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Author: 黑乎乎的老妖

Latest update: 07-01-2020 13:58

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In a world were human monsters relied on mystical fruits and their inner power to fight for dominance, a lost soul was thrown, given the powers from all the other worlds he’s known. But there was a catch; he had no control over what power he would get! With knowledge beyond that of most, he sails his path to the top of the one piece world!超级卡牌系统

Table of contents - Super Card System

chapter 1: Big Brother

Chapter 2: Naughty kid

Chapter 3: I Don’t Fight With Idiots!

Chapter 4: The First Card

Chapter 5: Press for Recharge

Chapter 6: It’s Too Hard To Run With This Idio

Chapter 7: Level Up Swordsmanship

Chapter 8: A Big-Faced Man

Chapter 9: Haki??

Chapter 10: Don’t Touch My Head Again

Chapter 11: iPhone XS!?

Chapter 12: Dragon and Sabo

Chapter 13: Leaving!

Chapter 14: The Vision of the World

Chapter 15: 1 year later

Chapter 16: Demon In Your Hear

Chapter 17: The Acciden

Chapter 18: Pit of Money!

Chapter 19: Wearing A Hat Won’t Make You Strong Enough!

Chapter 20: To the Sea

Chapter 21: The First Big Gift Package?

Chapter 22: 8,888 diamonds

Chapter 23: Starving!

Chapter 24: Lucky Day

Chapter 25: making fun of him?

Chapter 26: Whose hat is this?

Chapter 27: Refuse to join

Chapter 28: What Was The Reason Of This Fight?

Chapter 29: Ian’s Great Plan For Making Money

Chapter 30: Shells Town

Chapter 31: Oopsie!

Chapter 32: Buggy Pirates Attack

Chapter 33: They Had Come

Chapter 34: He’s For Sale!

Chapter 35: Get rid of the bad luck

Chapter 36: Hyperspeed

Chapter 37: What Exactly Are You?

Chapter 38: Morgan’s Proposal

Chapter 39: Gotta catch them

Chapter 40: Sea King

Chapter 41: Rescued

Chapter 42: Old man with off the line character

Chapter 43: Garp’s Condition

Chapter 44: Agreement reached

Chapter 45: Loguetown

Chapter 46: Best Friends

Chapter 47: Who caught them?

Chapter 48: Ships Problem

Chapter 49: Dine and dash

Chapter 50: Can we still be friends?

Chapter 51: Execution Platform

Chapter 52: the real figh

Chapter 53: I Forgot Something!

Chapter 54: Convergence

Chapter 55: Fury!

Chapter 56: Grin

Chapter 57: Jajanken

Chapter 58: Wonderful Misunderstanding

Chapter 59: 2VS2

Chapter 60: Catch them all!

Chapter 61: He’s mine!

Chapter 62: Compensation

Chapter 63: Swordsmanship instructor

Chapter 64: Koshiro’s latter

Chapter 65: Doubtful background

Chapter 66: Bounty Hunter group

Chapter 67: fake exercises

Chapter 68: Wrapped Successfully

Chapter 69: The goof

Chapter 70: Fish-men’s weakness

Chapter 71: Nami’s Battle

Chapter 72: Arlong and Nami Part1

Chapter 72: Arlong and Nami Part2

Chapter 73: The Ra

Chapter 74: Captain Bill

Chapter 75: New 4-star card

Chapter 76: Noble-man

Chapter 77: Common Knowledge

Chapter 78: Crow’s Mouth

Chapter 79: Spines

Chapter 80: Fighting on the waterway

Chapter 81: Eternal Pose

Chapter 82: Reaching the destination

Chapter 83: BIGMOM’s Flag

Chapter 84: The Little Adventure of Roland Gail

Chapter 85: The Death of Roland Gail

Chapter 86: Dessert!!!

Chapter 87: Generous Guy

Chapter 88: Tastes Like Stool

Chapter 89: Unmanageable Fire Fis

Chapter 90: Fireman

Chapter 91: Cut It!

Chapter 92: On a pirate ship

Chapter 93: Energy

Chapter 94: Emergency Signal

Chapter 95: Strange place

Chapter 96: A Trap?

Chapter 97: Fire Fis

Chapter 98: You can’t do this.

Chapter 99: Parting

Chapter 100 Part 1: The Surface

Chapter 100 Part 2: Don’t Worry

Chapter 101: The Whole Army of Iron Bone Pirates

Chapter 102: Zed!!

Chapter 103: Further improvement of strength

Chapter 104: Disembarking

Chapter 105: Island landing

Chapter 106: The Stronghold

Chapter 107: The establishment of the Ian family

Chapter 108: The running man

Chapter 109: The Leech

Chapter 110: Origami

Chapter 111: Let’s Keep Farming

Chapter 112: Bad Visitors

Chapter 113: Raise Your Hand

Chapter 114: Baggins Begging

Chapter 115: Rip-Off

Chapter 116: Dizziness

Chapter 117: Sensei

Chapter 118: Join Us!

Chapter 119: Another Trap!

Chapter 120: Rayleigh’s Idea!!!

Chapter 121: Being Auctioned

Chapter 122: Get Away

Chapter 123: System Evolution Complete!

Chapter 124: VIP

Chapter 125: The Plan

Chapter 126: I’ll Do It!

Chapter 127: Finds A Bear At The Door

Chapter 128: Memories

Chapter 129: Change Destination

Chapter 130: Into the convoy!

Chapter 131: Walnut and Yardi

Chapter 132: The Nobles’ Garden

Chapter 133: Branding

Chapter 134: The world’s biggest scum

Chapter 135: Extracting Its Energy

Chapter 136: Secret Treasury

Chapter 137: Go Big or Go Gome

Chapter 138: History repeats itself

Chapter 139: Marines Dispatched

Chapter 140: Identity chip

Chapter 141: Escape

Chapter 142: No Escaping

Chapter 143: Ice Vs Fire

Chapter 144: The black flames from the depths of Spirit World

Chapter 145: Life is like a play! It’s all about acting!

Chapter 146: The Estuary

Chapter 147: The Most Interesting Bounty in History

Chapter 148: Waking Up

Chapter 149: Drifting Islands

Chapter 150: The Flying Bear