358: Christmas Eve Is Equal To?

Chapter 359: Yang Ming’s Secret

Chapter 360: Movie Tickets

Chapter 361: A Very Strange Thing

Chapter 362: President Song, Burial

Chapter 363: Jewelry Company

Chapter 364: Exciting Short Message

Chapter 365: Lan Ling's love

Chapter 366: Yan-Jia Conversation

Chapter 367: Very Well……

Chapter 368: Chen Fei's Phone Call

Chapter 369: Chen Mengyan's Compromise

Chapter 370: Self-taught

Chapter 371: Second Conversation

Chapter 372: Zhou Jiajia’s First Kiss

Chapter 373: Internal Affairs of Women

Chapter 374: Three People With Insomnia

Chapter 375: Bedwetting Event

Chapter 376: Couples?

Chapter 377: Let’s See Who’s Humiliated?

Chapter 378: Giving A Discount Means Looking Down On Him

Chapter 379: Pretend With You

Chapter 380: Yang Ming’s Might

Chapter 381: Grandparents

Chapter 382: Pearl Shell

Chapter 383: Trustworthy Woman

Chapter 384: Yang Ming’s Ability

Chapter 385: Meeting Sun Haoming Again

Chapter 386: Same Table With You

Chapter 387: Sun Haoming's Past

Chapter 388: Yang Ming Takes Action

Chapter 389: Director Behind The Scenes

Chapter 390: Su Ya Didn't Forget About Him

Chapter 391: Unlucky Sui Guangqi

Chapter 392: Dangerous

Chapter 393: Yang Ming, I Hate You

Chapter 394: Today I…

Chapter 395: A Couple’s Room With A Single Bed

Chapter 396: Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia

Chapter 397: Bed Sheets...

Chapter 398: Went For Nothing

Chapter 399: The Car Was Stopped

Chapter 400: Absolutely Different

Chapter 401: Indelible Memory

Chapter 402: Being Shocked

Chapter 403: Details of the Wang Family

Chapter 404: The Daughter Of The Chen Family Has Grown Up

Chapter 405: This Is My Niece

Chapter 406: Be Willing to Spend Money

Chapter 407: Punk's Second Misfortune

Chapter 408: Xia Xue Was Drunk

Chapter 409: Martial Arts Master

Chapter 410: Martial Arts Supreme Master

Chapter 411: Bad*ss Song Hang

Chapter 412: Deserve a Beating ...

