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The Divorcee is a Wicked Black Belly online free

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An Ning divorces her husband Richard after she caught him cheating on their wedding day. Richard agrees so he could marry his mistress, Valerie. But Richard changes his mind when his younger brother Han returns and starts a relationship with An Ning. The brothers are attacked by terrorists. An Ning loses her memory and Han wakes up to find himself in Richard's body. Richard returns as...

Table of contents - The Divorcee is a Wicked Black Belly

1 How long have you known?

2 Han is now dating An Ning

3 An Ning is pregnan

4 Why does it have to be Han?

5 An assassination attemp

6 Fur coats are beautiful

7 He is Han

8 You look differen

9 You don't remember me at all?

10 You were sleepwalking

11 I just bought a girl

12 I'm a video gamer geek

13 Her father's daughter

14 The coffee shop next door is not Starbucks

15 The smell of her perfume is making me sick

16 Two incidents

17 Her DNA and mine don't match

18 Richard is too late the hero

19 How do you meet his eyes after doing that thing anyway

20 Du Lu tries a little rescue

21 The attack

22 The aftermath

23 An Ning and the drone

24 An Ning and Gara

25 The meeting

26 Ceres' story Part 1

27 Ceres' story Part 2

28 Ceres' story Part 3

29 Ceres' story Part 4

30 Ceres surprises Richard

31 An Ning surprises everyone

32 Hippolyta's true heir

33 An Ning masterminds a plan

34 An Ning is kidnapped

35 The awakening of a sleeping Amazon

36 Yu Yan sends a drone

37 Back to Saravia

38 Inside Li Cheung's maze

39 The time machine everyone forgo

40 A love stronger than death

41 Han or Richard

42 The restoration begins

43 A marriage is announced

44 Reality bites back

45 An unexpected meeting

46 Two women on the same boat Part 1

47 Two women on the same boat Part 2

48 Merius is beautiful yet stupid

49 Gara's concern

50 The birth of the twins

51 Changes

52 The twins went missing

53 The trouble with Sam

54 Stay and be with her

55 Du Lu enters the picture

56 Moira's magic

57 Han returns

58 The Girl

59 The Great Harem Shakeup

60 Mo Chuo becomes a pawn

61 Two announcements and a rio

62 The empress dowager clashes with some thugs

63 The emperor has his say

64 Fulfilling the emperor's wishes

65 The emperor and that other version of An Ning

66 The Interview

67 General Chen Lou

68 The Great Kitchen Conference 1

69 The Great Kitchen Conference 2

70 Rumors about a Witch

71 Developments

72 Into the Dungeon

73 Telling the Truth

74 14:27

75 Blood and Gore

76 Incentives for War

77 The Temple of the Wailing Moon

78 The Burning of Laniang

79 Barbarians at the Gates

80 War

81 The Aftermath

82 Whispers of Treachery

83 The Start of the Battle of Talents

84 The Arrow that Struck the Targe

85 The Banque

86 The Ministry of Public Works Foils a Plo

87 Cat Figh

88 Four Shots Fired...

89 Give Me Back My Daughter or Else...

90 Then Damn It, You Marry Her

91 The Wedding Diplomacy

92 SOS

93 The Hun

94 The White Tiger

95 The Message

96 Old Lovers Mee

97 The Tower That Meets The Sky

98 Like Yesterday Once More

99 The Island of Lost Souls

100 The Magus Gene

101 Was That The First Time We Had Sex Ever?

102 Chengdi

103 The Start of the Search

104 The Rescue

105 The State of A Broken Hear

106 Two Men and A Bone

107 Reunions

108 The Ghost of Valerie

109 The Heart Wants What It Wants

110 Castor Asks A Question

111 Are You Our Father?

112 The Amazon Queen

113 The View From The Tower

114 The Fancy's Captain

115 Pirate City

116 The Gorgon's Lizard

117 An Ning's True Power

118 Hey, Did You Just Open A Portal?

119 The Snake Twins

120 The Whirlpool That Ate A Snake

121 Smilla

122 The Unexpected

123 The Search for Pollux

124 The Dead and the Damned