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Author: EndlessMidnight

Latest update: 03-08-2020 17:53

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A mysterious man comes to Okiban. A capital, once much more vibrant. But what are his reasons for coming here. Other than to repay a debt, of course. Few believed that it is the truth. As much as it actually was.?All the while he seeks someone in particular, a girl from his own past which he has nothing more than a simple token from. The only clue he was allowed or known. But that will not deter...

Table of contents - Within A Grey Twilight

1 Prologue: Death By Fire

2 Chapter One: To A City

3 Chapter Two: Reality isn't hard to face

4 Chapter Three: Secrets Are Not Kept To Your Grave

5 Chapter Four: Keep your eyes on your coins

6 Chapter Five: Life isn't that nice

7 Chapter Six: An offer is rarely fair

8 Chapter Seven: Forgetting A Person’s Existence Is Never A Good Thing

9 Chapter Eight: Bringing Random Strangers Home Is Just Ridiculous

10 Chapter Nine: If Worried, Find A Friend

11 Chapter Ten: Actions Often Show Character

12 Chapter Eleven: Not Looking For Pleasure, But Information

13 Chapter Twelve: Even Leeches Have Their Uses

14 Chapter Thirteen: Odd Families are Commonplace

15 Chapter Fourteen: Strange Doesn’t Mean Difficul

16 Chapter Fifteen: Visiting A Pair Of Siblings Means You’re Ignored

17 Chapter Sixteen: Truth Is Hard To Pry Out Of The Mouth

18 Chapter Seventeen: A Faraway Trip When Unprepared

19 Chapter Eighteen: When Surprises Come

20 Chapter Nineteen: Coincidences Are Quite Common

21 Chapter Twenty: No One Likes To Pay

22 Chapter Twenty-one: No Closer

23 Chapter Twenty-two: Old Friends

24 Chapter Twenty-three: Things can change

25 Chapter Twenty-four: Things can change 2

26 Chapter Twenty-Five: Odds for the worst situation

27 Chapter Twenty-six: The start of something odd

28 Chapter Twenty-seven: Going Out Might Be A Bad Idea

29 Chapter Twenty-eight: Coming to Impress, Leaving to Forge

30 Chapter Twenty-nine: A Strange Duo

31 Chapter Thirty: Things get complicated

32 Chapter Thirty-one: Meetings can go wrong

33 Chapter Thirty-two: Clues can come easy or not at all

34 Chapter Thirty-three: When a chance comes, take i

35 Chapter Thirty-four: People are not what they seem

36 Chapter Thirty-five: Getting somewhere requires a bit of luck

37 Chapter Thirty-six: Things Get Heated Up

38 Chapter Thirty-seven: Things get heated up 2

39 Chapter Thirty-eight: An old friend can change things around

40 Chapter Thirty-nine: Unexpected Revelations

41 Chapter Forty: Nothing can be forgotten

42 Chapter Forty-one: Thinking reveals a lot more

43 Chapter Forty-two: Forced to reveal their cards

44 Chapter Forty-three: Forced to reveal their cards 2

45 Chapter Forty-four: To Look Deeper

46 Chapter Forty-five: A deal is made

47 Chapter Forty-six: A set of cards

48 Chapter Forty-seven: A step in place

49 Chapter Forty-eight: Those beside

50 Chapter Forty-nine: A step in place 2

51 Chapter Fifty: Everything Comes Together

52 Chapter Fifty-one: A book of his

53 Chapter Fifty-three: A hard decision at las

54 Chapter Forty-four: To Look Deeper

55 Chapter Fifty-four: A Reunion that is not to be