413 Disobedient Grandson

414 I“m Dead

415 Problems With The Contrac

416 Grandpa and Grandson

417 Ugly Daughter-in-law Visiting The Parents

418 High School Memories

419 Su Ya Is Still In My Hear

420 Accepting Su Ya

421 Yang Dashan Treats Guests

422 KTV Encounter

423 Invitation From Bao Sanli

424 Tragedy……

425 Ming Yang Security Company

426 Who Is Brother Yang?

427 Pointing at the Mulberry Tree to Curse the Locus

428 Stories Of The Pas

429 Emergency

430 Who Was It?

431 Torturing People?

432 Aiya My Mom

433 Appearing Again

434 Researching The Special Power

435 A Change in Attitude?

436 Key Similarities

437 New Year's Day Trivia

438 Like a Couple

439 Lan Ling In Danger

440 Incorrect Inference

441 Lan Ling's Cell Phone

442 Mysterious Old Woman

443 Old Woman’s Identity

444 Mission

445 Appointment With Yang Li

446 We Are a Group

447 As Drunk As a Lord

448 Conditioned Reflex

449 Taking Care For A Lifetime

450 I Saw It Just Now

451 Heartbroken Zhou Jiajia

452 The Sun Family’s Young Master

453 There Is a Problem

454 I Like It Very Much

455 You Are & Me Too

456 An Encounter in the Restauran

457 They’re Actually Siblings?

458 Fox And Roe Deer

459 She Is Mine

460 Something Unexpected

461 Let the Cat Out of the Bag

462 Zhiyun’s Cry For Help

463 Fraud?

464 Lin Zhiyun's Hear

465 First Arrival in Donghai

466 Watching TV

467 A Horrifying Knock On The Door

468 Meet Brother Snake Again

469 Third Uncle

470 The Future Master of the Sun Family

471 His Name Is Mei Renyi

472 Pretend to be a Ghost Again

473 I’m Scared...

474 Pretending Not to Know

475 Misunderstood

476 To Be Your Apprentice

477 Do You Recognize Me

478 I Remembered It…

479 Emptiness In The Hear

480 Shu Ya's Interview

481 Our Commemoration

482 Shocked!

483 An Encounter

484 Bonus: Valentine's Day Special 1 Spoiler Alert - Ending Revealed

485 Bonus: Valentine's Day Special 2 Spoiler Alert - Ending Revealed

486 Floundering Repeatedly

487 Yang Ming's Explanation

488 Strong Comprehension Ability

489 Participate in a High-level Meeting

490 He is Yang Ming

491 People of the Sun Family?

492 Opportunity For Revenge

493 Crestfallen…

494 It Finally Came

495 Astounded

496 Conspiracy

497 No Return

498 Solve the Problem

499 A Gentleman Doesn’t Stoop To Pettiness

500 Sign up

501 A Difficult Situation

502 Taking The Chance

503 Is Yang Ming Jealous?

504 Departure

505 A Startling Journey

506 You Dare…

507 Reverse the Situation

508 Wang Xifan's Move

509 Problem with Lan Ling

510 Youth...

511 Truth Or Dare

512 Knocking on the Door in the Middle of the Nigh

513 Desperado

514 Fostering A Marriage

515 An Encounter in the Restauran

516 Falling Shor

517 All In A Mess

518 Past Events

519 Busted...

520 Conversation Between Mother And Daughter

521 Life Was Affected?

522 Another Encounter

523 Company Plan

524 Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

525 About the Negotiation

526 Boss Guo’s Revenge

527 Zhao Ying’s Call

528 Butterfly Flapper

529 Loving Someone...

530 Man Proposes but God Disposes

531 It’s Over. It’s All Over

532 The Severe Case is a Vegetative State

533 Woke Up and Done

534 If A Person Was Unlucky...

535 Volume 4 Growing By Leaps & Bounds: Jiajia’s Clarification

536 Zhou Jiajia and Chen Mengyan

537 Secret Plo

538 Assault Inciden

539 If Not, It Would Be a Little Troublesome

540 Clashing

541 Small Conflic

542 Troublemaker Expert Meets the Troublemaker Ancestor

543 The Plan Commences

544 Action

545 Mercedes-Benz 600?

546 Who’s A Bumpkin?

547 Hallucination?

548 The Special Ability Kicked In Again

549 Contes

550 Zhou Jiajia's Family History

551 Drinking With A Love Rival

552 Strange Things...

553 Family Conversation

554 Entertainment City Opens For Business

555 Meeting Another Assassin

556 Going to the Front Stage

557 Interrogation

558 I Am Mr. Y...

559 Preservation of the Company's Operations

560 Yang Ming's Plan

561 Wang Xifan's Hand

562 Stylish But Not A Practical Move

563 The Scale at the Star

564 A Lost Xia Xue

565 A Thorough Investigation

566 Targeting Xia Xue

567 A Conflicted Xia Xue

568 She Was Righ

569 Going Deep into the Tiger's Den

570 Beat Them at Their Own Game

571 The Wang Family

572 Zhou Jiajia's Opportunity

573 Wang Zhitao's Wicked Idea

574 I Want to Challenge You to a Duel

575 Enraged

576 Impulsive Punishmen

577 Getting Hold of the Account Books

578 Once There Was A Girl...

579 Are You Sick?

580 Die Together

581 The Finale A

582 The Finale B

583 Agreemen

584 Waiting Anxiously

585 Coincidence

586 Yang Ming's Decision

587 Murder For Money

588 The Matter About Relationships

589 If You Love Her, Then Trust Her

590 It's Chinese New Year

591 Three Lives Stone

592 What A Coincidence

593 Chen Mengyan's Decision

594 Zhao Ying Had an Acciden

595 What’s The Reason?

596 Quietly at Night...

597 Visitors

598 The Bus Factory’s Plan

599 A Temple Fair Visit with Pretty Girl Lin

600 Tips for Playing Games

