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Yin and Yang are two minor elemental Gods in the Celestial realm. Because of their polar personalities they are constantly at each other's throat. One day, their brawl resulted in the Celestial Emperor's favorite wine cup being smashed to the ground. Enraged, the Emperor sentenced them to a mortal trial in a desolated desert, so that they can learn to live in harmony and cooperate with each other...

Table of contents - The journey of Yin and Yang

1 Celestial palace I

2 Celestial palace II

3 Celestial palace III

4 Celestial Palace IV

5 Celestial Palace V

6 Celestial Palace VI

7 Celestial Palace VII

8 Celestial Palace VIII

9 Mission Failed I

10 Mission Failed II

11 The Forgotten Desert I

12 The Forgotten Desert II

13 The Forgotten Desert III

14 The Forgotten Desert IV

15 The Forgotten Desert V

16 The Forgotten Desert VI

17 Find the culprit I

18 Find the culprit II

19 Crazy Woman I

20 Crazy Woman II

21 Crazy Woman III

22 The Trial Continues I

23 The Trial Continues II

24 The First Meeting

25 Delirium I

26 Delirium II

27 Delirium III

28 Delirium IV

29 Just a bad dream I

30 Just a bad dream II

31 Just a bad dream III

32 Why did he feel this way? I

33 Why did he feel this way? II

34 Dead again

35 The end of the trial I

36 The end of the trial II

37 Eager to cause trouble I

38 Eager to cause trouble II

39 Eager to cause trouble III

40 Sharing her burdens I

41 Sharing her burdens II

42 Sharing her burdens III

43 Sharing her burdens IV

44 I like you

45 Do you like me?

46 I don't like you

47 You really don't like him?

48 I don't believe you

49 Change of plan

50 Welcome home I

51 Welcome home II

52 Welcome home III

53 Welcome home IV

54 Welcome home V

55 Welcome home VI

56 Missing

57 Trapped I

58 Trapped II

59 Three years

60 Endure I

61 Endure II

62 Endure III

63 Endure IV

64 Endure V

65 Breaking the forbidden spell I

66 Breaking the forbidden spell II

67 Breaking the forbidden spell III

68 Breaking the forbidden spell IV

69 Pledge your loyalty to me I

70 Pledge your loyalty to me II

71 Pledge your loyalty to me III

72 Pledge your loyalty to me IV

73 Pledge your loyalty to me V

74 Pledge your loyalty to me VI

75 They have returned! I

76 They have returned! II

77 They have returned! III

78 They have returned! IV

79 Go I

80 Go II

81 Ash-born horses I

82 Ash-born horses II

83 Ash-born horses III

84 Ash-born horses IV

85 Ash-born horses V

86 Zili Academy I

87 Zili Academy II

88 Conspiracy I

89 Conspiracy II

90 Conspiracy III

91 Bidding farewell I

92 Bidding farewell II

93 Welcome, class I

94 Welcome, class II

95 Welcome, class III

96 The Four Realms I

97 The Four Realms II