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Author: Jacquia_comics

Latest update: 04-01-2020 17:34

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When one of the werewolf children Joslyn has helped raise suddenly confesses his love for her on his 18th birthday, her world gets flipped upside down. Follow the cast through the dark side of a romance riddled with love, passion, heart break, and deception.Come on dive in, the water's nice. ;)

Table of contents - Strange Love

1 A day like always

2 late night intruder

3 Did I wake up for this

4 Too hot to handle

5 Sea of ecstasy

6 Coitus interupt-us

7 Long ride home

8 One sly wolf

9 Slippery when we

10 Only tonigh

11 Sweetest sin

12 Bite me

13 Morning after

14 Pancakes and cream

15 Fit for love

16 While you were sleeping... together

17 No surface left behind

18 Lets go public

19 advice in a bar bathroom

20 Meeting tonights entertainmen

21 Stip it down for you

21 Strip it down for you

22 All eyes on the sideshow

23 Pain in the neck

24 don't play games with my mind

25 Dont talk with my mouth full

26 Questions with no answers

27 Hell scorned female

28 A quick bite

29 guessing games

30 All you need to know

31 The animal within

32 Dominate me

33 The world inbetween

34 After school leasons

35 Picture's worth a thousand words

36 Save you from the wolf

37 Concussions of love

38 Bedtime story

39 The great escape

40 In a new ligh

41 Another man's bed

42 Nothing without you

43 Meet the mastermind

44 Be a tease

45 The heart can only believe what the eyes see

46 Numb the pain

47 Secret Lovers

48 Stoking the flames

49 Dark angel

50 Exotic beauty

51 Fates be sealed

52 Getting away with love

53 Say something

54 Ease the burden

55 Discovering a monster

56 Story time

57 The end

58 Turbulant affairs

59 Puppy love

60 Only time will tell

61 A beautiful love

62 Love me tender

63 Wishing for love

64 No business like vampire business

65 Man or monster

66 man or moster part 2

67 Battle for information

68 History of a broken hear

69 party favor

70 Party of THREE?

71 Safe in your arms

72 Safe Haven

73 Breakfast in bed

74 Don't piss off the fae in apartment 13b

75 Always time for tea

76 Quick retrea

77 World of love

78 farewell kisses

79 Stories under the stars

80 Around the world in a flash

81 When in Vegas

82 I Do

83 Love at the springs

84 If you've seen one... you'll want to see them all

85 What lies below

86 Cause and Effec

87 Magic in the Mountains

88 All about timing

89 The darkest nigh

90 The truth comes ou

91 Ink and blood