601 Rock Climbing

602 Sister Lin’s Idea...

603 A Touching Momen

604 Showing Off Skills

605 Turn the Pretense into Reality

606 The Song Jiang Bus Factory Reformation

607 Father and Son Dialogue

608 Yang Ming Wants to Inves

609 Preparation before Investmen

610 The Meeting

611 A Family War

612 Back to the In-Law’s Family during the Second Day of the Chinese New Year

613 Someone Is Following

614 You Were Discovered

615 Missed Opportunity

616 Go up Together

617 Touched for a Momen

618 Dance Together

619 Big Trouble

620 A Situation

621 Kidnapping Even

622 I Want to Be a Disciple

623 Old Buffon's Life Experience

624 President Wan Had Arrived

625 A Dog Came

626 Zhao Ying Returned

627 Another Brand

628 Two People's Ideas

629 An Inadvertent Peek into an Inner Voice

630 With the Help of a Vile Man A

631 With the Help of a Vile Man B

632 The Remuneration Is a Mine

633 Embark on the Assassination Journey

634 Arms Dealer Boss

635 Alice

636 Dorsk

637 Harassment Encounter

638 Beautiful Longing

639 Princess and Prince's Dream

640 Being Recognized

641 Ten Days of Training

642 Master Qi

643 If You Can’t Come to an Agreement Then Kill Him

644 Acquired a Military Strategis

645 The Strategist's Plan

646 Meet and Consume

647 Why Were You Laughing

648 Donghai’s Sun Family

649 Add Another One

650 Could You Be...

651 Home of Six Tastes

652 Sister and Brother-in-law

653 Someone Strikes up a Conversation

654 Sun Hongjun's Pas

655 Wang Chengen's Evil Plan

656 Unlucky Brother Snake

657 Ouyang’s Visi

658 Don't Leave

659 A Powerful Force Intervened

660 Real Identity

661 The Ouyang Family's Decision

662 Experience It Again

663 Still Cared

664 Uncle’s Visi

665 Mother Zhou Had Something to Ask For

666 A Diary

667 Bring Shu Ya Back

668 Career Developmen

669 Little Dorsk

670 Xiao Qing’s Confession

671 I Will Accompany You for the Meetup

672 Hong Kong’s Shu Family

673 So It’s Him

674 The Two Women Mee

675 Temptations

676 Premeditated? Conspiracy?

677 Everything Is Confusing

678 Elder You

679 Jiajia’s Diary

680 The Past and the Presen

681 Unlucky Person

682 Seeing Li Mingri Again

683 The First Encounter of the Two Women

684 Speak up for Zhou Jiajia

685 Good Friend, Good Sister

686 Looking for a Way Ou

687 Yang Ming's Family History

688 Buying a House

689 Old Classmate

690 The Dispute over Buying a House

691 Mengyan Was Livid

692 Borrowed Power

693 Pickup at the Airpor

694 In Shu Ya's Mind

695 Conflicted Mood

696 The New Neighbor

697 Doub

698 A Chance Encounter at a Restauran

699 With Lin Zhiyun

700 A Visit to Lin Zhiyun's House

701 Invitation to Join

702 A Change

703 The Company’s Composition

704 Do You Know Yang Ming Too? A

705 Do You Know Yang Ming Too? B

706 Do You Know Yang Ming Too? C

707 A Fabricated Truth

708 Can You Do Me a Favor?

709 The Flower Delivery Misunderstanding

710 Unlucky Day

711 Encountering a Car Acciden

712 Town Inn

713 Unable to Bear...

714 Long-awaited...

715 What to Do in the Future

716 You're Called Bao Sanli As Well?

717 Relatives

718 Arrogant Woman

719 Something Went Wrong

720 Usury

721 Laugh It Off

722 The Story behind the Situation

723 Visiting Shu Ya at Nigh

724 Fruit Juice Tea

725 The Celebrity’s Friend

726 Shu Ya? Su Ya?

727 Deceptive Ways

728 Foreign Tourists

729 A Strange Dream

730 Chen Afu’s Budding Murder Case

731 An Omen of Going to Hell Together

732 An Incident Arising from Random Factors

733 Afu Finds an Apprenticeship

734 The Jewelry Company's Opponen

735 A Quick Counterattack

736 The Sui Family of Mount Jing A

737 The Sui Family of Mount Jing B

738 Problem Solved

739 If Zhou Jiajia Was Okay

740 A Wild Guess on the Special Ability

741 A Phone Call

742 We'll Talk; You Should Leave

743 A Woman's Hear

744 Another Ghost Encounter with Afu A

745 Another Ghost Encounter with Afu B

746 Another Ghost Encounter with Afu C

747 Zhao Ying Called

748 The Flower Delivery Mistake

749 Get into Trouble

750 A Situation

751 The Awkward Zhao Ying A

752 The Awkward Zhao Ying B

753 Yang Ming's Suspicion A

754 Yang Ming's Suspicion B

755 All of a Sudden

756 Harmony

757 Sisters, New House

758 An Arranged Life

759 What Time Is It Now?

760 Talk and Analysis

761 The Astonishing Truth

762 An Undercurren

763 The Grand Opening of the Concer

764 Two Younger Sisters

765 The Group Photo Inciden

766 Superstars Sometimes Get Rejected Too

767 Netizen

768 A Big Celebrity Fell in Love With Me

769 Coincidence?

770 Are You Su Ya?

771 The Two Women Mee

772 Take You to See Someone

773 On the Brink of a Crisis

774 Ma Xiaoyao's Identity

775 Too Worried

776 Valentine's Day A

777 Valentine's Day B

778 Valentine's Day C

779 Valentine's Day D

780 Valentine's Day E

781 Valentine's Day F

782 It Was No Acciden

783 A Little Known Hidden Truth

784 The Death of Little Wang

785 Let Me Help You…

786 Together…

787 Long-awaited…

788 Must Go Back

789 An Encounter in a Restauran

790 Car Acciden

791 For a Living

792 Lin Zhiyun's Wish

793 Family Affairs

794 Confrontation with Absolute Power

795 Brother-in-law

796 The Two Women’s Date

797 Putting Myself in Someone Else’s Shoes

798 Who Was Tired?

799 The Younger Brother Becomes the Older Brother?

800 This Is so Awkward!

801 Acquaintance

802 Another Encounter with Xiaolu

803 This Hotel Is Mine

804 SMS

805 Goodbye

806 Zhao Ying's Suitor

807 Pay off an Old Score

808 A Successful Scheme

809 If You Are Capable, Then...

810 He’s Gone Crazy

811 Old Friend

812 Truth and Conspiracy

813 Miraculous Spectacles

814 An Old Man and His Glasses

815 Honor One’s Words

816 Flight Attendan

817 Being Stood Up

818 First Arrival in Macau

819 A Brother Arrives

820 Code

821 Kill Two Birds with One Stone

822 Continue to Follow Up

823 At That Time...

824 An Anxious Huang Lele

825 Huawei Casino

826 Expert Yang Ming

827 A Silly Lover

828 Zhang Bing's Love Story A

829 Zhang Bing's Love Story B

830 Zhang Bing's Love Story C

831 Loan Receip

832 Arrangemen

833 The Ouyang Family’s Revenge

834 Xiao Qing, Sun Jie, and Zhao Ying

835 An Emotional Meeting: Debut of the Core Female Lead

836 The Connection between the Two

837 Paparazzi

838 Preparation to Go Ou

839 It Turns out to Be Her

840 Chatting

841 The Eve of the Assassination

842 Irregular Tracks

843 Suspicious

844 Calculation

845 Escape and Reliance

846 Another Exper

847 Middle-Aged Man

848 Peer

849 The Person behind Zheng Shaopeng

850 Liu Jihao's Conspiracy

851 The Future of the Secret Ability

852 Ransom Delivery

853 You Make a Move Firs

854 A One Hit Kill

855 Still Dead in One Move

856 Getting into Trouble

857 Zhang Bing's Murder Case

858 Conspiracy and Truth

859 Pursui

860 Surrender

861 You Have a Good Brother

862 Can Only Watch...

863 Unlucky Rich Guy

864 So Bad at Being Pretentious

865 A Few More Times

866 Investigating Zheng Shaopeng A

867 Investigating Zheng Shaopeng B

868 Investigating Zheng Shaopeng C

869 Territory Confrontation

870 A Gamble

871 Backlash of the Challenge

872 What Is Called God of Gamblers?

873 Admit Defeat Automatically

874 Accept the Challenge

875 Final Victory

876 Meeting Shu Ya

877 Parting Mood

878 A Lesson

879 Go Back to the Hotel Together

880 A Gathering of the Rich and Powerful A

881 A Gathering of the Rich and Powerful B

882 A Gathering of the Rich and Powerful C

883 Two People Picking a Figh

884 Appreciation of Antiques A

885 Appreciation of Antiques B

886 Appreciation of Antiques C

887 Return to Song Jiang

888 Traffic Acciden

889 The Driver Is Also Very Bad*ss

890 Solve It in Person

891 Lin Zhiyun's Secre

892 Sister Lin's Thoughts

893 Yang Ming's Paradox

894 Relocation Even

895 Deliver in Person

896 Direct Confrontation

897 Look at What This Is

898 After-sales Service

899 Blocking Even

900 The Haunted Case

901 Case Analysis

902 Sexy Xia Xue

903 You Dare to Flirt with Her? A

904 You Dare to Flirt with Her? B

905 Why Do You Also Have a Gun?

906 Lovely Xia Xue

907 Encountering the Haunted Case

908 About Lan Ling's Memory

909 Most Annoying

910 Dekang Real Estate

911 Chen Mengyan's Junior High School Sisters

912 The Meaning of Flowers

913 Giving Flowers and Criticized

914 Baoshun Hot Po

915 Defraud You to Death A

916 Defraud You to Death B

917 The Sui Family Again

918 Young Master Wei’s Conspiracy

919 The Impulse Is the Devil

920 Two Pursuers

921 Meet the Rival

922 Mental Illness

923 The Conspiracy Begins

924 Go for Wool and Come Home Shorn

925 Entered the Wrong Door

926 Everyone Stays

927 The Beginning of the Conflic

928 They Are Liangshan Heroes

929 She Is Sick...

930 Bad News

931 Reasons for Troubling the Wei Family

932 Mission Failed

933 He Is a Member of the Yang Family A

934 He Is a Member of the Yang Family B

935 Supernatural Investigator

936 State Your Purpose

937 You Say I Am Someone with Special Abilities?

938 An Ability Demonstration

939 You Made a Mistake

940 Amnesia?

941 Student Chen’s Thoughts

942 Did I Travel through Time?

943 The Truth of the Amnesia

944 A Quarrel with My Girlfriend

945 Do You Dare to Compete?

946 We’ll Go Home

947 Not on Purpose

948 Original

949 You Said There Were No Rules

950 Fulfilling a Promise

951 Why Do You Disagree?

952 Welcome You Infinitely!

953 Turn against Me

954 Little Girl Wang's Life

955 Whatever It Is, I Will Comply with You

956 Eat a Bowl of Noodles

957 A Sad Figure

958 Countless Sins

959 Direct Threa

960 Everyone Has Their Own Aspirations

961 Friendship

962 Getting Challenged Inciden

963 The Shadow Ghost Group

964 Failed Cooperation A

965 Failed Cooperation B

966 Fang Tian’s Thoughts

967 Body Check

968 A Desperate Momen

969 Tracking the Arsonis

970 Must Be Cruel

971 A Violent Man

972 A Ruthless Killer

973 Too Talented

974 Looking for an Assassin to Kill Yang Ming

975 What a Mistake

976 I Am the King of Assassins

977 Be One of Us in the Future

978 Renamed to Black Butterfly

979 Who Gets the Best in the Bet?

980 This is Unfair

981 Training Together

982 Another Encounter with Little Fox Fairy

983 I Am on My Morning Jog

984 Teasing A

985 Teasing B

986 A Worrisome Load on the Mind

987 A Relative’s Matter That Was Hard to Handle

988 Reach out to Help

989 A Humble Inquiry

990 Cooperate with Me

991 Suspicion

992 Cunning

993 A Cry for Help

994 It Turned out to Be Him

995 Miscalculation

996 Tactician

997 You Are Yang Ming?

998 I Am Your Bodyguard

999 A Change in Impression

1000 The Big Plan of Filling the Memory Tree

1001 Mysterious Disappearance

1002 Being Exposed

1003 What Should Have Come Finally Came

1004 Moving

1005 Really Not Intentional

1006 Lan Ling's Letter

1007 Lan Ling’s Apprentice

1008 Capturing Chen Afu

1009 The Mysterious Elder You

1010 Meeting Xia Bingbao Again

1011 Give Jiajia to You

1012 Sent to the Door

1012 Christmas Special Chapter: The Heart Thumping Memories of Chen Mengyan

1013 Sent to the Door

1014 Let's Go Together

1015 Being Discovered

1016 Jiajia’s Doubts

1017 Support Her if You Love Her

1018 Moving House

1019 Luckily You’re Not My Girlfriend

1020 Let You Taste

1021 A Failure to Lure

1022 Little Sister, You and Yang Ming...

1023 A Small Reques

1024 Case and Credi

1025 Wei Jin Gets Mad

1026 The Assassin Group's Training Program

1027 Organizational Merger

1028 An Appointment with Wei Jin

1029 Made a Huge Bargain

1030 The Wang Family’s Phone Call

1031 God Racer Charles

1032 That Nigh

1033 Uncle Chen’s Phone Call

1034 Whose Tears Are Flying

1035 Feeding Porridge

1036 Father and Son Meeting

1037 Wei Jin's Entrusted Mission

1038 Acquiring Dekang Real Estate

1039 New Year's Day Special Chapter: The Heart Thumping Memories of Little Ya, Jiajia

1040 Young Military Adviser

1041 Night Assaul

1042 Death Warrior

1043 Jewelry Exhibition

1044 Fifth Cousin

1045 The Truth after the Amnesia

1046 Awkward Encounter

1047 After the Embarrassment, There Was Still Embarrassmen

1048 Old-Fashioned Excuse

1049 The New Demolition Policy

1050 The Sisters’ Heart-To-Heart Talk

1051 Huang Lele Was in Trouble

1052 Evidence in the Cabine

1053 The Huang Family’s Affair

1054 About the Amnesia

1055 Cohabitation before Falling in Love

1056 On the Eve before School Started

1057 The Small Box inside the Cabine

1058 I Love Little Ming

1059 The King of Hackers

1060 Graduate Students

1061 The Beginning of the Establishment of the Iron Triangle

1062 Sun Zhiwei's Thoughts

1063 A New Mission

1064 The Truth of the Disappearance A

1065 The Truth of the Disappearance B

1066 Young Lover

1067 Former Acquaintance and Classmate

1068 The Person in Charge of the Exhibition

1069 Test Results

1070 A Strange Robbery

1071 The Location of the Money

1072 Enlightening Zhao Ying

1073 Investigate Yang Ming

1074 A Suspicious Contrac

1075 Are You Qualified to Be My Man?

1076 Hidden Weapon

1077 A Friends Gathering

1078 The Gathering’s Sudden Change

1079 The Twists and Turns of the Even

1080 Analysis of the Behind-The-Scenes Forces

1081 The Purpose of the Person Behind-The-Scenes

1082 In the Name of a Girlfriend

1083 The Opening of the Jewelry Exhibition

1084 Auction a Hug

1085 Creating a Diversion

1086 Wresting Control of the Gun

1087 The Last Nigh

1087 Internal Strife

1088 The Last Nigh

1089 The Night of Stealing

1090 The Oriole behind the Oriole

1091 The End of the Stalemate

1092 I Won This Round

1093 Go to the Hospital if You’re Sick

1094 A Conflict at the Nightless Club

1095 Decrypt the Phone

1096 Zhou Jiajia's Approach

1097 The Nightless Club Inciden

1098 The Details and Truth of the Even

1099 Agonizing Results

1100 The Special Abilities Solve the Case

1101 A White Lie

1102 Yanyan is Drunk

1103 Encounters in Life

1104 Volume 5: The Growing Years, Chapter 1100: One Year

1105 Birthday Party

1106 Yang Ming’s Wish

1107 Fatty Li

1108 Ambushed on the Way

1109 A Suicide Attack

1110 Old Keng

1111 You Know How to Find Someone to Kidnap

1112 Wife and Children

1113 Before Leaving

1114 Arrival in Africa

1115 Everyone Has a Hidden Agenda

1116 A Difficult Mission

1117 Lure the Snake out of Its Lair

1118 European Aid

1119 Seize the Power

1120 Gold Mine

1121 The Property Rights of the Gold Mine

1122 Huang Lele's Compromise

1123 Control All the Armed Forces

1124 A Series of Scams

1125 How Was the Huang Family a Weakling?

1126 The Concert in Europe

1127 Misunderstood Unspoken Rules

1128 A Love Journey

1129 Successfully Deceived

1130 Discovered Scam

1131 Old Man Huang Was Hospitalized

1132 A Private Reception

1133 Picking a Side

1133 A Despicable Conspiracy

1134 Picking a Side

1134 Flirting with a Glance

1135 Picking a Side

1135 Angered for the Beauty

1136 Picking a Side

1137 Revolution A

1138 Revolution B

1139 The Sec

1140 Charles' Worries

1141 Alice

1142 It Turned out to Be Her

1143 The Northern Alliance

1144 General Kars' Compromise

1145 The Kars Dukedom

1146 Save My Father

1147 A Man Who Brings Miracles

1148 Infiltrate into the Charles Family

1149 The New King of Assassins

1150 In-Depth Cooperation

1151 Zhou Tianxiang Was Shocked

1152 Memories That Belonged to the Two People

1153 The Power behind Alice

1154 The King of Gamblers

1155 Suspicious

1156 About the Mines

1157 Let the Gambling Begin

1158 Unforeseen Event at the Gambling Table

1159 Flying to Singapore

1160 Meeting Rivals Face to Face

1161 Who Was Scolding Who?

1162 You Come and Touch

1163 My Words Are Evidence

1164 Let’s Just Wait until It’s Nigh

1165 Calling at the Door

1166 Do Whatever I Say

1167 A Change with a Phone Call

1168 Find out the Details

1169 On Whose Side Are You?

1170 Driven by Benefi

1171 Let Him Go Die

1172 Wake up with a Star

1173 Looking for Someone to Talk To

1174 Gender Equality

1175 A Lesson Unlearned

1176 An Unavoidable Confrontation at the Airpor

1177 The Eve of the Storm

1178 Rebellion

1179 House Arres

1180 Overreaching

1181 VIP

1182 Shock and Excitemen

1183 Bidding Rules

1184 Disappeared Together

1185 The Person Behind-The-Scenes

1186 Abduction

1187 Family and Friends

1188 Yang Ming Is My Friend

1189 Planning and Decision

1190 Two Missions

1191 The Family’s Future

1192 Unbelievable

1193 What’s Their Relationship?

1194 A Killing Machine

1195 Victoria

1196 The First Victory

1197 Inequality

1198 A Helpless Ending

1199 Panic

1200 Victoria

1201 A Future Life

1202 Refusing Guests at the Door

1203 Rumors All Around

1204 The Concept of ??the Island

1204 The Concept of ??the Island

1204 The Concept of ??the Island

1205 Give Her Freedom

1206 Victoria's Decision

1207 Trusting Each Other

1208 Getting Rejected Again

1209 Being Insulted

1210 Psychological Panic

1211 Give Them an Amputation

1212 This One Is Also Not Good to Provoke

1213 A Show

1214 Follow You

1215 Embark on the Return Journey

1216 The Target Appeared

1217 Leave It to Me

1218 Are You the Miss?

1219 Cancel the Mission

1220 Tombstone's Appearance

1221 The Matters about the Miss

1222 A Talk between Father and Daughter

1223 Fleeing from Punishmen

1224 Unlucky Li Deding

1225 Bury the Hatche

1226 Investigate Their Whereabouts

1227 Tian Long's Invitation

1228 Father and Son Confrontation

1229 The Last Chance

1230 The Application Was Rejected

1231 The Structure of the Harem

1232 An Unexpected Surprise

1233 Intricate Relationship

1234 Father and Son Quarrel

1235 Assassination of the Clien

1236 Mount Jing’s Sui Family Was Also Involved?

1237 Another Identity

1238 A Mysterious Black-Shirted Man

1239 The Means of Framing

1240 Yang Ming, Save Me!

1241 Proud and Complacen

1242 It Will Become a Tragedy If You Are Too Proud

1243 Déjà Vu

1244 The Conspiracy All Along

1245 My Story

1246 Confidan

1247 The Young Military Adviser's Identity

1248 Dr. Benjamin

1249 Who is Targeting Who?

1250 Jing Xiaolu's Idea A

1251 Jing Xiaolu's Idea B

1252 Fend For Yourself

1253 Minor Punishment with the Special Ability

1254 The More You Misunderstand, the Happier I am

1255 The Preparation of Voodoo

1256 Meeting Xia Xue

1257 Go to Donghai

1258 Solve a Case with Special Abilities

1259 Achieving Another Meri

1260 Who Should Have the Credit?

1261 The People Around Tian Long

1262 An Opening

1263 Reunite in Hell

1264 My Name Is Yang Ming

1265 Establishing Majesty

1266 The Night Assault Plan

1267 Not Here?

1268 Abandoned Chess Piece

1269 Being Utterly Isolated A

1270 Being Utterly Isolated B

1271 Yang Ming Was Captured

1272 To Catch Off Guard

1273 You Will Get What You Deserve

1274 A Painful Choice

1275 Resolution

1276 Yang Ming’s Real Assets

1277 Let Bygones Be Bygones

1278 A Portrait of the Behind-The-Scenes Boss

1279 Sun Jie's Mood

1280 High School Classmates

1281 Creating Trouble

1282 The Roller Coaster Inciden

1283 Action Blockbuster

1284 Airman

1285 Support The Truth

1286 Almost Die of Laughter

1287 Tele-Acupoin

1288 Establish Authority

1289 Fear

1290 A Tense Atmosphere

1291 Tell You a Secre

1292 Yang Ming's Special Ability

1293 Videotape

1294 Capture Yang Ming

1295 Direct Confrontation

1296 News of Elder You

1297 Xiao Qing and Zhou Jiajia

1298 A Tender Romance

1299 Going Home

1300 The Start of the Art Festival

1301 Performance

1302 Relationship Exposed, Season 1 A

1303 Relationship Exposed, Season 1 B

1304 Seeing the Behind-The-Scenes Boss Again

1305 Arrest Warran

1306 Falcon

1307 Where Do You Want to Treat?

1308 Asking for Trouble

1309 Being Utterly Disgraced

1310 Let Me Offer a Bit of Advice

1311 Performing on Stage Together

1312 A Knife-Throwing Competition

1313 New Song

1314 Jealousy

1315 Framing Xiaolu

1316 What About Your Boyfriend?

1317 A Colleague's Slander

1318 Give You a Car

1319 Nepotism

1320 Suspec

1321 Excuse Me. Who Are You?

1322 Understanding

1323 A Chance Encounter

1324 Rumors Fell Apart by Themselves

1325 The Company's Personnel Appointments

1326 Chairman Yang

1327 The Liu Family’s Enterprise

1328 Looking for Cooperation

1329 Breaking off the Engagemen

1330 The Marriage Failed, but There Was Still a Relationship

1331 A Discussion of Cooperation

1332 The Haicheng Liu Family 1

1333 The Opening of the Art Festival

1334 Like a Clap of Thunder Came

1335 Formidable Yang Ming

1336 The Unjust Is Doomed for Destruction

1337 Gone Too Far, Now He’s Hur

1338 It Was Really Insidious

1339 A Plot with an Ulterior Motive

1340 Yang Ming’s Intention

1341 The Good Feeling from a Slap in the Face

1342 Holding Hands before the Audience / With You Forever

1343 Other’s Worry about Personal Gains and Losses / Help You Make Her Happy

1344 Dream Lover / Xiaolu on Stage

1345 Disguise / Master

1346 Dumbfounded / Chen Mengxi

1347 White Lie / An Internally Cracked Fuse

1348 Negotiation Agenda / The Company's Dominance

1349 You Have to Go Oversees Too? / Sent Off by Dong Jun

1350 Mother Yang's Request / Seize the Opportunity

1351 Wait a Minute / Rigged a Scam

1352 Something Major Happened / How to Deal with I

1353 Someone outside the Door / Making the Plan

1354 Who is the Behind-the-Scenes Mastermind? / A Heavy Mood

1355 A Scene that Made One Furious / Contradictions

1356 What Are You Thinking? / The Truth of the Matter

1357 Arrival at Butterfly Castle / Fang Tian's Romance

1358 Not Aggrieved for Losing / Think Again

1359 The Liu Family's Situation / Deleting the Evidence

1360 Fight with Both Open and Secret Means / The Branch Company's General Manager

1361 Disengagement / Ask Him to Get the F*ck Out to Gree

1362 Troublemaker/ Most Hated Person

1363 Can you Still Flee?/ Yang Ming's Grievance

1364 Some Progress / Recovering the Recording

1365 Who I Used to Be / A Private Room Crisis

1366 Guess the Load in the Mind/Unable to Refer to

1367 Came to Apologize/ A Useful Person

1368 Discouraged/There Are Traces in Any Crime

1369 Ming Yang's Reputation/ A Glimpse of Inspiration

1370 Key Step/ Jing Xiaolu's Counterattack

1371 Two Marriages/ Wang Family's Family Banque

1372 Like Disciple Like Master/ A Presumptuous Reques

1373 An Uninvited Guest/ Young Master Goode

1374 A Slap/ Misunderstanding Leads to Suffering

1375 Hold Up/ Reason for Holding Back

1376 Yang Ming's Voice/ The Douglas Family's Conference

1377 Goode's Confidence/ To the Lancer Family

1378 Are Family Interests Really so Important/ Cousin Wich

1379 Stop the Cooperation!/ Conversation Overtones

1380 Coping Strategy/ Biggest Family

1381 Channel Sharing/ Old Buffon's Change of Hear

1382 Old Buffon's Attitude/ Dilemma

1383 Made a Move/ Wang Songshan's Difficulties

1384 I Have an Idea/ The Truth Behind the Misunderstanding

1385 Both Sides Don't Know/ Making an Agreemen

1386 Break Off the Engagement in Exchange for My Help/ I Wish Your Dreams Come True

1387 Take Action/ Thomas's Tragedy

1388 What a Trap!/ Conditions

1389 Yang Ming Has Spoken/ How to Choose

1390 The Lancer Family Meeting/ Open Rivalry and Veiled Strife

1391 Family Master Dispute/ The Lancer Family's Backer

1392 Can I Finally Call Off the Engagement This Time?/ The Angry Wang Xiaoyan

1393 Go Back on Your Words/ Give Goode Up

1394 Rich Imagination/ Who Are You

1395 Mystical Appearance/ Looks Very Familiar

1396 Being Tricked/ Study the Engagement Cancelation Now

1397 By Whose Means/ Diverting a Crisis with Words

1398 Chen Fei's Impression of Jing Xiaolu/ Towards Jiangyan

1399 He is a Dog/ Liu Family's Liu Huamei

1400 The Psychology of Jealousy/ Secretly Compete

1401 Made a Promise/ Old Buffon is Coming

1402 What a Grand Scene!/ A Startling Scene

1403 Change of Identity/ Tit-For-Tat in the Board of Directors

1404 Outrage/ I Can Prove I

1405 Quibble/ The Liu Family's Fight for Power

1406 Change/ Take the Severed Head Personally

1407 People From Central/ Exterminate the Families

1408 The Suddenly Strong Lancer Family/ Knocking on the Door

1409 Wait and See/ Infiltrating the Lancer Family at Nigh

1410 An Expert Keeping Watch/ Life-saving Strike

1411 Captured/ Intimidate

1412 True Happiness/ The Lancer Family's Plan

1413 Being Moved for a Lifetime/ Secret Repor

1414 Scout/ Infiltrating the Lancer Family at Nigh

1415 Goode's Death/ Face the Enemy

1416 Having the Intention to Flee/ IQ Still Doesn't Work

1417 Finished/ Something Big Has Happened

1418 Fulfilled Your Wish/ Your Backer is Dead

1419 He's a Big Shot/ Big Secre

1420 Karma/ Escape from Detainmen

1421 Return with Glory/ Success Repor

1422 The Douglas Family's Reaction/ Central

1423 Take a Break/ Engagemen

1424 Conspiring/ People First Presiden

1425 Performance/ Abnormal Matter

1426 Mengyan is in Trouble/ The Other Party is Very Arrogan

1427 Chen Mengxi's Identity/ I'm Here to Consign

1428 Instant Kill/ Unbelievable Luck

1429 Information Acquired/ I Don't Know! I Know!

1430 Questions/ The Art of Disguise

1431 I Was the One Who Set the Fire/ Man Wearing Glasses

1432 Pawn/ You Stay Here

1433 Muddle Through/ Real Identity

1434 Intimidation and Action/ Negotiations and Probing

1435 See Them Before Five O'Clock/ How to Prove

1436 Butler Jin/ Too Late to Regre

1437 Chance to Escape/ The Two Women's Scheme

1438 It's Me/ Coming Home with Beauties

1439 Safe Return/ Wrong Person

1440 Mother Chen Discovered Sister Lin and Sister Zhou/ Chen Family Village's Phone Call

1441 Chen Zhiye/ An Invitation From Chen Zhifu

1442 A Conversation in the Study/ The Conversation on the Plane

1443 Attending the Banquet/ Highschool History

1444 On the Way/ Parking Conflic

1445 Rejected Red Packet/ Offense and Compromise

1446 Chen Zhifu's Motive/ Welcome

1447 Meet the Enemy/ You Will Be In Trouble Later

1448 Seventh Grandfather Chen/ Grant Marriage

1449 Very Pure and Ambiguous/ Let Them Go

1450 Leaving the Function/ Newcomers with No Good Intentions

1451 The Bodyguards' Tragedy/ Yang Ming's Underhanded Tactics

1452 Yang Ming's Tex

1453 No Choice but to Hold It In/ Influence

1454 The Consequences of a Stupid Mouth/ Terrified

1455 Revenge/ Implementing the Plan

1456 Encountered a Vile Person/ Little Wang Takes Office

1457 Let Me Protect You/ Huge Benefits

1458 Dilemma/ Whose Territory

1459 What Life is All About/ Ignored Somebody

1460 Yang Ming's Warning/ Persis

1461 Zhao Ying's Admirer/ Unfair Treatmen

1462 Zhao Ying's Love History/ Two Acquaintances

1463 One Wicked Person Can Only Be Dealt With by Another Wicked Person/ Dejected

1464 Sun Kun's Troubles/ I Have Stopped Being A Boss For Many Years

1465 Brother Liang Is Here/ Opening Up A Zoo

1466 Glad to be Beaten Up/ Preventing Accidental Harm

1467 The Radio News/ A Visi

1468 Became an Irresponsible Man/ You Can't Leave

1469 Bigger Misunderstanding/ Addicted to Being Beaten

1470 Please Get In The Car/ Reservation

1471 Awkward Moment/ Explain Frankly

1472 Heartbreaker/ You Offended the Vengeful Spiri

1473 Memories of Su Ya

1474 Memories of Mengyan

1475 Memories of Mengyan

1476 No Sense of Security/ Tired and Happy

1477 The Company Had an Accident/ Conspiracy Against Mingjiang

1478 Online Dating/ Sun Jie's Idea

1479 Who Did You Hear That From/ Press Conference

1480 The Ming Yang Group/ You Too?

1481 Faction Problem/ New Mission

1482 Something is Wrong With Yang Ming/ Approaching Worries

1483 Hold This/ Discovering Clues

1484 In-Game Couple/ Arranging the Funeral

1485 About Liu Huamei/ Really Didn't See Anything

1486 You Go Out First/ Getting Awkward Again

1487 Genius Young Lady and Ignorant Young Lady/ Transfer of Shares

1488 The Chen Father and Son Are in a Difficult Position/ Caique's Family

1489 Who is Ruthless/ Foreign Investmen

1490 His Background Identity/ Neither of You Are Wrong

1491 Thanks Sister Lin/ Let Them Be

1492 The Douglas Hotel's Opening Ceremony/Sister Xiaolu...

1493 Xiaolu's Class Reunion/ Parked in the Middle

1494 A Dumb, Rich, and Good Looking Guy/ Another One

1495 My Face Is Very Dark/ I Am His Driver

1496 I Have A Mental Illness/ Blaming or Praising

1497 There's No One Here/ The Most Successful Person, Please Go Up On Stage

1498 Air Filled With Laughter/ Prepared Beforehand

1499 The Unbearable Zhang Kaiyuan/ Asking for Brother De's Help

1500 Brother De Made a Move/ You Miss Me...

1501 What Are You Doing/ Now, Future

1502 Came Fast/ Malicious Plan

1503 Whose Broken Car is This?/ You Know Him?

1504 He's an Old Acquaintance/ Go to Hell

1505 Multiple Twists and Turns of Events

1506 What Should I Do If You Are Dead/ Even You Too

1507 Like Them/ Pinky Swear

1508 No Discrimination Allowed/ Endlessly?

1509 Don't Think of Leaving Without Paying/ Destroy the Shop A

1510 Destroy the Shop B / Addicted to Vandalism

1511 Manager Sui Yuemin/ Sui Yuemin's Intention to Blackmail

1512 Overthinking/ Seeing Brother Bai Again

1513 Shocked/ Leave!

1514 You Take The Money/ Potential Enemy

1515 Underground Boxing King/ What is Your Job

1516 Big Shot/ I Am His Master

1517 A Duel Between Masters?/ Legendary Master

1518 Yang Ming is Speechless/ News of Annexation

1519 Here for the Acquisition/ Boss Wants You to Leave

1520 Chen Zhiye's Masterstroke/ In a Traffic Jam

1521 Some Crying/ Who Merges with Who?

1522 It Isn't a Word Game/ Who Did He Offend

1523 You're Playing with Him/ Unforgivable

1524 Ruthless Brother Yang/ The Abandoned Chen Zhiye

1525 I Am Dead/ Misunderstood

1526 Shocking News/ Love Replacemen

1527 Really Difficult to Handle/ Unlucky Fan Jinzhe

1528 There is No One Stupider Than This/ Being Fooled With

1529 Elevator Man and Woman

1530 Isn't His Girlfriend Sun Jie?/ Sudden Call for Help

1531 Mortgaging Hands and Feet/Stole My Own Lover

1532 Someone to Accompany Me/ Will You Accompany Me to the Spring Outing?

1533 High IQ/ Yang Ming's Comfor

1534 Knocking the Car/ You Send Me There

1535 Lack of Confidence/ Xia Xue's Uncle

1536 A Swift Glance at the Airport/ Caique's Palpitating Hear

1537 Manager is Very Amazing/ Killing Yourself

1538 Useful to Keep Him Around/ Casino Information

1539 A Life for a Life/ Generate Doub